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Seed price-list: 44

Currently available Cut-flowers: Species for which we have prices.
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Click here for the complete Cut-flowers including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

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Clicking on a species name opens a new web-page with information for that species.
Species' web-pages have price buttons for adding seeds to your shopping-cart.
Some species have photographs and germination instructions.

Abutilon theophrasti

Acacia dealbata

Acacia dealbata hardy N Z

Acacia decurrens

Acacia decurrens hardy N Z

Acacia pubescens

Acacia terminalis

Acacia terminalis hardy N Z

Acanthus hungaricus

Acanthus mollis

Achillea ageratum Moonwalker

Achillea clypeolata

Achillea filipendulina

Achillea filipendulina Cloth of Gold or Parkers Va

Achillea millefolium

Achillea millefolium Cassis

Achillea millefolium Colorado Mixed

Achillea millefolium f2 Flowerburst Lilac Shades

Achillea millefolium f2 Summer Berries

Achillea millefolium f2 Summer Pastels Mixed

Achillea millefolium organic seeds

Achillea millefolium Proa organic seed

Achillea millefolium Red Beauty

Achillea millefolium Reine Cerise

Achillea millefolium Rubra

Achillea ptarmica

Achillea ptarmica Double Diamond

Achillea ptarmica fl. pl. Ballerina

Achillea ptarmica fl. pl. Noblessa

Achillea ptarmica The Pearl - Pearl Group

Achillea ptarmica The Pearl Superior

Achillea sibirica v camtschatica Love Parade

Aconitum carmichaelii

Aconitum carmichaelii Arendsii Group

Aconitum carmichaelii Barkers Variety

Aconitum carmichaelii Latecrop or Spatlese

Aconitum carmichaelii v carmichaelii

Aconitum lycoctonum ssp lycoctonum

Aconitum napellus

Aconitum napellus Newry Blue

Acroclinium roseum Large Mixed Doubles

Acroclinium roseum Large Mixed Doubles cs

Acroclinium roseum Pierrot trimmed seeds

Acroclinium roseum Sensation Giants Mix

Actaea cimicifuga

Actaea cordifolia

Actaea racemosa

Actaea ramosa

Actaea ramosa Atropurpurea

Actaea rubra

Actaea simplex

Actaea simplex Atropurpurea Group

Actaea simplex Pritchards Giant

Actinotus helianthi c.s.

Adenophora Amethyst

Adenophora bulleyana

Adenophora liliifolia

Adenophora triphylla v hakusanensis

Adenophora triphylla v japonica nana

Adenostyles alpina

Adenostyles leucophylla

Adonis annua

Agapanthus africanus Albus

Agapanthus africanus nanus Albus

Agapanthus Blue Baby

Agapanthus campanulatus

Agapanthus Getty White

Agapanthus Headbourne Blue

Agapanthus Headbourne Hybrids blues mix

Agapanthus inapertus ssp inapertus

Agapanthus inapertus ssp intermedius

Agapanthus Peter Pan

Agapanthus praecox dwarf white

Agapanthus praecox ssp orientalis dark blue

Agapanthus praecox ssp orientalis large blue selec

Agapanthus praecox ssp orientalis large white sele

Agapanthus praecox ssp praecox

Agapanthus praecox ssp praecox white form

Agapanthus praecox tall white form

Agapanthus Queen Anne

Agapanthus sp. unident. blue

Agapanthus Storm Cloud

Agapanthus umbellatus v. ovatus (name unresolved

Agastache Arcado Pink

Agastache Arizona Sandstone

Agastache Arizona Sun

Agastache Arizona Sunset

Agastache aurantiaca

Agastache aurantiaca Apricot Sprite

Agastache aurantiaca Apricot Sprite organic seed

Agastache aurantiaca Fragrant Carpet mixed

Agastache aurantiaca Fragrant Delight mixed

Agastache aurantiaca Lavender Martini

Agastache aurantiaca Navajo Sunset

Agastache aurantiaca Peach Margarita

Agastache aurantiaca Raspberry Daiquiri

Agastache aurantiaca Sprite Apricot

Agastache aurantiaca Sprite Lilac

Agastache aurantiaca Sunset Yellow

Agastache cana

Agastache cana Heather Queen

Agastache cana x Bolero

Agastache foeniculum

Agastache foeniculum Golden Jubilee

Agastache mexicana blue form

Agastache mexicana Champagne

Agastache mexicana Mix Blue - White

Agastache mexicana Sangria

Agastache nepetoides Green Candles

Agastache pallida x rugosa Globetrotter

Agastache Rose Mint

Agastache rugosa fa albiflora

Agastache rugosa Golden Jubilee

Agastache rugosa Korean Mint

Agastache rugosa Korean Mint - Zest organic seed

Agastache rugosa Liquorice Blue

Agastache rugosa Liquorice Blue organic

Agastache rugosa Liquorice White

Agastache rugosa organic seed

Agastache rugosa Spike Blue

Agastache rugosa Spike Snow

Agastache rupestris

Agastache rupestris organic seed

Agastache scrophulariifolia

Ageratina altissima

Ageratina aromatica

Ageratum f1 Blue Danube pellets

Ageratum houstonianum Ball Blue

Ageratum houstonianum Ball Mixed

Ageratum houstonianum Ball Pink

Ageratum houstonianum Ball White

Ageratum houstonianum Bermuda Blue

Ageratum houstonianum Bermuda Blue pellets

Ageratum houstonianum Bermuda Cloud

Ageratum houstonianum Bermuda Cloud pellets

Ageratum houstonianum Bermuda Mixed pellets

Ageratum houstonianum Blue Bouquet

Ageratum houstonianum f1 Blue Danube

Ageratum houstonianum f1 Blue Danube pellets

Ageratum houstonianum f1 Blue Horizon

Ageratum houstonianum f1 Hawaii Blue pellets

Ageratum houstonianum f1 Mauritius

Ageratum houstonianum Hawaii Blue pellets

Ageratum houstonianum Market Growers Blue tall

Ageratum houstonianum Timeless Mixture

Ageratume houstonianum Blue Mink

Agrostemma githago Bianca

Agrostemma githago Milas Queen Mixture

Agrostemma githago Milas Rose

Agrostemma githago Milas Snow Queen

Agrostemma githago Ocean Pearls

Agrostemma githago Purple Queen

Agrostis nebulosa comm.

Agrostis nebulosa wild form

Agrostis pallens

Agrostis stolonifera comm.

Agrostis stolonifera Penncross

Agrostis stolonifera wild form

Albuca abyssinica

Albuca bracteata

Albuca longipes

Albuca nelsonii

Alcea ficifolia Burgundy Towers

Alcea ficifolia Happy Lights Mix singles

Alcea ficifolia Las Vegas mix singles

Alcea ficifolia mix Antwerp Hollyhock

Alcea ficifolia yellow form

Alcea pallida

Alcea rosea Berry Cheesecake

Alcea rosea Black single

Alcea rosea Blackberry Ripple

Alcea rosea Blackberry Sorbet formula mix

Alcea rosea Brides Bouquet

Alcea rosea Burgundy Towers

Alcea rosea Celebrations Bold Mix

Alcea rosea Celebrations Pastel Mixture annual

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Appleblossom

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Chamois

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Chestnut Brown

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Golden - Sunshine - Yel

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Maroon

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Maroon c.s.

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Mix formula c.s.

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Mix formula r.s.

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Mixture o.p.

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Peaches and Dreams

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Pink treated seed

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Rose

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Rose Pink

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Rose Pink c.s.

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Salmon Pink

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Salmon Pink c.s.

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Scarlet

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Scarlet c.s.

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Violet

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Violet c.s.

Alcea rosea Chaters Double White

Alcea rosea Double Banana

Alcea rosea Double Blackberry

Alcea rosea Double Creme de Cassis

Alcea rosea Double Fiesta Time ts

Alcea rosea Double Mixed

Alcea rosea Double OHara

Alcea rosea Double Peaches and Dreams

Alcea rosea Double Rose

Alcea rosea Double Scarlet

Alcea rosea Double The Bride

Alcea rosea Double The Bride rs

Alcea rosea Double White

Alcea rosea Fruity Mixed

Alcea rosea Fruity Mixed rs

Alcea rosea Halo Apricot

Alcea rosea Halo Blush

Alcea rosea Halo Candy

Alcea rosea Halo Cerise

Alcea rosea Halo Cream

Alcea rosea Halo Lavender

Alcea rosea Halo Mixed

Alcea rosea Halo Peach

Alcea rosea Halo Red

Alcea rosea Halo White

Alcea rosea Halo White ts

Alcea rosea Happy Lights Mixed single

Alcea rosea Lemon Light

Alcea rosea Majorette Double Mix semi-dwarf

Alcea rosea Night - Day

Alcea rosea Nigra - Jet Black

Alcea rosea Nigra c.s.

Alcea rosea Nigra Jet Black organic seed

Alcea rosea Sawyers Single Mix

Alcea rosea Simplex single mix

Alcea rosea Single Choice Mix tall

Alcea rosea Snow Peaks

Alcea rosea Spotlight Blacknight

Alcea rosea Spotlight Mars Magic

Alcea rosea Spotlight Polarstar

Alcea rosea Spotlight Radiant Rose

Alcea rosea Spotlight Sunshine

Alcea rosea Summer Carnival Mix doubles

Alcea rosea The Bridesmaid mix

Alcea rosea Very Berry mix

Alcea spp. and cvs. mix

Alchemilla epipsila

Alchemilla mollis

Alchemilla mollis Robustica

Alchemilla mollis Thriller - Irish Silk

Alchemilla xanthochlora

Allamanda schottii

Allium aflatunense (Fedtsch.)

Allium aflatunense Purple Sensation

Allium caeruleum

Allium carinatum ssp pulchellum

Allium carinatum ssp pulchellum fa album

Allium cernuum

Allium cristophii

Allium flavum

Allium hollandicum Purple Sensation

Allium hookeri v muliense

Allium jesdianum

Allium karataviense

Allium Mount Everest

Allium narcissiflorum

Allium neapolitanum

Allium obliquum x

Allium Purple Sensation

Allium ramosum

Allium ramosum organic seed

Allium robinsonii

Allium rosenbachianum (hort )

Allium schoenoprasum medium lvd. organic seeds

Allium schoenoprasum Polyvit

Allium schoenoprasum Prager

Allium schoenoprasum thick - broad leaved

Allium schubertii

Allium senescens

Allium siculum hort.

Allium sphaerocephalum

Allium sphaerocephalum bulbils

Allium stellatum

Allium stipitatum

Allium tuberosum

Allium tuberosum organic seed

Allium unifolium

Alloteropsis semialata

Alonsoa meridionalis

Alonsoa meridionalis Rebel

Alonsoa meridionalis Salmon Beauty - Shell Pink

Alonsoa meridionalis Sweetheart

Alopecurus aequalis

Alopecurus myosuroides

Alpinia zerumbet

Alstroemeria aurea Devotion pink shades

Alstroemeria aurea Graham

Alstroemeria aurea hybrids mixed

Alstroemeria aurea yellow form

Alstroemeria Dandy Candy hybrid

Alstroemeria gayana

Alstroemeria hookeri

Alstroemeria hookeri v maculata

Alstroemeria huemulina

Alstroemeria ligtu x New Hybrids

Alstroemeria magnifica

Alstroemeria magnifica ssp maxima

Alstroemeria paupercula

Alstroemeria philippii

Alstroemeria pulchella

Alstroemeria pulchella Mona Lisa

Alstroemeria spp. mix

Alyssoides utriculata

Alyssoides utriculata Tinkerbells

Amaranthus caudatus Coral Fountain

Amaranthus caudatus Love Lies Bleeding

Amaranthus caudatus Viridis Green Cascade

Amaranthus chlorostachys

Amaranthus cruentus Autumn Palette

Amaranthus cruentus Autumns Touch

Amaranthus cruentus Foxtail

Amaranthus cruentus Hot Biscuits

Amaranthus cruentus Oeschberg

Amaranthus cruentus Red Cathedral

Amaranthus cruentus Red Cathedral Superior

Amaranthus cruentus Velvet Curtains

Amaranthus hypochondriacus Green Thumb

Amaranthus hypochondriacus Pigmy Torch

Amaranthus hypochondriacus x Plainsman

Amaranthus tricolor Early Splendour

Amaranthus tricolor Flaming Fountain

Amaranthus tricolor Hinn Choy

Amaranthus tricolor Molten Fire

Amaranthus tricolor Red Army

Amaranthus tricolor Splendens

Amberboa moschata

Amberboa moschata Imperialis Alba

Amberboa moschata Imperialis Favourite rose

Amberboa moschata Imperialis Graciosa bright pink

Amberboa moschata Imperialis Lucida red-lilac

Amberboa moschata Imperialis Mixture o p

Amberboa moschata Imperialis Purple Splendour

Amberboa moschata ssp suaveolens

Amelanchier laevis

Ammi majus

Ammi majus Graceland

Ammi majus Queen of Africa

Ammi majus Snowflake

Ammi visnaga

Ammi visnaga Casablanca

Ammi visnaga Green Mist

Ammi visnaga Mystique

Ammi visnaga organic seed

Ammobium alatum

Ammobium alatum Grandiflorum

Ampelodesmos mauritanicus hort.

Amsonia hubrichtii

Anaphalis alpicola

Anaphalis margaritacea

Anaphalis margaritacea New Snow

Anaphalis triplinervis Pearly Everlasting

Anarthria scabra

Andropogon gerardii

Andropogon glomeratus

Andropogon hallii

Andropogon ternarius

Andropogon virginicus

Androsace septentrionalis Stardust

Anemocarpa podolepidium

Anemone coronaria hyb f1 Mona Lisa mix

Anemone coronaria hyb Mona Lisa Wine - White bicol

Anemone coronaria hyb St Brigid Mixed o p

Anemone coronaria mix hort.

Anemone hupehensis v japonica

Anemone hupehensis v japonica dark pink form

Anemone multifida mixed

Anemone narcissiflora

Anemone pulsatilla ssp. grandis Prima Papageno Mix

Anemone rivularis

Anemone tomentosa

Anemone tomentosa Rose Beauty

Anethum graveolens Bouquet

Anethum graveolens Dukat

Anethum graveolens Dukat organic seed

Anethum graveolens Etherio

Anethum graveolens Fernleaf Dill

Anethum graveolens Greensleeves organic

Anethum graveolens Hera organic

Anethum graveolens Hercules

Anethum graveolens Mammoth fresh or seed Dill

Anethum graveolens Mammoth organic seed

Anethum graveolens Mariska

Anethum graveolens Monia

Anethum graveolens Nano

Anethum graveolens Superdukat high oil

Anethum graveolens Tetra Leaf Dill

Anethum graveolens Vierling florists Dill

Angelica atropurpurea

Angelica gigas

Angophora hispida

Anigozanthos bicolor

Anigozanthos flavidus green and yellow

Anigozanthos flavidus orange red

Anigozanthos flavidus red

Anigozanthos gabrielae

Anigozanthos humilis

Anigozanthos manglesii

Anigozanthos preissii

Anigozanthos pulcherrimus

Anigozanthos rufus

Anigozanthos viridis

Anisotome lyallii

Annual Mixture - Garden Cutflowers

Annual Mixture - Garden Everlasting Flowers

Annual Mixture - Ornamental grasses

Annual Mixture Country Colours All

Annual Mixture Country Colours in Blue

Annual Mixture Country Colours in Orange

Annual Mixture Country Colours in Pink

Annual Mixture Country Colours in White

Annual Mixture Country Colours in Yellow

Anoda cristata

Antennaria dioica

Antennaria dioica New Hybrids mixed

Antennaria plantaginifolia

Anthemis sancti-johannis

Anthericum liliago

Anthericum ramosum

Anthoxanthum odoratum

Anthoxanthum odoratum organic seed

Anthriscus sylvestris Golden Fleece

Anthriscus sylvestris Ravenswing

Antirrhinum f1 Admiral Mixed

Antirrhinum f1 Admiral White tall cut-flower

Antirrhinum f1 Candy Showers Mixed trailing multi-

Antirrhinum f1 Candy Showers Purple trailing multi

Antirrhinum f1 Candy Showers Red trailing multi-pe

Antirrhinum f1 Candy Showers White trailing multi-

Antirrhinum f1 Candy Showers Yellow trailing multi

Antirrhinum f1 Floral Showers Bi-colour Mix ayr

Antirrhinum f1 Floral Showers Mixed ayr

Antirrhinum f1 Freesong mix

Antirrhinum f1 Liberty Classic Formula Mix

Antirrhinum f1 Madame Butterfly double mix

Antirrhinum f1 Rocket Mixed cut flowers

Antirrhinum Lucky Lips

Antirrhinum majus Bizarre Mix

Antirrhinum majus Brighton Rock Mix semi-dwarf

Antirrhinum majus Bronze Dragon

Antirrhinum majus f1 Legend Pink

Antirrhinum majus f1 Legend White

Antirrhinum majus f1 Legend Yellow

Antirrhinum majus f1 Liberty Classic Formula Mix

Antirrhinum majus f1 Magic Formula Mix

Antirrhinum majus Maximum Appleblossom

Antirrhinum majus Maximum Canary Bird

Antirrhinum majus Maximum Defiance orange scarlet

Antirrhinum majus Maximum Mixture o p

Antirrhinum majus Maximum Orange Wonder

Antirrhinum majus Maximum Ruby

Antirrhinum majus Maximum Snowflake

Antirrhinum majus Maximum Tetra Giants Mixture

Antirrhinum majus Maximum Tetra Ruffled Giants Mix

Antirrhinum majus Maximum The Rose

Antirrhinum majus Maximum Uni of California Mix

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Black Prince

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Bronze Dragon

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Circus Clowns bicolour mix

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Crown Mixture

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Dazzler orange-scarlet

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Frosted Flames

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Lipstick Gold

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Lipstick Silver

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Mixed - Rainbow

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Monarch Mixed

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Nelrose

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Night and Day

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Oriental Lanterns

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Rembrandt

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Royal Rose

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Twilight Mix

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Welcome dark red

Antirrhinum majus Orange Glow

Antirrhinum majus Pendulum Magic Lanterns

Antirrhinum majus Pendulum Magic Lanterns Peach

Antirrhinum majus Sawyers Mixed

Antirrhinum majus Zugspitze

Aquilegia alpina Alba hort.

Aquilegia alpina hort

Aquilegia alpina wild form hort.

Aquilegia atrata

Aquilegia barnebyi

Aquilegia buergeriana

Aquilegia Burnished Rose

Aquilegia caerulea Dragonfly dwarf hybrid mix

Aquilegia caerulea f1 Songbird Bluebird mid blue a

Aquilegia caerulea f1 Songbird Cardinal dark red a

Aquilegia caerulea f1 Songbird Dove pure white

Aquilegia caerulea f1 Songbird Goldfinch light yel

Aquilegia caerulea f1 Songbird Mix

Aquilegia caerulea f1 Songbird Nightingale lavende

Aquilegia caerulea f1 Songbird Robin large rose an

Aquilegia caerulea f1 State Alaska - Swan White

Aquilegia caerulea f1 State Colorado - Swan Violet

Aquilegia caerulea f1 State Florida - Swan Yellow

Aquilegia caerulea f1 State Georgia - Swan Red - W

Aquilegia caerulea f1 State Louisiana - Swan Burgu

Aquilegia caerulea f1 State Montana - Swan Rose -

Aquilegia caerulea f1 State Oregon - Swan Pink - Y

Aquilegia caerulea f1 State Series Mix - Swan Mix

Aquilegia caerulea f1 State Vermont - Swan Lavende

Aquilegia caerulea f1 State Virginia - Swan Blue -

Aquilegia caerulea Heavenly Blue

Aquilegia caerulea Koralle

Aquilegia caerulea Maxi large yellow

Aquilegia caerulea McKana Hybrids Mix

Aquilegia caerulea Mrs Scott Elliotts Variety Mixe

Aquilegia caerulea Red Hobbit

Aquilegia caerulea Rhubarb - Custard

Aquilegia caerulea Rose Queen

Aquilegia caerulea Star Blue

Aquilegia caerulea Star Red - Crimson

Aquilegia caerulea Star White - Kristalle

Aquilegia caerulea wild form hort.

Aquilegia caerulea x Sunshine

Aquilegia canadensis

Aquilegia canadensis Corbett

Aquilegia canadensis Little Lanterns

Aquilegia canadensis Pink Lanterns

Aquilegia chrysantha

Aquilegia chrysantha Denver Gold

Aquilegia chrysantha Denver Gold organic seed

Aquilegia chrysantha wild form hort.

Aquilegia chrysantha Yellow Queen

Aquilegia Double Pleat Blackberry

Aquilegia Double Red - White

Aquilegia f1 Origami Mixed

Aquilegia f1 Spring Magic Navy-White

Aquilegia f1 Spring Magic Pale Red-White

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Spring Magic Blue-White

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Spring Magic Mixed

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Spring Magic Pale Red-Yell

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Spring Magic Pink-White

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Spring Magic White

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Spring Magic Yellow

Aquilegia Flamingo Blue

Aquilegia Flamingo Pink

Aquilegia longissima

Aquilegia Mellow Yellow

Aquilegia moorcroftiana x Honeydew

Aquilegia oxysepala

Aquilegia pyrenaica

Aquilegia Rose Queen

Aquilegia sibirica

Aquilegia sibirica Biedermeier Mixed dwarf

Aquilegia skinneri Tequila Sunrise

Aquilegia Snow Queen

Aquilegia spp. and vars. mix Cottage Garden

Aquilegia spp. and vars. most fragrant mix

Aquilegia Star Blue

Aquilegia Star Crimson - Red

Aquilegia Star Crystal

Aquilegia viridiflora

Aquilegia viridiflora Chocolate Soldier

Aquilegia vulgaris

Aquilegia vulgaris Aline Fairweather

Aquilegia vulgaris Antique Pink

Aquilegia vulgaris Barlow Black

Aquilegia vulgaris Barlow Blue

Aquilegia vulgaris Barlow Bordeaux

Aquilegia vulgaris Barlow Christa blue white edged

Aquilegia vulgaris Barlow Nora

Aquilegia vulgaris Barlow Purple

Aquilegia vulgaris Barlow Rose

Aquilegia vulgaris Barlow Series Mix formula

Aquilegia vulgaris Barlow Series Mix o p

Aquilegia vulgaris Barlow White

Aquilegia vulgaris Clematiflora Hybrids

Aquilegia vulgaris Clematiflora Mix

Aquilegia vulgaris Clematiflora Rosea

Aquilegia vulgaris Clementine Blue

Aquilegia vulgaris Clementine Dark Purple

Aquilegia vulgaris Clementine Mix

Aquilegia vulgaris Clementine Red

Aquilegia vulgaris Clementine Rose

Aquilegia vulgaris Clementine Salmon Rose

Aquilegia vulgaris Clementine White

Aquilegia vulgaris Coral

Aquilegia vulgaris Grandmothers Garden mix

Aquilegia vulgaris Green Apples

Aquilegia vulgaris Guinness William - Magpie

Aquilegia vulgaris Guinness William - Magpie doubl

Aquilegia vulgaris hybs. - vars. mix Cottage Garde

Aquilegia vulgaris Leprechaun Gold

Aquilegia vulgaris Lime Sorbet

Aquilegia vulgaris Magpie

Aquilegia vulgaris Magpie Double

Aquilegia vulgaris Maxi Yellow

Aquilegia vulgaris Mellow Yellow

Aquilegia vulgaris Munstead White

Aquilegia vulgaris Oranges and Lemons

Aquilegia vulgaris organic seed

Aquilegia vulgaris Pink Petticoat double

Aquilegia vulgaris stellata form

Aquilegia vulgaris tall double mix spurless

Aquilegia vulgaris Tower Formula Mix doubles

Aquilegia vulgaris v flore pleno Ruby Port

Aquilegia vulgaris v flore-pleno mix

Aquilegia vulgaris William Guinness

Aquilegia vulgaris Winky Double Mixed formula

Aquilegia vulgaris Woodside Strain variegated

Aquilegia Winky Double Rose - White

Aquilegia Winky Double White - White

Aquilegia Winky Early Sky Blue

Aquilegia Winky Purple and White

Aquilegia Winky Red and White

Aquilegia Winky Rose - Rose

Aquilegia Winky Single Blue - White

Aquilegia Winky Single Mixed

Aquilegia Winky Single White

Aquilegia yabeana

Arbutus andrachne

Arbutus unedo c.s. svs

Arbutus xalapensis

Arctanthemum arcticum

Arctium lappa

Arctium lappa organic seed

Arctotis acaulis mix

Arctotis acaulis New Hybrids

Arctotis fastuosa Orange Prince

Arctotis fastuosa v alba Zulu Prince

Arctotis fastuosa Zulu Warrior Mixture

Arctotis grandis

Arctotis Harlequin Mixture

Arctotis lanceolata

Arctotis venusta

Argyranthemum frutescens

Argyranthemum frutescens Whity

Aristida adscensionis

Armeria alliacea

Armeria maritima b.s.

Armeria maritima c.s.

Armeria maritima f1 hybrid Ornament white to deep

Armeria maritima hybrids mix large fld.

Armeria pseudarmeria Ballerina Lilac

Armeria pseudarmeria Ballerina Red

Armeria pseudarmeria Ballerina White

Armeria pseudarmeria hybs white to red mix c.s.

Armeria pseudarmeria hybs white to red mix r.s.

Armeria pseudarmeria Joystick Lilac Shades c.s.

Armeria pseudarmeria Joystick Mixed c.s.

Armeria pseudarmeria Joystick Red c.s.

Armeria pseudarmeria Joystick White c.s.

Artemisia afra

Artemisia annua

Artemisia annua organic seed

Artemisia lactiflora

Arum italicum Pictum

Arum italicum ssp italicum

Arum italicum ssp italicum Marmoratum

Arum maculatum

Aruncus aethusifolius c.s.

Aruncus aethusifolius Noble Spirits

Aruncus dioicus

Aruncus dioicus v kamtschaticus

Aruncus dioicus Whirlwind

Aruncus sinensis

Aruncus sinensis Zweiweltenkind

Asclepias curassavica

Asclepias curassavica Apollo Orange

Asclepias curassavica Red Butterfly

Asclepias curassavica Silky Deep Red c.s.

Asclepias curassavica Silky Gold c.s.

Asclepias curassavica Silky Scarlet c.s.

Asclepias incarnata

Asclepias incarnata Ice Ballet - Ice Follies

Asclepias incarnata Milkmaid white form

Asclepias incarnata Soulmate

Asclepias speciosa

Asclepias sullivanti

Asclepias syriaca

Asclepias tuberosa

Asclepias tuberosa Gay Butterflies Mix

Asclepias tuberosa Hello Yellow best golden

Asclepias tuberosa organic seed

Asclepias tuberosa Oro organic

Asclepias tuberosa ssp. interior

Asclepias verticillata

Asparagus africanus Lam.

Asparagus asparagoides Smilax

Asparagus densiflorus

Asparagus densiflorus Cwebe - Gwebe

Asparagus densiflorus Mazeppa

Asparagus densiflorus Meyersii

Asparagus densiflorus Sprengeri

Asparagus densiflorus Sprengeri Compacta

Asparagus densiflorus Sprengeri select uniform

Asparagus macowanii

Asparagus officinale f1 Burgundine

Asparagus officinalis Connovers Colossal

Asparagus officinalis Mary Washington

Asparagus pseudoscaber Spitzenschleier

Asparagus retrofractus

Asparagus sarmentosus

Asparagus scandens v. deflexus

Asparagus setaceus

Asparagus setaceus Nanus

Asparagus setaceus Pyramidalis

Asparagus setaceus Pyramidalis Blue Flame

Asparagus setaceus Robustus

Asparagus verticillatus

Asparagus virgatus

Asperula orientalis

Asphodeline liburnica

Asphodeline lutea

Asphodeline taurica

Asphodelus albus

Asphodelus ramosus

Astartea fascicularis pink form

Astelia banksii

Astelia chathamica

Astelia fragrans

Astelia grandis

Astelia hemichrysa

Astelia nervosa

Astelia solandri

Aster alpinus

Aster alpinus Beauty Rose

Aster alpinus Beauty Series Mixture

Aster alpinus Blue

Aster alpinus Dark Beauty deep blue

Aster alpinus Dunkle Schone

Aster alpinus Goliath lilac-blue

Aster alpinus Happy End

Aster alpinus mixed

Aster alpinus Rose - Pinkie

Aster alpinus Trimix

Aster alpinus v albus

Aster amellus

Aster amellus Rudolf Goethe lavender blue

Aster divaricatus

Aster Hulk

Aster laevis

Aster linosyris

Aster spectabilis

Aster tongolensis

Aster tongolensis Wartburg Star

Astilbe arendsii Astary Mixed pellets

Astilbe arendsii x Bella red to rose

Astilbe arendsii x Bunter Zauber

Astilbe arendsii x Grande mix

Astilbe arendsii x Showstar Group

Astilbe chinensis

Astilbe chinensis v pumila

Astilbe chinensis v taquetii hyb lilac shades

Astilbe chinensis White Cloud

Astilbe rivularis v myriantha

Astragalus canadensis

Astrantia major

Astrantia major Alba

Astrantia major Primadonna deep red

Astrantia major Rose Symphony

Astrantia major Ruby Cloud

Astrantia major Ruby Wedding Mix

Astrantia major ssp involucrata Margery Fish - Sha

Astrantia maxima

Astrantia minor

Asyneuma canescens

Atriplex hortensis

Atriplex hortensis Plume Copper

Atriplex hortensis Plume Formula Mix

Atriplex hortensis Plume Gold

Atriplex hortensis Plume Green

Atriplex hortensis Plume Green graded seeds

Atriplex hortensis Plume Red

Atriplex hortensis Plume Red graded seeds

Atriplex hortensis Scarlet Emperor

Atriplex hortensis v. rubra

Atriplex hortensis v. rubra c.s. organic seed

Atriplex hortensis v. rubra purple-violet

Aurinia petraea

Aurinia sinuata Pebbles

Avena sterilis

Avena strigosa

Baccharis halimifolia

Baeckea camphorosmae

Baeckea densifolia

Baeckea virgata

Banksia ashbyi

Banksia ashbyi dwarf form

Banksia attenuata

Banksia baxteri

Banksia brownii

Banksia burdettii

Banksia coccinea

Banksia dryandroides

Banksia ericifolia ssp ericifolia

Banksia grandis

Banksia hookeriana

Banksia ilicifolia

Banksia laricina

Banksia meisneri

Banksia menziesii

Banksia menziesii dwarf form

Banksia occidentalis

Banksia ornata

Banksia prionotes

Banksia quercifolia

Banksia sceptrum

Banksia serrata

Banksia speciosa

Banksia sphaerocarpa v sphaerocarpa

Banksia spinulosa v collina

Banksia spinulosa v spinulosa

Banksia victoriae

Banksia violaceae

Baptisia alba

Baptisia australis

Baptisia australis Alba

Baptisia australis v minor

Baptisia bracteata v glabrescens

Baptisia perfoliata

Baptisia sphaerocarpa

Beaufortia elegans c.s.

Beaufortia incana c.s.

Beaufortia orbifolia c.s.

Beaufortia sparsa c.s.

Beaufortia squarrosa

Beckmannia syzigachne

Begonia(tub) f1 Pin-up Flame pellets

Begonia(tub) f1 Pin-up Rose pellets

Belamcanda chinensis

Belamcanda chinensis Hello Yellow

Bellendena montana

Bergenia cordifolia New Winter Flowering Hybs.

Bergenia cordifolia Red Beauty - Redstart

Bergenia cordifolia Winterglow

Bergenia emeiensis

Bergenia purpurascens

Berkheya purpurea

Berzelia abrotanoides

Berzelia albiflora

Berzelia ecklonii

Berzelia galpinii

Berzelia lanuginosa

Beta vulgaris v flavescens Chard Oriole Orange

Beta vulgaris v flavescens Chard Rainbow Mixed

Beta vulgaris v flavescens Chard Rhubarb - Red Cha

Beta vulgaris v flavescens Chard Rhubarb organic s

Beta vulgaris v flavescens Chard Rosa

Beta vulgaris v flavescens Magenta

Beta vulgaris v flavescens Yellow Lyonner

Bidens cernua

Bidens humilis

Bigelowia nuttallii

Billardiera fusiformis

Billardiera longiflora

Blandfordia punicea

Boltonia asteroides v latisquamata Nana

Boltonia decurrens

Boronia stricta

Bouteloua curtipendula

Bouteloua gracilis

Bouteloua hirsuta

Brachychiton acerifolius

Brachypodium distachyon

Brachypodium pinnatum

Brachypodium sylvaticum

Brassica oleracea f1 Kale Ornamental Crane Bicolor

Brassica oleracea f1 Kale Ornamental Crane Feather

Brassica oleracea f1 Kale Ornamental Crane Feather

Brassica oleracea f1 Kale Ornamental Crane Red to

Brassica oleracea f1 Kale Ornamental Crane White t

Briza maxima b.s.

Briza maxima r.s.

Briza media b.s.

Briza media c.s.

Briza media Limouzi

Briza minor

Briza subaristata

Brodiaea Queen Fabiola

Bromus carinatus

Bromus inermis

Bromus kalmii

Bromus macrostachys

Bromus madritensis

Bromus mollis

Bromus pubescens

Bromus ramosus

Bromus rubens

Bromus secalinus

Bromus sterilis

Bromus tectorum

Brunia albiflora

Brunia fragaroides

Brunia laevis

Brunia noduliflora

Brunia paleacea

Brunia stokoei

Brunia stokoei x albiflora

Bulbinella angustifolia

Bulbinella cauda-felis

Bulbinella eburniflora

Bulbinella elegans

Bulbinella gibbsii v balanifera

Bulbinella hookeri

Bulbinella latifolia ssp latifolia

Bulbinella nutans yellow form

Buphthalmum salicifolium

Buphthalmum salicifolium Alpengold

Buphthalmum salicifolium Sunwheel

Bupleurum chinense

Bupleurum longifolium

Bupleurum longifolium Bronze Beauty

Bupleurum ranunculoides

Bupleurum rotundifolium

Bupleurum rotundifolium Garibaldi

Bupleurum rotundifolium Griffithii

Bupleurum rotundifolium Griffithii organic

Burchardia multiflora

Bursaria spinosa c.s.

Buxus sempervirens

Calamagrostis brachytricha

Calamagrostis epigejos

Calendula officinalis

Calendula officinalis Apricot Twist double

Calendula officinalis Art Shades Mixed double

Calendula officinalis Balls Improved Orange double

Calendula officinalis Balls Orange

Calendula officinalis Balls Orange organic seed

Calendula officinalis Balls Yellow Double

Calendula officinalis Bronzed Beauty

Calendula officinalis Calypso Orange dwarf

Calendula officinalis Cut-flower Mixed

Calendula officinalis Dandy green centre

Calendula officinalis Double Extra Choice Mixed

Calendula officinalis Erfurter Orange

Calendula officinalis Erfurter Orange farbigen org

Calendula officinalis Fiesta Gitana Apricot dwarf

Calendula officinalis Fiesta Gitana Mixed dwarf

Calendula officinalis Fiesta Gitana Orange

Calendula officinalis Fiesta Gitana Yellow

Calendula officinalis Funky Stuff

Calendula officinalis Geisha Girl

Calendula officinalis Golden Emperor

Calendula officinalis Greenheart Gold

Calendula officinalis Greenheart Orange

Calendula officinalis Indian Prince

Calendula officinalis Kablouna Bright Yellow

Calendula officinalis Kablouna Mix double crested

Calendula officinalis Kablouna Orange

Calendula officinalis Kablouna Salmon

Calendula officinalis Kinglet Apricot

Calendula officinalis Kinglet Golden

Calendula officinalis Kinglet Mixture formula

Calendula officinalis Kinglet Orange

Calendula officinalis Lemon Cream

Calendula officinalis Lemon Twist

Calendula officinalis Mandarin Twist

Calendula officinalis Mayaan organic

Calendula officinalis Nana Candyman Orange

Calendula officinalis Nana Candyman Yellow

Calendula officinalis Neon ultra double

Calendula officinalis Orange Flash

Calendula officinalis Orange King

Calendula officinalis Orange Porcupine

Calendula officinalis organic seed

Calendula officinalis Pacific Beauty Apricot

Calendula officinalis Pacific Beauty Cream

Calendula officinalis Pacific Beauty Flame

Calendula officinalis Pacific Beauty Lemon

Calendula officinalis Pacific Beauty Mixed o p

Calendula officinalis Pink Surprise

Calendula officinalis Prince Golden double

Calendula officinalis Prince Indian double

Calendula officinalis Princess Ivory - Snow dark o

Calendula officinalis Princess Mixed

Calendula officinalis Radio orange quilled

Calendula officinalis Red Black centred double

Calendula officinalis Resina

Calendula officinalis Simplicity Mixed

Calendula officinalis Star Orange

Calendula officinalis Tangerine Cream

Calendula officinalis Touch of Red Buff

Calendula officinalis Touch of Red Mixed

Calendula officinalis Touch of Red Orange

Calendula officinalis Touch of Red Yellow

Callistemon citrinus

Callistemon citrinus b.s.

Callistemon coccineus

Callistemon pallidus

Callistemon salignus

Callistemon salignus Rubra

Callistemon viminalis

Callistemon viminalis Captain Cook

Callistemon viminalis pink form

Callistephus chinensis American Branching mixed

Callistephus chinensis Biedermeier tall double fld

Callistephus chinensis Blue Moon

Callistephus chinensis Bonita Light Blue

Callistephus chinensis Bouquet mixed double powder

Callistephus chinensis Duchesse paeony fld. mix o

Callistephus chinensis Gala Blue

Callistephus chinensis Gala Burgundy

Callistephus chinensis Gala Carmine Rose

Callistephus chinensis Gala Lavender

Callistephus chinensis Gala Mixed

Callistephus chinensis Gala Scarlet

Callistephus chinensis Gala Yellow

Callistephus chinensis Giant Ray Needle mix

Callistephus chinensis Giants of California Mix

Callistephus chinensis Harmony

Callistephus chinensis Hi-no-Maru

Callistephus chinensis Hulk novel cut-flower

Callistephus chinensis King Size Appleblossom

Callistephus chinensis King Size Apricot

Callistephus chinensis King Size Formula Mixture

Callistephus chinensis King Size Mid Blue

Callistephus chinensis King Size Pink

Callistephus chinensis King Size Red

Callistephus chinensis King Size Rose

Callistephus chinensis King Size White

Callistephus chinensis Lilliput Hi-no-maru

Callistephus chinensis Lilliput Moonshine Mix

Callistephus chinensis Madeleine Mix single

Callistephus chinensis Marguerite Mixed single

Callistephus chinensis Matador Mixed

Callistephus chinensis Matsumoto Apricot

Callistephus chinensis Matsumoto Blue

Callistephus chinensis Matsumoto Blue White tipped

Callistephus chinensis Matsumoto Crimson

Callistephus chinensis Matsumoto Formula Mixed

Callistephus chinensis Matsumoto Light Blue

Callistephus chinensis Matsumoto Pink

Callistephus chinensis Matsumoto Red

Callistephus chinensis Matsumoto Rose

Callistephus chinensis Matsumoto Salmon

Callistephus chinensis Matsumoto Scarlet

Callistephus chinensis Matsumoto Striped Mixture

Callistephus chinensis Matsumoto Striped Red - Whi

Callistephus chinensis Matsumoto Striped Violet -

Callistephus chinensis Matsumoto White

Callistephus chinensis Matsumoto White Blue tipped

Callistephus chinensis Matsumoto White Pink tipped

Callistephus chinensis Matsumoto Yellow

Callistephus chinensis Moonshine Mixture

Callistephus chinensis Ostrich Feather crimson

Callistephus chinensis Ostrich Feather dark blue

Callistephus chinensis Ostrich Feather light blue

Callistephus chinensis Ostrich Feather mix formula

Callistephus chinensis Ostrich Feather mix o p

Callistephus chinensis Ostrich Feather rose

Callistephus chinensis Ostrich Feather rosy red

Callistephus chinensis Ostrich Feather scarlet

Callistephus chinensis Ostrich Feather white

Callistephus chinensis Paeony Blue

Callistephus chinensis Paeony Bright Rose

Callistephus chinensis Paeony Carmine-rose

Callistephus chinensis Paeony Light Blue

Callistephus chinensis Paeony Mixed formula

Callistephus chinensis Paeony Mixed o p

Callistephus chinensis Paeony Pink

Callistephus chinensis Paeony Scarlet

Callistephus chinensis Paeony Silver-blue

Callistephus chinensis Paeony Violet

Callistephus chinensis Paeony White

Callistephus chinensis Paeony Yellow

Callistephus chinensis Pompon blue white centred

Callistephus chinensis Pompon bright rose

Callistephus chinensis Pompon bright-cherry red

Callistephus chinensis Pompon dark blood red

Callistephus chinensis Pompon dark blue

Callistephus chinensis Pompon deep violet

Callistephus chinensis Pompon light blue

Callistephus chinensis Pompon mixture formula

Callistephus chinensis Pompon mixture o p

Callistephus chinensis Pompon red white centred

Callistephus chinensis Pompon rose

Callistephus chinensis Pompon Rubens improved mix

Callistephus chinensis Pompon violet

Callistephus chinensis Pompon white

Callistephus chinensis Pompon yellow

Callistephus chinensis Powder Puff Bouquet Mixed

Callistephus chinensis Princess bright red

Callistephus chinensis Princess bright rose

Callistephus chinensis Princess carmine red

Callistephus chinensis Princess copper-scarlet

Callistephus chinensis Princess dark blue

Callistephus chinensis Princess light blue - azure

Callistephus chinensis Princess mixed formula

Callistephus chinensis Princess mixed o p

Callistephus chinensis Princess rose

Callistephus chinensis Princess salmon pink

Callistephus chinensis Princess salmon-golden

Callistephus chinensis Princess white

Callistephus chinensis Princess yellow

Callistephus chinensis Queen of the Market mixed

Callistephus chinensis Resistant azure dwarf

Callistephus chinensis Resistant crimson dwarf

Callistephus chinensis Resistant dark blue dwarf

Callistephus chinensis Resistant light blue dwarf

Callistephus chinensis Resistant mixed formula dwa

Callistephus chinensis Resistant mixed o p dwarf

Callistephus chinensis Resistant rose dwarf

Callistephus chinensis Resistant scarlet dwarf

Callistephus chinensis Resistant white dwarf

Callistephus chinensis Ribbon Blue

Callistephus chinensis Ribbon Red

Callistephus chinensis Rococo

Callistephus chinensis Serenade Mixed

Callistephus chinensis Star Pink

Callistephus chinensis Star Violet

Callistephus chinensis Starlight Blue spider

Callistephus chinensis Starlight Formula Mixed spi

Callistephus chinensis Starlight Light Pink spider

Callistephus chinensis Starlight Powder Blue spide

Callistephus chinensis Starlight Purple spider

Callistephus chinensis Starlight Scarlet

Callistephus chinensis Summer Bouquet Mixed

Callistephus chinensis Summer Bouquet White

Callistephus chinensis tall single dark red

Callistephus chinensis tall single light blue

Callistephus chinensis tall single mix formula

Callistephus chinensis tall single mix o p

Callistephus chinensis tall single rose

Callistephus chinensis tall single scarlet

Callistephus chinensis tall single violet

Callistephus chinensis tall single violet blue

Callistephus chinensis tall single white

Callistephus chinensis Tiger Paw Sea Star mixed

Callistephus chinensis Tricolore

Callistephus chinensis Unicum carmine needle fld

Callistephus chinensis Unicum chamois needle fld

Callistephus chinensis Unicum mid blue needle fld.

Callistephus chinensis Unicum needle fld. mix form

Callistephus chinensis Unicum needle fld. mix o.p.

Callistephus chinensis Unicum purple needle fld.

Callistephus chinensis Unicum red needle fld

Callistephus chinensis Unicum rose needle fld

Callistephus chinensis Unicum silvery blue needle

Callistephus chinensis Unicum white needle fld

Callistephus chinensis Unicum yellow needle fld.

Calochortus venustus Mariposa Co.

Caltha palustris

Calytrix tetragona pink form

Calytrix tetragona white - pink

Calytrix tetragona white form

Camassia leichtlinii

Camassia leichtlinii Alba

Camassia leichtlinii ssp. suksdorfii Caerulea Grou

Camassia quamash

Camellia japonica

Campanula alliariifolia

Campanula carpatica

Campanula carpatica Alba

Campanula carpatica Blue and White Mix

Campanula glomerata Alba

Campanula glomerata Dahurica superba - Odessa

Campanula lactiflora

Campanula lactiflora New Hybrids

Campanula lactiflora Prichards Variety

Campanula latifolia

Campanula latifolia Alba

Campanula latifolia Brantwood

Campanula latifolia Faichem Lilac

Campanula latifolia v macrantha

Campanula latifolia v macrantha Alba

Campanula makaschvilii

Campanula makaschvilii white form

Campanula medium

Campanula medium Calycanthema Mix o.p.

Campanula medium Champion Blue ann. pellets

Campanula medium Champion Lavender ann. pellets

Campanula medium Champion Pink ann. pellets

Campanula medium Flore Pleno Mix o.p.

Campanula medium Flore Pleno Pink

Campanula medium Flore Pleno Violet-blue

Campanula medium Flore Pleno White

Campanula medium Single Light Blue

Campanula medium Single Mixed o.p.

Campanula medium Single Rose

Campanula medium Single White

Campanula ochroleuca

Campanula patula

Campanula patula ssp abietina

Campanula persicifolia

Campanula persicifolia Alba

Campanula persicifolia Bells Blue

Campanula persicifolia Bells White

Campanula persicifolia Grandiflora

Campanula persicifolia Grandiflora Alba

Campanula persicifolia mixed blue and white

Campanula persicifolia Telham Beauty

Campanula persicifolia v planiflora

Campanula persicifolia wild form

Campanula poscharskyana

Campanula punctata fa rubriflora

Campanula punctata Takesimana

Campanula pyramidalis

Campanula pyramidalis Alba

Campanula pyramidalis mix

Campanula raineri

Campanula rapunculoides

Campanula rhomboidalis

Campanula sarmatica

Campanula scheuchzeri

Campanula spicata

Campanula spp. mix border and cutting

Campanula trachelium

Campanula trachelium Album

Campanula versicolor

Cannomois virgata

Capsicum annuum Rio Light Orange cutflower use

Capsicum annuum Rio Yellow cutflower use

Cardiocrinum cordatum

Cardiocrinum giganteum

Cardiocrinum giganteum yunnanense

Cardiospermum halicacabum

Cardiospermum halicacabum organic seed

Carex comosa

Carex divulsa ssp. divulsa

Carex flagellifera

Carex flagellifera Bronze Form - Auburn - Bronzita

Carex flagellifera brown bronze to green form

Carex flagellifera Red

Carex folliculata

Carex gravida

Carex grayii

Carex lurida

Carex muehlenbergii

Carex muskingumensis

Carex nigra

Carex pendula c.s.

Carex petriei

Carex pseudocyperus

Carex remota

Carex sp. unident. Majken

Carex sparganioides

Carex spp. select mix

Carex sylvatica

Carex trifida

Carlina acanthifolia

Carlina acaulis proteg. de. pas fr.

Carlina acaulis ssp caulescens

Carlina acaulis ssp caulescens Bronze Form

Carlina acaulis ssp caulescens organic seed

Carlina vulgaris

Carlina vulgaris Silver Star

Carthamus lanatus

Carthamus tinctorius

Carthamus tinctorius Grenade Mixed

Carthamus tinctorius Grenade Orange

Carthamus tinctorius Grenade Orange graded - filmc

Carthamus tinctorius Grenade White

Carthamus tinctorius Grenade Yellow

Carthamus tinctorius Kinko

Carthamus tinctorius Nemo

Carthamus tinctorius organic seed

Carthamus tinctorius Zanzibar

Carthamus tinctorius Zanzibar graded - filmcoated

Carthamus tinctorius Zanzibar organic

Catananche caerulea

Catananche caerulea Alba

Catananche caerulea Amor Blue

Catananche caerulea Amor White

Ceanothus americanus

Celosia argentea

Celosia argentea v. cristata

Celosia argentea v. spicata wild form

Celosia cristata Dwarf Coral Garden Mix o p

Celosia cristata Nana Cockscomb Mixed

Celosia cristata Tall Varieties Mixed o p

Celosia plumosa Century fire

Celosia plumosa Century mixture semi-tall

Celosia plumosa Century red

Celosia plumosa Century rose

Celosia plumosa Century yellow

Celosia plumosa Dragons Breath

Celosia plumosa Fashion Look Mix

Celosia plumosa Forest Fire

Celosia plumosa Fresh Look Mix

Celosia plumosa Fresh Look Red

Celosia plumosa Fresh Look Yellow - Gold

Celosia plumosa Kimono Super Dwarf mix

Celosia plumosa Lilliput Mixture of 3 colours

Celosia plumosa Plume Carmine

Celosia plumosa Plume Cream

Celosia plumosa Plume Orange

Celosia plumosa Plume Scarlet Red

Celosia plumosa Plume tall mix formula

Celosia plumosa Plume tall mix o p

Celosia plumosa Plume Wine Red

Celosia plumosa Plume Yellow

Celosia spicata Flamingo Feather pink

Celosia spicata Flamingo Feather purple

Celosia spicata Xanthippe

Cenchrus ciliaris

Cenchrus setigerus

Centaurea americana

Centaurea americana Aloha Blanca

Centaurea americana Aloha Rosa

Centaurea atropurpurea

Centaurea cyanus Ball Black

Centaurea cyanus Ball Blue

Centaurea cyanus Ball Blue organic seeds

Centaurea cyanus Ball Mauve

Centaurea cyanus Ball Mixed organic seed

Centaurea cyanus Ball Mixture o.p.

Centaurea cyanus Ball Pink

Centaurea cyanus Ball Red

Centaurea cyanus Ball White

Centaurea cyanus Blue Midget double

Centaurea cyanus Blue tall wild form

Centaurea cyanus Blue Victoria tall double

Centaurea cyanus Boy Black tall double

Centaurea cyanus Boy Blue

Centaurea cyanus Boy Mauve double

Centaurea cyanus Boy Pink double

Centaurea cyanus Boy Red double

Centaurea cyanus Boy White double

Centaurea cyanus Choice Double Blue

Centaurea cyanus Choice Double Mixed

Centaurea cyanus Choice Mixed tall

Centaurea cyanus Classic Magic

Centaurea cyanus Classic Romantic

Centaurea cyanus Emperor William single

Centaurea cyanus Fireworks mix

Centaurea cyanus Florence Blue double

Centaurea cyanus Frosted Queen Mixed

Centaurea cyanus Frosty Mixed white tipped

Centaurea cyanus hort.

Centaurea cyanus Jubilee Gem blue double semi-dwar

Centaurea cyanus Lady Mauve double

Centaurea cyanus Midget Lilac

Centaurea cyanus Midget Mixture o.p.

Centaurea cyanus Midget Purple

Centaurea cyanus Midget Red

Centaurea cyanus Midget Snow

Centaurea cyanus organic seed

Centaurea cyanus Pinkie tall double

Centaurea cyanus Polka Dot Double Mixed dwarf

Centaurea cyanus Snowman

Centaurea cyanus Standard Tall Doubles mix

Centaurea cyanus Victoria tall double

Centaurea cyanus White tall

Centaurea cyanus wild form

Centaurea jacea ssp jacea

Centaurea Landscaping Mix perennials

Centaurea macrocephala

Centaurea montana

Centaurea montana Alba

Centaurea montana ssp lugdunensis

Centaurea nigra

Centaurea nigra ssp nemoralis

Centaurea orientalis

Centaurea phrygia

Centaurea pseudophrygia

Centaurea pulcherrima

Centaurea ruthenica

Centaurea scabiosa

Centaurea triumfettii

Centaurea uniflora ssp nervosa

Centranthus ruber

Centranthus ruber Albus

Centranthus ruber mixture

Centranthus ruber Pretty Betsy

Centranthus ruber Roseus

Cephalaria alpina

Cephalaria gigantea

Cephalaria leucantha

Cephalipterum drummondii white

Ceratopetalum gummiferum

Cerinthe major v purpurascens

Cerinthe major v purpurascens Pride of Gibraltar

Cerinthe major v purpurascens Purple Belle

Chamaerops humilis

Chamaerops humilis v cerifera

Chamelaucium uncinatum

Chasmanthe aethiopica

Chasmanthe bicolor

Chasmanthe floribunda

Chasmanthium latifolium c.s.

Chasmanthium latifolium c.s. organic

Chasmanthium latifolium Little Tickler

Chasmanthium laxum c.s.

Cheilocostus lacerus

Cheilocostus speciosus

Chelone obliqua

Chelone obliqua Alba

Chenopodium botrys

Chenopodium botrys Green Magic

Chenopodium capitatum organic seed

Chenopodium capitatum Strawberry Spinach

Chenopodium foliosum organic seed

Chenopodium foliosum Strawberry Sticks

Chimonanthus praecox

Chionochloa conspicua

Chionochloa flavescens

Chionochloa flavicans

Chionochloa rigida

Chionochloa rubra

Chionochloa rubra ssp. cuprea

Chloris truncata

Chorizema cordatum

Chrysanthemum indicum double - semi double mix

Chrysanthemum indicum Korean Hybrids

Chrysanthemum macrophyllum

Chrysocephalum apiculatum

Chrysopogon fallax

Chrysopogon gryllus

Cirsium heterophyllum

Cirsium japonicum

Cirsium japonicum Pink Beauty

Cirsium japonicum Rose Beauty

Cirsium spinosissimum

Cladium mariscus

Cladoraphis cyperoides

Clarkia amoena Aurora tall single

Clarkia amoena Azalea fld. Carmine Glow semi tall

Clarkia amoena Azalea fld. dwarf double mixture

Clarkia amoena Azalea fld. Firelight semi tall

Clarkia amoena Azalea fld. Orange Glory double sem

Clarkia amoena Azalea fld. Orange Glow double semi

Clarkia amoena Azalea fld. Rembrandt

Clarkia amoena Azalea fld. Ruddigore semi-tall

Clarkia amoena Azalea fld. semi-tall doubles

Clarkia amoena Azalea fld. Sweetheart semi-tall

Clarkia amoena Charivari dwarf single mix

Clarkia amoena Duchess of Albany semi tall white

Clarkia amoena f1 Grace Mixed

Clarkia amoena Furora tall single

Clarkia amoena Gloria tall single rose

Clarkia amoena Memoria tall single white

Clarkia amoena Mixed Doubles semi tall

Clarkia amoena semi-dwarf single mix

Clarkia amoena ssp huntiana

Clarkia amoena ssp whitneyi single mixed

Clarkia amoena ssp whitneyi wild form

Clarkia breweri Pink Ribbons

Clarkia Choice Mixed

Clarkia Double Mixed tall

Clarkia pulchella Choice Double Mix

Clarkia pulchella Fairy Mixture

Clarkia pulchella Passion for Purple

Clarkia pulchella Snowflake

Clarkia rubicunda wild form

Clarkia unguiculata Albatross white double

Clarkia unguiculata carmine double

Clarkia unguiculata doubles mix

Clarkia unguiculata orange double

Clarkia unguiculata pink double

Clarkia unguiculata purple double

Clarkia unguiculata salmon rose double

Clarkia unguiculata scarlet double

Clarkia unguiculata Standard Mixture o. p.

Clarkia williamsonii

Clematis aristata

Clematis hybrida Daihelios

Clematis ladakhiana

Clematis mandschurica

Clematis recta b.s.

Clematis recta c.s.

Clematis terniflora v manshurica

Cleome f1 Sparkler Blush

Cleome f1 Sparkler Lavender

Cleome f1 Sparkler Mixed

Cleome f1 Sparkler Rose

Cleome f1 Sparkler White

Cleome spinosa Colour Fountain Mix

Cleome spinosa Pale Rose

Cleome spinosa Purple

Cleome spinosa Queen Cherry

Cleome spinosa Queen Pink

Cleome spinosa Queen Rose

Cleome spinosa Queen Violet

Cleome spinosa Queen White - Helen Campbell

Cleome spinosa Rose

Cleome spinosa White

Cleyera japonica

Clitoria fairchildiana

Clitoria ternatea Double White

Clitoria ternatea mix

Clitoria ternatea v Milgarra Pelleted Seed

Clivia gardenii Maxima vsvs

Clivia nobilis vsvs

Clivia robusta vsvs

Cnicus benedictus

Cnicus benedictus organic seed

Codonorhiza corymbosa

Coix lacryma-jobi v. lacryma-jobi

Collinsia heterophylla Bicolor

Collinsia heterophylla bicolor mix o p

Collinsia heterophylla Sierra form

Collivia elegans Parlour Palm

Collomia grandiflora

Conostylis aculeata

Conostylis candicans ssp candicans

Consolida ambigua

Consolida ambigua Hyacinth Flowered Dwarf double m

Consolida ambigua Hyacinth Flowered Tall double mi

Consolida DelQIS Carmine Rose filmcoated seed glas

Consolida DelQIS Deep Blue filmcoated seed glass c

Consolida DelQIS Deep Blue glass cutflower

Consolida DelQIS pure WHITE filmcoated seed glass

Consolida DelQIS pure WHITE glass cut-flower

Consolida DelQIS Salmon Pink filmcoated seed glass

Consolida DelQIS Salmon Pink glass cutflower

Consolida Exquisite Blue Bell

Consolida Exquisite Blue Spire

Consolida Exquisite Mixed

Consolida Exquisite White King

Consolida Fancy Purple Picotee

Consolida Giant Imperial Mix

Consolida Imperial Blue Bell

Consolida Imperial Blue Cloud

Consolida Imperial Blue Spire

Consolida Imperial Carmine Rose - King

Consolida Imperial Dark Rose - Rosalie - Rose Quee

Consolida Imperial Dazzler scarlet

Consolida Imperial Lilac Spire

Consolida Imperial Limelight dark blue

Consolida Imperial Limelight lilac

Consolida Imperial Limelight mixture

Consolida Imperial Limelight rose

Consolida Imperial Limelight white

Consolida Imperial Mixed

Consolida Imperial Mixed organic seeds

Consolida Imperial Pink Perfection - Queen

Consolida Imperial Salmon Beauty - Spire

Consolida Imperial White Spire - King

Consolida orientalis

Consolida QIS Carmine

Consolida QIS Carmine filmcoated seed

Consolida QIS Dark Blue

Consolida QIS Dark Blue filmcoated

Consolida QIS Formula Mix

Consolida QIS Light Blue

Consolida QIS Lilac

Consolida QIS Pink

Consolida QIS Rose

Consolida QIS Rose filmcoated

Consolida QIS White

Consolida QIS White filmcoated

Consolida regalis Cloud Blue

Consolida regalis Cloud Snow

Consolida regalis Fancy Blue Purple

Consolida regalis Fancy Rose Striped double

Consolida regalis Fancy Smokey Eyes

Consolida regalis Frosted Skies white and blue

Consolida regalis King Size Scarlet

Consolida regalis Misty Lavender

Consolida Sublime Blue and White Bi-colour

Consolida Sublime Bright Carmine

Consolida Sublime Bright Pink

Consolida Sublime Brilliant Salmon

Consolida Sublime Lilac

Consolida Sublime Mixed

Consolida Sublime White

Convallaria majalis

Coreopsis gigantea

Coreopsis grandiflora Baby Sun

Coreopsis grandiflora Domino dwarf

Coreopsis grandiflora Early Sunrise - Early Gold

Coreopsis grandiflora Gold Cut

Coreopsis grandiflora Golden Globe double

Coreopsis grandiflora Heliot

Coreopsis grandiflora Mayfield Giants

Coreopsis grandiflora Rising Sun

Coreopsis grandiflora Santa Fe

Coreopsis grandiflora Sunburst

Coreopsis grandiflora Sunfire

Coreopsis grandiflora Sunray

Coreopsis grandiflora Ticky Daisy semi-dwarf

Coreopsis Incredible! dwarf mix

Coreopsis Incredible! mid-height mix

Coreopsis Incredible! tall mix

Coreopsis lanceolata

Coreopsis lanceolata Early Sunrise

Coreopsis lanceolata Sonnenkind

Coreopsis lanceolata Sterntaler

Coreopsis lanceolata Sunburst

Coreopsis major

Coreopsis palmata

Coreopsis pubescens Sunshine Superman

Coreopsis tinctoria

Coreopsis tinctoria Dwarf Plains Coreopsis

Coreopsis tripteris

Coriandrum sativum a grosse graine facile

Cornus canadensis

Cortaderia araucana

Cortaderia fulvida

Cortaderia richardii b.s.

Cortaderia richardii c.s.

Cortaderia selloana

Cortaderia selloana Rosea

Cortaderia toetoe

Corymbia calophylla

Corymbia calophylla Rosea c.s.

Corymbia ficifolia b.s.

Corymbia ficifolia c.s.

Corymbia ficifolia hardy N Z

Corymbia haematoxylon c.s.

Corymbia ptychocarpa

Corynephorus canescens

Cosmas bipinnatus Dwarf Sensation Red

Cosmos bipinnatus Antiquity

Cosmos bipinnatus Candy Stripe Mix

Cosmos bipinnatus Casanova Mixed

Cosmos bipinnatus Cosmix

Cosmos bipinnatus Cosmix White

Cosmos bipinnatus Cupcakes Mixed

Cosmos bipinnatus Cupcakes White

Cosmos bipinnatus Daydream pale pink

Cosmos bipinnatus Double Click Bicolor Pink

Cosmos bipinnatus Double Click Cranberries

Cosmos bipinnatus Double Click Mixture

Cosmos bipinnatus Double Click Rose Bon Bon

Cosmos bipinnatus Double Click Snow Puff

Cosmos bipinnatus Double Dutch White

Cosmos bipinnatus Dwarf Sensation Carmine

Cosmos bipinnatus Dwarf Sensation Mixed extra earl

Cosmos bipinnatus Dwarf Sensation Pink

Cosmos bipinnatus Dwarf Sensation Pink blotched

Cosmos bipinnatus Dwarf Sensation White

Cosmos bipinnatus Dwarf Wonder Mixed

Cosmos bipinnatus Early Wonder Mixed

Cosmos bipinnatus Fizzy Formula Mixture

Cosmos bipinnatus Fizzy Mixture o. p.

Cosmos bipinnatus Fizzy Pink

Cosmos bipinnatus Fizzy Pink Dark Centre

Cosmos bipinnatus Fizzy Rose Picotee

Cosmos bipinnatus Fizzy White

Cosmos bipinnatus Gazebo Mix formula

Cosmos bipinnatus Gazebo Mix o.p.

Cosmos bipinnatus Gazebo Pink

Cosmos bipinnatus Gazebo Red

Cosmos bipinnatus Gazebo White

Cosmos bipinnatus Giant Tetra Mix formula - Versai

Cosmos bipinnatus Giant Tetra Pink Red Centre

Cosmos bipinnatus Gloria

Cosmos bipinnatus Hot Pink

Cosmos bipinnatus Hummingbird Lilac dwarf

Cosmos bipinnatus Hummingbird White dwarf

Cosmos bipinnatus Lemonade

Cosmos bipinnatus Picotee Mix

Cosmos bipinnatus Pinkie

Cosmos bipinnatus Popsocks Pink

Cosmos bipinnatus Popsocks White

Cosmos bipinnatus Psyche Mix

Cosmos bipinnatus Psyche White

Cosmos bipinnatus Purity

Cosmos bipinnatus QIS pink

Cosmos bipinnatus QIS red

Cosmos bipinnatus QIS rose

Cosmos bipinnatus QIS white

Cosmos bipinnatus Radiance

Cosmos bipinnatus Rosetta

Cosmos bipinnatus Rubenza

Cosmos bipinnatus Sea Shells - Stars Mix

Cosmos bipinnatus Sea Shells Pied Piper Blush

Cosmos bipinnatus Sea Shells Pied Piper Red

Cosmos bipinnatus Sea Shells Red

Cosmos bipinnatus Sea Stars Mixed

Cosmos bipinnatus Sensation Albatross - Purity

Cosmos bipinnatus Sensation Daydream

Cosmos bipinnatus Sensation Dazzler Red

Cosmos bipinnatus Sensation Early Mix

Cosmos bipinnatus Sensation Early White

Cosmos bipinnatus Sensation Gloria rose and purple

Cosmos bipinnatus Sensation Late Yellow

Cosmos bipinnatus Sensation Mix o.p.

Cosmos bipinnatus Sensation Picotee white - red

Cosmos bipinnatus Sensation Pinkie rose

Cosmos bipinnatus Sensation Purity white

Cosmos bipinnatus Sensation Radiance deep rose

Cosmos bipinnatus Sonata Carmine

Cosmos bipinnatus Sonata Mix

Cosmos bipinnatus Sonata Pink

Cosmos bipinnatus Sonata Pink Blush

Cosmos bipinnatus Sonata White

Cosmos bipinnatus Sunset Yellow buff yellow

Cosmos bipinnatus Tetra Versailles mixed

Cosmos bipinnatus Tetra Versailles white

Cosmos bipinnatus Xanthos

Cosmos sulphureus

Cosmos sulphureus Bright Lights mix

Cosmos sulphureus Cosmic Mixed dwarf

Cosmos sulphureus Cosmic Orange dwarf

Cosmos sulphureus Cosmic Red dwarf

Cosmos sulphureus Cosmic Yellow dwarf

Cosmos sulphureus Crest Lemon

Cosmos sulphureus Crest Red - Redcrest

Cosmos sulphureus Diablo

Cosmos sulphureus Fruit Crush

Cosmos sulphureus Limara Lemon

Cosmos sulphureus mixed

Cosmos sulphureus Polidor mixture semi-tall

Cosmos sulphureus Sunny red

Cosmos sulphureus Sunset bright orange

Cota tinctoria

Cota tinctoria Alba

Cota tinctoria Kelwayi

Cota tinctoria organic seed

Craspedia uniflora

Crocosmia aurea

Crocosmia Lucifer

Crocosmia New Hybrids

Crocosmia Orangerot

Crotalaria cunninghamii

Crotalaria spectabilis

Cucumis dipsaceus

Cucurbita maxima Large Ornamental Gourd Mix

Cucurbita maxima Mixed forms

Cucurbita maxima Turks Turban winter squash

Cucurbita pepo Crown of Thorns

Cucurbita pepo Crown of Thorns Shenot - Ten Comman

Cucurbita pepo Dandy Mixed

Cucurbita pepo Fungo Turks Turban type

Cucurbita pepo Gourds ornamental mix small fruited

Cucurbita pepo Little Indian Mix small ornamental

Cucurbita pepo Small Pear Bicoloured Gourd

Cucurbita pepo Small Warty Gourd Mix

Cuphea lanceolata

Curcuma sessilis

Cyclamen persicum

Cyclamen persicum Album

Cyclamen persicum Giant Formula Mix

Cyclamen persicum Royal Maxi mixed

Cymbopogon ambiguus

Cymbopogon bombycinus

Cymbopogon obtectus

Cynara cardunculus Bianco Avorio

Cynara cardunculus Blanco Spineless

Cynara cardunculus Cardoon

Cynara cardunculus Cardoon organic seed

Cynara cardunculus Epineux argente de Plainpalais

Cynara cardunculus Gigante

Cynara cardunculus Gobbo di Nizza

Cynara cardunculus Porto Spineless

Cynara cardunculus Vert de Vaulx en Velin

Cynara scolymus

Cynara scolymus Arad organic seed

Cynara scolymus f1 Pyrenees

Cynara scolymus Green Globe

Cynara scolymus Romanesco

Cynara scolymus Tavor Imperial Star organic seed

Cynara scolymus Vert de Laon - de Provence

Cynara scolymus Violet Globe

Cynara scolymus Violet hatif de Provence

Cynara scolymus Violetto di Chioggia

Cynoglossum amabile Firmament

Cynoglossum amabile Mystery Rose

Cynoglossum zeylanicum

Cynoglossum zeylanicum blue and white mix

Cyperus esculentus seeds

Cyperus esculentus v sativus tubers

Cyperus glaber

Cyperus longus

Cyperus papyrus

Cyrtanthus mackenii red svs

Dactylis glomerata comm.

Dactylis glomerata wild form

Dahlia Bishops Children tall

Dahlia Cactus Double - Semi Mixed tall

Dahlia coccinea Palmeri

Dahlia coccinea Victoriana mix

Dahlia coccinea x mixed colours

Dahlia coccinea x orange shades

Dahlia Coltness Hybrids Mix taller singles

Dahlia Dandy Collarette Mix semi-dwarf

Dahlia Dandy Improved Mix

Dahlia Decorative Giants tall doubles

Dahlia Dwarf Hybrids semi-double

Dahlia Pompon Mixed

Dahlia Redskin Mix

Dahlia Unwins Bedding Mixed

Dahlia Unwins Dwarf Hybrids

Dahlia Victoriana Mixed

Dalea candida

Danae racemosa

Dasylirion wheeleri

Dasypogon bromeliifolius

Dasypogon obliquifolius

Datura ferox

Datura quercifolia

Datura spp. mixed

Datura stramonium

Datura stramonium mix

Datura stramonium v inermis

Datura stramonium white form (Linn.) GA-3 treated

Datura stramonium yellow form

Datura wrightii

Daucus carota Burgundy Top cut-flower

Daucus carota Dara cut-flower

Daucus carota Purple Kisses cut-flower

Daucus carota ssp maximus

Daucus carota wild carrot

Daviesia cordata

Delphinium barbeyi

Delphinium bicolor

Delphinium Blue Fountains Mixture

Delphinium carolinianum

Delphinium Centurion Mixture formula

Delphinium Cottage Garden Mix

Delphinium Crown Mixed

Delphinium elatum

Delphinium elatum Belladonna Maxima cutflower

Delphinium elatum Belladonna Mixture

Delphinium elatum Bellamosum

Delphinium elatum Casablanca

Delphinium elatum Cliveden Beauty sky-blue

Delphinium elatum Connecticut Yankee Mix

Delphinium elatum f1 Aurora Blue

Delphinium elatum f1 Aurora Deep Purple

Delphinium elatum f1 Aurora Lavender

Delphinium elatum f1 Aurora Light Blue

Delphinium elatum f1 Aurora Mauve

Delphinium elatum f1 Aurora White

Delphinium elatum f1 Guardian Blue

Delphinium elatum f1 Guardian Lavender

Delphinium elatum f1 Guardian White

Delphinium elatum f1 Mini Stars Mix

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millenium Double Innocenc

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millenium Double Stars mi

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Black Eyed Ang

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Blue Lace

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Cobalt Dreams

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Dusky Maidens

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Green Twist

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Lilac Ladies

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Morning Lights

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium New Zealand Hy

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Pagan Purples

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Pink Blush

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Pink Punch

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Purple Passion

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Sunny Skies

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Super Stars Mi

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Sweethearts

Delphinium elatum Oriental Blue

Delphinium elatum Steichen Strain mix

Delphinium f1 Centurion Gentian Blue

Delphinium f1 Centurion Lavender

Delphinium f1 Centurion Rose

Delphinium f1 Centurion Sky Blue

Delphinium f1 Centurion White

Delphinium f1 Millennium Innocence

Delphinium f1 Millennium Misty Mauves

Delphinium f1 Raider Mixed

Delphinium f1 Raider Pink Shades

Delphinium f2 New Century Dreaming Spires Mix

Delphinium glaucum

Delphinium grandiflorum Blue Pygmy

Delphinium grandiflorum Butterfly Blue dwarf

Delphinium grandiflorum Butterfly Light Blue dwarf

Delphinium grandiflorum Butterfly Rose dwarf

Delphinium grandiflorum Butterfly White dwarf

Delphinium grandiflorum dwarf light blue

Delphinium grandiflorum dwarf vars mixed

Delphinium grandiflorum Gentian Blue Dwarf

Delphinium grandiflorum Summer Blues

Delphinium grandiflorum Summer Clouds blue - white

Delphinium grandiflorum Summer Colours mix

Delphinium grandiflorum Summer Morning pink

Delphinium grandiflorum Summer Nights deep blue

Delphinium grandiflorum Summer Stars white

Delphinium King Size Scarlet

Delphinium Magic Fountain Cherry Blossom white bee

Delphinium Magic Fountain Dark Blue dark bees

Delphinium Magic Fountain Dark Blue white bees

Delphinium Magic Fountain Lavender white bees

Delphinium Magic Fountain Lilac white bees

Delphinium Magic Fountain Mid-blue white bee

Delphinium Magic Fountain Mixed

Delphinium Magic Fountain Sky Blue white bees

Delphinium Magic Fountain White

Delphinium Magic Fountain White dark bee

Delphinium Maxima

Delphinium menziesii

Delphinium nudicaule

Delphinium nudicaule Laurin

Delphinium nudicaule Redcap dwarf delph.

Delphinium Pacific Astolat Group pink shades dark

Delphinium Pacific Black Knight Group dark blue bl

Delphinium Pacific Blue Bird Group blue white bee

Delphinium Pacific Blue Jay Group blue dark bee

Delphinium Pacific Camelliard Group lavender white

Delphinium Pacific Galahad Group all white

Delphinium Pacific Giant Round Table Group Mix for

Delphinium Pacific Guinevere Group lavender white

Delphinium Pacific Hybrids Mixture o.p.

Delphinium Pacific King Arthur Group purple white

Delphinium Pacific Percival Group white black bee

Delphinium Pacific Premium Astolat

Delphinium Pacific Premium Black Knight

Delphinium Pacific Premium Blue Bird

Delphinium Pacific Premium Blue Jay

Delphinium Pacific Premium Camelliard

Delphinium Pacific Premium Formula Mixture

Delphinium Pacific Premium Galahad

Delphinium Pacific Premium Guinevere

Delphinium Pacific Premium King Arthur

Delphinium Pacific Premium Percival

Delphinium Pacific Premium Summer Skies

Delphinium Pacific Round Table Group Mix o.p.

Delphinium Pacific Summer Skies Group light blue

Delphinium Pacific Summer Skies light blue white b

Delphinium parishii

Delphinium parryi ssp. purpureum

Delphinium Raider Blue

Delphinium Raider Mixed

Delphinium scaposum

Delphinium semibarbatum

Delphinium spp. deluxe mixture

Delphinium tatsienense Sky Lights Mix

Delphinium Tom Pouce Gentian Blue dwarf

Delphinium vestitum

Delphinium virescens

Deschampsia cespitosa

Deschampsia cespitosa Pixie Fountain

Deschampsia flexuosa

Dianella revoluta prov. WA

Dianella revoluta v. divaricata

Dianella tasmanica

Dianthus barbatus

Dianthus barbatus Albus

Dianthus barbatus Black Adder

Dianthus barbatus Early Bird mix

Dianthus barbatus f1 Bodestolz mix

Dianthus barbatus f1 Sweet Mixed pellets

Dianthus barbatus f2 Frisco Mix

Dianthus barbatus f2 Spinner Mixed

Dianthus barbatus Floriade extra early mix

Dianthus barbatus Hollandia Complete Mixture o.p.

Dianthus barbatus Hollandia Homeland

Dianthus barbatus Hollandia Mixture formula

Dianthus barbatus Hollandia Purple Crown

Dianthus barbatus Hollandia Salmon-pink with eye

Dianthus barbatus Hollandia Scarlet

Dianthus barbatus Hollandia White

Dianthus barbatus Kaleidoscope Mix

Dianthus barbatus Messenger - Herald of Spring mix

Dianthus barbatus Nanus Midget

Dianthus barbatus Oeschberg

Dianthus barbatus Pinocchio dwarf double mix

Dianthus barbatus Roundabout Mixed dwarf

Dianthus barbatus Shakespeare mix

Dianthus barbatus Sooty

Dianthus barbatus Special Mix singles

Dianthus barbatus Standard Atrosanguineus

Dianthus barbatus Standard Auricula Eyed Mix

Dianthus barbatus Standard Blended Mixture

Dianthus barbatus Standard Heimatland Crimson

Dianthus barbatus Standard Holborn Glory

Dianthus barbatus Standard Mix singles o. p.

Dianthus barbatus Standard Newport Pink

Dianthus barbatus Standard Nigricans - Dunettii

Dianthus barbatus Standard Pink Beauty

Dianthus barbatus Standard Scarlet Beauty

Dianthus barbatus Standard Tall Double Mix

Dianthus barbatus Summer Mix

Dianthus barbatus Summertime Carmine

Dianthus barbatus Summertime Scarlet

Dianthus barbatus Summertime tall single mix

Dianthus barbatus Super Duplex tall double mix

Dianthus barbatus x chinensis Kensington Mix

Dianthus carthusianorum

Dianthus carthusianorum organic seed

Dianthus carthusianorum Ruperts Pink

Dianthus caryophyllus Dwarf Fragrance double mixed

Dianthus caryophyllus Dwarf Vienna Mixed double

Dianthus caryophyllus Enfant de Nice mixed

Dianthus caryophyllus f1 Can-Can Rose

Dianthus caryophyllus f1 Can-Can Scarlet

Dianthus caryophyllus f1 Lillipot Mixed

Dianthus caryophyllus f1 Lillipot Orange Bicolor

Dianthus caryophyllus f1 Lillipot Purple

Dianthus caryophyllus f1 Lillipot Scarlet

Dianthus caryophyllus f1 Lillipot White

Dianthus caryophyllus f1 Lillipot Yellow

Dianthus caryophyllus Fizz Bananaberry mix

Dianthus caryophyllus Fizz Lemon

Dianthus caryophyllus Fizz Magenta

Dianthus caryophyllus Giant Chabaud Mix o.p.

Dianthus caryophyllus Giant Chabaud Red Etincellan

Dianthus caryophyllus Giant Chabaud Rose

Dianthus caryophyllus Giant Chabaud Salmon

Dianthus caryophyllus Giant Chabaud Scarlet - Crim

Dianthus caryophyllus Giant Chabaud White

Dianthus caryophyllus Giant Chabaud White Red stri

Dianthus caryophyllus Giant Chabaud Yellow

Dianthus caryophyllus Grenadin Mix doubles

Dianthus caryophyllus Grenadin Red

Dianthus caryophyllus Grenadin Rose

Dianthus caryophyllus Grenadin Scarlet

Dianthus caryophyllus Grenadin White

Dianthus caryophyllus Grenadin Yellow

Dianthus caryophyllus Hardy Border Mixed

Dianthus caryophyllus Orange Sherbet

Dianthus caryophyllus Ripple Orange

Dianthus caryophyllus Ripple Raspberry

Dianthus caryophyllus Sprite Mixture picotees

Dianthus caryophyllus Superb series formula mix

Dianthus caryophyllus Vienna Mixture

Dianthus chinensis Chianti double burgundy white e

Dianthus chinensis Dignity Lavender

Dianthus chinensis Dignity Pink

Dianthus chinensis Dignity Red

Dianthus chinensis Dignity White

Dianthus chinensis Heddewigii Black and White

Dianthus chinensis Heddewigii Doubles Mix

Dianthus cincinnatus x Dancing Geisha

Dianthus cruentus

Dianthus hyssopifolius ssp gallicus

Dianthus knappii

Dianthus knappii Yellow Harmony selected

Dianthus monspessulanus

Dianthus plumarius

Dianthus plumarius Albus fl pl

Dianthus plumarius Ipswich Pinks Mixed

Dianthus plumarius Rainbow Loveliness frag. fringe

Dianthus plumarius Romance select singles mix

Dianthus plumarius Roseus fl pl

Dianthus plumarius single mixed

Dianthus plumarius Sonata extra double mix

Dianthus plumarius Spring Beauty Mix frag.

Dianthus superbus hort

Dianthus superbus hybrids mix

Dianthus superbus organic seed

Dianthus superbus Primadonna

Dianthus superbus red

Dianthus superbus Spooky mixed

Dianthus superbus ssp speciosus

Dianthus superbus white

Dianthus x cincinnatus Dancing Geisha mix

Dicentra formosa

Dichanthium sericeum b.s.

Dichanthium sericeum c.s.

Dichelachne crinita

Dichelostemma capitatum

Dicranostigma franchetianum

Dictamnus albus Albiflorus

Dictamnus albus Fraxinella

Dictamnus albus mixed fl. colours

Dictamnus albus Ruber

Dictamnus albus v caucasicus

Dictamnus albus v purpureus

Dictamnus albus v purpureus Fraxinella organic see

Dierama igneum

Dierama pulcherrimum Slieve Donard Hybrids Mix

Digitalis cariensis

Digitalis dubia

Digitalis ferruginea

Digitalis ferruginea Gigantea

Digitalis ferruginea Gigantea Yellow Herald

Digitalis grandiflora

Digitalis grandiflora Carillon dwarf

Digitalis grandiflora Cream Bell (tm)

Digitalis grandiflora organic seed

Digitalis laevigata

Digitalis lanata

Digitalis lanata Cafe Creme

Digitalis lanata Cafe Creme organic seed

Digitalis lanata organic seed

Digitalis lutea

Digitalis lutea ssp australis

Digitalis mertonensis x

Digitalis obscura

Digitalis parviflora

Digitalis parviflora Milk Chocolate

Digitalis Polkadot Petra

Digitalis Polkadot Polly

Digitalis purpurea - albiflora mixed

Digitalis purpurea Apricot

Digitalis purpurea Bondana Mix annual

Digitalis purpurea Candy Mountain mixed

Digitalis purpurea Candy Mountain peach

Digitalis purpurea Candy Mountain rose

Digitalis purpurea Candy Mountain white

Digitalis purpurea Candy Mountain yellow

Digitalis purpurea Carousel Cream

Digitalis purpurea Carousel Lavender

Digitalis purpurea Carousel Mixed

Digitalis purpurea Carousel Primrose

Digitalis purpurea Carousel Purple

Digitalis purpurea Carousel White

Digitalis purpurea Excelsior mixed

Digitalis purpurea f1 Camelot Cream pellets

Digitalis purpurea f1 Camelot Lavender pellets

Digitalis purpurea f1 Camelot Mixed pellets

Digitalis purpurea f1 Camelot Rose pellets

Digitalis purpurea f1 Camelot White pellets

Digitalis purpurea f1 Dalmatian Cream

Digitalis purpurea f1 Dalmatian Peach

Digitalis purpurea f1 Dalmatian Peach pellets

Digitalis purpurea f1 Dalmatian Purple

Digitalis purpurea f1 Dalmatian Rose

Digitalis purpurea f1 Dalmatian White

Digitalis purpurea fa albiflora

Digitalis purpurea Foxy semi-dwarf mix

Digitalis purpurea Mirabelle Mix

Digitalis purpurea Monstruosa - Peloric

Digitalis purpurea Pams Choice - Elsie Kelsey

Digitalis purpurea Pams Split

Digitalis purpurea Snow Thimble

Digitalis purpurea ssp heywoodii

Digitalis purpurea ssp heywoodii Silver Fox Improv

Digitalis purpurea ssp purpurea

Digitalis purpurea ssp purpurea organic seed

Digitalis purpurea Sugar Plum

Digitalis purpurea Suttons Apricot

Digitalis purpurea v gloxiniiflora mixed

Digitalis purpurea v gloxiniiflora The Shirley Mix

Digitalis stewartii

Digitalis thapsi L.

Digitalis trojana

Digitaria horizontalis

Digitaria ischaemum

Digitaria sanguinalis

Dilatris pillansii

Dilatris viscosa

Dimorphotheca pluvialis

Dimorphotheca pluvialis Tetra Polar Star

Dimorphotheca sinuata

Dimorphotheca sinuata Apollo mixed

Dimorphotheca sinuata mixed flake seed (from disc

Dimorphotheca sinuata mixed stick seed (from ray f

Dimorphotheca sinuata Orange Glory - Star of the V

Dimorphotheca sinuata Salmon Queen

Dimorphotheca sinuata Spring Flash Orange

Dimorphotheca sinuata Spring Flash Yellow

Dimorphotheca sinuata yellow

Dipsacus fullonum (not hooked fullers teasel)

Dipsacus fullonum organic seed

Dipsacus pilosus

Dipsacus sativus (hooked napping teasel)

Dodecatheon amethystinum

Dodecatheon meadia

Dodecatheon meadia Alba

Dodecatheon meadia Goliath

Dodecatheon meadia Red Colours

Dodecatheon meadia Select Mixture

Dodecatheon meadia Shooting Stars Deluxe Mixture

Dodonaea boroniifolia

Dodonaea viscosa Purpurea

Doellingeria umbellata

Doronicum orientale Finesse

Doronicum orientale Hoffm.

Doronicum orientale Leonardo

Doronicum orientale Little Leo

Doronicum orientale Magnificum

Doronicum pardalianches

Dorycnium hirsutum

Dorycnium hirsutum organic seed

Dracocephalum moldavicum Dragon Mixture

Dracocephalum moldavicum Snow Dragon

Dracopis amplexicaulis

Dryandra baxteri

Dryandra calophylla

Dryandra carlinoides

Dryandra conferta

Dryandra cuneata

Dryandra formosa

Dryandra fraseri

Dryandra hewardiana

Dryandra kippistiana

Dryandra nivea

Dryandra nobilis

Dryandra polycephala

Dryandra praemorsa ssp praemorsa

Dryandra proteoides

Dryandra quercifolia

Dryandra sessilis

Dryandra squarrosa ssp squarrosa

Dryandra tenuifolia

Dugaldia hoopesii b.s.

Dysphania rhadinostachya

Eccremocarpus scaber

Echinacea angustifolia

Echinacea pallida

Echinacea pallida Hula Dancer

Echinacea paradoxa

Echinacea paradoxa organic seed

Echinacea purpurea

Echinacea purpurea Alba

Echinacea purpurea Baby Swan Pink

Echinacea purpurea Baby Swan White

Echinacea purpurea Bravado

Echinacea purpurea Brilliant Star

Echinacea purpurea Cheyenne Spirit

Echinacea purpurea Doubledecker

Echinacea purpurea Feeling White

Echinacea purpurea Happy Star

Echinacea purpurea Leuchtstern

Echinacea purpurea Lustre Hybrids

Echinacea purpurea Magnus

Echinacea purpurea Magnus Superior

Echinacea purpurea Mellow Yellows

Echinacea purpurea organic seed

Echinacea purpurea Paradiso Hybrid Mix

Echinacea purpurea PowWow White (R)

Echinacea purpurea PowWow Wild Berry (R)

Echinacea purpurea Prairie Splendour

Echinacea purpurea Primadonna deep pink

Echinacea purpurea Primadonna white

Echinacea purpurea Ruby Star

Echinacea purpurea White Swan

Echinacea simulata

Echinacea spp. - hybs. Coneflower Mix

Echinacea tennesseensis

Echinacea tennesseensis organic seed

Echinochloa colona

Echinochloa crus-galli v longiseta

Echinops bannaticus Blue Glow

Echinops bannaticus Star Frost

Echinops bannaticus The Giant

Echinops exaltatus

Echinops ritro b.s.

Echinops ritro c.s.

Echinops ritro c.s. organic seed

Echinops ritro ssp ruthenicus Platinum Blue c.s.

Echinops ritro White Globe r.s.

Echinops sphaerocephalus

Echinops sphaerocephalus Arctic Glow

Echinops tjanschanicus

Echium lusitanicum ssp. polycaulon

Edible Flower Garden Mix

Edmondia sesamoides white form

Elegia aggregata

Elegia capensis

Elegia cuspidata

Elegia filacea

Elegia grandis

Elegia grandispicata

Eleusine coracana

Elymus californicus

Elymus canadensis

Elymus hispidus

Elymus magellanicus

Elymus riparius

Elymus villosus

Embothrium coccineum

Embothrium coccineum v lanceolatum

Embothrium coccineum v lanceolatum Norquinco Valle

Emilia coccinea Scarlet Magic

Emilia sonchifolia

Enkianthus campanulatus

Enkianthus campanulatus v palibinii

Epilobium dodonaei

Eragrostis capensis

Eragrostis ciliaris

Eragrostis curvula

Eragrostis japonica

Eragrostis spectabilis

Eragrostis tef

Eragrostis tenella

Eragrostis trichodes

Eremaea violacea

Eremurus aitchisonii

Eremurus isabellinus x Erfo Hybrids Mixed

Eremurus robustus

Eremurus stenophyllus

Erianthus contortus

Erianthus ravennae

Erianthus strictus

Erica baccans

Erica caffra

Erica chamissonis

Erica coccinea

Erica cooperi

Erica formosa

Erica glauca v glauca

Erica glomiflora

Erica lateralis

Erica mammosa

Erica quadrangularis

Erica scabriuscula

Erica sessiliflora

Erica speciosa

Erica taxifolia

Erica viscaria ssp longifolia

Erigeron karvinskianus

Erigeron speciosus

Erigeron speciosus Azurfee

Erigeron speciosus Blue Shades

Erigeron speciosus Grandiflorus

Erigeron speciosus Rosa Juwel c.s.

Eriocephalus africanus

Eriophorum alpinum

Eriophorum angustifolium

Eriophorum vaginatum

Eriophyllum lanatum

Eriophyllum lanatum Pointe

Eriostemon australasius

Eriostemon spicatus

Erymophyllum ramosum ssp involucratum

Eryngium agavifolium

Eryngium alpinum Etoile Bleu

Eryngium alpinum hort.

Eryngium alpinum Superbum

Eryngium amethystinum

Eryngium bourgatii

Eryngium campestre

Eryngium ebracteatum

Eryngium eburneum

Eryngium giganteum

Eryngium giganteum Miss Wilmotts Ghost

Eryngium giganteum Silver Ghost

Eryngium horridum

Eryngium leavenworthii Purple Sheen

Eryngium maritimum

Eryngium maritimum organic seed

Eryngium paniculatum

Eryngium planum

Eryngium planum Blaukappe

Eryngium planum Blue Glitter

Eryngium planum Silver Salentino

Eryngium planum White Glitter

Eryngium proteiflorum

Eryngium spinalba hort.

Eryngium spp. mix

Eryngium variifolium

Eryngium venustum

Eryngium yuccifolium

Erysimum Bedder Golden

Erysimum Blood Red

Erysimum cheiri Charity Mixed

Erysimum cheiri f1 Sunset Apricot

Erysimum cheiri f1 Sunset Mixture

Erysimum cheiri f1 Sunset Primrose

Erysimum cheiri f1 Sunset Purple

Erysimum cheiri f1 Sunset Red

Erysimum cheiri Fair Lady Mixed

Erysimum cheiri Giant Pink

Erysimum cheiri Persian Carpet Cloth of Gold

Erysimum cheiri Persian Carpet Ivory White

Erysimum cheiri Persian Carpet Mixed

Erysimum cheiri Persian Carpet Vulcan velvety crim

Erysimum cheiri Primrose Dame

Erysimum cheiri Ruby Gem

Erysimum cheiri Scarlet Emperor

Erysimum cheiri Singles Mix

Erysimum cheiri Vulcan

Erysimum cheiri Wallflower Mixture

Erysimum cheiri White Dame

Erysimum cheirii Tall Branching Mix doubles

Erysimum Cloth of Gold

Erysimum Covent Garden crimson - blood red

Erysimum Fire King

Erysimum Harlequin Mixed

Erysimum Ivory White

Erysimum marshallii x orange

Erysimum marshallii x yellow

Erysimum Paris Market Mixture annual

Erysimum perofskianum Gold Rush

Erysimum perofskianum Gold Shot

Erysimum suffrutescens

Erysimum vars. Fine Mixed

Erysimum Wallflower Tall Mixed

Erysimum World Hybrids perennial wallflower mix

Eschscholzia californica Alba

Eschscholzia californica Carmine King

Etlingera elatior pink

Etlingera elatior red

Etlingera elatior white

Etlingera maingayii

Eucalyptus Boxwood

Eucalyptus bridgesiana

Eucalyptus buprestium

Eucalyptus burracoppinensis

Eucalyptus caesia ssp magna Silver Princess b.s.

Eucalyptus caesia ssp. caesia

Eucalyptus caesia ssp. magna c.s.

Eucalyptus campaspe

Eucalyptus cephalocarpa

Eucalyptus cinerea b.s.

Eucalyptus cinerea c.s.

Eucalyptus cinerea coated seed

Eucalyptus cinerea hardy N Z

Eucalyptus cinerea Pendula b.s.

Eucalyptus coccifera

Eucalyptus coccifera hardy NZ

Eucalyptus conferruminata

Eucalyptus cordata b.s.

Eucalyptus cordata c.s.

Eucalyptus cordata hardy NZ

Eucalyptus cornuta

Eucalyptus corrugata

Eucalyptus crenulata

Eucalyptus crenulata hardy N Z

Eucalyptus crucis

Eucalyptus decipiens

Eucalyptus desmondensis

Eucalyptus dives

Eucalyptus dives hardy N Z

Eucalyptus dolichorhyncha b.s.

Eucalyptus dolichorhyncha c.s.

Eucalyptus erythrocorys b.s.

Eucalyptus erythrocorys c.s.

Eucalyptus erythronema red - yellow form

Eucalyptus erythronema v. marginata red

Eucalyptus forrestiana b.s.

Eucalyptus forrestiana c.s.

Eucalyptus gillii

Eucalyptus glaucescens hardy NZ

Eucalyptus glaucescens tree form c.s.

Eucalyptus globulus c.s.

Eucalyptus globulus Compacta

Eucalyptus globulus hardy N Z

Eucalyptus gunnii b.s.

Eucalyptus gunnii c.s.

Eucalyptus gunnii c.s. New Zealand orchard

Eucalyptus gunnii extra blue hardy N Z

Eucalyptus gunnii hardy N Z

Eucalyptus gunnii Silverdrop (pots - containers cu

Eucalyptus kingsmillii

Eucalyptus kruseana

Eucalyptus latens Moon Lagoon

Eucalyptus lehmannii

Eucalyptus leucoxylon

Eucalyptus leucoxylon hardy NZ

Eucalyptus leucoxylon Rosea

Eucalyptus leucoxylon ssp. macrocarpa

Eucalyptus leucoxylon ssp. megalocarpa

Eucalyptus Little Boy Blue

Eucalyptus macrandra

Eucalyptus macrocarpa b.s.

Eucalyptus macrocarpa c.s.

Eucalyptus megacornuta b.s.

Eucalyptus morrisbyi hardy NZ

Eucalyptus nicholii

Eucalyptus nicholii hardy NZ

Eucalyptus orbifolia

Eucalyptus perriniana b.s.

Eucalyptus perriniana c.s.

Eucalyptus perriniana hardy NZ

Eucalyptus petiolaris

Eucalyptus polyanthemos hardy NZ

Eucalyptus preissiana

Eucalyptus pulverulenta b.s.

Eucalyptus pulverulenta Baby Blue c.s.

Eucalyptus pulverulenta Baby Blue Spiral prov. NZ

Eucalyptus pulverulenta c.s.

Eucalyptus pulverulenta hardy NZ

Eucalyptus pyriformis

Eucalyptus rhodantha

Eucalyptus risdonii

Eucalyptus risdonii hardy NZ

Eucalyptus Silver Diamond

Eucalyptus Silver Dollar b.s.

Eucalyptus Silver Drop

Eucalyptus spathulata

Eucalyptus stoatei b.s.

Eucalyptus tetragona b.s.

Eucalyptus tetragona c.s.

Eucalyptus todtiana

Eucalyptus torquata

Eucalyptus torquata x woodwardii Torwood

Eucalyptus urnigera

Eucalyptus urnigera glaucous form hardy NZ

Eucalyptus urnigera hardy NZ

Eucalyptus woodwardii

Eucalyptus youngiana

Eucomis autumnalis

Eucomis bicolor

Eucomis comosa

Eucomis hybrids select shorter pot forms

Eucomis hybrids select taller garden forms

Eupatorium altissimum

Eupatorium cannabinum

Eupatorium cannabinum organic seed

Eupatorium fistulosum

Eupatorium maculatum

Eupatorium purpureum

Eupatorium purpureum stratified seed

Euphorbia characias

Euphorbia coralloides

Euphorbia corollata

Euphorbia Golden Foam

Euphorbia griffithii

Euphorbia heterophylla

Euphorbia marginata Late Snow (short day)

Euphorbia marginata Snow on the Mountain short day

Euphorbia marginata Snow Top

Euphorbia palustris

Euphorbia polychroma

Euphorbia spp. hardy mix

Euphorbia stricta Golden Foam

Euryops virgineus

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Advantage Cherry Sorbet do

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Advantage Green double cut

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Advantage Pink double pill

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Advantage Purple double pi

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Advantage Yellow double pi

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Arena Apricot II double cu

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Arena Apricot III double c

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Arena Baby Pink III double

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Arena Blue Flash II double

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Arena Blue Picotee III dou

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Arena Champagne III double

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Arena Gold III double cutf

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Arena Green III double cut

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Arena Kilimanjaro White II

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Arena Mont Blanc III doubl

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Arena Pink Flash III doubl

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Arena Pink III double cutf

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Arena Red III double cutfl

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Arena Rose IV double cutfl

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Arena White II double cutf

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Arena White IV double cutf

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Corelli Apricot III double

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Corelli Blue III double cu

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Corelli Light Pink III dou

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Corelli Rose III double cu

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Corelli White II double cu

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Corelli Yellow III double

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Croma Blue Picotee III dou

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Croma Green I double cutfl

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Croma Lavender Imp IV doub

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Croma Lavender IV double c

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Croma Silky White III doub

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Croma White III double cut

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Croma Yellow III double cu

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Echo Mixed pellets

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Echo Series formula mix

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Falda Light Apricot II sin

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Falda Salmon II single cut

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Falda Yellow II single cut

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Laguna formula mix pellets

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Super Magic Apricot I-II d

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Super Magic Capri Blue Pic

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Super Magic Champagne I-II

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Super Magic Deep Blue pill

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Super Magic Green I-II pil

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Super Magic Light Green I-

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Super Magic Lilac pills

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Super Magic Pure White I-I

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Super Magic Rose pills

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Super Magic White I-II pil

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Super Magic Yellow I-II pi

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Vulcan Blue Picotee II cut

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Vulcan Deep Violet II cutf

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Vulcan Pink Picotee II cut

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Vulcan Purple Picotee II c

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Vulcan White II cutflower

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Vulcan White Imp II cutflo

Eutrochium fistulosum Ivory Towers

Everlasting flower mixture

Festuca amethystina

Festuca californica blue leaf form

Festuca californica green leaf form

Festuca gigantea

Festuca glauca

Festuca glauca Blue Select

Festuca glauca Varna

Festuca idahoensis

Festuca mairei

Festuca occidentalis

Festuca rubra prov. California

Ficinia fascicularis

Filipendula rubra

Filipendula vulgaris

Flindersia australis

Foeniculum vulgare bulbing fennel mixed vars. pell

Foeniculum vulgare Purpureum - Bronze

Foeniculum vulgare Purpureum - Bronze organic seed

Foeniculum vulgare Smokey bronze fennel

Foeniculum vulgare Zefa Fino bulbing fennel

Foeniculum vulgare Zefa Fino bulbing fennel organi

Fragrant Garden Mix

Francoa appendiculata

Francoa sonchifolia

Francoa sonchifolia Rogersons Form

Freesia alba

Freesia caryophyllacea

Freesia corymbosa

Freesia fucata

Freesia hybrida Multicolour Mixture

Freesia hybrida Royal Champion Blue Shades

Freesia hybrida Royal Crown Mixed tetraploid

Freesia refracta

Fritillaria acmopetala

Fritillaria imperialis

Fritillaria meleagris hort. (proteg. UK)

Fritillaria meleagris v unicolor sv alba

Gahnia aspera

Gahnia baniensis

Gahnia sieberiana

Gahnia trifida

Gaillardia aristata

Gaillardia aristata Amber Wheels r.s.

Gaillardia aristata Arizona Apricot

Gaillardia aristata Arizona Red Shades

Gaillardia aristata Arizona Sun

Gaillardia aristata Aurea Pura

Gaillardia aristata Bremen

Gaillardia aristata Burgundy

Gaillardia aristata Dazzler

Gaillardia aristata Fackelschein - Torchlight

Gaillardia aristata Granada r.s.

Gaillardia aristata Kobold - Goblin

Gaillardia aristata New Giant Hybrids mix

Gaillardia aristata Tokajer

Gaillardia aristata wild form

Gaillardia Dwarf Goblin bicolour

Gaillardia f1 Mesa Bicolor red - yellow

Gaillardia f1 Mesa Mixed

Gaillardia f1 Mesa Peach

Gaillardia f1 Mesa Red

Gaillardia f1 Mesa Yellow

Gaillardia grandiflora x Burgundy

Gaillardia grandiflora x mixed

Gaillardia pulchella

Gaillardia pulchella Fire Wheels

Gaillardia pulchella Lorenziana doubles mix

Gaillardia pulchella Picta mix

Galium boreale

Galium verum

Galium verum organic seed

Galium verum ssp. wirtgenii

Galtonia viridiflora

Game cover Chenopodium quinoa Sandoval Mixture

Game cover Helianthus annuus Dwarf Sunflower Mix

Game cover Panicum miliaceum Poacher Red Millet

Game cover Panicum miliaceum Poacher White Millet

Game cover Sorghum bicolor Giant Sorghum

Game cover Sorghum bicolor Milo

Gardenia jasminoides

Gaultheria shallon

Gaura lindheimeri Cool Breeze

Gaura lindheimeri Sparkle White

Gaura lindheimeri Summer Breeze

Gaura lindheimeri The Bride

Gazania rigens Mixed c.s.

Geleznowia verrucosa

Gentiana asclepiadea

Gentiana asclepiadea Alba

Gentiana asclepiadea organic seed

Gentiana asclepiadea Pink Swallow - Cascade

Gentiana cruciata Blue Cross

Gentiana dahurica

Gentiana gracilipes

Gentiana lutea

Gentiana lutea organic seed

Gentiana makinoi Royal Blue c.s.

Gentiana paradoxa Blauer Herold

Gentiana punctata

Gentiana purpurea

Gentiana septemfida fa lagodechiana select

Gentiana triflora v japonica

Geranium pratense

Geranium sylvaticum

Gerbera f1 Durora Mixed double dwarf

Gerbera f1 Revolution Mixed o p

Gerbera jamesonii Californian Giants Mix

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Apricot

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Deep Orange

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Deep Pink

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Deep Rose

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Golden Yellow

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Lemon

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Mixture - Formula

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Orange Scarlet

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Peach

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Premium Mixture

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Prince Red

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Prince Red Bicolour

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Red

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Red Bicolour

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Salmon Rose

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Scarlet

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Semi-double Deep Rose

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Semi-double Vanilla

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Semi-double Watermelon

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Soft Pink

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal White

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Yellow

Gerbera jamesonii f2 Dazzle Mixed

Gerbera jamesonii hybrid mix

Gerbera jamesonii mix

Geum chiloense Blazing Sunset double

Geum chiloense formula mixture

Geum chiloense Koi

Geum chiloense Lady Stratheden

Geum chiloense Mrs Bradshaw

Geum chiloense Red Dragon

Geum chiloense Sunbeam doubles mix

Geum chiloense Sunrise golden double

Geum coccineum Borisii - Queen of Orange

Geum coccineum Koi

Geum triflorum

Gilia achilleifolia

Gilia achilleifolia white fld. form

Gilia capitata

Gilia leptantha

Gilia tricolor

Gilia tricolor Felicity Mix

Gillenia trifoliata c.s.

Gladiolus alatus

Gladiolus carinatus large yellow form

Gladiolus carinatus purple lip

Gladiolus carneus

Gladiolus carneus colourful strongly marked form

Gladiolus carneus tall pale pink form (callistus)

Gladiolus carneus v. albidus yellow spot

Gladiolus carneus white form

Gladiolus ceresianus aff.

Gladiolus communis

Gladiolus crassifolius

Gladiolus dalenii

Gladiolus dalenii early flg. form

Gladiolus dalenii late flg. form

Gladiolus gueinzii

Gladiolus hirsutus

Gladiolus illyricus

Gladiolus imbricatus

Gladiolus inflexus

Gladiolus italicus

Gladiolus liliaceus

Gladiolus maculatus

Gladiolus palustris hort.

Gladiolus permeabilis

Gladiolus saundersii

Gladiolus scullyi

Gladiolus stellatus

Gladiolus tristis

Gladiolus tristis darker fl.

Gladiolus undulatus

Glebionis coronaria Chopsuey Shungiku Garland for

Glebionis coronaria Double Mixture

Glebionis coronaria Salad Shungiku

Glebionis coronaria Shungiku Edible Chrysanthemum

Glebionis segetum Eastern Star

Glebionis segetum Eldorado

Glebionis segetum Gloria

Glebionis segetum Helios

Glebionis segetum mixed varieties

Glischrocaryon aureum

Glischrocaryon behrii

Globba winitii

Globularia punctata

Gloriosa Orange Glory

Gloriosa superba

Gloriosa superba Rothschildiana

Gomphocarpus fruticosus

Gomphocarpus fruticosus Super Puffs

Gomphocarpus physocarpus

Gompholobium scabrum

Gomphrena affinis

Gomphrena canescens

Gomphrena celosioides

Gomphrena cunninghamii

Gomphrena cunninghamii c.s.

Gomphrena globosa and haageana QIS Mix Sunburst

Gomphrena globosa Dwarf Buddy purple compact

Gomphrena globosa Dwarf Cissy white rs

Gomphrena globosa Dwarf Dolly lilac-rose rs

Gomphrena globosa Dwarf Mixture rs

Gomphrena globosa QIS Formula Mix

Gomphrena globosa QIS Lilac

Gomphrena globosa QIS Pink

Gomphrena globosa QIS Purple

Gomphrena globosa QIS Rose

Gomphrena globosa QIS White

Gomphrena globosa Rose rs

Gomphrena globosa Tall Mixture o p cs

Gomphrena globosa Tall Mixture o p rs

Gomphrena globosa Tall Purple-violet rs

Gomphrena globosa Tall Rose rs

Gomphrena globosa Tall White rs

Gomphrena haageana Carmine

Gomphrena haageana Orange

Gomphrena haageana QIS Orange

Gomphrena haageana QIS Red

Gomphrena haageana Strawberry Fields rs

Goniolimon collinum Sea Spray

Goniolimon speciosum

Goniolimon tataricum b.s.

Goniolimon tataricum c.s.

Goniolimon tataricum Woodcreek

Goodia lotifolia

Gossypium anomalum

Gossypium herbaceum

Gossypium herbaceum ssp africanum

Grass mix ornamental annuals

Grasses - ornamental annuals mix

Grevillea banksii Alba

Grevillea banksii v forsteri

Grevillea berryana

Grevillea glabrata

Grevillea hookeriana

Grevillea robusta

Grevillea synapheae

Guichenotia macrantha

Guichenotia macrantha Alba

Gypsophila elegans Carminea

Gypsophila elegans Covent Garden

Gypsophila elegans Crimson (Kermesina)

Gypsophila elegans Mix

Gypsophila elegans Mixed red to white o.p.

Gypsophila elegans Rosea

Gypsophila pacifica

Gypsophila paniculata

Gypsophila paniculata Flocon de Neige double

Hakea bucculenta

Hakea conchifolia

Hakea cucullata

Hakea elliptica

Hakea francisiana

Hakea laurina

Hakea multilineata

Hakea stenocarpa

Hakea trifurcata

Hakea victoriae

Hedysarum coronarium c.s.

Helenium amarum Goldfield

Helenium autumnale

Helenium autumnale Autumn Leaves

Helenium autumnale Helena Gold

Helenium autumnale Helena Mixed - New Hybrids

Helenium autumnale Helena Red Shades

Helenium autumnale Red and Gold Hybrids

Helenium autumnale wild form

Helenium flexuosum

Helenium puberulum

Helianthella quinquenervis

Helianthus annuus Autumn Beauty mix

Helianthus annuus Chocolat semi-dwarf

Helianthus annuus Crimson Queen

Helianthus annuus Double Sunking

Helianthus annuus Dwarf Fantasy mixed

Helianthus annuus dwarf yellow branching

Helianthus annuus Earthwalker

Helianthus annuus Evening Sun

Helianthus annuus f1 Buttercream pollenfree semi-d

Helianthus annuus f1 Claret graded seed

Helianthus annuus f1 CN 7426

Helianthus annuus f1 Copper Queen graded seed

Helianthus annuus f1 Dorrit

Helianthus annuus f1 Earlistart

Helianthus annuus f1 Eazicut pollen free

Helianthus annuus f1 Elite Sun graded seeds

Helianthus annuus f1 Full Sun Improved earlier

Helianthus annuus f1 Harlequin Mixed bicolours pol

Helianthus annuus f1 Little Dorrit graded seed

Helianthus annuus f1 Magic Roundabout mix pastels

Helianthus annuus f1 Microsun dwarf pot

Helianthus annuus f1 Orange-Mahogany Bicolour grad

Helianthus annuus f1 Premier Lemon

Helianthus annuus f1 Premier Orange

Helianthus annuus f1 Ruby Eclipse pollen-free

Helianthus annuus f1 Ruby graded seed

Helianthus annuus f1 Shock-o-Lat tall branching po

Helianthus annuus f1 Solar Power graded seed

Helianthus annuus f1 Soleo pollenfree graded seed

Helianthus annuus f1 Solid Gold

Helianthus annuus f1 Sonny semi-dwarf

Helianthus annuus f1 Summer Breeze graded seed

Helianthus annuus f1 Summertime Mix pollen free

Helianthus annuus f1 Sunbright ayr pollenless

Helianthus annuus f1 Sunrich Gold pollenless ayr

Helianthus annuus f1 Sunrich Lemon

Helianthus annuus f1 Sunrich Lemon Summer earlier

Helianthus annuus f1 Sunrich Lime

Helianthus annuus f1 Sunrich Limoncello Summer ear

Helianthus annuus f1 Sunrich Orange DMR

Helianthus annuus f1 Sunrich Orange market standar

Helianthus annuus f1 Sunrich Orange Summer earlier

Helianthus annuus f1 Sunup

Helianthus annuus f1 Tiffany

Helianthus annuus f1 Vincents Choice

Helianthus annuus f1 Vincents Choice Deep Orange

Helianthus annuus f1 Vincents Fresh green centre

Helianthus annuus f1 Yellow Zest

Helianthus annuus f1 Zohar pollenless

Helianthus annuus f1 Zohar pollenless organic seed

Helianthus annuus Garden Statement semi-dwarf

Helianthus annuus Giant Single Head

Helianthus annuus Giant Single Head organic seed

Helianthus annuus Henry Wilde

Helianthus annuus Henry Wilde organic seeds

Helianthus annuus Holiday bush

Helianthus annuus Ikarus

Helianthus annuus Irish Eyes dwarf

Helianthus annuus Italian White

Helianthus annuus Kong pollen free to 4 metres tal

Helianthus annuus Lemon Queen

Helianthus annuus Moonshine

Helianthus annuus Moonwalker

Helianthus annuus Munchkin pollenfree pot

Helianthus annuus Music Box Mix cream-mahogany

Helianthus annuus Orange Sun double

Helianthus annuus Pacino Cola pot

Helianthus annuus Pacino Gold pot

Helianthus annuus Pacino Lemon pot

Helianthus annuus Prado Gold

Helianthus annuus Prado Red

Helianthus annuus Red Sun

Helianthus annuus Ring of Fire

Helianthus annuus Ruby Eclipse pollenless

Helianthus annuus Shock-o-lat pollen-less

Helianthus annuus single tall

Helianthus annuus Sonja cut flower

Helianthus annuus Soraya

Helianthus annuus Spray dwarf organic seeds

Helianthus annuus Spray mix organic seeds

Helianthus annuus Starburst Lemon Aura

Helianthus annuus Summer Fire double

Helianthus annuus Sungold Dwarf - Teddy Bear doubl

Helianthus annuus Sungold tall double

Helianthus annuus Sunshine

Helianthus annuus Suntastic Yellow Black Centre po

Helianthus annuus Suntastic Yellow Red Bicolour po

Helianthus annuus Superted double

Helianthus annuus Taiyo

Helianthus annuus tall ornamental mix organic seed

Helianthus annuus The Sun

Helianthus annuus Titan

Helianthus annuus Valentine

Helianthus annuus Vanilla Ice

Helianthus annuus Velvet Queen

Helianthus annuus Waooh

Helianthus argophyllus Gold and Silver

Helianthus debilis cream yellow black centre

Helianthus debilis Esther mixture

Helianthus debilis Pan

Helianthus debilis ssp cucumerifolius Italian Gree

Helianthus debilis ssp cucumerifolius Italian Whit

Helianthus debilis ssp cucumerifolius mix cut - fl

Helianthus debilis ssp cucumerifolius New Hybrids

Helianthus debilis Stella

Helianthus debilis Sunny Babe

Helianthus debilis Vanilla Ice - Ice Cream

Helianthus giganteus

Helianthus laetiflorus

Helianthus maximiliani

Helianthus mollis

Helianthus occidentalis

Helianthus strumosus

Helichrysum arenarium hort.

Helichrysum aureonitens

Helichrysum aureum

Helichrysum bellidioides

Helichrysum bracteatum Bikini Crimson

Helichrysum bracteatum Bikini Gold

Helichrysum bracteatum Bikini Hot

Helichrysum bracteatum Bikini Pink

Helichrysum bracteatum Bikini White

Helichrysum bracteatum bright pink

Helichrysum bracteatum King Size Mix formula

Helichrysum bracteatum King Size Mixture o p

Helichrysum bracteatum King Size Pastels Mix

Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum bright pink

Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum bright rose

Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum formula mix

Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum frosted sulphur

Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum golden

Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum lemon yellow

Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum mix o p

Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum orange

Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum purple-red

Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum salmon-rose

Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum scarlet

Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum silvery rose

Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum white

Helichrysum bracteatum Purpureum

Helichrysum bracteatum Silverpink

Helichrysum bracteatum Swiss Giants mixed

Helichrysum bracteatum Tom Thumb Mixture o p

Helichrysum bracteatum yellow

Helichrysum cordatum

Helichrysum crispum

Helichrysum dasyanthum

Helichrysum diosmifolium

Helichrysum foetidum

Helichrysum formosissimum

Helichrysum italicum

Helichrysum italicum organic seed

Helichrysum macranthum

Helichrysum odoratissimum

Helichrysum pandurifolium

Helichrysum patulum

Helichrysum plicatum

Helichrysum setosum

Helichrysum stoechas

Helichrysum subulifolium Golden Sun

Helichrysum thianschanicum Goldkind

Helichrysum umbraculigerum

Heliconia champneiana Maya Gold

Heliconia champneiana Splash

Heliconia griggsiana

Heliconia harlingii

Heliconia impudica

Heliconia latispatha Orange Gyro

Heliconia librata

Heliconia nigripraefixa

Heliconia platystachys Sexy Orange

Heliconia riopalenquensis

Heliconia sclerotricha

Helictotrichon sempervirens

Heliophila coronopifolia Blue Bird

Heliopsis helianthoides

Heliopsis helianthoides v scabra Burning Hearts

Heliopsis helianthoides v scabra New Hybrids

Heliopsis helianthoides v scabra Prima Ballerina

Heliopsis helianthoides v scabra Summer Nights

Heliopsis helianthoides v scabra Summer Sun

Heliopsis helianthoides v scabra Sunburst

Helipterum craspedioides

Helipterum manglesii - maculatum Album

Helipterum stipitatum

Helipterum tenellum

Helleborus anemone centred mix

Helleborus argutifolius

Helleborus argutifolius Pacific Frost variegated

Helleborus Double Roses

Helleborus foetidus

Helleborus foetidus Gold Bullion

Helleborus foetidus Miss Jekylls Scented

Helleborus hybridus Newest Hybrids

Helleborus niger hort.

Helleborus orientalis Helen Ballard Group

Helleborus orientalis Helen Ballard Strain

Helleborus orientalis Hybrids

Helleborus orientalis Ladies Double Mixed

Helleborus orientalis mixed Select Forms

Helleborus orientalis New Hybrids

Helleborus orientalis Queen Double Mixed

Helleborus orientalis select exhibition mix

Helleborus spp. - hybs. doubles select

Helleborus spp. and vars. mix

Helleborus sternii x

Helleborus viridis

Hemerocallis Day Lily Hybrids

Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus

Heracleum mantegazzianum

Heracleum sphondylium

Heracleum sphondylium Pink Cloud

Hermas villosa

Hesperantha coccinea

Hesperantha coccinea mix

Hesperantha Mixed Colours

Hesperis matronalis

Hesperis matronalis Alba

Hesperis matronalis mix purple - white

Hesperis matronalis Purpurea

Heteromeles arbutifolia c.s.

Heterotheca camporum

Heterotheca villosa

Heuchera americana Dales Strain

Heuchera americana Melting Fire pellets

Heuchera americana Palace Purple

Heuchera americana Palce Purple pellets

Heuchera cylindrica Greenfinch

Heuchera micrantha Palace Purple pellets

Heuchera Newest Hybrids

Heuchera pulchella

Heuchera richardsonii

Heuchera sanguinea Bressingham Hybrids

Heuchera sanguinea Coral Petite (tm)

Heuchera sanguinea Fackel

Heuchera sanguinea Leuchtkafer - Firefly

Heuchera sanguinea Vivid

Heuchera sanguinea White Cloud

Hibiscus acetosella

Hibiscus sabdariffa Green Senegalese

Hibiscus sabdariffa Purple Cocktail

Hibiscus sabdariffa Red Cocktail

Hibiscus trionum Simply Love

Hierochloe redolens

Holubia saccata

Hordeum jubatum

Hordeum secalinum wild form

Hordeum vulgare Barley

Hordeum vulgare Barley organic seed

Hosta New Hybrids

Hosta nigrescens

Hosta sieboldiana v elegans

Hosta spp. mixed

Hovea elliptica

Hovea elliptica Alba

Hugueninia tanacetifolia

Hunnemannia fumariifolia Sunlite

Hyalosperma cotula

Hyalosperma glutinosum

Hyalosperma simplex

Hybanthus floribundus

Hymenoxys hoopesii

Hymenoxys hoopesii r.s.

Hyoscyamus niger

Hyoscyamus niger organic seed

Hypericum androsaemum

Hypericum androsaemum Albury Purple

Hypericum ascyron ssp. pyramidatum

Hypocalymma angustifolium

Hypocalymma ericifolium

Hypocalymma robustum

Hypocalymma scariosum

Hyssopus officinalis Albus

Hyssopus officinalis Caeruleus

Hyssopus officinalis Roseus

Hystrix patula

Iberis amara

Iberis amara Empress hyacinth flowered white

Iberis amara Iceberg

Iberis amara Iceberg Improved

Iberis amara Mount Hood

Iberis umbellata Candy Cane Lilac

Iberis umbellata Candy Cane White

Iberis umbellata Confetti mix

Iberis umbellata Fire Ice

Iberis umbellata Flash Mixture

Iberis umbellata Flash Purple

Iberis umbellata Flash Red

Iberis umbellata Flash Rose

Iberis umbellata Iceberg Superior

Iberis umbellata mix

Iberis umbellata Pretty mix

Iberis umbellata Rose Cardinal

Iberis umbellata Sweet Candy mix

Ibicella lutea

Illicium anisatum

Indigofera australis

Inula magnifica

Inula orientalis

Inula orientalis Grandiflora

Ipomoea lobata

Ipomoea lobata Citronella

Ipomoea lobata Exotic Love

Ipomopsis rubra

Iris chrysographes

Iris chrysographes Black Gold

Iris domestica

Iris ensata

Iris ensata Cup Winners mix

Iris ensata New Hybrids mix

Iris ensata Prize Winning Mix

Iris foetidissima

Iris foetidissima Citrina

Iris foetidissima Pauls Gold

Iris laevigata Colchesterensis

Iris orientalis

Iris pseudacorus

Iris pseudacorus organic seed

Iris sibirica mix hort.

Iris sibirica New Hybrids

Iris sibirica wild form hort.

Iris spp. and hybs. mix

Iris spp. mixed

Iris spuria

Iris versicolor

Iris versicolor organic seed

Iris virginica

Isatis tinctoria b.s.

Ismelia carinata Bright Eye

Ismelia carinata Cockade

Ismelia carinata Dunnettii Mixture

Ismelia carinata Flame

Ismelia carinata Flame Shades

Ismelia carinata John Bright

Ismelia carinata Polar Star tetraploid

Ismelia carinata Rainbow Mixed

Ismelia carinata Sunset mix

Isopogon anemonifolius

Isopogon anethifolius b.s.

Isopogon attenuatus b.s.

Isopogon cuneatus b.s.

Isopogon divergens b.s.

Isopogon dubius b.s.

Isopogon formosus b.s.

Isopogon formosus c.s.

Isopogon trilobus b.s.

Ixia curvata

Ixia Hybrids select mix

Ixia scillaris

Ixia thomasiae

Jacaranda mimosifolia

Jacea phrygia

Jacobaea alpina

Jasione laevis

Jasione laevis Blaulicht

Jasione montana

Johnsonia lupulina

Juncus effusus fa. spiralis

Jurinea ledebourii

Jurinea mollis

Kalimeris incisa

Keraudrenia integrifolia

Kirengeshoma palmata

Kirengeshoma palmata Koreana Group

Knautia arvensis

Knautia macedonica

Knautia macedonica Mars Midget

Knautia macedonica Melton Pastels

Knautia macedonica Red Knight

Knautia macedonica Watercolours mix

Kneiffia tetragona

Kniphofia caulescens

Kniphofia citrina

Kniphofia galpinii

Kniphofia hirsuta

Kniphofia rooperi

Kniphofia uvaria Flamenco

Kniphofia uvaria Grandiflora mix

Kniphofia uvaria mix

Kniphofia uvaria New Hybrids

Kniphofia uvaria Royal Castle hybrids

Koeleria glauca b.s.

Koeleria glauca c.s.

Koeleria macrantha comm

Koeleria macrantha wild form

Koeleria pyramidata

Lachenalia arbuthnotiae

Lachnostachys eriobotrya

Lagerstroemia archeriana (name unresolved)

Lagurus ovatus b.s.

Lagurus ovatus r.s.

Lamarckia aurea c.s.

Lambertia formosa

Lamprocapnos spectabilis

Lamprocapnos spectabilis Alba

Lanaria lanata

Lantana camara

Laser trilobum hort.

Laserpitium gallicum

Laserpitium halleri

Laserpitium siler

Lathyrus aureus

Lathyrus gmelinii

Lathyrus grandiflorus Cupani Original

Lathyrus grandiflorus Flying the Flag formula mix

Lathyrus grandiflorus Heirloom Mixed

Lathyrus grandiflorus Matucana

Lathyrus grandiflorus Oxford - Cambridge

Lathyrus heterophyllus

Lathyrus latifolius

Lathyrus latifolius Albus

Lathyrus latifolius mixed

Lathyrus latifolius Pearl Mixed

Lathyrus latifolius pink

Lathyrus latifolius Pink Pearl

Lathyrus latifolius red

Lathyrus latifolius Red Pearl

Lathyrus latifolius White Pearl

Lathyrus odoratus Air Warden Late Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Alan Roberts

Lathyrus odoratus Alan Titchmarsh

Lathyrus odoratus Albutt Blue

Lathyrus odoratus Alice Hardwick

Lathyrus odoratus America

Lathyrus odoratus Angela Ann Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Annie B Gilroy

Lathyrus odoratus Anniversary Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Apricot Sprite

Lathyrus odoratus Arthur Hellyer Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Ballerina Blue

Lathyrus odoratus Beaujolais Late Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Bijou Mixed bedding pot

Lathyrus odoratus Black Knight

Lathyrus odoratus Blue Velvet Late Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Blues Mix frag.

Lathyrus odoratus Bouquet Mixed

Lathyrus odoratus Bramdean

Lathyrus odoratus Brian Haynes

Lathyrus odoratus Burnished Bronze

Lathyrus odoratus Butterfly

Lathyrus odoratus Candy King

Lathyrus odoratus Capri light blue Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Captain of the Blues

Lathyrus odoratus Charlies Angel Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Cirrus

Lathyrus odoratus Color Wave Mix

Lathyrus odoratus Colorama Mixed multiflora type

Lathyrus odoratus Continental Mix semi-dwarf

Lathyrus odoratus Cream Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Cupid Black pot basket

Lathyrus odoratus Cupid Blue pot basket

Lathyrus odoratus Cupid Cherry pot basket

Lathyrus odoratus Cupid Lavender pot basket

Lathyrus odoratus Cupid Mixed pot basket

Lathyrus odoratus Cupid Pink pot basket

Lathyrus odoratus Cupid Purple pot basket

Lathyrus odoratus Cupid Rose pot basket

Lathyrus odoratus Cupid Violet pot basket

Lathyrus odoratus Cupid White pot basket

Lathyrus odoratus Cuthbertson bright rose

Lathyrus odoratus Cuthbertson bright scarlet

Lathyrus odoratus Cuthbertson dark blue

Lathyrus odoratus Cuthbertson deep red

Lathyrus odoratus Cuthbertson lavender

Lathyrus odoratus Cuthbertson light blue

Lathyrus odoratus Cuthbertson Mixed

Lathyrus odoratus Cuthbertson pure white

Lathyrus odoratus Cuthbertson salmon rose

Lathyrus odoratus Cuthbertson white

Lathyrus odoratus Daily Mail

Lathyrus odoratus Daphne

Lathyrus odoratus Diamond Wedding

Lathyrus odoratus Dorothy Eckford

Lathyrus odoratus Eclipse

Lathyrus odoratus Edward of York

Lathyrus odoratus Elegance Burgundy short day

Lathyrus odoratus Elegance mixed short day

Lathyrus odoratus Erehwon

Lathyrus odoratus Ethel Grace

Lathyrus odoratus Explorer Mix dwarf

Lathyrus odoratus Fire - Ice

Lathyrus odoratus Firebrand Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Flagship - Dark Blue Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Flora Norton

Lathyrus odoratus Fragrantissima mix

Lathyrus odoratus Galaxy Mix o p

Lathyrus odoratus Geranium Pink Improved Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Great Expectations Mix Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Gwendoline Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Heathcliff

Lathyrus odoratus Heirloom Bicolour Mix

Lathyrus odoratus Heirloom Grandiflora Mixture

Lathyrus odoratus Heirloom Mix

Lathyrus odoratus Heirloom Pastel Mix

Lathyrus odoratus Heirloom Striped Mix

Lathyrus odoratus Henry Eckford

Lathyrus odoratus Heritage Mixed old fashioned Spe

Lathyrus odoratus High Scent

Lathyrus odoratus Hunters Moon

Lathyrus odoratus Ice Cream creamy white Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Incense Mixed

Lathyrus odoratus Indigo King

Lathyrus odoratus Janet Scott (Old Spice Janet Sco

Lathyrus odoratus Jilly

Lathyrus odoratus Juliet

Lathyrus odoratus Karen Louise

Lathyrus odoratus King Edward VII

Lathyrus odoratus Kippen Cream

Lathyrus odoratus Knee-Hi improved mix semi dwarf

Lathyrus odoratus Lady Grisel Hamilton

Lathyrus odoratus Lady Turral

Lathyrus odoratus Late Spencer Mixed o p

Lathyrus odoratus Late Spencer Mixed o p organic s

Lathyrus odoratus Lavender Striped Flush - Bicolou

Lathyrus odoratus Leamington Late Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Little Sweetheart Mix dwarf

Lathyrus odoratus Lord Nelson

Lathyrus odoratus Mammoth mix cs organic seeds

Lathyrus odoratus Mammoth mix o p

Lathyrus odoratus Mars Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Mauve Queen

Lathyrus odoratus Midnight Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Miss Willmott

Lathyrus odoratus mix Exhibition Selection of 12 v

Lathyrus odoratus mix formula old named vars

Lathyrus odoratus mix Fragant Selection of 9 varie

Lathyrus odoratus mix Old Fashioned

Lathyrus odoratus Molly Rilestone

Lathyrus odoratus Mrs Bernard Jones

Lathyrus odoratus Mrs Collier

Lathyrus odoratus Mrs R E Bolton Late Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Nellie Viner

Lathyrus odoratus Night - Day mix

Lathyrus odoratus Nimbus Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Noel Sutton Late Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus North Shore Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Old Spice Mixed

Lathyrus odoratus Old Spice Mixed organic seed

Lathyrus odoratus Old Times Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Oxford Blue Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Painted Lady

Lathyrus odoratus Painted Lady organic seed

Lathyrus odoratus Pall Mall Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Parfum Delight

Lathyrus odoratus Patio mix semi-dwarf

Lathyrus odoratus Philip Miller

Lathyrus odoratus Pinkie rose pink Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Pinks Mixed Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Prince Edward of York

Lathyrus odoratus Prince of Orange Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Princess Elizabeth Late Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Pulsar Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Purple Prince

Lathyrus odoratus Queen Alexandra

Lathyrus odoratus Queen of the Isles

Lathyrus odoratus Red Ace

Lathyrus odoratus Red Arrow

Lathyrus odoratus Red Ensign Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Restormel

Lathyrus odoratus Ripple Blue

Lathyrus odoratus Ripple Crimson

Lathyrus odoratus Ripple Lilac

Lathyrus odoratus Ripple Mixed formula

Lathyrus odoratus Ripple Mixed o.p.

Lathyrus odoratus Ripple Pink and White

Lathyrus odoratus Ripple Wiltshire

Lathyrus odoratus Royal Family Carmine

Lathyrus odoratus Royal Family Crimson

Lathyrus odoratus Royal Family Lavender

Lathyrus odoratus Royal Family Maroon

Lathyrus odoratus Royal Family Mixed

Lathyrus odoratus Royal Family Navy Blue

Lathyrus odoratus Royal Family Rose Pink

Lathyrus odoratus Royal Family Salmon Pink

Lathyrus odoratus Royal Family Scarlet

Lathyrus odoratus Royal Family White

Lathyrus odoratus Royal Wedding Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Senator

Lathyrus odoratus Sicilian Fuchsia

Lathyrus odoratus Sky Blue

Lathyrus odoratus Snoopea dwarf mix

Lathyrus odoratus Solstice crimson short day

Lathyrus odoratus Spanish Dancer

Lathyrus odoratus Spencer Bicolour Mixed formula

Lathyrus odoratus Spencer Bouquet Mixed later in s

Lathyrus odoratus Spencer Formula Mix Best of Spen

Lathyrus odoratus Spencer Pastels formula mix

Lathyrus odoratus Spencer Showtime Formula Mix

Lathyrus odoratus Spencer Striped - Flaked Mix

Lathyrus odoratus Spencer Waved Mix formula

Lathyrus odoratus Spencer Waved Mix o p

Lathyrus odoratus Starry Nights mix

Lathyrus odoratus Stormy Seas

Lathyrus odoratus Strawberry Sundae mix

Lathyrus odoratus Streamer Chocolate

Lathyrus odoratus Stripes Mixed

Lathyrus odoratus Suger - Spice

Lathyrus odoratus Supersnoop mix

Lathyrus odoratus Swan Lake Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Sweet Dreams mix

Lathyrus odoratus Sweet Music Cadenza Mix pastels

Lathyrus odoratus Sweet Music Jazz Mix bright

Lathyrus odoratus Sweet Music Serenade Mix peachy

Lathyrus odoratus Sweet Music Tango Mix flaky

Lathyrus odoratus Sweet Music The Blues Mix

Lathyrus odoratus Unwins Striped ix

Lathyrus odoratus Villa Roma scarlet

Lathyrus odoratus Violet Queen

Lathyrus odoratus White Ensign pure white Late Spe

Lathyrus odoratus White flushed Rose

Lathyrus odoratus White Frills Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus wild flower Italian

Lathyrus odoratus Windsor Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Winston Churchill Late Spencer

Lathyrus odoratus Winter Elegance Mix

Lathyrus odoratus Zorija Rose Spencer

Lathyrus rotundifolius

Lavandula angustifolia

Lavandula angustifolia Blue River

Lavandula angustifolia dwarf

Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote Blue

Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote Blue treated seed

Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote Superior select

Lavandula angustifolia Mini Blue Lavender

Lavandula angustifolia Muffets Children dwarf comp

Lavandula angustifolia Munstead

Lavandula angustifolia Munstead organic seed

Lavandula angustifolia organic seed

Lavandula angustifolia Pink Perfume

Lavandula angustifolia Provence Blue

Lavandula angustifolia Rosea

Lavandula angustifolia ssp pyrenaica

Lavandula angustifolia Vicenza Blue

Lavandula cvs dwarf mixed

Lavandula dentata

Lavandula lanata

Lavandula latifolia

Lavandula latifolia organic seed

Lavandula multifida

Lavandula multifida Spanish Eyes

Lavandula pedunculata

Lavandula pedunculata Fragrant Butterfly

Lavandula stoechas

Lavandula stoechas Castiliano Violet

Lavandula stoechas Purple Ribbon

Lavandula stoechas Sancho Panza

Lavandula viridis

Lavatera cachemiriana

Lavatera trimestris Beauty Mix

Lavatera trimestris Dwarf Beauty Pink

Lavatera trimestris Dwarf Mont Blanc

Lavatera trimestris Dwarf Patio White

Lavatera trimestris Dwarf Pink Blush new

Lavatera trimestris Dwarf Silver Cup

Lavatera trimestris Loveliness - Salmon Beauty

Lavatera trimestris Loveliness organic seed

Lavatera trimestris mix

Lavatera trimestris Pink Blush dwarf

Lavatera trimestris Regis Ruby

Lawrencella davenportii

Layia platyglossa

Lechenaultia biloba

Leibnitzia nivea

Leonotis nepetifolia

Leonotis ocymifolia

Leontopodium alpinum

Leontopodium palibinianum

Leonurus artemisia

Leonurus sibiricus

Lepidium campestre

Lepidium ruderale

Lepidium sativum Attraxa

Leptorhynchos squamatus

Leptospermum brevipes

Leptospermum coriaceum

Leptospermum lanigerum

Leptospermum myrsinoides

Leptospermum nitidum

Leptospermum petersonii

Leptospermum rotundifolium

Leucadendron argenteum

Leucadendron discolor

Leucadendron eucalyptifolium

Leucadendron floridum

Leucadendron gandogeri

Leucadendron laureolum

Leucadendron linifolium

Leucadendron rubrum

Leucadendron salicifolium

Leucadendron salignum

Leucadendron strobilinum

Leucadendron tinctum

Leucadendron uliginosum ssp uliginosum

Leucadendron xanthoconus

Leucanthemella serotina

Leucanthemum graminifolium

Leucanthemum ircutianum

Leucanthemum maximum Brightside

Leucanthemum maximum Marconi

Leucanthemum maximum Starburst

Leucanthemum superbum

Leucanthemum superbum f1 Shasta Daisy Dwarf Snow L

Leucanthemum superbum x Alaska

Leucanthemum superbum x Antwerp Star

Leucanthemum superbum x Crazy Daisy

Leucanthemum superbum x Exhibition

Leucanthemum superbum x Polaris

Leucanthemum superbum x Silver Princess

Leucanthemum superbum x Snowdrift fl pl

Leucanthemum superbum x White Breeze

Leucanthemum vulgare

Leucanthemum vulgare Filigran

Leucanthemum vulgare May Queen

Leucanthemum vulgare Rhine View

Leucanthemum vulgare Silver Spoons

Leucanthemum vulgare White Breeze

Leucochrysum stipitatum

Leucojum aestivum

Leucopogon verticillatus

Leucospermum catherinae

Leucospermum cordifolium orange

Leucospermum cuneiforme

Leucospermum formosum

Leucospermum glabrum

Leucospermum vestitum

Leuzea carthamoides organic seed

Leymus condensatus

Liatris aspera

Liatris cylindracea

Liatris elegans

Liatris ligulistylis

Liatris mucronata

Liatris punctata

Liatris pycnostachya

Liatris scariosa

Liatris spicata

Liatris spicata Alba

Liatris spicata Floristan Violet

Liatris spicata Floristan White

Liatris spicata Kobold - Goblin

Libertia formosa

Ligularia dentata Midnight Lady

Ligularia przewalskii

Ligularia sibirica hort.

Ligusticum lucidum

Ligusticum scoticum

Lilium Asiatic Hybrids mix select

Lilium bosniacum

Lilium bulbiferum ssp. croceum

Lilium candidum

Lilium columbianum

Lilium davidii

Lilium henryi

Lilium henryi Citrinum

Lilium kesselringianum

Lilium martagon

Lilium martagon Painted Ladies mixed

Lilium martagon red form

Lilium martagon v album

Lilium michiganense

Lilium nepalense

Lilium pardalinum

Lilium regale

Lilium spp. and cvs. select mix

Lilium superbum

Lilium szovitsianum

Lilium World Lily Mix

Limonium bellidifolium

Limonium caspium Dazzling Blue (sp. name unresolve

Limonium gmelinii ssp hungaricum

Limonium gougetianum

Limonium latifolium

Limonium perezii Atlantis c.s.

Limonium perezii c.s.

Limonium purpuratum

Limonium sinense

Limonium sinuatum Apricot Shades

Limonium sinuatum Art Shades Mixed

Limonium sinuatum Blue River

Limonium sinuatum Different Colour Mix

Limonium sinuatum Forever Blue c.s.

Limonium sinuatum Forever Gold c.s.

Limonium sinuatum Forever Mixed formula c.s.

Limonium sinuatum Forever Rose c.s.

Limonium sinuatum Forever Silver c.s.

Limonium sinuatum Fortune Dark Blue

Limonium sinuatum Fortune Deep Rose

Limonium sinuatum Fortune Mixed o p

Limonium sinuatum Fortune Pastel Shades Mix

Limonium sinuatum Fortune Purple

Limonium sinuatum Fortune Rose Red

Limonium sinuatum Fortune Salmon Rose

Limonium sinuatum Fortune Sky Blue

Limonium sinuatum Fortune White

Limonium sinuatum Fortune Yellow

Limonium sinuatum Gold Coast

Limonium sinuatum Iceberg

Limonium sinuatum Kampfs Blue

Limonium sinuatum Lavandin deep lavender

Limonium sinuatum Pacific mixed

Limonium sinuatum Pacific sky blue

Limonium sinuatum Pastel Blue

Limonium sinuatum Pastel Shades

Limonium sinuatum Purple Attraction

Limonium sinuatum Purple Monarch

Limonium sinuatum QIS Apricot

Limonium sinuatum QIS Dark Blue

Limonium sinuatum QIS Lavender

Limonium sinuatum QIS Mix Soft Pastel Shades

Limonium sinuatum QIS Mixed

Limonium sinuatum QIS Pale Blue

Limonium sinuatum QIS Purple

Limonium sinuatum QIS Rose

Limonium sinuatum QIS White

Limonium sinuatum QIS Yellow

Limonium sinuatum Rosea Superba

Limonium sinuatum Roselight

Limonium sinuatum Standard Mix o.p.

Limonium sinuatum Sunset Mixed

Limonium sinuatum Supreme Mixture formula c.s.

Limonium sp. unident. Blue Diamond

Limonium vulgare

Linaria dalmatica

Linaria maroccana Northern Lights Mixed

Linaria maroccana Sweeties

Linaria purpurea

Linaria purpurea Browns White

Linaria purpurea Canon J Went

Linaria repens

Linaria reticulata Aureopurpurea - Flamenco - Cord

Linaria vulgaris

Linum grandiflorum Blue Dress

Linum grandiflorum Bright Eyes

Linum grandiflorum Charmer Salmon new colour

Linum grandiflorum Rubrum

Lobelia Blue Cardinal

Lobelia cardinalis

Lobelia cardinalis Queen Victoria

Lobelia cardinalis Queen Victoria pellets

Lobelia sessilifolia

Lobelia siphilitica

Lobelia siphilitica Alba

Lobelia siphilitica Blue Select

Lobelia siphilitica mixed blue - white

Lobelia speciosa f1 Starship Deep Rose pellets

Lobelia speciosa f1 Starship Scarlet pellets

Lobelia speciosa x f1 Compliment Mixed

Lobelia speciosa x f1 Fan Blue pellets

Lobelia speciosa x f1 Fan Burgundy pellets

Lobelia speciosa x f1 Fan Salmon pellets

Lobelia speciosa x f1 Fan Scarlet pellets

Lobelia speciosa x Vedraiensis

Lobelia tenuior Blue Wings

Lobelia Vulcan Red pellets

Lolium temulentum

Lonas annua

Lonas annua Gold Rush dwarf

Lopezia racemosa

Loudetia simplex

Lunaria annua

Lunaria annua mix

Lunaria annua v albiflora

Lunaria annua v albiflora Alba Variegata

Lunaria rediviva

Lupinus arboreus mix

Lupinus burkei

Lupinus densiflorus v. aureus

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Gallery Blue

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Gallery Mixed

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Gallery Pink

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Gallery Red

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Gallery Rose - White Bicolou

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Gallery White

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Gallery Yellow

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Mini-Gallery (R) Blue

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Mini-Gallery (R) Blue - Whit

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Mini-Gallery (R) Pink

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Mini-Gallery (R) Pink - Whit

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Mini-Gallery (R) Red

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Mini-Gallery (R) White

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Mini-Gallery (R) Yellow

Lupinus elegans Pink Fairy

Lupinus hartwegii mix

Lupinus luteolus

Lupinus mutabilis Blue Javelin

Lupinus mutabilis Javelin formula mix

Lupinus mutabilis Pink Javelin

Lupinus mutabilis Sunrise

Lupinus nanus

Lupinus perennis

Lupinus perennis Russell Mixed

Lupinus perennis Russell Woodfield Hybrids treated

Lupinus polyphyllus

Lupinus polyphyllus Dwarf Russell Mix Minarette

Lupinus polyphyllus Festival mixed

Lupinus polyphyllus Lulu Mixed o.p. dwarf Russell

Lupinus polyphyllus Lupini Blue shades

Lupinus polyphyllus Lupini Mixed o.p.

Lupinus polyphyllus Lupini Pink shades

Lupinus polyphyllus Lupini Red shades

Lupinus polyphyllus Lupini White

Lupinus polyphyllus Lupini Yellow shades

Lupinus polyphyllus New Millennium Mixed

Lupinus polyphyllus Tutti-Frutti mixed

Lupinus polyphyllus Tutti-Frutti mixed coated seed

Lupinus Russell Mixed formula

Lupinus Russell Mixed o.p.

Lupinus Russell My Castle brick red

Lupinus Russell Noble Maiden white and cream

Lupinus Russell The Chatelaine pink white flag

Lupinus Russell The Governor blue white flag

Lupinus Russell The Pages carmine shades

Lupinus Silver Fleece

Luzula nivea

Luzula nivea Lucius

Luzula sylvatica

Luzula sylvatica Select

Luzula sylvatica Solar Flair

Lychnis arkwrightii x Orange Dwarf

Lychnis arkwrightii x Vesuvius

Lychnis haageana x new hybrids

Lychnis salicaria Rosy Gem

Lycium chinense c.s.

Lysimachia atropurpurea

Lysimachia atropurpurea Beaujolais

Lysimachia clethroides

Lysimachia clethroides Lady Jane

Lysimachia ephemerum hort.

Lysimachia minoricensis

Lysimachia punctata

Lysinema ciliatum

Lythrum alatum

Lythrum junceum

Lythrum salicaria

Lythrum salicaria organic seed

Lythrum salicaria Red Hybrids

Lythrum salicaria Rosy Gem

Lythrum salicaria The Beacon

Machaeranthera bigelovii

Madia elegans

Madia elegans ssp vernalis

Magnolia denudata c.s.

Magnolia soulangeana

Maireana astrotricha b.s.

Maireana pentatropis

Maireana sedifolia

Malleostemon hursthousei

Malope trifida

Malope trifida carmine rose

Malope trifida Mixture

Malope trifida Tetra Vulcan

Malope trifida white form

Malva moschata

Malva moschata Alba

Malva moschata Alba dwarf

Malva moschata Appleblossom

Malva moschata fa alba White Perfection

Malva moschata fa rosea Pink Perfection

Malva moschata Snow White dwarf

Malva sylvestris Mauritiana

Malva sylvestris Mauritiana organic seed

Malva sylvestris Mystic Merlin mix

Malva sylvestris v. mauritiana Bibor Felho

Malva sylvestris v. mauritiana organic seeds

Malva sylvestris Zebrina

Malva sylvestris Zebrina organic seed

Marrubium vulgare

Marrubium vulgare Pompon

Marrubium vulgare Pompon organic seeds

Matricaria Ball Golden

Matricaria Ball Snow - Snowball

Matthiola incana

Matthiola incana Anytime Hot Pink 100pc selectable

Matthiola incana Anytime Lavender 100pc selectable

Matthiola incana Anytime White 100pc selectable do

Matthiola incana Anytime Yellow 100pc selectable d

Matthiola incana Beauty of Nice mix

Matthiola incana Brompton - Winter Stock mix

Matthiola incana Brompton Lady Mixed

Matthiola incana Canneto White cutflower

Matthiola incana Climax Column Formula Mix selecta

Matthiola incana Giant Imperial Mix

Matthiola incana Katz Apricot double cut-flower

Matthiola incana Katz Cherry Blossom double cutflo

Matthiola incana Katz Lavender Blue double cutflow

Matthiola incana Katz Pink double cutflower

Matthiola incana Katz White double cutflower

Matthiola incana Mammoth Excelsior Mix

Matthiola incana Mammoth Excelsior Sweetheart Pink

Matthiola incana Miracle Mixed

Matthiola incana Noble Cream-Yellow

Matthiola incana Noble White

Matthiola incana Regal White cutflower

Matthiola incana Vintage Mixed trisomic type

Matthiola incana White Wonder

Matthiola longipetala ssp bicornis Night Scented S

Medicago and Onobrychis mixed escargots and chenil

Melaleuca armillaris

Melaleuca diosmifolia

Melaleuca huegelii

Melasphaerula ramosa

Melica altissima Atropurpurea

Melica ciliata

Melica transsilvanica Red Spire

Melica transsilvanica v. atropurpurea

Melinis repens ssp. repens

Mentzelia lindleyi

Merremia dissecta

Merremia tuberosa

Metalasia muricata

Meum athamanticum

Michauxia campanuloides

Milium effusum Aureum

Mirabilis nyctaginea

Miscanthus capensis

Miscanthus oligostachyus

Miscanthus sinensis

Miscanthus sinensis Hybrids Early

Miscanthus sinensis Hybrids New

Miscanthus sinensis Silberspinne

Molinia caerulea

Molinia caerulea ssp. arundinacea

Moluccella laevis

Monarda bradburiana

Monarda citriodora

Monarda didyma

Monarda didyma Horizon Mix

Monarda didyma Milano Mix

Monarda didyma mixture

Monarda didyma organic seed

Monarda didyma Panorama mix

Monarda didyma Panorama Red Shades

Monarda fistulosa

Monarda fistulosa organic seed

Monarda fistulosa v menthifolia

Monarda Lambada

Monarda punctata

Morina longifolia

Muhlenbergia capillaris

Muhlenbergia reverchonii Undaunted (R)

Muhlenbergia rigens

Musa bauensis

Musa ornata

Musa ornata Pink

Musa ornata Purple

Myosotis alpestris Blue Basket

Myosotis alpestris Royal indigo blue

Myriocephalus guerinae

Nandina domestica

Narcissus poeticus (13)

Nassella cernua

Nassella pulchra

Nebelia fragarioides

Nelumbo nucifera

Nemesia strumosa White Knight cs

Nepeta clarkei

Nepeta nuda

Nepeta stewartiana

Newcastelia hexarrhena

Nicandra physalodes

Nicandra physalodes Splash of Cream

Nicandra physalodes Variegata

Nicandra physalodes Violacea

Nicotiana alata Lavender Cloud

Nicotiana alata Lime Green

Nicotiana mutabilis

Nigella arvensis

Nigella bucharica Blue Stars (name unresolved)

Nigella damascena

Nigella damascena Albion Black Pod

Nigella damascena Albion Green Pod

Nigella damascena Delft Blue

Nigella damascena Miss Jekyll

Nigella damascena Miss Jekyll Dark Blue - Indigo

Nigella damascena Miss Jekyll Mixed

Nigella damascena Miss Jekyll Rose

Nigella damascena Miss Jekyll White

Nigella damascena Moody Blues

Nigella damascena Mulberry Rose

Nigella damascena Persian Jewels Indigo

Nigella damascena Persian Jewels Mixed

Nigella damascena rose

Nigella damascena Shorty Blue compact

Nigella damascena sky-blue

Nigella damascena Standard Mixture

Nigella damascena white form

Nigella hispanica

Nigella orientalis Transformer

Nigella papillosa African Bride

Nigella papillosa Curiosity

Nigella papillosa Delft Blue

Nigella papillosa Midnight

Nigella papillosa White and Purple Mix - Ebony - I

Nigella sativa

Nigella spp. and forms mix

Nipponanthemum nipponicum

Nothofagus cunninghamii

Nymphaea nouchali v caerulea svs

Ocimum basilicum Cardinal organic

Ocimum basilicum Spice Basil

Oenothera fruticosa Youngii

Oenothera pilosella Yella Fella

Omphalodes linifolia

Oncosiphon africanum

Oncosiphon grandiflorum

Origanum majorana

Origanum majorana organic seed

Origanum vulgare

Origanum vulgare organic seeds

Orlaya grandiflora

Orlaya grandiflora organic seed

Ornithogalum candicans

Ornithogalum dubium yellow form

Ornithogalum nutans

Ornithogalum pruinosum

Ornithogalum pyrenaicum

Ornithogalum thyrsoides

Orphium frutescens

Orychophragmus violaceus

Oryza sativa

Oryzopsis hymenoides

Osteospermum ecklonis

Oxypetalum coeruleum Heavenborn cut-flower

Oxypetalum coeruleum Heavenly Blue

Ozothamnus diosmifolius

Ozothamnus ericifolius bs

Ozothamnus lepidophyllus

Pachystegia insignis

Paeonia officinalis ssp. banatica

Paeonia officinalis ssp. banatica organic seed

Paeonia suffruticosa

Paeonia tenuifolia

Paeonia veitchii

Panicum capillare

Panicum clandestinum

Panicum elegans Frosted Explosion

Panicum elegans Sprinkles

Panicum maximum

Panicum miliaceum

Panicum miliaceum ssp ruderale

Panicum miliaceum Violaceum

Panicum oligosanthes

Panicum virgatum

Panicum virgatum Emerald Chief

Panicum virgatum Fontaine

Papaver glaucum

Papaver miyabeanum Sulphur Yellow

Papaver Moondance dwarf compact

Papaver nudicaule Artists Glory Mix

Papaver nudicaule De Luxe Mixture

Papaver nudicaule Excelsior mix

Papaver nudicaule f1 Champagne Bubbles Citrus Mix

Papaver nudicaule f1 Champagne Bubbles Mix

Papaver nudicaule f1 Champagne Bubbles Orange

Papaver nudicaule f1 Champagne Bubbles Pink

Papaver nudicaule f1 Champagne Bubbles Scarlet

Papaver nudicaule f1 Champagne Bubbles White

Papaver nudicaule f1 Champagne Bubbles Yellow

Papaver nudicaule f2 San Remo mix

Papaver nudicaule f2 Wind Song mix

Papaver nudicaule Garden Gnome - Kobold

Papaver nudicaule Giganteum Matador

Papaver nudicaule Kelmscott Giants mix

Papaver nudicaule mix o.p.

Papaver nudicaule Pastel Shades mix semi dwarf

Papaver nudicaule Red Sails

Papaver nudicaule Wonderland Mix

Papaver nudicaule Wonderland Orange

Papaver nudicaule Wonderland Pink

Papaver nudicaule Wonderland White

Papaver nudicaule Wonderland Yellow

Papaver orientale Album white form

Papaver orientale Allegro

Papaver orientale Bright Orange-Scarlet

Papaver orientale Brilliant

Papaver orientale Carneum pink and salmon shades

Papaver orientale Checkers

Papaver orientale Coral Reef

Papaver orientale Fruit Punch mix

Papaver orientale Harem Dream new hybrids mix

Papaver orientale mixed

Papaver orientale Mixture

Papaver orientale Nana Allegro

Papaver orientale New Hybrids

Papaver orientale Pizzicato

Papaver orientale plena May Queen

Papaver orientale Plum Pudding

Papaver orientale Queen Alexandra

Papaver orientale Raspberry Brulee

Papaver orientale Royal Wedding

Papaver pilosum ssp spicatum

Papaver rhoeas Bridal Silk

Papaver rhoeas Can Can Mix

Papaver rhoeas Dawn Chorus semi-double mix

Papaver rhoeas Falling in Love mix double and semi

Papaver rhoeas Mother of Pearl mix

Papaver rhoeas Rev Wilkes Shirley Mixture

Papaver rhoeas Shirley Double Mix

Papaver somniferum

Papaver somniferum Afghan Mix

Papaver somniferum Album

Papaver somniferum blue single

Papaver somniferum Breadseed Blue Hungarian

Papaver somniferum Giganteum - Max

Papaver somniferum Hen and Chickens

Papaver somniferum Laciniatum Pink Bicolor

Papaver somniferum Laciniatum Swansdown

Papaver somniferum Laurens Grape

Papaver somniferum Lilac Pompon

Papaver somniferum lilac single

Papaver somniferum Midnight

Papaver somniferum mix organic seed

Papaver somniferum mixed

Papaver somniferum Oase

Papaver somniferum Paeony Black

Papaver somniferum Paeony Cream

Papaver somniferum Paeony Flemish Antique Shades

Papaver somniferum Paeony Frosted Salmon

Papaver somniferum Paeony Lilac

Papaver somniferum Paeony mixed formula

Papaver somniferum Paeony mixed o.p.

Papaver somniferum Paeony Pale Rose

Papaver somniferum Paeony Pink double fringed

Papaver somniferum Paeony Purple

Papaver somniferum Paeony Rose

Papaver somniferum Paeony Salmon

Papaver somniferum Paeony Scarlet

Papaver somniferum Paeony Venus

Papaver somniferum Paeony White Cloud

Papaver somniferum Paeony Yellow

Papaver somniferum Planete Rouge du Jura

Papaver somniferum Sissinghurst White

Papaver somniferum Zeno Morphex low morphine

Paradisea liliastrum Major

Paradisea lusitanica

Parahebe perfoliata

Paranomus reflexus

Pardancanda norrisii Dazzler dwarf

Pardancanda norrisii x mix

Parthenium integrifolium

Pasithea caerulea

Paspalum conjugatum

Paspalum notatum

Passiflora foetida

Patrinia scabiosifolia

Pavonia clathrata

Pennisetum alopecuroides

Pennisetum alopecuroides v. viridescens

Pennisetum glaucum

Pennisetum glaucum Jade Princess

Pennisetum glaucum Jester

Pennisetum glaucum Purple Baron

Pennisetum glaucum Purple Majesty

Pennisetum incomptum

Pennisetum macrourum

Pennisetum orientale

Pennisetum setaceum Beauty of Marrakech

Pennisetum setaceum c.s.

Pennisetum sphacelatum

Pennisetum thunbergii c.s.

Pennisetum villosum c.s.

Pennisetum villosum Cream Falls

Penstemon barbatus Coccineus Jingle Bells

Penstemon barbatus Praecox Nanus - Rondo mix

Penstemon cobaea

Penstemon cobaea Wedding Bells

Penstemon digitalis

Penstemon digitalis Huskers Red

Penstemon digitalis Huskers Red Improved

Penstemon digitalis Mystica

Penstemon eatonii

Penstemon gracilis

Penstemon grandiflorus

Penstemon grandiflorus War Axe mix

Penstemon hartwegii Giant Mix

Penstemon hartwegii Scarlet Queen

Penstemon hartwegii Tubular Bells Red

Penstemon heterophyllus

Penstemon heterophyllus Blue Springs

Penstemon ovatus

Penstemon parryi

Penstemon pseudospectabilis

Penstemon richardsonii

Penstemon serrulatus

Penstemon serrulatus Albus

Penstemon spectabilis

Penstemon venustus

Pentas lanceolata New Look Mixed pellets

Pentas lanceolata New Look Pink pellets

Pentas lanceolata New Look Red pellets

Pentas lanceolata New Look Rose pellets

Pentas lanceolata New Look Violet pellets

Pentas lanceolata New Look White pellets

Pentas lanceolata Northern Lights Lavender hardier

Pentaschistis curvifolia

Perovskia atriplicifolia

Perovskia atriplicifolia Blue Steel

Perovskia atriplicifolia Taiga

Persicaria bistorta

Persicaria bistorta Superba

Persicaria orientalis

Persoonia comata

Persoonia longifolia

Persoonia saccata

Petrophile biloba

Petrophile diversifolia

Petrophile serruriae

Petrophile sessilis

Petrophile squamata

Peucedanum officinale

Phacelia tanacetifolia

Phacelia tanacetifolia green manure organic seed

Phaenocoma prolifera

Phaenosperma globosa

Phalaris arundinacea

Phalaris brachystachys

Phalaris canariensis

Phalaris minor

Phalaris paradoxa

Phleum phleoides

Phleum pratense v pratense

Phlomis armeniaca

Phlomis chrysophylla

Phlomis fruticosa

Phlomis italica

Phlomis purpurea

Phlomis russeliana

Phlomis samia

Phlomis tuberosa

Phlox cuspidata Mix bicolours

Phlox drummondii Cecily Mixture nana compacta

Phlox drummondii Grandiflora Brilliant

Phlox drummondii Grandiflora Coccinea

Phlox drummondii Grandiflora Creme Brulee mix

Phlox drummondii Grandiflora Isabellina yellow

Phlox drummondii Grandiflora Mixed o. p.

Phlox drummondii Grandiflora Starry Eyes mix

Phlox drummondii Grandiflora Stars and Stripes

Phlox drummondii Grandiflora Tapestry Mixture

Phlox drummondii Moody Blues dwarf mix

Phlox drummondii Sugar Stars

Phlox glaberrima ssp interior

Phlox paniculata

Phlox paniculata New Hybrids

Phormium tenax

Phragmites australis

Phygelius aequalis Yellow Trumpet

Phygelius capensis

Phylica pubescens

Physalis alkekengi

Physalis alkekengi v franchetii

Physalis alkekengi v franchetii Gigantea organic s

Physalis alkekengi v franchetii Gnome - Zwerg

Physalis alkekengi v. franchetii Gigantea

Physalis peruviana

Physalis peruviana Giant

Physopsis chrysophylla (Newcastelia chrysophylla)

Physostegia virginiana

Physostegia virginiana Alba

Physostegia virginiana Rose Crown

Physostegia virginiana Rose Queen

Physostegia virginiana Snow Crown

Physostegia virginiana White Queen

Pimelea argentea

Pimelea ferruginea

Pimelea rosea

Pimelea spectabilis

Pimpinella major

Pimpinella major Rosea

Pittosporum tenuifolium

Pittosporum tenuifolium ssp. colensoi

Plantago major

Plantago major Purple Perversion

Plantago major Rosularis - Bowles Variety

Platycodon grandiflorus

Platycodon grandiflorus Albus

Platycodon grandiflorus Apoyama Fairy Snow

Platycodon grandiflorus Florist Blue

Platycodon grandiflorus Florist Mixed

Platycodon grandiflorus Florist Pink

Platycodon grandiflorus Florist White

Platycodon grandiflorus Fuji Blue

Platycodon grandiflorus Fuji Mix

Platycodon grandiflorus Fuji Pink

Platycodon grandiflorus Hakone Blue

Platycodon grandiflorus Hakone White

Platycodon grandiflorus Mariesii

Platycodon grandiflorus Mixed Hybrids

Platycodon grandiflorus organic seed

Platycodon grandiflorus rose

Plecostachys serphyllifolia Silver Mist pellets

Plumeria rubra Celadine

Poa cita

Poa labillardieri

Podocarpus drouynianus

Podolepis canescens b.s.

Podolepis gracilis Rosea

Polemonium caeruleum Album

Polemonium caeruleum Filigree Clouds

Polemonium caeruleum Filigree Skies

Polemonium caeruleum hort.

Polemonium caeruleum Pearl Blue

Polemonium caeruleum Pearl Blue organic seed

Polemonium caeruleum Pearl White

Polemonium carneum Apricot Delight

Polemonium reptans

Polycalymma stuartii (Myriocepalus stuartii)

Polypogon monspeliensis

Potentilla arguta

Prenanthes racemosa

Primula alpicola

Primula alpicola mixed colours

Primula alpicola v alpicola

Primula bullesiana x

Primula Cowichan Amethyst

Primula Cowichan Blue

Primula Cowichan Garnet

Primula Cowichan Mixed

Primula Cowichan Venetian

Primula Cowichan Yellow

Primula denticulata Grandiflora Ronsdorf Hybrids -

Primula denticulata mixed colours

Primula elatior

Primula elatior Colossea Mixed polyanthus

Primula elatior Crescendo (R) Bellarosa polyanthus

Primula elatior Crescendo (R) Blue Shades polyanth

Primula elatior Crescendo (R) Bright Red polyanthu

Primula elatior Crescendo (R) Golden polyanthus

Primula elatior Crescendo (R) Mixture polyanthus

Primula elatior Crescendo (R) Orange

Primula elatior Crescendo (R) Pink - Rose Shades

Primula elatior Crescendo (R) White polyanthus

Primula elatior Crescendo (R) Wine Red polyanthus

Primula elatior Crescendo Yellow polyanthus

Primula elatior f1 Fantasia mixed polyanthus

Primula elatior Gold Lace

Primula elatior hybrids mix polyanthus mix

Primula elatior Jessica

Primula elatior Pacific Mixed polyanthus

Primula elatior Piano Mixed polyanthus

Primula elatior Polyanthus Mixed

Primula elatior Supernova Mixed polyanthus

Primula elatior Victoriana Gold Laced Black

Primula elatior Victoriana Gold Laced Red

Primula elatior Victoriana Laced Primroses mix

Primula elatior Victoriana Silver Laced Purple

Primula flaccida

Primula florindae

Primula florindae Keilour Hybrid

Primula florindae Rays Ruby

Primula Gold Laced Reds

Primula japonica mix (sp. name unresolved)

Primula japonica rose (sp. name unresolved)

Primula maximowiczii

Primula New Pinks

Primula obconica f1 Libre Mixed

Primula orbicularis

Primula polyantha Art Floral

Primula polyantha Chartreuse

Primula polyantha Daybreak

Primula polyantha Desert Sunset

Primula polyantha Flamingo

Primula polyantha Flower Arrangers Mix

Primula polyantha Gilded Ginger

Primula polyantha Gold Laced (Beeches)

Primula polyantha Gold Laced Hose in Hose

Primula polyantha Gold Laced Red

Primula polyantha Grand Canyon

Primula polyantha Harbour Lights

Primula polyantha Harvest Yellow

Primula polyantha Indian Reds

Primula polyantha Juliana Vera Maud

Primula polyantha Little Egypt

Primula polyantha Marine Blues

Primula polyantha Midnight

Primula polyantha New Pinks

Primula polyantha Paris 90

Primula polyantha Ramona

Primula polyantha Reverie

Primula polyantha Silver Dollar Mix

Primula polyantha Silver Laced

Primula polyantha Sorbet

Primula polyantha Spiced Shades

Primula polyantha Tango

Primula polyantha Victorian Fuchsia

Primula polyantha Victorian Mauve

Primula polyantha Victorian Mix

Primula polyantha Victorian Old Rose

Primula polyantha Victorian Striped

Primula polyantha Victorian Valentine

Primula polyantha Victorian Violet

Primula polyantha Victorians Muted

Primula polyantha Winter White

Primula pubescens x Kaleidoscope mix

Primula pubescens x mixed Auricula

Primula secundiflora

Primula sieboldii

Primula sieboldii bicolour entire

Primula sieboldii bicolour fringed

Primula sieboldii blue entire

Primula sieboldii blue fringed

Primula sieboldii mix

Primula sieboldii rose entire

Primula sieboldii rose fringed

Primula sieboldii white entire

Primula sieboldii white fringed

Primula sikkimensis

Primula veris Coronation Cowslip

Primula veris Macrocalyx

Primula veris Sunset Shades

Primula vialii

Primula Victorian Fuchsias

Primula Victorian Mauve

Primula Victorian Mixed

Primula Victorian Muted Mix

Primula Victorian Old Rose

Primula vulgaris Blues mix

Primula vulgaris Butterscotch Mix

Primula vulgaris Candy Pinks

Primula vulgaris Casquet mix

Primula vulgaris Harbinger

Primula vulgaris Hose-in-hose

Primula vulgaris Osiered Amber

Primula vulgaris Potsdam Giants mix

Primula vulgaris Rosanna Mixed doubles

Primula vulgaris Springtime Mixture

Primula vulgaris Tartan Reds

Primula vulgaris Traditional Mix

Primula vulgaris Traditional Yellows

Primula wilsonii

Protea burchellii

Protea compacta

Protea coronata

Protea cynaroides spring flowering

Protea cynaroides summer flg.

Protea eximia

Protea grandiceps

Protea longifolia

Protea magnifica

Protea mundii

Protea neriifolia

Protea obtusifolia

Protea repens red fl.

Protea repens white form

Protea scolymocephala

Protea speciosa

Psephellus dealbatus

Pseudognaphalium luteoalbum

Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium

Psylliostachys suworowii c.s.

Psylliostachys suworowii Pink Pokers c.s.

Ptilostemon afer

Ptilostemon echinocephalum

Ptilotus drummondii

Ptilotus exaltatus

Ptilotus macrocephalus

Ptilotus obovatus b.s.

Ptilotus obovatus c.s.

Puya berteroana

Pycnosorus globosus

Pycnostachys urticifolia

Ranunculus asiaticus f1 Bloomingdale Rose

Ranunculus asiaticus f1 Bloomingdale White

Raoulia subsericea

Raoulia tenuicaulis

Ratibida columnifera Dwarf Red

Ratibida columnifera fa pulcherrima

Ratibida columnifera fa pulcherrima Red Midget

Ratibida columnifera yellow

Ratibida pinnata

Regelia ciliata

Reseda alba

Reseda lutea

Reseda lutea organic seed

Reseda luteola

Reseda odorata

Reseda odorata Ameliorata

Reseda odorata Grandiflora

Restio egregius

Restio leptostachys

Restio sieberi Kunth.

Restio subverticillatus

Retama monosperma

Rhodanthe charsleyae

Rhodanthe chlorocephala ssp rosea Brilliant Rose d

Rhodanthe chlorocephala ssp rosea dark centre

Rhodanthe chlorocephala ssp rosea Double White

Rhodanthe chlorocephala ssp rosea Goliath rose red

Rhodanthe chlorocephala ssp rosea pink

Rhodanthe chlorocephala ssp rosea pink and white

Rhodanthe chlorocephala ssp rosea Red Bonnie doubl

Rhodanthe chlorocephala ssp rosea white

Rhodanthe chlorocephala ssp rosea yellow centre

Rhodanthe chlorocephala ssp splendida

Rhodanthe floribunda

Rhodanthe manglesii white

Rhodanthe polygalifolia

Rhodanthe propinqua

Rhodanthe pygmaea

Rhodanthe sterilescens

Rhodiola rhodantha

Rhodiola semenovii

Rhodocoma arida

Rhodocoma capensis

Rhodocoma sp. unident.

Rhododendron arboreum

Rhynchelytrum repens

Rhynchosia hirta

Richea dracophylla

Ricinus communis Carmencita bright red form

Ricinus communis Carmencita pink form

Ricinus communis Impala

Ricinus communis Zanzibarensis

Ridolfia segetum

Robinsonia gayana

Rodgersia aesculifolia

Rodgersia aesculifolia v henrici hybrids

Rodgersia New Hybrids

Rodgersia pinnata (neme unresolved)

Rosa carolina

Rosa glauca

Rosa glauca stratified seed

Rudbeckia fulgida v deamii

Rudbeckia fulgida v fulgida

Rudbeckia fulgida v speciosa

Rudbeckia fulgida v sullivanti Goldsturm

Rudbeckia fulgida v sullivanti Goldsturm treated s

Rudbeckia hirta

Rudbeckia hirta Autumn Colours

Rudbeckia hirta Autumn Forest

Rudbeckia hirta Cherokee Sunset

Rudbeckia hirta Cherry Brandy

Rudbeckia hirta Chim Chiminee

Rudbeckia hirta Denver Daisy

Rudbeckia hirta Double Golden Gloriosa Daisy

Rudbeckia hirta f1 Tiger Eye Gold

Rudbeckia hirta Gloriosa Daisies Mixed

Rudbeckia hirta Goldilocks

Rudbeckia hirta Indian Summer

Rudbeckia hirta Irish Eyes - Green Eyes

Rudbeckia hirta Marmalade

Rudbeckia hirta Moroccan Sun mix

Rudbeckia hirta My Joy golden

Rudbeckia hirta Prairie Sun

Rudbeckia hirta Ruby Gold formula mix

Rudbeckia hirta Ruby Ruby

Rudbeckia hirta Rustic Dwarf Mix

Rudbeckia hirta Sahara

Rudbeckia hirta Solar Eclipse

Rudbeckia hirta Sonora

Rudbeckia hirta Sputnik

Rudbeckia hirta Toto Gold

Rudbeckia hirta Toto Lemon

Rudbeckia hirta Toto Mixed

Rudbeckia laciniata

Rudbeckia maxima

Rudbeckia occidentalis Green Wizard

Rudbeckia triloba

Rudbeckia triloba Blackjack Gold

Rudbeckia triloba Prairie Glow

Rumex sanguineus

Ruscus aculeatus

Salix caprea svs

Salpiglossis sinuata Black Trumpets

Salpiglossis sinuata f2 Bolero Mixture

Salpiglossis sinuata Kew Blue

Salpiglossis sinuata Little Friends Mixture

Salpiglossis sinuata Superb(issima) Mixed

Salvia amplexicaulis

Salvia bulleyana

Salvia coccinea

Salvia coccinea x Adora Blue

Salvia coccinea x Blue-Violet Princess-Queen

Salvia farinacea Bedder Blue

Salvia farinacea Cirrus (companion to Strata)

Salvia farinacea Evolution deep violet

Salvia farinacea Evolution white form (companion t

Salvia farinacea Fairy Queen

Salvia farinacea Reference blue bicolour

Salvia farinacea Rhea

Salvia farinacea Strata (companion to Cirrus)

Salvia farinacea Victoria Blue (companion to Evolu

Salvia farinacea Victoria White

Salvia hians

Salvia napifolia

Salvia napifolia Baby Blue

Salvia nemorosa Blaukonigin

Salvia nemorosa Rosenwein

Salvia nemorosa West Friesland

Salvia New Dimension Blue

Salvia patens Oxford Blue

Salvia patens Patio Deep Blue

Salvia patens Patio Sky Blue

Salvia pratensis Ballet Meadow Blend

Salvia pratensis Ballet Rose Rhapsody

Salvia pratensis Ballet Sky Dance

Salvia pratensis Ballet Swan Lake

Salvia pratensis Ballet Sweet Esmeralda

Salvia pratensis Ballet Twilight Serenade

Salvia sclarea Clary

Salvia sclarea Euphoria

Salvia sclarea organic seed

Salvia sclarea v. turkestanica

Salvia verticillata Purple Fairy Tale

Salvia viridis

Salvia viridis Blue Monday - Oxford Blue

Salvia viridis Marble Arch Mix

Salvia viridis Pink Sundae - Sunday

Salvia viridis Say So Blue

Salvia viridis Say So Rose

Salvia viridis Say So White

Salvia viridis Streaker Blue dwarf

Salvia viridis Streaker formula mixed dwarf

Salvia viridis Streaker Rose dwarf

Salvia viridis Streaker White dwarf

Salvia viridis tricolor mix o p

Salvia viridis White Swan - Mist

Sandersonia aurantiaca

Sanguisorba hakusanensis

Sanguisorba menziesii

Sanguisorba minor Burnet for micro burnet

Sanguisorba parviflora

Sanguisorba tenuifolia Alba

Saponaria officinalis

Saponaria officinalis organic seed

Sarcococca confusa cs

Sarcococca ruscifolia

Sarracenia New Hybrids

Scabiosa atropurpurea Beau Blue

Scabiosa atropurpurea Beaujolais Bonnets

Scabiosa atropurpurea Black Knight c.s.

Scabiosa atropurpurea Black Knight r.s.

Scabiosa atropurpurea Blue Cockade r.s.

Scabiosa atropurpurea Burgundy Beau

Scabiosa atropurpurea Chile Black

Scabiosa atropurpurea dwarf double mixed

Scabiosa atropurpurea Fata Morgana c.s.

Scabiosa atropurpurea Fata Morgana r.s.

Scabiosa atropurpurea Fire King c.s.

Scabiosa atropurpurea Fire King r.s.

Scabiosa atropurpurea Florist Dark Blue

Scabiosa atropurpurea Florist Deep Red

Scabiosa atropurpurea Florist Formula Mixture c.s.

Scabiosa atropurpurea Florist Formula Mixture r.s.

Scabiosa atropurpurea Florist Salmon-pink

Scabiosa atropurpurea Florist Scarlet

Scabiosa atropurpurea Imperial Mix

Scabiosa atropurpurea Mixture dark Purple and Red

Scabiosa atropurpurea Night - Day

Scabiosa atropurpurea Oxford Blue

Scabiosa atropurpurea Purple Black

Scabiosa atropurpurea Salmon Queen

Scabiosa atropurpurea Salmon Queen c.s.

Scabiosa atropurpurea Snowmaiden

Scabiosa atropurpurea Snowmaiden c.s.

Scabiosa atropurpurea Summer Fruits mix c.s.

Scabiosa atropurpurea Summer Fruits mix r.s.

Scabiosa atropurpurea tall double blue

Scabiosa atropurpurea tall double lavender blue

Scabiosa atropurpurea tall double mix r.s.

Scabiosa atropurpurea tall double purple

Scabiosa atropurpurea tall double red

Scabiosa atropurpurea tall double rose

Scabiosa atropurpurea tall double white

Scabiosa canescens

Scabiosa caucasica Alba

Scabiosa caucasica Compliment dark lavender

Scabiosa caucasica Fama lavender blue

Scabiosa caucasica Fama white form

Scabiosa caucasica Goldingensis

Scabiosa caucasica Isaac Houses Hybrids

Scabiosa caucasica Perfecta Alba

Scabiosa caucasica Perfecta Blue

Scabiosa caucasica Perfecta Dark Lavender

Scabiosa columbaria

Scabiosa columbaria lilac

Scabiosa columbaria Misty Butterflies

Scabiosa columbaria Nana Pincushion Blue

Scabiosa columbaria Nana Pincushion Pink

Scabiosa graminifolia

Scabiosa graminifolia Powder Pink

Scabiosa japonica v alpina

Scabiosa japonica v alpina Ritz Blue

Scabiosa japonica v alpina Ritz Rose

Scabiosa lucida

Scabiosa mindana

Scabiosa ochroleuca

Scabiosa ochroleuca Pixie Yellow - Moondance

Scabiosa speciosa Maharajah

Scabiosa stellata

Scaevola crassifolia

Schinus terebinthifolius

Schizachyrium scoparium

Schizachyrium scoparium Blaze

Schizachyrium scoparium Camper

Schizachyrium scoparium Prairie Blues

Schizanthus Angels Wings mix

Schizanthus Dr Badgers Hybrids Mix

Schizanthus Star Parade

Schizanthus x wisetonensis, Dr. Badgers Mix

Schoenia cassiniana Rose Beauty

Schoenia cassiniana Tanners Pride white

Schoenia cassiniana Tanners Rose

Schoenia filifolia ssp subulifolia

Schoenia macivorii

Scrophularia macrantha

Sedum aizoon

Sedum telephium Emperors Waves

Selinum wallichianum

Senecio doria

Senecio magnificus

Senecio nemorensis

Senecio ovatus Willd.

Senecio pinnatifolius

Senecio pinnatifolius v maritimus (v. name unresol

Seseli elatum ssp osseum

Seseli gummiferum

Sesleria argentea

Setaria italica

Setaria italica Hells Canyon

Setaria italica Hylander

Setaria italica Lowlander

Setaria italica Max

Setaria italica Red Jewel

Setaria italica v. macrochaeta

Setaria macrochaeta

Setaria macrostachya

Setaria macrostachya Will Scarlet

Setaria megaphylla

Setaria pumila

Setaria sphacelata

Setaria verticillata

Setaria viridis

Setaria viridis Caramel

Sidalcea candida

Sidalcea malviflora Hybrids

Sidalcea malviflora Pink Hybrid treated seeds

Sidalcea malviflora Rosaly soft pink

Sidalcea malviflora Starks Hybrids

Sidalcea Party Girl

Silene armeria

Silene armeria Electra purple-pink

Silene atropurpurea

Silene chalcedonica

Silene chalcedonica Burning Love

Silene chalcedonica Carnea

Silene chalcedonica Rauhreif

Silene chalcedonica v. albiflora

Silene coeli-rosa

Silene coeli-rosa Alba

Silene coeli-rosa blue

Silene coeli-rosa mixture formula

Silene coeli-rosa mixture o. p.

Silene coeli-rosa red

Silene conica Balletje Balletje

Silene orientalis

Silene viscaria

Silene viscaria Alba

Silene viscaria Firebird

Silene viscaria Splendens Rosett

Silene viscaria ssp atropurpurea

Silphium integrifolium

Silphium laciniatum

Silphium mohrii

Silphium terebinthinaceum

Sisymbrium luteum

Sisyrinchium striatum

Smyrnium olusatrum

Smyrnium perfoliatum

Solanum aethiopicum

Solanum macrocarpon Striped Toga

Solanum mammosum

Solanum melongena f1 Kermit

Solanum melongena Golden Eggs

Solanum melongena Striped Togo

Solidago canadensis

Solidago canadensis Golden Baby

Solidago canadensis Little Miss Sunshine

Solidago canadensis Yellow Springs

Solidago glomerata

Solidago graminifolia

Solidago nemoralis

Solidago ohioensis

Solidago ptarmicoides

Solidago riddellii

Solidago rigida

Solidago rigida ssp humilis Golden Rockets

Solidago roanensis

Solidago sciaphila

Solidago speciosa

Sorghastrum nutans

Sorghastrum nutans Indian Steel

Sorghum bicolor

Sorghum bicolor Black Falcon

Sorghum bicolor hybrid

Sorghum bicolor Nigrum

Sorghum bicolor v technicum Red Broom Corn mix

Sorghum carneum v nigrum

Sorghum halepense

Sorghum x drummondii organic seed

Sowerbaea laxiflora

Sparganium erectum

Sparganium eurycarpum

Spartina pectinata

Spiraea tomentosa

Spodiopogon sibiricus

Sporobolus airoides

Sporobolus heterolepis

Stachys annua

Stachys macrantha

Stachys macrantha Morning Blush

Stachys palaestina

Stemmacantha rhapontica hort.

Stephanotis floribunda

Stipa arundinacea (name unresolved)

Stipa arundinacea Sirocco (sp. name unresolved)

Stipa barbata

Stipa barbata Silver Feather

Stipa calamagrostis

Stipa capillata

Stipa elegantissima c.s.

Stipa extremorientalis

Stipa gigantea

Stipa joannis

Stipa lessingiana

Stipa pennata

Stipa pulcherrima

Stipa tenacissima

Stipa tenuifolia Steud

Stipa tenuissima Pony Tails c.s.

Stipa tenuissima v. oreophila

Stipa tirsa

Stipa ucrainica

Stirlingia latifolia

Stokesia laevis

Stokesia laevis Alba

Stokesia laevis Omega Skyrocket

Strelitzia reginae

Strelitzia reginae Mandelas Gold

Strelitzia reginae yellow flg. form

Streptocarpus hybridus Wiesmoor Hybrids

Streptocarpus hybridus Wiesmoor Hybrids pills

Succisella inflexa

Swainsona formosa

Swainsona stipularis

Swainsona swainsonioides

Symphyotrichum ericoides c.s.

Symphyotrichum laeve

Symphyotrichum novae-angliae

Symphyotrichum novae-angliae - belgii mixed

Symphyotrichum novae-angliae Lucida

Symphyotrichum novae-angliae mixed

Symphyotrichum novae-angliae nat var pink

Symphyotrichum novae-angliae pink form

Symphyotrichum novae-angliae red shades

Symphyotrichum novae-angliae September Rubin

Symphyotrichum novae-belgiae new hybrids mix

Symphyotrichum novae-belgiae rose

Symphyotrichum novae-belgiae white

Symphyotrichum novi-belgii

Symphyotrichum novi-belgii New Hybrids

Symphyotrichum novi-belgii new mix

Symphyotrichum sericeum

Symphyotrichum shortii

Syncarpha milleflora

Syncarpha paniculata

Syncarpha speciosissima

Syringa vulgaris

Tabernaemontana divaricata

Tagetes erecta All Double Lemon

Tagetes erecta Hawaii

Tagetes erecta Hedger Golden dwarf double odourles

Tagetes erecta Hedger Lemon dwarf double

Tagetes erecta Kees Orange cutflower deepest orang

Tagetes erecta Man on the Moon

Tagetes erecta Savannah Gold

Tagetes erecta Savannah Gold de-tailed

Tagetes erecta Savannah Ivory

Tagetes erecta Savannah Ivory de-tailed

Tagetes erecta Savannah Moon

Tagetes erecta Savannah Moon de-tailed

Tagetes erecta Savannah Sun

Tagetes erecta Savannah Sun de-tailed

Tagetes erecta Simba yellow

Tagetes erecta Simba yellow de-tailed

Tagetes erecta Smiles tall golden yellow

Tagetes erecta Snowdrift dwarf double white

Tagetes erecta Snowstorm dwarf

Tagetes erecta Sunset Giants Mixture

Tagetes erecta Yellow Supreme

Tagetes erecta Yummy Mummy

Tagetes patula Jolly Jester tall single

Tanacetum cinerariifolium

Tanacetum cinerariifolium High Potency

Tanacetum cinerariifolium organic seeds

Tanacetum coccineum

Tanacetum coccineum Robinsons Crimson - Red

Tanacetum coccineum Robinsons Giants Mix

Tanacetum coccineum Robinsons Rose

Tanacetum coccineum Super Duplex Mixture

Tanacetum corymbosum

Tanacetum macrophyllum

Tanacetum parthenium

Tanacetum parthenium fl pl

Tanacetum parthenium Golden Ball

Tanacetum parthenium Selma Star

Tanacetum parthenium Snowball

Tanacetum parthenium Tetra White Wonder

Tanacetum parthenium Virgo cutflower

Tanacetum parthenium White Bonnet

Tanacetum parthenium White Pompon

Tanacetum ptarmiciflorum Silver Feather

Tanacetum vulgare

Tanacetum vulgare Gold-sticks

Tanacetum vulgare organic seed

Taxandria juniperina c.s.

Taxandria marginata

Taxandria parviceps c.s.

Telekia speciosa

Telopea speciosissima

Telopea truncata (sp. name unresolved)

Teloxys aristata Seafoam

Templetonia retusa

Tetradenia riparia

Tetratheca setigera

Teucrium canadense

Teucrium hircanicum

Thalictrum aquilegiifolium

Thalictrum aquilegiifolium Album

Thalictrum dasycarpum

Thalictrum delavayi

Thalictrum delavayi Album

Thalictrum flavum ssp. flavum

Thalictrum flavum ssp. glaucum

Thalictrum foetidum

Thalictrum lucidum

Thalictrum minus Adiantifolium

Thalictrum rochebrunnianum (name unresolved)

Thalictrum uchiyamae (name unresolved)

Thamnochortus cinereus

Thamnochortus erectus

Thamnochortus fraternus

Thamnochortus lucens

Thamnochortus paniculatus

Thamnochortus platypteris

Thamnochortus rigidus

Thamnochortus spicigerus

Thelesperma filifolium

Thermopsis chinensis

Thlaspi arvense

Tithonia diversifolia

Tithonia rotundifolia

Tithonia rotundifolia Fiesta del Sol

Tithonia rotundifolia Goldfinger

Tithonia rotundifolia Torch

Tithonia rotundifolia Yellow Torch

Tolpis barbata

Trachelium caeruleum

Trachelium caeruleum Album

Trachelium caeruleum Black Knight

Trachelium caeruleum f1 Passion in Violet pellets

Trachelium caeruleum Lake Michigan Violet

Trachymene caerulea

Trachymene caerulea Alba

Trachymene caerulea Lacy Mix

Trachymene caerulea Lacy White

Trachymene caerulea Madonna Lavender Blue

Trachymene caerulea Madonna Mixed

Trachymene caerulea Madonna Pink

Trachymene caerulea Madonna White

Trachymene caerulea Rosea - Madonna Rose

Trachymene oleracea

Tradescantia andersoniana x Mixed

Tradescantia bracteata

Tricyrtis hirta

Tricyrtis hirta Alba White Towers

Tricyrtis latifolia

Tricyrtis macropoda

Trifolium ochroleucon

Trifolium rubens

Trifolium rubens Album

Trifolium trichocephalum

Tripsacum dactyloides

Triticum aestivum v spelta Black Tip Wheat

Triticum aestivum v spelta Blacky

Trollius asiaticus

Trollius chinensis

Trollius chinensis Morning Sun

Trollius cultorum x Golden Queen

Trollius cultorum x New Hybrids

Trollius cultorum x New Moon

Trollius europaeus

Trollius europaeus fa. compactus Lemon Supreme

Tulbaghia simmleri

Typha angustifolia b.s.

Typha angustifolia c.s.

Typha latifolia b.s.

Typha latifolia c.s.

Urospermum dalechampii

Vaccaria hispanica

Vaccaria hispanica Pink Beauty

Vaccaria hispanica White Beauty

Valeriana officinalis

Valeriana officinalis Lubelski

Valeriana officinalis organic seed

Veltheimia bracteata pink

Verbascum blattaria

Verbascum blattaria fa. albiflorum

Verbascum bombyciferum Polarsommer

Verbascum chaixii

Verbascum chaixii Album

Verbascum chaixii Sixteen Candles

Verbascum densiflorum

Verbascum densiflorum organic seed

Verbascum densiflorum Polyverb

Verbascum nigrum

Verbascum nigrum organic seed

Verbascum olympicum

Verbascum olympicum Album

Verbascum phoeniceum Antique Rose

Verbascum phoeniceum New Hybrids mix

Verbascum phoeniceum Rosetta

Verbascum phoeniceum wild form

Verbascum Southern Charm

Verbascum Southern Charm pellets

Verbena Apricot Beauty

Verbena bonariensis

Verbena bonariensis organic seed

Verbena Florist Ideal Mixed

Verbena hastata

Verbena hastata Rosea - Pink Spires

Verbena hastata Spires Blue

Verbena hastata Spires Pink

Verbena hastata Spires White

Verbena hybrida Florist Mixed

Verbena hybrida Mammoth Mixed

Verbena speciosa purple

Verbena stricta

Verbesina alternifolia

Verbesina helianthoides

Vernonia arkansana

Vernonia fasciculata

Vernonia noveboracensis

Vernonia noveboracensis White Lightning

Veronica austriaca ssp. teucrium

Veronica austriaca ssp. teucrium Royal Blue

Veronica longifolia

Veronica longifolia Alba

Veronica longifolia Blue Shades

Veronica longifolia Rosea - Pink Shades - Rosa Ton

Veronica pinnata Blue Feathers

Veronica sachalinensis Blue Pyramid

Veronica spicata

Veronica spicata Alba

Veronica spicata Blue Bouquet pelleted seed

Veronica spicata Blue Streak

Veronica spicata Erika (Roseum - Rosenrot - Pink G

Veronica spicata x Sightseeing Mixed

Veronica urticifolia

Veronicastrum sibiricum

Veronicastrum virginicum

Verticordia brownii

Verticordia chrysantha

Verticordia grandiflora

Verticordia grandis

Verticordia monadelpha

Verticordia nitens

Verticordia plumosa

Viburnum tinus

Vincetoxicum fuscatum

Vincetoxicum hirundinaria

Viola Clear Crystal black

Viola cornuta Brush Strokes multicolour striped pa

Viola cornuta Historic Florist Pansies Mixed

Viola cornuta Karpatenfruhling

Viola cornuta Lutea Splendens - Yellow Perfection

Viola Early Giants Mixed

Viola f1 Floral Power Blue Blotch Bronze Lip

Viola Fire Shades mix

Viola Forerunner Giant Mixed o p

Viola hiemalis mixed o.p.

Viola odorata

Viola odorata Alba - Reine des Neiges

Viola odorata fa. rubra

Viola odorata Royal Wedding

Viola odorata The Czar

Viola odorata wild form

Viola Supremo Early Mixed giant fld.

Viola Swiss Giant Alpenglow deep red

Viola Swiss Giant Berna deep blue velvet

Viola Swiss Giant Celestial sky blue

Viola Swiss Giant Claret

Viola Swiss Giant Coal Black - Panther

Viola Swiss Giant Coronation Gold

Viola Swiss Giant Fire Beacon bronze shades

Viola Swiss Giant Laura rose-lilac

Viola Swiss Giant Lucerna wine red shades

Viola Swiss Giant Mont Blanc

Viola Swiss Giant Orange Sun

Viola Swiss Giant Red Wing

Viola Swiss Giant Rheingold

Viola Swiss Giant Silverbride

Viola Swiss Giant Super Beaconsfield 2 tone

Viola Swiss Giant Ullswater

Viola Swiss Giant White Lady

Viola Swiss Giants Yellow-Brown bicolour

Viola Trimardeau mixed

Viola wittrockiana x Swiss Giants Mixed o p

Vitex agnus-castus hort. c.s.

Vitex agnus-castus organic hort

Vulpia bromoides

Waitzia acuminata

Waitzia acuminata v acuminata c.s.

Waitzia suaveolens v suaveolens

Wangenheimia lima Vulcan

Watsonia spp. and hybs. mixed

Wildflower mix US cutflowers

Withania somnifera

Xanthosia candida

Xanthosia huegelii

Xanthosia rotundifolia

Xeranthemum annuum

Xeranthemum annuum Double Carmine

Xeranthemum annuum Double Lavender

Xeranthemum annuum Double Violet

Xeranthemum annuum Double White

Xeranthemum annuum Lumina Double mix

Xeranthemum annuum mixed doubles o p

Xeranthemum cylindraceum

Xerochrysum bracteatum

Xerochrysum bracteatum King Size formula mix

Xerochrysum bracteatum orange

Xerochrysum bracteatum pink

Xerochrysum bracteatum red

Xerochrysum bracteatum white

Xerophyllum tenax

Zamia vazquezii

Zantedeschia aethiopica

Zantedeschia aethiopica cream - white

Zantedeschia aethiopica Green Goddess

Zantedeschia aethiopica Marshmallow pink

Zantedeschia aethiopica Santa

Zantedeschia albomaculata

Zantedeschia elliottiana

Zantedeschia Green Bay

Zantedeschia Mrs Roosevelt cream

Zantedeschia pentlandii

Zantedeschia rehmannii

Zea mays Amero multicoloured ornamental

Zea mays Baby Fingers Blue

Zea mays Baby Fingers Pink

Zea mays Cutie Blues

Zea mays Fiesta Multicolour ornamental (- edible)

Zea mays Gracillima Baby Corn Red - Strawberry Cor

Zea mays Indian Berries multicoloured ornamental

Zea mays Japonica variegated

Zea mays Little Jewels Blue-Grey ornamental

Zea mays Little Jewels Brown ornamental

Zea mays Little Jewels Golden ornamental

Zea mays Little Jewels mini multicolour mix orname

Zea mays Little Jewels Red ornamental

Zea mays Multicolour Hybrids ornamental mix

Zea mays Plume

Zea mays Strawberry Corn ornamental and pop

Zehneria scabra

Zigadenus elegans

Zingiber citriodorum Chiang Mai Princess

Zingiber Globba Marantina

Zinnia Benarys Giant Mixed

Zinnia Cactus flowered mix

Zinnia California Giants mixed o p

Zinnia Chrysanthemum Flowered Mix

Zinnia Cupid Mixture

Zinnia elegans Art Deco Mix

Zinnia elegans Benarys Giant Golden Yellow

Zinnia elegans Benarys Giant Lime

Zinnia elegans Benarys Giant Mix

Zinnia elegans Benarys Giant Scarlet

Zinnia elegans Benarys Giant White

Zinnia elegans Benarys Giant Wine

Zinnia elegans Burpeeana mix

Zinnia elegans Cactus Flowered Lilac

Zinnia elegans Cactus Flowered Mix formula

Zinnia elegans Cactus Flowered Mix o p

Zinnia elegans Cactus Lilac

Zinnia elegans Cactus mixed formula

Zinnia elegans Cactus Orange

Zinnia elegans Cactus Red

Zinnia elegans Cactus Rose

Zinnia elegans Cactus White

Zinnia elegans Cactus Yellow

Zinnia elegans California Giants Mix semi-double o

Zinnia elegans Candy Cane Mixture reselected

Zinnia elegans Candy Stripe Mixed

Zinnia elegans Chrysanthemum Flowered Mix

Zinnia elegans CupCakes Cream-White

Zinnia elegans CupCakes Deep Orange

Zinnia elegans CupCakes mix o p

Zinnia elegans CupCakes Pastel Shades

Zinnia elegans CupCakes Pink

Zinnia elegans CupCakes Red

Zinnia elegans CupCakes Rose

Zinnia elegans CupCakes Yellow

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Bright Red

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Canary Bird

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Cherry Queen

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Coral Beauty

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Crimson

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Dark Red

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Dream rose lavender

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Envy green

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Exquisite rose carmine

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Golden State

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Illumination rose

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Isabellina cream

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Isabellina cream yellow

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Lilac

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Lilac Dream

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Luminosa bright pink

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Luminosa pink

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Meteor blood red

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Meteor red purple

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. mix formula

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Mix o. p.

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. mix o.p.

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Orange King

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Oriole orange - gold

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Oriole Orange - Gold

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Pink

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Polar Bear

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Purple Prince

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Red

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Rose

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Royal formula mix

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Royal Purple

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Royal Purple violet pur

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Salmon

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Salmon Queen salmon ros

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Scarlet Flame

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Violet Queen

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. White

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Will Rogers crimson

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Yellow

Zinnia elegans Early Wonder mixed

Zinnia elegans Edwardian Mix

Zinnia elegans f1 Sunshine Mix

Zinnia elegans Lilliput Mix formula

Zinnia elegans Lilliput Mix o.p.

Zinnia elegans Lilliput Orange

Zinnia elegans Lilliput Red

Zinnia elegans Lilliput Rose

Zinnia elegans Lilliput Violet

Zinnia elegans Lilliput White

Zinnia elegans Lilliput Yellow

Zinnia elegans Macarenia bicolour

Zinnia elegans Mammoth Mixed

Zinnia elegans Oklahoma Mix

Zinnia elegans Queen Lime

Zinnia elegans Queen Red Lime

Zinnia elegans Scabious flowered Cresto! orange

Zinnia elegans Scabious flowered Cresto! yellow

Zinnia elegans Senora

Zinnia elegans State Fair Mixed tetra. giant

Zinnia elegans Super Cactus Mixed o.p.

Zinnia elegans Super Cactus Senorita pink

Zinnia elegans Super Yoga Dark Red

Zinnia elegans Super Yoga Formula Mix 9 colours cu

Zinnia elegans Super Yoga Orange

Zinnia elegans Super Yoga Rose

Zinnia elegans Tudor

Zinnia elegans Whirlygig Improved Mixture

Zinnia elegans Zinderella Lilac

Zinnia elegans Zinderella Peach

Zinnia elegans Zinderella Purple

Zinnia haageana Chippendale Daisy

Zinnia haageana Jazzy Mixture

Zinnia haageana Old Mexico

Zinnia haageana Persian Carpet Mix

Zinnia haageana Sombrero

Zinnia hybrida x Molino Cherry

Zinnia hybrida x Molino Cherry Vanilla

Zinnia hybrida x Molino Gold Dust

Zinnia hybrida x Molino Mixture formula

Zinnia hybrida x Molino Orange

Zinnia hybrida x Molino White

Zinnia Lilliput Gem Orange

Zinnia Lilliput Gem Purple

Zinnia Lilliput Gem Red

Zinnia Lilliput Gem Rose

Zinnia Lilliput Gem Salmon

Zinnia Lilliput Gem Scarlet

Zinnia Lilliput Gem White

Zinnia Lilliput Gem Yellow - Golden

Zinnia Lilliput Mix formula

Zinnia Lilliput Mix o p

Zinnia marilandica Brilliant Mixed

Zinnia Oklahoma Mixed

Zinnia peruviana Red Spider

Zinnia pumila Bordeaux mixed

Zinnia Queen Lime

Zinnia Queen Red Lime

Zinnia Scabious Flowered Mix

Zizia aptera

Zizia aurea

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