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House-plant and Container-plant Seeds
Seed price-list: 31

Currently available House-plant and Container-plant Seeds: Species for which we have prices.
House-plant and Container-plant Seeds Photos

Click here for the complete House-plant and Container-plant Seeds including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

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Clicking on a species name opens a new web-page with information for that species.
Species' web-pages have price buttons for adding seeds to your shopping-cart.
Some species have photographs and germination instructions.

Abelmoschus manihot

Abelmoschus manihot Sunset Grandiflora

Abelmoschus moschatus

Abies koreana

Abroma fastuosa

Abrus precatorius

Abutilon Bella Mixed nat. dwarf

Abutilon Benarys Giant

Abutilon Giant Bells mix

Abutilon hybridum x mix

Abutilon Java Hybrids

Abutilon Maximum mix

Abutilon palmeri

Abutilon sonneratianum

Abutilon suntense x

Abutilon vitifolium

Abutilon vitifolium Chalk Blues

Acacia alata

Acacia alata (Jarrah Forest)

Acacia baileyana Purpurea

Acacia baileyana Purpurea hardy N Z

Acacia bancroftiorum

Acacia binervata

Acacia brachybotrya

Acacia burkittii

Acacia complanata

Acacia dealbata

Acacia dealbata hardy N Z

Acacia dealbata prov. India

Acacia decurrens

Acacia drummondii

Acacia drummondii ssp. candolleana

Acacia drummondii ssp. elegans lemon

Acacia elata

Acacia elata hardy New Zealand

Acacia farnesiana (not to Australia)

Acacia flexifolia

Acacia glaucoptera

Acacia greggii

Acacia howittii

Acacia longifolia

Acacia longifolia ssp. sophorae

Acacia macradenia

Acacia melanoxylon

Acacia melanoxylon hardy N Z

Acacia mucronata

Acacia myrtifolia

Acacia myrtifolia hardy N Z

Acacia nervosa

Acacia obtusifolia

Acacia paradoxa

Acacia pendula

Acacia pulchella

Acacia pulchella v glaberrima

Acacia pulchella v goadbyi

Acacia retinodes

Acacia senegal

Acacia sophorae

Acacia spinosissima Robusta Crown of Thorns

Acacia suaveolens

Acacia triptera

Acacia uncinata

Acacia varia

Acacia victoriae

Acalypha hispida

Acalypha indica

Acalypha wilkesiana

Acanthus mollis

Acca sellowiana

Acer tataricum ssp. ginnala d.w.

Achillea ageratifolia

Achillea ptarmica fl. pl. Noblessa

Achyrachaena mollis

Acmella alba Brede Mafane (East African form)

Acmella caulirhiza Delile

Acmella oleracea Bulls Eye

Acmella oleracea fa purpurea

Acmella oleracea fa purpurea organic seed

Acmella oleracea fa viridis

Acmella oleracea Velvet (Indian form)

Acoelorrhaphe wrightii

Aconitum hemsleyanum

Aconitum hemsleyanum Red Wine

Acrolophia micrantha

Acrostichum aureum

Actinidia arguta

Actinidia kolomikta

Actinostrobus acuminatus

Actinotus helianthi c.s.

Actinotus leucocephalus

Adansonia digitata

Adansonia digitata prov. Ibihua Tanzania

Adansonia digitata prov. Mvumi Tanzania

Adansonia digitata prov. Ruaha Mbuyuni Tanzania

Adansonia grandidieri (not to USA)

Adansonia gregorii

Adansonia suarezensis

Adansonia za

Adenandra gummifera

Adenandra obtusata

Adenandra uniflora

Adenanthera microsperma

Adenanthera pavonina

Adenium multiflorum

Adenium obesum

Adenium obesum mixed

Adenium obesum purple fl.

Adenium obesum ssp. somalense

Adenium obesum white fl.

Adenolobus pechuellii

Adiantum bicolor

Adiantum caudatum

Adiantum hispidulum

Adiantum raddianum Brilliant Else

Adiantum raddianum Monocolor

Adonidia merrillii

Adromischus marianae

Aeginetia indica

Aegle marmelos

Aeonium arboreum v. holochrysum

Aeonium haworthii

Aeonium lancerottense

Aeonium longithyrsum

Aeonium simsii

Aeonium spathulatum

Aeonium spp. mixed

Aeonium tabuliforme

Afrocarpus gracilior

Agapanthus africanus

Agapanthus africanus Albus

Agapanthus africanus nanus Albus

Agapanthus Blue Baby

Agapanthus campanulatus

Agapanthus comptonii ssp comptonii

Agapanthus Getty White

Agapanthus Headbourne Blue

Agapanthus Headbourne Hybrids blues mix

Agapanthus inapertus ssp inapertus

Agapanthus inapertus ssp intermedius

Agapanthus Peter Pan

Agapanthus praecox dwarf blue

Agapanthus praecox dwarf white

Agapanthus praecox ssp orientalis dark blue

Agapanthus praecox ssp orientalis large blue selec

Agapanthus praecox ssp orientalis large white sele

Agapanthus praecox ssp praecox

Agapanthus praecox ssp praecox white form

Agapanthus praecox tall white form

Agapanthus Queen Anne

Agapanthus sp. unident. blue

Agapanthus Storm Cloud

Agapanthus umbellatus v. ovatus (name unresolved

Agapanthus Wavy Navy

Agastache Arizona Sandstone

Agastache Arizona Sun

Agastache Arizona Sunset

Agastache Astello Indigo

Agastache astromontana

Agastache aurantiaca

Agastache aurantiaca Apricot Sprite organic seed

Agastache aurantiaca Fragrant Carpet mixed

Agastache aurantiaca Fragrant Delight mixed

Agastache aurantiaca Lavender Martini

Agastache aurantiaca Navajo Sunset

Agastache aurantiaca Peach Margarita

Agastache aurantiaca Raspberry Daiquiri

Agastache aurantiaca Sprite Apricot

Agastache aurantiaca Sprite Lilac

Agastache aurantiaca Sunset Yellow

Agastache cana

Agastache cana Heather Queen

Agastache cana x Bolero

Agastache Canariensis

Agastache foeniculum for micro anise hyssop

Agastache foeniculum Golden Jubilee

Agastache mexicana blue form

Agastache mexicana Champagne

Agastache mexicana Sangria

Agastache nepetoides Green Candles

Agastache pallidiflora ssp neomexicana Pink Pop

Agastache pallidiflora ssp neomexicana Rose Mint

Agastache Rose Mint

Agastache rugosa Golden Jubilee

Agastache rugosa Korean Mint

Agastache rugosa Korean Mint - Zest organic seed

Agastache rugosa Liquorice Blue

Agastache rugosa Liquorice Blue organic

Agastache rugosa Liquorice White

Agastache rugosa organic seed

Agastache rugosa Spike Blue

Agastache rugosa Spike Snow

Agastache scrophulariifolia

Agathosma apiculata

Agathosma capensis

Agathosma collina

Agathosma ovata

Agave aktites

Agave americana

Agave andreae

Agave angustifolia

Agave attenuata

Agave bovicornuta

Agave colorata

Agave deserti

Agave deserti v. simplex

Agave difformis

Agave durangensis

Agave felgeri

Agave filifera

Agave funkiana

Agave garciae-mendozae

Agave geminiflora

Agave gentryi

Agave gentryi La Escondida

Agave horrida

Agave impressa

Agave karwinskii

Agave kerchovei

Agave kristenii (name unresolved)

Agave lechuguilla

Agave macroacantha

Agave mckelveyana

Agave montana

Agave multifilifera

Agave ocahui

Agave ocahui v. longifolia

Agave ornithobroma

Agave ortgiesiana

Agave parryi ssp. neomexicana

Agave parryi ssp. parryi

Agave parryi v. couesii

Agave parviflora Ruby Az. cit (not to USA)

Agave peacockii

Agave pelona

Agave petrophila

Agave potatorum

Agave salmiana

Agave schidigera White Stripe

Agave schottii

Agave shawii ssp. goldmaniana

Agave shrevei ssp. matapensis (ssp. unresolved)

Agave sobria

Agave sobria ssp. frailensis (ssp. unresolved)

Agave sobria ssp. roseana

Agave striata

Agave striata ssp. falcata

Agave striata ssp. falcata Blue

Agave stricta

Agave stringens

Agave subsimplex

Agave tenuifolia

Agave tenuifolia Blue

Agave triangularis

Agave triangularis Subintegra

Agave utahensis

Agave utahensis ssp. kaibabensis

Agave utahensis v. nevadensis

Agave victoriae-reginae

Agave vilmoriniana

Agave vizcainoensis

Agave warelliana

Agave winteriana x

Agave xylonacantha

Agave xylonacantha Blue

Ageratum houstonianum f1 Hawaii Blue pellets

Ageratum houstonianum f1 Mauritius

Ageratum houstonianum Hawaii Blue pellets

Aglaonema commutatum

Aglaonema crispum

Agonis flexuosa

Aiphanes horrida

Albizia julibrissin v. rosea

Albizia tanganyicensis

Albuca abyssinica

Albuca anguinum (name unresolved)

Albuca bracteata

Albuca canadensis

Albuca clanwilliamae-gloria

Albuca fastigiata

Albuca flaccida

Albuca fragrans

Albuca glandulosa

Albuca glauca

Albuca humilis

Albuca juncifolia

Albuca longipes

Albuca nelsonii

Albuca scabrocostata

Albuca secunda

Albuca setosa

Albuca setosa large form

Albuca tenuifolia

Alcea rosea Celebrations Bold Mix

Alcea rosea Celebrations Pastel Mixture annual

Alcea rosea Spring Celebrities Apricot

Alcea rosea Spring Celebrities Carmine Rose

Alcea rosea Spring Celebrities Crimson

Alcea rosea Spring Celebrities Lemon

Alcea rosea Spring Celebrities Lilac

Alcea rosea Spring Celebrities mix

Alcea rosea Spring Celebrities Pink

Alcea rosea Spring Celebrities Purple

Alcea rosea Spring Celebrities Rose

Alcea rosea Spring Celebrities White

Alcea taurica

Alchemilla sericata Gold Strike

Alectryon diversifolius

Aleurites moluccana

Allamanda cathartica

Allamanda cathartica Grandiflora

Allamanda schottii

Allium falcifolium

Allium karataviense

Allium neapolitanum

Allium schoenoprasum fine leaved

Allium schoenoprasum Forcing Chives Grolau

Allium schoenoprasum Polyvit

Allium tuberosum

Allium tuberosum for micro garlic chives

Allium tuberosum organic seed

Allocasuarina torulosa

Allocasuarina verticillata

Allocasuarina zephyrea

Alocasia brisbanensis

Aloe aculeata

Aloe acutissima v. antanimorensis (var. name unres

Aloe affinis

Aloe africana

Aloe albiflora cit (not to USA)

Aloe alooides

Aloe ammophila

Aloe arborescens cit II

Aloe arborescens red form

Aloe barberae

Aloe bosseri

Aloe boylei

Aloe branddraaiensis

Aloe brevifolia

Aloe broomii cit

Aloe burgersfortensis

Aloe bussei

Aloe cameronii

Aloe castanea

Aloe castanea Yellow

Aloe chabaudii

Aloe charlotteae

Aloe chrysostachys

Aloe citrina

Aloe classenii

Aloe claviflora

Aloe comosa

Aloe cooperi

Aloe cryptopoda

Aloe decurva

Aloe dewetii

Aloe dhufarensis

Aloe dichotoma cit

Aloe duckeri

Aloe dyeri

Aloe ecklonis

Aloe elegans

Aloe esculenta

Aloe excelsa

Aloe ferox cit II

Aloe fievetii

Aloe fleurentinorum

Aloe flexilifolia

Aloe fosteri

Aloe gariepensis red fls.

Aloe gerstneri

Aloe globuligemma

Aloe hereroensis cit

Aloe humilis

Aloe kraussii

Aloe labworana

Aloe lateritia v. graminicola

Aloe lavranosii

Aloe linearifolia

Aloe lineata

Aloe lolwensis

Aloe longibracteata

Aloe lutescens orange fld. form

Aloe macroclada

Aloe maculata

Aloe madecassa

Aloe manandonae

Aloe mandotoensis

Aloe marlothii

Aloe mawii

Aloe megalacantha

Aloe megalacantha x Aloe sinkatana nat. hybrid

Aloe megalacantha Yellow Flower

Aloe menyharthii

Aloe microstigma

Aloe mubendiensis

Aloe mudenensis

Aloe mutabilis

Aloe omavandae

Aloe omoana

Aloe parvibracteata

Aloe peglerae

Aloe penduliflora

Aloe perrieri

Aloe petricola

Aloe plicatilis

Aloe praetermissa

Aloe pretoriensis

Aloe pruinosa

Aloe pseudoparvula

Aloe purpurea

Aloe rauhii (not to USA)

Aloe rupestris

Aloe saponaria

Aloe secundiflora

Aloe secundiflora v. tweedieae

Aloe speciosa

Aloe spectabilis

Aloe spicata

Aloe striata

Aloe striata v. stricta

Aloe suprafoliata

Aloe tenuior

Aloe thraskii

Aloe transvaalensis

Aloe umfoloziensis

Aloe vacillans yellow

Aloe vanbalenii

Aloe variegata

Aloe vera

Aloe viguieri

Aloe vogtsii

Aloe vryheidensis

Aloe wickensii

Aloe wickensii v lutea

Aloe zebrina

Aloinopsis peersii

Aloinopsis rosulata

Aloinopsis spathulata

Aloinopsis villetii

Alonsoa incisifolia

Alonsoa meridionalis

Alonsoa meridionalis Rebel

Alonsoa meridionalis Salmon Beauty

Alonsoa meridionalis Salmon Beauty - Shell Pink

Alonsoa meridionalis scarlet

Alonsoa meridionalis Starlets mix

Alonsoa meridionalis Sweetheart

Alpinia arctiflora

Alpinia caerulea

Alpinia caerulea Red Back

Alpinia galanga

Alpinia mutica

Alpinia nigra

Alpinia nutans

Alpinia oxymitra

Alpinia sp. Borneo

Alpinia sp. Sayal

Alpinia sp. Silver

Alpinia sp. Vietnam mix

Alpinia zerumbet

Alstroemeria Dandy Candy hybrid

Alstroemeria gayana

Alstroemeria hookeri

Alstroemeria huemulina

Alternanthera ficoidea Purple Knight

Alyogyne hakeifolia

Alyogyne huegelii

Alyogyne pinoniana

Alyssum argenteum

Alyssum montanum

Amaranthus tricolor Carnival

Amaranthus tricolor Molten Fire

Amaryllis hybrid mixture

Ammi visnaga

Amomum compactum

Amomum maximum

Amomum spiceum

Amomum subulatum

Amomum uliginosum

Amomum verum

Amomum villosum v. xanthioides

Amorphophallus bulbifer

Amorphophallus mossambicensis

Anacampseros filamentosa

Anacyclus pyrethrum v depressus

Anacyclus pyrethrum v depressus Garden Gnome

Anadenanthera colubrina

Anagallis arvensis

Anagallis arvensis v caerulea

Anagallis monelli

Anagallis monelli ssp linifolia

Anchusa capensis

Anchusa capensis Blue Angel

Anchusa capensis Blue Bird

Anchusa capensis Dawn Mixture dwarf

Andersonia aristata

Androcymbium austrocapense

Androcymbium longipes

Androsace lanuginosa

Androsace septentrionalis Stardust

Anemona pulsatilla Bells Violet cs

Anemona pulsatilla cs strat

Anemone coronaria hyb f1 Mona Lisa mix

Anemone coronaria hyb Mona Lisa Wine - White bicol

Anemone coronaria hyb St Brigid Mixed o p

Anemone coronaria mix hort.

Anemone fulgens x

Anemone hupehensis v japonica Pink Saucer

Anemone multifida mixed

Anemone pulsatilla

Anemone pulsatilla Alba Bells White

Anemone pulsatilla Alba Bells White stratified see

Anemone pulsatilla Bells Pearl

Anemone pulsatilla Bells Pearl stratified seed

Anemone pulsatilla Bells Red

Anemone pulsatilla Bells Red stratified seed

Anemone pulsatilla Bells Rose

Anemone pulsatilla Bells Rose stratified seed

Anemone pulsatilla Bells Violet

Anemone pulsatilla Bells Violet stratified seed

Anemone pulsatilla Bells White

Anemone pulsatilla Heiler Hybrids mix

Anemone pulsatilla Pasque Flower Mixture r.s.

Anemone pulsatilla Perlen Glocke c.s.

Anemone pulsatilla Rose Bells - Rosen Glocke

Anemone pulsatilla Rubra - Red Bells c.s.

Anemone pulsatilla Rubra - Rote Glocke strat.

Anemone pulsatilla ssp. grandis

Anemone pulsatilla ssp. grandis Prima Papageno Mix

Anemone pulsatilla ssp. grandis Prima Papageno Mix

Anemone pulsatilla stratified seed

Anemonella thalictroides

Anemonopsis macrophylla

Anemonopsis macrophylla White Swan

Anethum graveolens

Anethum graveolens Compatto compact dill for pots

Anethum graveolens Delight

Anethum graveolens Diana

Anethum graveolens Domino

Anethum graveolens Dukat

Anethum graveolens Dukat organic seed

Anethum graveolens Etherio

Anethum graveolens Fernleaf Dill

Anethum graveolens Greensleeves organic

Anethum graveolens Hera organic

Anethum graveolens Monarch

Anethum graveolens Monia

Anethum graveolens Nano

Anethum graveolens Tetra Leaf Dill

Anigozanthos bicolor

Anigozanthos flavidus green and yellow

Anigozanthos flavidus orange red

Anigozanthos flavidus red

Anigozanthos gabrielae

Anigozanthos humilis

Anigozanthos manglesii

Anigozanthos preissii

Anigozanthos pulcherrimus

Anigozanthos rufus

Anigozanthos viridis

Annona purpurea

Anoda cristata

Antegibbaeum fissoides

Anthericum saundersiae

Anthocercis littorea

Anthoxanthum odoratum

Anthoxanthum odoratum organic seed

Anthriscus cerefolium

Anthriscus cerefolium Chervil for micro chervil

Anthriscus cerefolium Crispum organic

Anthriscus cerefolium organic seed

Anthurium bakeri

Anthurium bonplandii ssp. guyanum

Anthurium grandifolium

Anthurium hookeri

Anthurium schlechtendalii

Antigonon leptopus

Antimima dualis smaller form

Antimima pygmaeum

Antimima ventricosa

Antirrhinum braun-blanquetii

Antirrhinum f1 Antiquity Mixed

Antirrhinum f1 Arrow Mix

Antirrhinum f1 Candy Showers Mixed trailing multi-

Antirrhinum f1 Candy Showers Orange trailing multi

Antirrhinum f1 Candy Showers Red trailing multi-pe

Antirrhinum f1 Candy Showers Rose trailing multi-p

Antirrhinum f1 Candy Showers White trailing multi-

Antirrhinum f1 Candy Showers Yellow trailing multi

Antirrhinum f1 Floral Showers Bi-colour Mix ayr

Antirrhinum f1 Floral Showers Mixed ayr

Antirrhinum f1 Twinny Appleblossom

Antirrhinum f1 Twinny Mixed

Antirrhinum f1 Twinny Peach

Antirrhinum majus Bronze Dragon

Antirrhinum majus Dwarf Hobbit Mixed

Antirrhinum majus f1 Legend Pink

Antirrhinum majus f1 Legend White

Antirrhinum majus f1 Legend Yellow

Antirrhinum majus f1 Magic Formula Mix

Antirrhinum majus f2 Cheerio Mixed semi-dwarf

Antirrhinum majus f2 Magic Carpet Mixed dwarf

Antirrhinum majus Kimosy Mixed dwarf

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Black Prince

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Bronze Dragon

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Circus Clowns bicolour mix

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Crimson Velvet

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Crown Mixture

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Dazzler orange-scarlet

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Frosted Flames

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Lipstick Gold

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Lipstick Silver

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Mixed - Rainbow

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Nelrose

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Night and Day

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Oriental Lanterns

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Rembrandt

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Royal Rose

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Twilight Mix

Antirrhinum majus Nanum Welcome dark red

Antirrhinum majus Orange Glow

Antirrhinum majus Pendulum Magic Lanterns

Antirrhinum majus Pendulum Magic Lanterns Peach

Antirrhinum majus Pumilum Mini-Snap Mixed dwarf

Antirrhinum majus Sawyers Mixed

Antirrhinum majus Tom Thumb Mixed dwarf

Antirrhinum majus Zugspitze

Apera spica-venti

Apios americana

Apium graveolens Leaf Celery Par-Cel - Zwolsche Kr

Apodytes abbottii

Apodytes dimidiata svs

Aptenia cordifolia

Aquilegia caerulea Dragonfly dwarf hybrid mix

Aquilegia caerulea f1 Songbird Bluebird mid blue a

Aquilegia caerulea f1 Songbird Cardinal dark red a

Aquilegia caerulea f1 Songbird Dove pure white

Aquilegia caerulea f1 Songbird Goldfinch light yel

Aquilegia caerulea f1 Songbird Mix

Aquilegia caerulea f1 Songbird Nightingale lavende

Aquilegia caerulea f1 Songbird Robin large rose an

Aquilegia canadensis Hummingbird red and yellow dw

Aquilegia canadensis Little Lanterns

Aquilegia discolor

Aquilegia Double Red - White

Aquilegia f1 Origami Mixed

Aquilegia f1 Spring Magic Navy-White

Aquilegia f1 Spring Magic Pale Red-White

Aquilegia flabellata Blackcurrant Ice

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Cameo Blue and White dwarf

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Cameo Mixed dwarf

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Cameo pale Red and White

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Cameo Rose and White

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Cameo Soft Pink

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Cameo White dwarf

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Spring Magic Blue-White

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Spring Magic Mixed

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Spring Magic Pale Red-Yell

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Spring Magic Pink-White

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Spring Magic White

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Spring Magic Yellow

Aquilegia flabellata Ministar

Aquilegia longissima

Aquilegia viridiflora Chocolate Soldier

Aquilegia vulgaris Barlow Nora

Aquilegia vulgaris Barlow Purple

Aquilegia vulgaris Clementine Blue

Aquilegia vulgaris Clementine Dark Purple

Aquilegia vulgaris Clementine Mix

Aquilegia vulgaris Clementine Red

Aquilegia vulgaris Clementine Rose

Aquilegia vulgaris Clementine Salmon Rose

Aquilegia vulgaris Clementine White

Aquilegia vulgaris Tower Formula Mix doubles

Aquilegia vulgaris Winky Double Dark Blue - White

Aquilegia vulgaris Winky Double Mixed formula

Aquilegia Winky Double Rose - White

Aquilegia Winky Double White - White

Aquilegia Winky Early Sky Blue

Aquilegia Winky Purple and White

Aquilegia Winky Red and White

Aquilegia Winky Rose - Rose

Aquilegia Winky Single Blue - White

Aquilegia Winky Single Mixed

Aquilegia Winky Single White

Arabis alpina ssp caucasica Compacta Snowfix

Arabis alpina ssp caucasica Compinkie

Arabis alpina ssp caucasica Little Treasure Deep R

Arabis alpina ssp caucasica Little Treasure White

Arabis alpina ssp caucasica Pixie Cream

Arabis alpina ssp caucasica Schneehaube - Snowcap

Arabis arendsii x La Fraicheur

Arabis blepharophylla

Arabis blepharophylla Fruhlingszauber

Arabis blepharophylla Red Sensation

Arabis blepharophylla Spring Charm - Magic

Arachis hypogaea

Arachis pintoi

Aralia elata c.s.

Araucaria araucana svs

Araucaria bidwillii vsvs

Araucaria columnaris vsvs

Araucaria cunninghamii svs

Araucaria heterophylla

Araujia sericIfera

Archontophoenix alexandrae

Archontophoenix cunninghamiana

Arctomecon merriamii

Arctopus echinatus

Arctotis acaulis mix

Arctotis acaulis New Hybrids

Arctotis cuprea

Arctotis fastuosa Orange Prince

Arctotis fastuosa v alba Zulu Prince

Arctotis fastuosa Zulu Warrior Mixture

Arctotis Harlequin Mixture

Ardisia crenata

Ardisia crispa

Ardisia japonica

Ardisia macrocarpa

Ardisia polycephala

Areca catechu dwarf form svs

Areca catechu svs

Areca triandra

Arenaria montana

Arenaria montana Avalanche - Snowwhite

Arenaria serpyllifolia

Arenga caudata

Arenga engleri

Arenga hookeriana

Argyranthemum frutescens

Argyranthemum frutescens Whity

Argyreia argentea (name unresolved)

Argyreia nervosa

Argyreia nervosa prov India

Argyreia sikkimensis name not recognised

Argyroderma crateriforme

Argyroderma delaetii Aureum

Argyroderma delaetii Roseum

Argyroderma fissum

Argyroderma framesii ssp. hallii

Argyroderma patens

Argyroderma pearsonii Luckhoffii

Argyroderma ringens

Argyroderma subalbum

Arisaema ciliatum

Arisaema concinnum

Arisaema consanguineum

Arisaema griffithii

Arisaema intermedium

Arisaema jacquemontii

Arisaema tortuosum

Arisaema wallichianum

Aristea abyssinica

Aristea africana

Aristea anceps

Aristea angolensis

Aristea capitata blue

Aristea confusa

Aristea cuspidata

Aristea ecklonii

Aristea ensifolia

Aristea fimbriata

Aristea macrocarpa

Aristea nana

Aristea palustris

Aristea pusilla ssp pusilla

Aristea simplex

Aristea spiralis

Aristea woodii

Aristolochia californica

Aristolochia clematitis

Aristolochia clematitis organic seed

Aristolochia debilis

Aristolochia fimbriata

Aristolochia gigantea

Aristolochia grandiflora

Aristolochia littoralis

Aristolochia macrophylla

Aristolochia manshuriensis

Aristolochia ringens

Aristolochia serpentaria svs

Aristolochia tagala

Armeria pseudarmeria Joystick Lilac Shades c.s.

Armeria pseudarmeria Joystick Mixed c.s.

Armeria pseudarmeria Joystick Red c.s.

Armeria pseudarmeria Joystick White c.s.

Artemisia afra

Artemisia annua

Artemisia annua organic seed

Artemisia stelleriana Moris Strain

Artemisia tridentata Big Sagebrush

Arthropodium cirrhatum

Arthropodium cirrhatum Matapouri Bay

Arthropodium milleflorum

Arthropodium strictum

Arum italicum ssp italicum

Arum italicum ssp italicum Marmoratum

Aruncus aethusifolius c.s.

Aruncus aethusifolius Noble Spirits

Asarina procumbens

Asarina purpusii Victoria Falls (sp. name unresolv

Asarum marmoratum

Asclepias curassavica

Asclepias curassavica Apollo Orange

Asclepias curassavica Red Butterfly

Asclepias curassavica Silky Deep Red c.s.

Asclepias curassavica Silky Gold c.s.

Asclepias curassavica Silky Scarlet c.s.

Asclepias exaltata

Asclepias incarnata Soulmate

Aspalathus subtingens

Aspalathus teres

Asparagus aethiopicus

Asparagus africanus Lam.

Asparagus asparagoides Smilax

Asparagus crassicladus

Asparagus densiflorus

Asparagus densiflorus Cwebe - Gwebe

Asparagus densiflorus Mazeppa

Asparagus densiflorus Meyersii

Asparagus densiflorus Sprengeri

Asparagus densiflorus Sprengeri Compacta

Asparagus densiflorus Sprengeri select uniform

Asparagus falcatus

Asparagus racemosus

Asparagus retrofractus

Asparagus sarmentosus

Asparagus scandens v. deflexus

Asparagus setaceus

Asparagus setaceus Nanus

Asparagus setaceus Pyramidalis

Asparagus setaceus Pyramidalis Blue Flame

Asparagus setaceus Robustus

Asparagus verticillatus

Asparagus virgatus

Asperula orientalis

Asplenium antiquum

Asplenium Osaka

Asplenium serra

Asplenium sulcatum

Aster alpinus

Aster alpinus Beauty Rose

Aster alpinus Beauty Series Mixture

Aster alpinus Blue

Aster alpinus Dark Beauty deep blue

Aster alpinus Dunkle Schone

Aster alpinus Goliath lilac-blue

Aster alpinus Happy End

Aster alpinus mixed

Aster alpinus Rose - Pinkie

Aster alpinus Trimix

Aster alpinus v albus

Aster alpinus v.vierhapperi

Aster spectabilis

Astilbe arendsii Astary Mixed pellets

Astilbe arendsii x Showstar Group

Astilbe chinensis v pumila

Astragalus detritalis M. E. Jones

Astrantia major Primadonna deep red

Astroloma ciliatum

Astroloma compactum

Astroloma drummondii

Astroloma epacridis

Astroloma glaucescens

Astroloma microdonta

Astroloma xerophyllum

Asystasia gangetica

Athanasia trifurcata

Athrotaxis cupressoides

Athrotaxis laxifolia

Athrotaxis selaginoides

Aubrieta Cascade Blue

Aubrieta Cascade Formula Mix

Aubrieta Cascade Mixed o.p.

Aubrieta Cascade Purple

Aubrieta Cascade Red

Aubrieta deltoidea

Aubrieta deltoidea Graeca pale blue compact

Aubrieta Giant Superbissima Mixed

Aubrieta Grandiflora Mix

Aubrieta Hendersonii

Aubrieta hybrids mix

Aubrieta Leichtlinii

Aubrieta Pixie Pearls

Aubrieta Royal Blue

Aubrieta Royal Mixed

Aubrieta Royal Red

Aubrieta Royal Violet

Aubrieta Whitewell Gem

Aurinia saxatilis

Aurinia saxatilis Sulphurea

Aurinia saxatilis Summit

Austrocedrus chilensis

Austromyrtus dulcis

Avonia papyracea

Avonia ruschii

Azalea atlantica

Azalea obtusa hybs. mixed evergreen

Aztekium hintonii

Babiana ambigua

Babiana fragrans

Babiana inclinata

Babiana karooica

Babiana leipoldtii

Babiana lineolata

Babiana mucronata

Babiana mucronata ssp minor

Babiana nana

Babiana nana ssp nana

Babiana odorata

Babiana patersoniae

Babiana patersoniae white - yellow form

Babiana patula

Babiana purpurea white form

Babiana rubrocyanea

Babiana scariosa

Babiana stricta blue

Babiana stricta cream - green

Babiana tanquana

Babiana tubaeformis

Babiana tubiflora

Babiana vanzyliae

Babiana villosa

Babiana villosula

Backhousia citriodora

Bacopa Blutopia multi-pellets

Bacopa Snowtopia multi-pellets

Baeckea virgata

Baeometra uniflora

Balaustion pulcherrimum

Baloskion tetraphyllum

Banksia brownii

Banksia canei

Banksia integrifolia

Banksia laricina

Banksia petiolaris

Banksia prionotes

Banksia pulchella

Banksia repens

Banksia serrata

Banksia sphaerocarpa v sphaerocarpa

Banksia violaceae

Barbarea rupicola

Barbarea vulgaris Variegata

Barklya syringifolia

Barleria repens

Bartlettina sordida

Basella alba

Basella alba Rubra

Bassia childsii

Bassia scoparia

Bauhinia acuminata

Bauhinia galpinii

Bauhinia madagascariensis

Bauhinia malabarica

Bauhinia monandra

Bauhinia purpurea L.

Bauhinia purpurea Variegata

Bauhinia racemosa

Bauhinia scandens

Bauhinia semla

Bauhinia tomentosa

Bauhinia vahlii

Bauhinia variegata

Bauhinia variegata pink form

Bauhinia variegata v candida

Beaucarnea guatemalensis

Beaucarnea hiriartiae (not to USA)

Beaucarnea recurvata c.s. (not to USA)

Beaucarnea sanctomariana (not to USA)

Beaucarnea stricta (not to USA)

Beaufortia cyrtodonta c.s.

Beaufortia elegans c.s.

Beaufortia empetrifolia c.s.

Beaufortia schaueri

Beaufortia squarrosa

Beaumontia grandiflora

Begonia boliviensis Santa Cruz Sunset pellets

Begonia boliviensis(tub) Bossa Nova Orange pellets

Begonia boliviensis(tub) Bossa Nova Yellow pellets

Begonia hydrocotylifolia

Begonia multiflora New Star Red pellets

Begonia palmata

Begonia Pink Splash

Begonia Pink Splash pellets

Begonia wallichiana

Begonia(fib) albopicta

Begonia(fib) Big Red Bronze Leaf pellets

Begonia(fib) Big Red Green Leaf pellets

Begonia(fib) Big Rose Bronze Leaf pellets

Begonia(fib) f1 Ambassador Bi-color pellets

Begonia(fib) f1 Ambassador Coral pellets

Begonia(fib) f1 Ambassador Mixed

Begonia(fib) f1 Ambassador Mixed pellets

Begonia(fib) f1 Ambassador Pink pellets

Begonia(fib) f1 Ambassador Rose pellets

Begonia(fib) f1 Ambassador Scarlet pellets

Begonia(fib) f1 Ambassador White pellets

Begonia(fib) f1 Cocktail Brandy pink pellets

Begonia(fib) f1 Cocktail Gin rose

Begonia(fib) f1 Cocktail Mixed

Begonia(fib) f1 Cocktail Mixed pellets

Begonia(fib) f1 Cocktail Rum white pink edge pelle

Begonia(fib) f1 Cocktail Tequila rose pink pellets

Begonia(fib) f1 Cocktail Vodka red pellets

Begonia(fib) f1 Cocktail Whisky white pellets

Begonia(fib) f1 Dragon Wing Red pellets

Begonia(fib) f1 Landscape Inferno Mixed

Begonia(fib) f1 Organdy Mixed pellets

Begonia(fib) f1 Organdy Mixed semi dwarf

Begonia(fib) f1 President Mixed

Begonia(fib) f1 President Mixed pellets

Begonia(fib) f1 Senator Deep Rose pellets

Begonia(fib) f1 Senator Mixed

Begonia(fib) f1 Senator Mixed pellets

Begonia(fib) f1 Senator Pink pellets

Begonia(fib) f1 Senator Rose bicolour pellets

Begonia(fib) f1 Senator Rose pellets

Begonia(fib) f1 Senator Scarlet pellets

Begonia(fib) f1 Senator White pellets

Begonia(fib) f1 Super Olympia Bi-colour pink - whi

Begonia(fib) f1 Super Olympia Mixed

Begonia(fib) f1 Super Olympia Mixed pellets

Begonia(fib) f1 Super Olympia Pink pellets

Begonia(fib) f1 Super Olympia Red pellets

Begonia(fib) f1 Super Olympia Rose pellets

Begonia(fib) f1 Super Olympia White pellets

Begonia(fib) Fairyland Mixed pellets

Begonia(fib) hiemalis f1 Charisma Salmon Orange pe

Begonia(fib) hiemalis f1 Charisma Scarlet pellets

Begonia(fib) Organdy Mixed

Begonia(fib) Organdy Mixed pellets

Begonia(fib) Queen Mixed double pellets

Begonia(fib) Queen Pink double pellets

Begonia(fib) Queen Red double pellets

Begonia(fib) Queen White double pellets

Begonia(semp) Big Red Bronze Leaf pellets

Begonia(semp) Big Red Green Leaf pellets

Begonia(semp) f1 Cocktail Mixed

Begonia(semp) f1 Havana Pink pellets

Begonia(semp) f1 Havana Rose pellets

Begonia(semp) f1 Havana Scarlet

Begonia(semp) f1 Havana White pellets

Begonia(semp) f1 Mix

Begonia(semp) f1 Mixed

Begonia(semp) f1 Monza Appleblossom pellets

Begonia(semp) f1 Monza Blush pellets

Begonia(semp) f1 Monza Mixture formula pellets

Begonia(semp) f1 Monza Pink pellets

Begonia(semp) f1 Monza Rose pellets

Begonia(semp) f1 Monza Scarlet pellets

Begonia(semp) f1 Monza White pellets

Begonia(semp) f2 mixed

Begonia(semp) mixed dwarf vars. o p

Begonia(semp) mixed o p

Begonia(semp) mixed tall vars. o p

Begonia(semp) Rote Perle

Begonia(tub) B and L Basket Mix

Begonia(tub) B and L Show Double Mix

Begonia(tub) Blackmore - Langdons Double Mixed

Begonia(tub) boliviensis Bossa Nova Orange pellets

Begonia(tub) boliviensis Bossa Nova Red pellets

Begonia(tub) boliviensis Bossa Nova Rose pellets

Begonia(tub) boliviensis Bossa Nova White pellets

Begonia(tub) boliviensis Bossa Nova Yellow pellets

Begonia(tub) f1 Chanson Bicolour Pink - White

Begonia(tub) f1 Chanson Creamy Yellow trailing

Begonia(tub) f1 Chanson Mixed trailing

Begonia(tub) f1 Chanson Orange - Yellow

Begonia(tub) f1 Fortune Mixed pellets

Begonia(tub) f1 Nonstop Mocca Mixed

Begonia(tub) f1 Pin-up Flame pellets

Begonia(tub) f1 Pin-up Rose pellets

Begonia(tub) f1 Primary Deep Red

Begonia(tub) f1 Royal Picotee Mixture

Begonia(tub) f1 Skydiver Red pellets

Begonia(tub) f1 Skydiver Salmon pellets

Begonia(tub) f1 Skydiver White pellets

Begonia(tub) f1 Skydiver Yellow pellets

Begonia(tub) Fortune Mixed pellets

Begonia(tub) Funky Pink pellets

Begonia(tub) grandis ssp evansiana

Begonia(tub) Nonstop Appleblossom pellets

Begonia(tub) Nonstop Deep Rose pellets

Begonia(tub) Nonstop Joy Mocca White double pellet

Begonia(tub) Nonstop Joy Yellow trailing pellets

Begonia(tub) Nonstop Mixed

Begonia(tub) Nonstop Mixed pellets

Begonia(tub) Nonstop Mocca Mixed pellets

Begonia(tub) Nonstop Orange pellets

Begonia(tub) Nonstop Pink pellets

Begonia(tub) Nonstop Red pellets

Begonia(tub) Nonstop Rose Petticoat pellets

Begonia(tub) Nonstop Salmon pellets

Begonia(tub) Nonstop White pellets

Begonia(tub) Nonstop Yellow pellets

Begonia(tub) Nonstop Yellow with Red back pellets

Begonia(tub) On Top Pink Halo pellets

Begonia(tub) On Top Sunset Shades pellets

Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Illumination Apricot

Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Illumination Apricot pelle

Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Illumination Golden Picote

Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Illumination Lemon pellets

Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Illumination Mixed cascadi

Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Illumination Mixed pellets

Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Illumination Orange pellet

Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Illumination Rose pellets

Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Illumination Salmon Pink

Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Illumination Salmon Pink p

Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Illumination Scarlet pelle

Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Illumination White pellets

Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Show Angels Mixed

Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Show Angels Mixture

Begonia(tub) Royal Picotee red on yellow double

Begonia(tub) Show Angels Mixed

Begonia(tub) Skydiver Orange pellets

Begonia(tub) Skydiver Orange Yellow bicolour pelle

Begonia(tub) Skydiver Pink - White bicolour pellet

Begonia(tub) Skydiver Pink pellets

Begonia(tub) Skydiver Red pellets

Begonia(tub) Skydiver Salmon pellets

Begonia(tub) Skydiver White pellets

Begonia(tub) Skydiver Yellow pellets

Belamcanda chinensis

Belamcanda chinensis Hello Yellow

Bellis perennis Carpet Mixed double

Bellis perennis Carpet Pink

Bellis perennis Carpet Red

Bellis perennis Carpet White

Bellis perennis Galaxy Mixed pellets

Bellis perennis Galaxy Red pellets

Bellis perennis Galaxy Rose pellets

Bellis perennis Galaxy White pellets

Bellis perennis Habanera Mixed

Bellis perennis Habanera Mixed pellets

Bellis perennis Habanera Red pellets

Bellis perennis Habanera Rose pellets

Bellis perennis Habanera White pellets

Bellis perennis Habanera White Red tipped pellets

Bellis perennis Monstrosa Double Red

Bellis perennis Monstrosa Double Rose

Bellis perennis Monstrosa Double White

Bellis perennis Monstrosa Doubles Mix op

Bellis perennis Pomponette Mixed

Bellis perennis Pomponette Pink - Rose

Bellis perennis Pomponette Red

Bellis perennis Pomponette White

Bellis perennis Robella large pale salmon-pink pel

Bellis perennis Rominette Carmine-rose

Bellis perennis Rominette Mixture

Bellis perennis Rominette Pink

Bellis perennis Rominette Red

Bellis perennis Rominette White

Bellis perennis Super Enorma Ball Mixed o p

Bellis perennis Tasso Deep Rose pellets

Bellis perennis Tasso Mixed

Bellis perennis Tasso Mixed pellets

Bellis perennis Tasso Pink pellets

Bellis perennis Tasso Red pellets

Bellis perennis Tasso Strawberries - Cream pellets

Bellis perennis Tasso White pellets

Bergeranthus scapiger

Berkheya multijuga

Berlandiera lyrata Chocolate Drop

Berlandiera lyrata organic seed

Beschorneria albiflora

Beschorneria wrightii

Beschorneria yuccoides

Beta vulgaris v flavescens Chard Bright Yellow

Beta vulgaris v flavescens Chard Fordhook Giant

Beta vulgaris v flavescens Magenta

Bidens aurea

Bidens aurea Sunshine

Bidens humilis

Bidens humilis Gold Nuggets

Bignonia capreolata

Bijlia cana

Billardiera fusiformis

Billardiera longiflora

Bixa orellana

Blandfordia punicea

Blechnum brasiliense

Blechnum buchtienii

Blechnum minus

Blechnum occidentale

Blechnum sp. unident. Pink Panama

Blechnum stipitatum

Blechnum tabulare

Bloomeria crocea

Bobartia aphylla

Bobartia filiformis

Bobartia indica

Boehmeria sieboldiana

Bolusanthus speciosus

Bomarea edulis

Bomarea involucrata

Bomarea multiflora

Bomarea obovata

Bomarea salsilla

Bombax ceiba L.

Bombax ellipticum

Bonatea speciosa svs

Bonsai deciduous (mainly) mix

Borago officinalis Alba

Borya sphaerocephala

Bossiaea aquifolium

Bossiaea dentata

Bossiaea pulchella

Bossiaea walkeri

Bowiea volubilis

Brachychiton acerifolius

Brachychiton discolor

Brachychiton populneus

Brachychiton rupestris

Brachyloma preissii

Brachyscome iberidifolia Blue Star

Brachyscome iberidifolia Brachy Blue dwarf

Brachyscome iberidifolia c.s.

Brachyscome iberidifolia mixed o.p.

Brachyscome iberidifolia Splendour Blue

Brachyscome iberidifolia Splendour Purple

Brachyscome iberidifolia Splendour White

Brahea aculeata

Brahea armata

Brahea dulcis

Brahea edulis

Brahea sp. Super Silver

Brassica juncea f1 Mustard Green Fire

Brassica juncea f1 Mustard Green Fire for micro mu

Brassica juncea Mustard Red Giant

Brassica juncea Mustard Red Giant organic seed

Brassica oleracea Cabbage ornamental mix o p

Brassica oleracea f1 Cabbage Ornamental Osaka Mix

Brassica oleracea f1 Kale Ornamental Kamome Pink h

Brassica oleracea f1 Kale Ornamental Kamome Red ha

Brassica oleracea f1 Kale Ornamental Kamome White

Brassica oleracea f1 Kale Ornamental Nagoya Mixed

Brassica oleracea f1 Kale Ornamental Peacock White

Brassica oleracea ornamental kale fringed mix

Brassica oleracea ornamental kale mix

Brassica rapa f1 Mizuna Red Baron Plus for micro m

Brassica rapa Moutarde Rouge

Braunsia apiculata

Brodiaea elegans

Brodiaea Queen Fabiola

Bromelia karatas

Bromelia sp unident. Mk. 3

Bromelia sp unident. Mk.2

Bromeliad sp unident Corazon de Fuego

Browallia americana sky blue

Browallia americana Snowwhite

Browallia Jingle Bells

Browallia speciosa Blue Bells

Browallia speciosa Silver Bells

Browallia viscosa Amethyst

Browningia hertlingiana

Brugmansia arborea

Brugmansia candida x White

Brugmansia insignis pink form

Brugmansia insignis white form

Brugmansia Pumpkin yellow

Brugmansia sanguinea

Brugmansia sanguinea Aurea

Brugmansia suaveolens

Brugmansia suaveolens mixed colours

Brugmansia suaveolens pink

Brugmansia suaveolens yellow

Brugmansia suaveolens yellow-peach

Brugmansia versicolor

Brugmansia versicolor Ecuador Pink

Brunfelsia latifolia

Brunfelsia pauciflora

Brunfelsia pauciflora Floribunda

Brunfelsia pauciflora Floribunda dwarf form

Brunia fragaroides

Brunia laevis

Brunia paleacea

Brunia stokoei

Brunia stokoei x albiflora

Brunonia australis

Buckinghamia celsissima

Buddleja davidii Butterfly Hybrid Mix pellets

Buddleja davidii Butterfly Hybrid Mixture

Buddleja davidii Butterfly Violet

Buddleja utahensis

Bulbine abyssinica

Bulbine annua

Bulbine frutescens

Bulbine frutescens yellow form

Bulbine latifolia

Bulbine praemorsa

Bulbine semibarbata

Bulbinella barkerae

Bulbinella cauda-felis

Bulbinella eburniflora

Bulbinella elegans

Bulbinella gibbsii v balanifera

Bulbinella hookeri

Bulbinella latifolia ssp latifolia

Bulbinella nutans yellow form

Bulbinella punctulata

Bulbinella triquetra

Burchardia multiflora

Burchardia umbellata

Bursaria spinosa c.s.

Butia catarinensis

Buxus microphylla

Buxus microphylla v koreana

Buxus microphylla v sinica

Buxus sinica v insularis

Cactus spp flowering mix

Cactus spp mix rarer sorts

Cactus spp Old Man Mixture

Cactus spp quick growing columnar mix

Cactus spp. mix

Caesalpinia decapetala

Caesalpinia gilliesii

Caesalpinia mexicana

Caesalpinia pulcherrima

Caesalpinia pulcherrima cream

Caesalpinia pulcherrima fa. flava

Caesalpinia pulcherrima pink

Caesalpinia pulcherrima red-orange dwarf

Caesalpinia pulcherrima yellow

Caesalpinia sappan

Caesalpinia trothaei prov. Mtera Tanzania

Caesia parviflora

Calandrinia ciliata Blanca

Calandrinia umbellata Amaranth

Calandrinia umbellata Purple Moon

Calandrinia umbellata Ruby Tuesday

Calathea lutea

Calathea ornata

Calceolaria biflora Goldcap

Calceolaria biflora Goldcrest

Calceolaria f1 Dainty Mixed dwarf

Calceolaria f1 Dainty Mixed dwarf pellets

Calceolaria f1 Sunset Orange Bicolour

Calceolaria f1 Sunset Yellow Bicolour

Calceolaria f2 Fascination mixed Herbeohybrida gro

Calceolaria integrifolia f1 Sunshine a

Calendula officinalis Apricot Twist double

Calendula officinalis Bronzed Beauty

Calendula officinalis Costa Mixed

Calendula officinalis Costa Orange

Calendula officinalis Costa Yellow

Calendula officinalis Fiesta Gitana Apricot dwarf

Calendula officinalis Fiesta Gitana Mixed dwarf

Calendula officinalis Lemon Cream

Calendula officinalis Lemon Twist

Calendula officinalis Mandarin Twist

Calendula officinalis Mayaan organic

Calendula officinalis Nana Candyman Orange

Calendula officinalis Nana Daisy Apricot

Calendula officinalis Nana Daisy Citrus Mixture

Calendula officinalis Nana Daisy Formula Mix

Calendula officinalis Nana Daisy Golden

Calendula officinalis Nana Daisy Lemon

Calendula officinalis Nana Daisy Orange

Calendula officinalis Oopsy Daisy dwarf

Calendula officinalis Orange Button

Calendula officinalis Pygmy Apricot

Calendula officinalis Pygmy Cream

Calendula officinalis Pygmy Formula Mixture double

Calendula officinalis Pygmy Golden

Calendula officinalis Pygmy Orange

Calendula officinalis Star Orange

Calendula officinalis Tangerine Cream

Calibrachoa sp. f1 Kabloom Deep Blue pellets

Calibrachoa sp. f1 Kabloom Deep Pink pellets

Calibrachoa sp. f1 Kabloom White pellets

Calibrachoa sp. f1 Kabloom Yellow

Calliandra calothyrsus

Calliandra haematocephala

Calliandra surinamensis

Callicoma serratifolia

Callistachys lanceolata

Callistemon citrinus

Callistemon citrinus b.s.

Callistemon coccineus

Callistemon salignus

Callistemon speciosus

Callistemon subulatus

Callistemon viminalis

Callistemon viminalis Captain Cook

Callistemon viminalis pink form

Callistemon viridiflorus

Callistephus chinensis Harmony

Callistephus chinensis Milady Deep Blue dwarf

Callistephus chinensis Milady Lilac dwarf

Callistephus chinensis Milady Mixed dwarf o.p.

Callistephus chinensis Milady Rose

Callistephus chinensis Milady Scarlet

Callistephus chinensis Milady White

Callistephus chinensis Pinocchio mixed

Callistephus chinensis Ribbon Blue

Callistephus chinensis Ribbon Red

Callistephus chinensis Rococo

Callistephus chinensis Star Pink

Callistephus chinensis Star Violet

Callistephus chinensis Starlight Blue spider

Callistephus chinensis Starlight Formula Mixed spi

Callistephus chinensis Starlight Light Pink spider

Callistephus chinensis Starlight Powder Blue spide

Callistephus chinensis Starlight Purple spider

Callistephus chinensis Starlight Scarlet

Callistephus chinensis Summer Bouquet Mixed

Callistephus chinensis Summer Bouquet White

Callistephus chinensis Tricolore

Callitris columellaris

Callitris columellaris fa. intratropica

Callitris drummondii

Callitris oblonga

Callitris rhomboidea

Calocephalus sp. Bed Head

Calochortus albus

Calochortus ambiguus

Calochortus aureus

Calochortus invenustus

Calochortus kennedyi

Calochortus nuttallii pink form

Calochortus nuttallii white form

Calochortus venustus Mariposa Co.

Calodendrum capense svs

Calothamnus blepharospermus

Calothamnus chrysantherus

Calothamnus gilesii

Calothamnus gracilis

Calothamnus graniticus ssp leptophylla

Calothamnus hirsutus

Calothamnus homalophyllus

Calothamnus longissimus

Calothamnus pinifolius

Calothamnus planifolius

Calothamnus quadrifidus

Calothamnus rupestris

Calothamnus sanguineus

Calothamnus validus

Calothamnus villosus

Calotis cuneifolia

Calotis cymbacantha

Calpurnia aurea

Calpurnia glabrata

Calpurnia sericea

Calytrix aurea

Calytrix flavescens

Calytrix fraseri

Calytrix glutinosa

Calytrix leschenaultii

Calytrix sapphirina

Camellia japonica

Camellia sasanqua

Camellia sinensis organic svs

Camellia sinensis svs

Camissonia bistorta

Campanula carpatica

Campanula carpatica Alba

Campanula carpatica Blue and White Mix

Campanula carpatica Clips Blue

Campanula carpatica Clips White

Campanula carpatica f1 Uniform Blue

Campanula carpatica f1 Uniform White

Campanula carpatica Pearl Deep Blue pellets

Campanula carpatica Pearl White pellets

Campanula cochlearifolia

Campanula cochleariifolia Alba

Campanula cochleariifolia Bavaria Blue

Campanula cochleariifolia Bavaria White

Campanula excisa

Campanula garganica

Campanula incurva

Campanula medium Champion Pink ann. pellets

Campanula medium Chelsea Pink ayr

Campanula persicifolia f1 Takion Blue pellets

Campanula persicifolia f1 Takion Blue Picotee pell

Campanula persicifolia f1 Takion White pellets

Campanula persicifolia v planiflora

Campanula portenschlagiana

Campanula portenschlagiana Blue Magic (R)

Campanula poscharskyana

Campanula punctata

Campanula punctata Bellringers

Campanula punctata Ring of Bells

Campanula pyramidalis

Campanula rotundifolia White Gem

Campanula vidalii rose pink form

Campanula wanneri

Campsis radicans

Cananga odorata

Canarina canariensis

Canavalia ensiformis

Canavalia gladiata

Canavalia papuana

Canavalia rosea

Canna compacta

Canna generalis x f1 South Pacific Scarlet

Canna generalis x Tropical Bronze Scarlet dwarf

Canna generalis x Tropical Red dwarf

Canna generalis x Tropical Rose dwarf

Canna generalis x Tropical Salmon dwarf

Canna generalis x Tropical White dwarf

Canna generalis x Tropical Yellow dwarf

Canna glauca

Canna indica

Canna indica Brasiliensis

Canna indica New Hybrids Mix red and yellow

Canna jaegeriana

Canna New Hybrids

Canna speciosa

Canna spp. mixed

Canna tuerckheimii

Canna warscewiczii

Cannomois virgata

Capsicum annuum Bell Purple

Capsicum annuum Bell White

Capsicum annuum Black Hungarian

Capsicum annuum Black Hungarian Pepper organic see

Capsicum annuum Bulgarian Carrot

Capsicum annuum Carolina Reaper

Capsicum annuum Cayenne

Capsicum annuum Cayenne Golden

Capsicum annuum Cayenne Golden organic seed

Capsicum annuum Cayenne Long Slim

Capsicum annuum Cayenne organic

Capsicum annuum Ciliegia Piccante

Capsicum annuum Conga

Capsicum annuum Corno di Toro Mix

Capsicum annuum Cubana Deep Orange ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Cubana Mixture ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Cubana Multicolour Orange ornament

Capsicum annuum Cubana Multicolour Red ornamental

Capsicum annuum Cubana Red ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Cubana Yellow ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Demon Red ornamental - edible

Capsicum annuum Etna ornamental - edible

Capsicum annuum Explosive Ember

Capsicum annuum f1 Apache ornamental and edible

Capsicum annuum f1 Cherry Bomb

Capsicum annuum f1 Cheyenne

Capsicum annuum f1 Chilly Chili

Capsicum annuum f1 Fuoca Giallo

Capsicum annuum f1 Gusto Green

Capsicum annuum f1 Gusto Purple

Capsicum annuum f1 Lirica yellow

Capsicum annuum f1 Medusa ornamental

Capsicum annuum f1 Mohawk

Capsicum annuum f1 Nirvana sweet pepper yellow

Capsicum annuum f1 Paradise sweet pepper red

Capsicum annuum f1 Paragon

Capsicum annuum f1 Peppa Purple-Tangerine

Capsicum annuum f1 Red Missile ornamental

Capsicum annuum f1 Redskin dwarf sweet bell pepper

Capsicum annuum f1 Roberta

Capsicum annuum f1 Rodeo

Capsicum annuum f1 Sweet Sunshine ornamental - edi

Capsicum annuum f1 Tabaluga

Capsicum annuum f1 Treasures Red ornamental

Capsicum annuum f1 Volante Hot Red

Capsicum annuum Favorit Deep Red ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Favorit Mixed ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Favorit Orange ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Favorit Purple Red ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Favorit Red ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Favorit Yellow ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Favorit Yellow Red ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Filius blue to red ornamental

Capsicum annuum Firecracker

Capsicum annuum Fresno

Capsicum annuum Golden Greek Pepperoncini organic

Capsicum annuum Hot Thai

Capsicum annuum Hungarian Cherry Pepper

Capsicum annuum Hungarian Hot Wax

Capsicum annuum Hungarian Hot Wax organic seed

Capsicum annuum Hungarian Sweet Wax

Capsicum annuum Jalapeno Early

Capsicum annuum Jalapeno Early organic seed

Capsicum annuum Kapiya

Capsicum annuum Little Bomb

Capsicum annuum Mambo Mixture ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Mambo Orange ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Mambo Purple Orange ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Mambo Purple Red ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Mambo Red ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Mambo Yellow ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Mambo Yellow Red ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Marta Polka yellow

Capsicum annuum Midas

Capsicum annuum Mini-Chili ornamental

Capsicum annuum Mushroom Red

Capsicum annuum Mushroom Yellow

Capsicum annuum Numex Twilight ornl. and edible

Capsicum annuum Orange Horizon

Capsicum annuum Ornamental Peppers Dwarf Mix

Capsicum annuum Ornamental Peppers Mix

Capsicum annuum Paradise

Capsicum annuum Paragon

Capsicum annuum Pasilla Bajio

Capsicum annuum Pot Black edible - ornamental

Capsicum annuum Purple Prince edible - ornamental

Capsicum annuum Purple Tiger edible and ornamental

Capsicum annuum Rio Light Orange cutflower use

Capsicum annuum Rio Yellow cutflower use

Capsicum annuum Rouge de la Bresse

Capsicum annuum Salsa Deep Orange ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Salsa Mixture ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Salsa Multicolour Red

Capsicum annuum Salsa Orange ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Salsa Red ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Salsa Yellow ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Salsa Yellow Red ornamantal pot

Capsicum annuum Siberian House Pepper

Capsicum annuum Sweet Banana

Capsicum annuum Sweet Chocolate

Capsicum annuum Tangerine Dream

Capsicum annuum Tango Deep Orange ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Tango Light Orange ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Tango Mixed ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Tango Red ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Tango Yellow ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum Thai Hot Pepper

Capsicum annuum Uchu variegated ornamental pot

Capsicum annuum v. aviculare Tepin

Capsicum annuum v. Minimum

Capsicum annuum Yellow Sunbright

Capsicum annuum Zimbabwe Black

Capsicum chinense Aribibi Gusano

Capsicum chinense Bhut Jolokia

Capsicum chinense Biquinho

Capsicum chinense Biquinho Amarela

Capsicum chinense Dorset Naga Black

Capsicum chinense f1 Habanero Orange

Capsicum chinense f1 Habanero Red

Capsicum chinense f1 Habanero Red organic seed

Capsicum chinense f1 Habanero White

Capsicum chinense Fuoco della prateria ornamental

Capsicum chinense Habanero Chocolate

Capsicum chinense Machu Pichu

Capsicum chinense Scotch Bonnet orange

Capsicum chinense Scotch Bonnet red

Capsicum chinense Scotch Bonnet yellow

Capsicum chinense Trinidad Perfume

Capsicum chinense Trinidad Scorpion

Capsicum chinense Trinidad Scorpion Moruga

Capsicum frutescens Adorno

Capsicum frutescens Aladin ornamental

Capsicum frutescens Bird Pepper wild

Capsicum frutescens Etna edible and ornl.

Capsicum frutescens f1 Gusto Green

Capsicum frutescens f1 Gusto Purple

Capsicum frutescens Hidalgo

Capsicum frutescens Peruvian Purple

Capsicum frutescens Pikito

Capsicum frutescens Tabasco

Capsicum pubescens Manzano Rocoto Amarillo

Capsicum pubescens Manzano Rocoto Rojo

Capsicum sp. unident. Ecuador Purple

Capsicum sp. unident. Martinique Chili

Capsicum sp. unident. Thai Chili

Cardwellia sublimis

Carex albula Frosted Curls

Carex buchananii

Carex comans Bronze Curls - Bronze Form - Bronco

Carex comans Frosted Curls

Carex comans Phoenix Green pellets

Carex flagellifera

Carex lupulina

Carex morrowii Pinkie

Carex muskingumensis

Carex pendula Fresh Look

Carex pendula Moonraker

Carex Prairie Fire

Carex serotina

Carex sp. unident. Majken

Carex testacea

Carex vulpina

Carica papaya

Carica papaya Ceylon Honeydew

Carica papaya Coorg Honeydew

Carica papaya dwarf

Carica papaya Mamba Numba

Carica papaya Mammoth

Carica papaya Ranchi semi dwarf

Carica papaya Solo Sunrise

Carica papaya Solo Sunset

Carica papaya Solo Waimanalo

Carica papaya Washington

Carica papaya Wild Small Fruit

Carica pubescens

Carica stipulata

Carissa macrocarpa

Carpanthea pomeridiana

Carpentaria acuminata

Carpenteria californica

Carpobrotus muirii

Carruanthus peersii

Caryopteris incana

Caryopteris incana Blue Myth

Caryota himalayana (name unresolved)

Caryota mitis svs

Caryota urens svs

Cascabela thevetia

Cassia javanica

Cassia nemophila

Cassia roxburghii

Cassine aethiopicum

Cassine australis v angustifolia

Castanospermum australe svs

Catha edulis

Catharanthus roseus

Catharanthus roseus Albus

Catharanthus roseus f1 Victory Mixed

Catharanthus roseus f1 Vitesse Mixed

Catharanthus roseus Little Blanche

Catharanthus roseus Little Bright Eyes

Catharanthus roseus Little Linda deep rose

Catharanthus roseus Little Mix dwarf o p

Catharanthus roseus Little Pinkie

Catharanthus roseus Pacifica Mixed new colours

Catharanthus roseus tall mix o p

Catharanthus trichophyllus

Caulanthus inflatus

Caulokaempferia sikkimensis

Cautleya gracilis

Cautleya spicata

Ceanothus americanus

Cedronella canariensis

Cedrus brevifolia

Celosia argentea v. cristata dwarf mixed

Celosia argentea v. spicata wild form

Celosia cristata Amigo Mixed

Celosia cristata Dwarf Coral Garden Mix o p

Celosia cristata Nana Cockscomb Mixed

Celosia plumosa Fashion Look Mix

Celosia plumosa Fresh Look Mix

Celosia plumosa Fresh Look Orange

Celosia plumosa Fresh Look Red

Celosia plumosa Fresh Look Yellow - Gold

Celosia plumosa Kimono Super Dwarf mix

Celosia plumosa Lilliput Kewpie Mixed

Celosia plumosa Lilliput Mixture of 3 colours

Celosia plumosa Plume tall mix o p

Celosia spicata Flamingo Feather pink

Celosia spicata Flamingo Feather purple

Celosia spicata Punky Red

Centaurea cyanus Blue Midget double

Centaurea cyanus Florence Blue double

Centaurea cyanus Midget Lilac

Centaurea cyanus Midget Mixture o.p.

Centaurea cyanus Midget Purple

Centaurea cyanus Midget Red

Centaurea cyanus Midget Snow

Centaurea cyanus Polka Dot Double Mixed dwarf

Centranthus ruber Albus

Centranthus ruber mixture

Centranthus ruber Pretty Betsy

Centratherum intermedium

Centratherum punctatum

Cephalophyllum alstonii

Cephalophyllum alstonii Ceres Karoo

Cephalophyllum aureorubrum

Cephalophyllum diversiphyllum

Cephalophyllum franciscii

Cephalophyllum loreum

Cephalophyllum pulchrum

Cephalophyllum spissum

Cephalophyllum spp. mixed

Cephalophyllum subulatoides

Cerastium alpinum v lanatum

Ceratonia siliqua

Ceratozamia robusta Belize form cit

Cerinthe major v purpurascens

Cerinthe major v purpurascens Kiwi Blue

Cerinthe major v purpurascens Purple Belle

Cerochlamys pachyphylla

Ceropegia woodii

Cestrum fasciculatum

Cestrum nocturnum

Cestrum parqui

Chaenactis suffrutescens

Chaenomeles lagenaria

Chaenorhinum origanifolium Blue Dreams

Chaenorhinum origanifolium Blue Eyes

Chaenorhinum villosum

Chamaedorea atrovirens Wendl.

Chamaedorea cataractarum svs

Chamaedorea costaricana

Chamaedorea elegans

Chamaedorea elegans Negrita

Chamaedorea hooperiana

Chamaedorea hybrid Florida Beauty

Chamaedorea metallica

Chamaedorea microspadix

Chamaedorea pinnatifrons

Chamaedorea sartorii

Chamaedorea seifrizii

Chamaedorea tepejilote

Chamaedorea woodsoniana

Chamaerops humilis

Chamaerops humilis v cerifera

Chamaerops humilis Volcano

Chamaescilla corymbosa

Chamelaucium megalopetalum

Chamelaucium uncinatum

Chasmanthium latifolium c.s.

Chasmanthium latifolium c.s. organic

Cheilocostus speciosus

Cheiranthera filifolia

Cheiridopsis candidissima

Cheiridopsis carinata

Cheiridopsis cuprea

Cheiridopsis denticulata

Cheiridopsis imitans

Cheiridopsis marlothii

Cheiridopsis meyeri

Cheiridopsis namaquensis

Cheiridopsis peculiaris

Cheiridopsis pillansii

Cheiridopsis purpurea

Cheiridopsis roodiae

Cheiridopsis schlechteri

Cheiridopsis spp. mix

Cheiridopsis vanzylii

Cheiridopsis verrucosa

Chenopodium botrys

Chenopodium capitatum organic seed

Chenopodium capitatum Strawberry Spinach

Chiastophyllum oppositifolium

Chiastophyllum oppositifolium Gold Drop

Chilopsis linearis

Chirita hamosa

Chirita involucrata

Chirita viola

Chironia baccifera

Chironia palustris

Chlorophytum borivilianum

Chorisia speciosa

Chorizanthe membranacea

Chorizema aciculare

Chorizema cordatum

Chorizema dicksonii

Chorizema diversifolium

Chorizema ilicifolium

Chorizema retrorsum

Chorizema rhombeum

Chromolaena odorata

Chrysalidocarpus lutescens vsvs

Cineraria saxifraga

Cinnamomum burmanni

Cinnamomum camphora svs

Cisanthe grandiflora

Cissus antarctica

Cissus hypoglauca

Cissus rhombifolia

Cistanthe guadalupensis

Cistus laurifolius

Cistus monspeliensis

Cistus salviifolius

Citrofortunella microcarpa vsvs

Citrus aurantifolia svs

Citrus aurantium svs

Citrus Citronelle

Citrus glauca db

Citrus limettoides svs

Citrus limon

Citrus limon x Ponderosa

Citrus maxima svs

Citrus reticulata

Citrus sinensis

Citrus sinensis x Citrange Carrizo svs

Citrus sinensis x Citrange Troyer svs

Cladanthus arabicus

Cladanthus arabicus Criss-cross

Clarkia amoena Azalea fld. dwarf double mixture

Clarkia amoena Azalea fld. Dwarf Mix

Clarkia amoena Azalea fld. semi-tall doubles

Clarkia amoena f1 Dwarf Satin Mixed formula

Clarkia amoena Mixed Doubles semi tall

Clarkia amoena Monarch dwarf single mix

Clarkia amoena semi-dwarf single mix

Clarkia amoena ssp whitneyi single mixed

Clarkia bottae Lilac Pixie - Lilac Blossom

Clarkia Choice Mixed

Clarkia concinna Pink Ribbons

Clarkia Dwarf Gem Mix singles

Clarkia pulchella Fairy Mixture

Clarkia pulchella Passion for Purple

Clarkia pulchella Snowflake

Clarkia rubicunda wild form

Clarkia Ruddigore dwarf single

Clarkia Salmon Princess dwarf

Clarkia tenella ssp maroon fld.

Clarkia unguiculata

Clarkia unguiculata Albatross white double

Clarkia unguiculata carmine double

Clarkia unguiculata compact wild strain

Clarkia unguiculata doubles mix

Clarkia unguiculata orange double

Clarkia unguiculata pink double

Clarkia unguiculata purple double

Clarkia unguiculata salmon rose double

Clarkia unguiculata scarlet double

Clarkia unguiculata Standard Mixture o. p.

Clarkia williamsonii

Claytonia parviflora

Clematis fusca v violacea

Clematis hybrida Daihelios

Clematis integrifolia Bells

Clematis integrifolia Mongolian Bells mix

Clematis ladakhiana

Clematis tangutica c.s.

Clematis villosa

Cleome f1 Sparkler Blush

Cleome f1 Sparkler Lavender

Cleome f1 Sparkler Mixed

Cleome f1 Sparkler Rose

Cleome f1 Sparkler White

Cleome monophylla

Cleome spinosa Colour Fountain Mix

Cleome spinosa mix

Cleome spinosa Pale Rose

Cleome spinosa Purple

Cleome spinosa Queen Cherry

Cleome spinosa Queen Pink

Cleome spinosa Queen Rose

Cleome spinosa Queen Violet

Cleome spinosa Queen White - Helen Campbell

Cleome spinosa Rose

Cleome spinosa White

Cleome viscosa

Cleretum papulosum

Cleretum papulosum ssp. schlechteri

Clerodendrum glabrum

Clerodendrum glandulosum

Clerodendrum paniculatum

Clerodendrum speciosissimum

Clerodendrum tomentosum

Clerodendrum trichotomum d.b.

Clianthus puniceus

Clianthus puniceus Albus

Clianthus puniceus Maximus

Clianthus puniceus Pink Flamingo

Clianthus puniceus Roseus

Clitoria fairchildiana

Clitoria lasciva

Clitoria ternatea Double White

Clitoria ternatea mix

Clitoria ternatea v Milgarra Pelleted Seed

Clivia caulescens vsvs

Clivia gardenii Maxima vsvs

Clivia gardenii vsvs

Clivia miniata Aurea Yellows vsvs

Clivia miniata Belgian hybrid vsvs

Clivia miniata orange extra wide leaf vsvs

Clivia miniata pastel coloured hybrids vsvs

Clivia miniata peach hybrid vsvs

Clivia miniata v citrina vsvs

Clivia miniata vsvs

Clivia miniata yellow hybrids vsvs

Clivia nobilis vsvs

Clivia robusta vsvs

Cobaea scandens

Cobaea scandens Alba

Cobaea scandens Blue and White Mix

Coccoloba tuerckheimii

Coccoloba uvifera

Coccothrinax argentea

Cocos nucifera

Codariocalyx motorius

Coddia rudis

Codonopsis clematidea

Codonorhiza corymbosa

Codonorhiza micrantha

Coffea arabica Catura

Coffea arabica Nana svs

Coffea arabica svs

Coleonema pulchellum

Coleonema pulchellum dark pink form

Coleostephus multicaulis

Collinsia bartsiifolia v davidsonii

Collinsia heterophylla Bicolor

Collinsia parviflora

Collivia elegans Parlour Palm

Colocasia esculenta

Colocasia fallax

Colubrina asiatica

Colvillea racemosa

Combretum microphyllum

Combretum molle

Combretum mossambicense

Commelina coelestis

Commelina coelestis Alba

Commelina coelestis Blue

Commelina coelestis Formula Mixture

Commelina coelestis Lilac

Commelina coelestis Sleeping Beauty

Commelina dianthifolia

Conicosia elongata

Conicosia pugioniformis

Conifers Mix hardy spp.

Conophytum bilobum

Conophytum calculus

Conophytum minutum

Conophytum subfenestratum

Conophytum uviforme

Conospermum caeruleum

Conospermum capitatum

Conospermum croniniae

Conospermum floribundum

Conospermum huegelii

Conospermum incurvum

Conospermum stoechadis

Conospermum triplinervium

Conostephium pendulum

Conostylis candicans ssp candicans

Conostylis discolor

Conostylis phathyrantha

Conostylis setigera

Conostylis setosa

Conothamnus aureus

Container Plant Mix 8spp

Convolvulus tricolor blue

Convolvulus tricolor Erecta Blue Flash

Convolvulus tricolor Flagship Mixed

Convolvulus tricolor mixture o p

Convolvulus tricolor Red Ensign

Convolvulus tricolor rose - Rose Ensign

Convolvulus tricolor Royal Ensign deep blue - gold

Convolvulus tricolor white

Convolvulus tricolor White Ensign

Coopernookia polygalacea

Copernicia macroglossa

Cordyline australis

Cordyline australis Purpurea

Cordyline banksii

Cordyline indivisa c.s.

Cordyline mauritiana

Cordyline neocaledonica

Cordyline obtecta Norfolk Island

Cordyline obtecta Purpurea

Cordyline obtecta Three Kings

Cordyline petiolaris

Cordyline pumilio

Cordyline rubra

Cordyline sellowiana

Cordyline sp. unident. Wide Leaf

Cordyline stricta

Coreopsis auriculata Nana Elfin Gold

Coreopsis gigantea

Coreopsis grandiflora Santa Fe

Coreopsis grandiflora Sunburst

Coreopsis grandiflora Sundrops

Coreopsis grandiflora Sunfire

Coreopsis grandiflora Ticky Daisy semi-dwarf

Coreopsis lanceolata Early Sunrise

Coreopsis lanceolata Sterntaler

Coreopsis tinctoria Amulet red-brown dwarf

Coreopsis tinctoria Dwarf Red Plains Coreopsis

Coreopsis tinctoria Dwarf Varieties Mixed

Coreopsis tinctoria Gold Star dwarf

Coreopsis tinctoria Radiata tiger spotted dwarf

Coreopsis tinctoria Roulette

Coreopsis tinctoria semi-dwarf red

Coreopsis tinctoria semi-dwarf varieties mixed

Coreopsis tinctoria semi-dwarf yellow

Coreopsis tinctoria tall varieties mixed

Coridothymus capitatus

Corokia buddleoides

Corokia cotoneaster

Corokia macrocarpa

Coronilla valentina ssp. glauca

Cortusa matthioli ssp pekinensis

Corydalis lutea svs

Corydalis nobilis

Corydalis sempervirens

Corymbia citriodora b.s.

Corymbia citriodora c.s.

Corymbia citriodora hardy N Z

Corymbia citriodora Lemon Bush c.s.

Corymbia eximia Nana

Corymbia ficifolia b.s.

Corymbia ficifolia c.s.

Corymbia ficifolia hardy N Z

Corynephorus canescens

Corynocarpus laevigatus svs

Cosmas bipinnatus Dwarf Sensation Red

Cosmos bipinnatus Antiquity

Cosmos bipinnatus Casanova Mixed

Cosmos bipinnatus Cosmix

Cosmos bipinnatus Cosmix White

Cosmos bipinnatus Cupcakes Mixed

Cosmos bipinnatus Cupcakes White

Cosmos bipinnatus Dwarf Sensation Carmine

Cosmos bipinnatus Dwarf Sensation Mixed extra earl

Cosmos bipinnatus Dwarf Sensation Pink

Cosmos bipinnatus Dwarf Sensation Pink blotched

Cosmos bipinnatus Dwarf Sensation White

Cosmos bipinnatus Hot Pink

Cosmos bipinnatus Lemonade

Cosmos bipinnatus Popsocks Pink

Cosmos bipinnatus Popsocks White

Cosmos bipinnatus Sensation Early Mix

Cosmos bipinnatus Sonata Carmine

Cosmos bipinnatus Sonata Mix

Cosmos bipinnatus Sonata Pink

Cosmos bipinnatus Sonata Pink Blush

Cosmos bipinnatus Sonata White

Cosmos bipinnatus Xanthos

Cosmos sulphureus Brightness Formula Mixture

Cosmos sulphureus Brightness Gold

Cosmos sulphureus Brightness Lemon

Cosmos sulphureus Brightness Orange

Cosmos sulphureus Brightness Red

Cosmos sulphureus Carpet mix formula dwarf

Cosmos sulphureus Cosmic Mixed dwarf

Cosmos sulphureus Cosmic Orange dwarf

Cosmos sulphureus Cosmic Red dwarf

Cosmos sulphureus Cosmic Yellow dwarf

Cosmos sulphureus Diablo

Cosmos sulphureus Ladybird Mixture o p

Cosmos sulphureus Ladybird Red

Cosmos sulphureus Ladybird Yellow

Cosmos sulphureus Polidor mixture semi-tall

Cosmos sulphureus Redcrest

Cosmos sulphureus Sunny red

Costus dinklagei

Costus dubius

Costus erythrocoryne

Costus ricus

Costus scaber

Costus woodsonii

Cota tinctoria Kelwayi

Cotyledon barbeyi

Cotyledon campanulata

Cotyledon cuneata

Cotyledon orbiculata

Cotyledon orbiculata flat leaf

Cotyledon orbiculata flat lf. light grey

Cotyledon orbiculata narrow lf.

Cotyledon orbiculata powdery white form

Cotyledon orbiculata silver

Cotyledon orbiculata Staghorn

Cotyledon orbiculata v. oblonga

Cotyledon orbiculata v. oblonga green lf.

Cotyledon orbiculata v. spuria

Cotyledon velutina

Crassula alba

Crassula arborescens

Crassula capensis v. capensis

Crassula coccinea

Crassula columnaris

Crassula cotyledonis

Crassula cultrata

Crassula dejecta

Crassula multiflora

Crassula muscosa

Crassula natalensis

Crassula nudicaulis

Crassula obvallata

Crassula orbicularis

Crassula ovata

Crassula southii

Crassula tetragona

Craterostigma wilmsii

Crescentia cujete

Crinodendron hookerianum svs

Crinodendron patagua svs

Crinum asiaticum v. pedunculatum svs

Crinum bulbispermum svs

Crinum macowanii

Crinum mauritianum vsvs

Crithmum maritimum

Crocosmia paniculata

Crocus vernus

Crossandra greenstockii

Crossandra infundibuliformis

Crotalaria cunninghamii

Crotalaria spectabilis

Crowea angustifolia

Crowea angustifolia v dentata

Crowea dentata

Cryptandra arbutiflora

Cryptandra connata

Cryptostegia grandiflora

Cryptostegia grandiflora darker fld. form

Cryptostegia madagascariensis

Cubanola domingensis

Cucumis carolinus

Cucumis carolinus prov. E. Africa

Cucumis longipes

Cucumis melo Edens Gem

Cucumis melo Ein Dor anannas type

Cucumis sativus f1 Iznik mini cuc.

Cucumis sativus f1 Patio Snacker

Cucumis sativus f1 Pony

Cucumis sativus Piccolo di Parigi pickling cuc.

Cucurbita maxima Ball Summer

Cucurbita pepo f1 Bush Baby

Cucurbita pepo f1 Midnight courgette

Cucurbita pepo f1 Patio Star

Cucurbita pepo f1 Royal Flush baby courgettes

Cuphea blepharophylla

Cuphea blepharophylla Diablo

Cuphea ignea

Cuphea ignea Coan Mixed

Cuphea ignea Coan Scarlet

Cuphea lanceolata

Cuphea viscosissima

Cupressus cashmeriana

Cupressus funebris

Cupressus pygmaea

Curculigo orchioides

Curcuma sessilis

Cussonia arenicola

Cussonia paniculata

Cussonia sphaerocephala

Cussonia spicata

Cussonia transvaalensis

Cyanella alba

Cyanella hyacinthoides

Cyanella lutea

Cyanella orchidiformis

Cyanotis speciosa

Cyathea australis (name unresolved)

Cyathea dealbata name unresolved

Cyathea dregei

Cyathea glauca name unresolved

Cyathea leucotricha

Cyathea medullaris name unresolved

Cyathochaeta avenacea

Cyathodes parvifolia

Cycas petraea

Cycas platyphylla cit

Cycas revoluta cit

Cycas revoluta x C. debaoensis f1

Cycas siamensis cit

Cycas siamensis dwarf form

Cycas silvestris

Cyclamen africanum

Cyclamen cilicium

Cyclamen cilicium Album

Cyclamen colchicum

Cyclamen coum

Cyclamen coum Cyberia Mixed

Cyclamen coum mix

Cyclamen coum Silverleaf (Pewter group) mix

Cyclamen coum ssp coum fa albissimum

Cyclamen creticum

Cyclamen f1 Friller Mixed

Cyclamen f1 Latinia mix

Cyclamen f1 SeeWhy Mixed

Cyclamen f1 Sierra Mixed

Cyclamen f1 Silverado Mixed

Cyclamen graecum

Cyclamen graecum Album

Cyclamen graecum vars. mix

Cyclamen intaminatum

Cyclamen libanoticum

Cyclamen mirabile fa niveum

Cyclamen persicum

Cyclamen persicum Album

Cyclamen persicum Giant Formula Mix

Cyclamen persicum large flowered mix

Cyclamen persicum Royal Maxi mixed

Cyclamen persicum Royal Mini mix

Cyclamen persicum small flowered mix

Cyclamen pseudibericum

Cyclamen repandum Album

Cyclamen repandum ssp rhodense

Cyclamen rohlfsianum

Cymbalaria muralis

Cymbalaria pallida Albiflora

Cymbopogon ambiguus

Cymbopogon citratus c.s.

Cymbopogon flexuosus

Cymbopogon martinii

Cymbopogon martinii cv. Rosha

Cynanchum sp. unident. Madagascar

Cynoglossum amabile Firmament

Cynoglossum amabile White

Cyperus esculentus seeds

Cyperus esculentus v sativus tubers

Cyperus longus

Cyperus papyrus

Cyperus Sea Urchin

Cyphomandra betacea (name unresolved)

Cyphomandra crassicaulis White Egg

Cyphomandra crassicaulis yellow fruited

Cyphostemma congestum

Cyphostemma juttae

Cyrtanthus brachyscyphus svs

Cyrtanthus mackenii red svs

Cyrtostachys renda

Dactylicapnos scandens

Dahlia Black Beauty

Dahlia Diablo Mixed double and semi-double

Dahlia Double Extreme

Dahlia Dwarf dark leaved double mix

Dahlia Dwarf Hybrids semi-double

Dahlia Early Bird Mix semi double

Dahlia extra dwarf double mix

Dahlia Figaro Improved Mix

Dahlia Figaro Orange Shades

Dahlia Figaro Red Shades

Dahlia Figaro Violet Shades

Dahlia Figaro White

Dahlia Figaro Yellow Shades

Dahlia Fireworks mix

Dahlia imperialis f2 hybrids

Dahlia Mardi Gras mix

Dahlia Mignon Mixed dwarf

Dahlia Mignon Purple Shades

Dahlia Mignon Rose Shades

Dahlia Mignon White

Dahlia Opera Mixed double - semi-double dwarf

Dahlia Opera White double dwarf

Dahlia Rigoletto Mixed

Dahlia Semi Dwarf Cactus Flowered Mix

Dais cotinifolia

Dampiera linearis

Dampiera wellsiana

Daphne tangutica

Darlingtonia californica

Dasylirion acrotrichum

Dasylirion berlandieri

Dasylirion cedrosanum

Dasylirion durangense

Dasylirion gentryi

Dasylirion glaucophyllum

Dasylirion longissimum

Dasylirion lucidum

Dasylirion miquihuanense

Dasylirion parryanum

Dasylirion serratifolium

Dasylirion texanum

Dasylirion wheeleri

Dasypogon bromeliifolius

Dasypogon obliquifolius

Datura Aquamarine double

Datura discolor

Datura ferox

Datura Golden Queen double

Datura innoxia (D. meteloides

Datura innoxia double fl.

Datura innoxia Evening Fragrance

Datura innoxia Mill.

Datura La Fleur Lilas

Datura metel

Datura metel Ballerina Formula Mix pot series

Datura metel Ballerina Purple

Datura metel Ballerina White

Datura metel Ballerina Yellow

Datura metel Belle Blanche

Datura metel dark purple double

Datura metel double mixed

Datura metel double purple

Datura metel double purple - yellow mix

Datura metel double white - double purple mix

Datura metel double yellow

Datura metel v. chlorantha Double Golden Queen

Datura metel v. fastuosa Cornucopea double purple

Datura metel v. fastuosa Double Blackcurrant Swirl

Datura parajuli (name unresolved)

Datura quercifolia

Datura sp. unident. single purple fl.

Datura spp. mixed

Datura stramonium

Datura stramonium mix

Datura stramonium v inermis

Datura stramonium white form (Linn.) GA-3 treated

Datura White Lady - Purity double

Datura wrightii

Davidsonia pruriens

Daviesia cordata

Daviesia horrida

Delonix elata

Delonix leucantha

Delonix regia

Delonix regia Madagascar

Delosperma cooperi

Delosperma floribundum Stardust - Starburst

Delosperma macrostigma

Delosperma nakurense

Delphinium Blue Fountains Mixture

Delphinium elatum f1 Aurora Deep Purple

Delphinium elatum f1 Aurora Lavender

Delphinium elatum f1 Aurora Light Blue

Delphinium elatum f1 Aurora Mauve

Delphinium elatum f1 Aurora White

Delphinium elatum f1 Guardian Blue

Delphinium elatum f1 Guardian Lavender

Delphinium elatum f1 Guardian White

Delphinium elatum f1 Mini Stars Mix

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millenium Double Innocenc

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Black Eyed Ang

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Blue Lace

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Cobalt Dreams

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Dusky Maidens

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Green Twist

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Lilac Ladies

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Morning Lights

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Pagan Purples

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Pink Blush

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Pink Punch

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Purple Passion

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Sunny Skies

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Super Stars Mi

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Sweethearts

Delphinium f1 Millennium Innocence

Delphinium f1 Millennium Misty Mauves

Delphinium grandiflorum Blue Pygmy

Delphinium grandiflorum Butterfly Blue dwarf

Delphinium grandiflorum Butterfly Light Blue dwarf

Delphinium grandiflorum Butterfly Rose dwarf

Delphinium grandiflorum Butterfly White dwarf

Delphinium grandiflorum dwarf dark blue

Delphinium grandiflorum dwarf rose pink

Delphinium grandiflorum dwarf vars mixed

Delphinium grandiflorum dwarf white

Delphinium grandiflorum Gentian Blue Dwarf

Delphinium grandiflorum Sky-blue Dwarf

Delphinium grandiflorum Summer Blues

Delphinium grandiflorum Summer Clouds blue - white

Delphinium grandiflorum Summer Colours mix

Delphinium grandiflorum Summer Morning pink

Delphinium grandiflorum Summer Nights deep blue

Delphinium grandiflorum Summer Stars white

Delphinium King Size Scarlet

Delphinium Magic Fountain Mixed

Delphinium nudicaule

Delphinium nudicaule Laurin

Delphinium nudicaule Redcap dwarf delph.

Delphinium Pacific Premium Astolat

Delphinium Pacific Premium Black Knight

Delphinium Pacific Premium Blue Bird

Delphinium Pacific Premium Blue Jay

Delphinium Pacific Premium Camelliard

Delphinium Pacific Premium Formula Mixture

Delphinium Pacific Premium Galahad

Delphinium Pacific Premium Guinevere

Delphinium Pacific Premium Summer Skies

Delphinium spp. deluxe mixture

Delphinium Tom Pouce Gentian Blue dwarf

Delphinium Tom Pouce Mixed dwarf

Dendrocalamus strictus svs

Dendroseris litoralis

Dermatobotrys saundersii

Derris elliptica

Dianella ensifolia Madagascar

Dianella tasmanica

Dianthus Allwoodii x Alpinus

Dianthus alpinus

Dianthus amurensis

Dianthus amurensis Siberian Blues

Dianthus arenarius fa nanus Little Maiden

Dianthus arenarius Sand Pink

Dianthus barbatus Black Adder

Dianthus barbatus f1 Bodestolz mix

Dianthus barbatus f1 Telstar Burgundy

Dianthus barbatus f1 Telstar Carmine Rose

Dianthus barbatus f1 Telstar Coral

Dianthus barbatus f1 Telstar Crimson

Dianthus barbatus f1 Telstar Mixed

Dianthus barbatus f1 Telstar Pink

Dianthus barbatus f1 Telstar Purple

Dianthus barbatus f1 Telstar Purple Picotee

Dianthus barbatus f1 Telstar Red Picotee

Dianthus barbatus f1 Telstar Salmon

Dianthus barbatus f1 Telstar Scarlet

Dianthus barbatus f1 Telstar White

Dianthus barbatus f2 Frisco Mix

Dianthus barbatus f2 Spinner Mixed

Dianthus barbatus Hollandia Complete Mixture o.p.

Dianthus barbatus Hollandia Homeland

Dianthus barbatus Hollandia Mixture formula

Dianthus barbatus Hollandia Purple Crown

Dianthus barbatus Hollandia Salmon-pink with eye

Dianthus barbatus Hollandia Scarlet

Dianthus barbatus Hollandia White

Dianthus barbatus Indian Carpet dwarf

Dianthus barbatus Kaleidoscope Mix

Dianthus barbatus Pinocchio dwarf double mix

Dianthus barbatus Rondo dwarf annual bedding mix

Dianthus barbatus Wee Willie annual dwarf mix

Dianthus barbatus x chinensis Large Flowering Hybs

Dianthus caryophyllus Dwarf Vienna Mixed double

Dianthus caryophyllus f1 Can-Can Rose

Dianthus caryophyllus f1 Can-Can Scarlet

Dianthus caryophyllus f1 Lillipot Mixed

Dianthus caryophyllus f1 Lillipot Orange Bicolor

Dianthus caryophyllus f1 Lillipot Purple

Dianthus caryophyllus f1 Lillipot Scarlet

Dianthus caryophyllus f1 Lillipot White

Dianthus caryophyllus f1 Lillipot Yellow

Dianthus caryophyllus Hardy Border Mixed

Dianthus caryophyllus Ripple Raspberry

Dianthus caryophyllus Vienna Mixture

Dianthus chinensis Baby Doll Mixed dwarf single

Dianthus chinensis Chianti double burgundy white e

Dianthus chinensis China Doll double mix

Dianthus chinensis Diana Blueberry

Dianthus chinensis Diana Crimson

Dianthus chinensis Diana Crimson Picotee

Dianthus chinensis Diana Lavender Picotee

Dianthus chinensis Diana Mixed formula

Dianthus chinensis Diana Picotee Mixed

Dianthus chinensis Diana Pink

Dianthus chinensis Diana Purple Centred White

Dianthus chinensis Diana Red Centred White

Dianthus chinensis Diana Rose Shades

Dianthus chinensis Diana Salmon

Dianthus chinensis Diana Scarlet

Dianthus chinensis Diana Scarlet Picotee

Dianthus chinensis Diana White

Dianthus chinensis f1 Carpet Crimson

Dianthus chinensis f1 Carpet Fire

Dianthus chinensis f1 Carpet Mix

Dianthus chinensis f1 Carpet Oriental pink and red

Dianthus chinensis f1 Carpet Rose

Dianthus chinensis f1 Carpet Snow White

Dianthus chinensis f1 Carpet Snowfire white - red

Dianthus chinensis Gaiety single mixed

Dianthus chinensis Heddewigii Black and White

Dianthus chinensis Heddewigii Doubles Mix

Dianthus chinensis Merry-go-Round white red centre

Dianthus chinensis Persian Carpet dwarf mix

Dianthus chinensis x Diamond Mixed

Dianthus cincinnatus x Dancing Geisha

Dianthus deltoides Albus

Dianthus deltoides Arctic Fire

Dianthus deltoides Brilliancy

Dianthus deltoides Erectus carmine red

Dianthus deltoides f2 Canta Libre Mixture

Dianthus deltoides f2 Microchip Mixture

Dianthus deltoides f2 Nippon

Dianthus deltoides Luneburg Heath Maiden Pink wild

Dianthus deltoides Maiden Pink

Dianthus deltoides Microchips mixed

Dianthus deltoides Samos - Fanal - Flashing Light

Dianthus deltoides Zing Rose

Dianthus gratianopolitanus

Dianthus gratianopolitanus Rose Feather

Dianthus hyssopifolius ssp gallicus

Dianthus namaensis

Dianthus nardiformis

Dianthus plumarius Rainbow Loveliness frag. fringe

Dianthus plumarius Sweetness frag mix

Dianthus superbus Spooky mixed

Dianthus x cincinnatus Dancing Geisha mix

Diascia barberae Diamonte Coral Rose

Diascia barberae Diamonte Lavender Pink

Diascia barberae Queen Apricot

Diascia barberae Queen Pink

Diascia fetcaniensis

Dichondra argentea Silver Falls

Dichondra repens

Dichondra repens Emerald Falls pellets

Dichopogon capillipes

Dichopogon fimbriatus

Dicksonia antarctica

Dicoma anomala

Dicrastylis exsuccosa v. elliptica

Dicrastylis flexuosa

Dictyosperma album svs

Didymochlaena truncatula

Dierama argyreum

Dierama atrum

Dierama Autumn Sparkler

Dierama dracomontanum

Dierama erectum

Dierama erectum x Pink Rocket

Dierama galpinii

Dierama igneum

Dierama Jewel Hybrids early

Dierama mossii

Dierama pauciflorum

Dierama pendulina

Dierama reynoldsii

Dierama riparia

Dierama spp. and hybrids wider mix

Dierama spp. mixed

Dierama trichorhizum

Dietes bicolor

Dietes butcheriana

Dietes flavida

Dietes grandiflora

Digitalis dubia

Digitalis grandiflora Carillon dwarf

Digitalis grandiflora Cream Bell (tm)

Digitalis lutea

Digitalis obscura

Digitalis purpurea Carousel Cream

Digitalis purpurea Carousel Lavender

Digitalis purpurea Carousel Mixed

Digitalis purpurea Carousel Primrose

Digitalis purpurea Carousel Purple

Digitalis purpurea Carousel White

Digitalis purpurea f1 Camelot Cream pellets

Digitalis purpurea f1 Camelot Lavender pellets

Digitalis purpurea f1 Camelot Mixed pellets

Digitalis purpurea f1 Camelot Rose pellets

Digitalis purpurea f1 Camelot White pellets

Digitalis purpurea f1 Dalmatian Cream

Digitalis purpurea f1 Dalmatian Peach

Digitalis purpurea f1 Dalmatian Peach pellets

Digitalis purpurea f1 Dalmatian Purple

Digitalis purpurea f1 Dalmatian Rose

Digitalis purpurea f1 Dalmatian White

Digitalis purpurea Foxy semi-dwarf mix

Digitalis purpurea ssp heywoodii Silver Fox Improv

Digitalis thapsi L.

Dilatris pillansii

Dilatris viscosa

Dillenia indica

Dillwynia retorta

Dimerocostus strobilaceus

Dimorphotheca sinuata Spring Flash Orange

Dimorphotheca sinuata Spring Flash Yellow

Dioclea wilsonii

Dionaea muscipula

Dioon argenteum

Dioon edule

Dioon edule cit

Dioon spinulosum cit

Dioscorea elephantipes

Dioscorea hemicrypta

Dioscorea sylvatica

Diosma oppositifolia

Diospyros glabra

Diospyros kaki svs

Diospyros natalensis

Diospyros rhombifolia

Dipcadi viride

Diplarrena latifolia

Diplarrena moraea

Diplolaena angustifolia

Diplopeltis eriocarpa

Diplopeltis huegelii

Diplosoma luckhoffii

Dipteris conjugata

Diselma archeri

Dodecatheon clevelandii

Dodecatheon hendersonii

Dodecatheon jeffreyi

Dodecatheon meadia

Dodecatheon meadia Alba

Dodecatheon meadia Goliath

Dodecatheon meadia Select Mixture

Dodecatheon meadia Shooting Stars Deluxe Mixture

Dodonaea ceratocarpa

Dodonaea lobulata

Dodonaea microzyga

Dodonaea rupicola

Dolichandra unguis-cati

Dombeya burgessiae

Dombeya tiliacea

Doronicum orientale Golden Pygmy

Doronicum orientale Leonardo

Doronicum orientale Little Leo

Doryanthes excelsa vsvs

Doryanthes palmeri vsvs

Dorycnium hirsutum

Dorycnium hirsutum organic seed

Dovyalis caffra prov. Iringa Tanzania

Draba aizoides Napoleon

Draba lasiocarpa Compacta Group

Dracaena aletriformis

Dracaena arborea

Dracaena cubensis

Dracaena draco

Dracaena fragrans

Dracaena hookeriana

Dracocephalum argunense Fuji Blue

Dracocephalum argunense Fuji White

Dracocephalum moldavicum Blue Dragon

Dracocephalum moldavicum Dragon Mixture

Dracocephalum moldavicum organic seed

Dracocephalum moldavicum Snow Dragon

Dracocephalum rupestre

Dracocephalum ruyschianum Blue Moon

Dregea sinensis

Drimia albiflora

Drimia anomala

Drimia filifolia

Drimia zambesiaca

Drimiopsis maxima

Drosanthemum diversifolium

Drosanthemum flavum

Drosanthemum floribundum

Drosanthemum hispidifolium

Drosanthemum hispidum

Drosanthemum lique

Drosanthemum micans

Drosanthemum praecultum

Drosanthemum speciosum

Drosanthemum striatum

Drosera binata Extrema

Drosera menziesii

Drosera spp. mix

Drosera spp. mix subtropical

Drosera spp. mix temperate

Dryandra ashbyi

Dryandra baxteri

Dryandra calophylla

Dryandra carlinoides

Dryandra cuneata

Dryandra drummondii ssp drummondii

Dryandra fraseri

Dryandra kippistiana

Dryandra nivea

Dryandra nobilis

Dryandra polycephala

Dryandra proteoides

Dryandra pteridifolia

Dryandra pulchella

Dryandra speciosa

Dryandra stuposa

Dryopteris erythrosora

Duchesnea Harlequin variegated

Duchesnea indica

Dudleya caespitosa

Dudleya pulverulenta ssp pulverulenta

Duranta erecta

Dypsis lutescens

Dypsis pinnatifrons

Eccremocarpus scaber

Eccremocarpus scaber Aureus

Eccremocarpus scaber mix

Eccremocarpus scaber red form

Eccremocarpus scaber rose fld. form

Eccremocarpus scaber Tresco Creamy

Eccremocarpus scaber Tresco Crimson

Eccremocarpus scaber Tresco Formula Mix

Eccremocarpus scaber Tresco Rose

Eccremocarpus scaber Tresco Scarlet

Echeveria peacockii

Echinacea purpurea Baby Swan Pink

Echinacea purpurea Baby Swan White

Echinacea purpurea PowWow Wild Berry (R)

Echinocactus grusonii

Echinocereus spp. hardy mix

Echium Blue Dwarf

Echium candicans

Echium fastuosum

Echium pininana

Echium pininana x mix 3 colours

Echium pininana x Pink Fountain

Echium pininana x Snow Tower

Echium plantagineum b.s.

Echium plantagineum Bedder Blue dwarf

Echium plantagineum Bedder Mixed dwarf

Echium plantagineum Bedder Pink dwarf

Echium plantagineum Bedder White dwarf

Echium plantagineum Dwarf Hybrids Mix

Echium vulgare Bedder Blue

Echium vulgare Bedder White

Echium vulgare Dwarf Hybrids

Echium wildpretii x Red Rocket

Edraianthus tenuifolius

Elaeis guineensis

Elaeocarpus sphaericus

Elegia cuspidata

Elegia tectorum

Elettaria cardamomum

Elymus magellanicus

Embothrium coccineum

Embothrium coccineum v lanceolatum

Embothrium coccineum v lanceolatum Norquinco Valle

Enchylaena tomentosa

Enneapogon nigricans

Ensete lasiocarpum

Ensete ventricosum svs

Entandrophragma caudatum

Entelea arborescens

Enterolobium cyclocarpum

Epiphyllum Hybrids large flowered mix

Epiphyllum New Hybrids

Eragrostis spectabilis

Eremaea beaufortioides chaff free

Eremaea fimbriata

Eremaea pauciflora b.s.

Eremaea pauciflora chaff free

Eremaea purpurea c.s.

Eremaea violacea

Eremophila alternifolia

Eremophila cuneifolia

Eremophila delisseri

Eremophila duttonii

Eremophila exilifolia

Eremophila forrestii

Eremophila fraseri

Eremophila freelingii

Eremophila georgei

Eremophila gilesii

Eremophila glabra

Eremophila laanii

Eremophila latrobei

Eremophila oppositifolia

Eremophila pantonii

Eremophila pterocarpa

Eremophila spectabilis

Erepsia anceps

Erepsia forficata

Erepsia inclaudens

Erepsia pillansii

Erica cerinthoides

Erica cernua

Erica chamissonis

Erica coccinea

Erica formosa

Erica glauca v glauca

Erica glomiflora

Erica parilis

Erica terminalis

Erica verticillata

Erigeron karvinskianus

Erigeron karvinskianus Profusion

Erigeron karvinskianus Stallone

Erigeron speciosus Azurfee

Erigeron speciosus Blue Shades

Erigeron speciosus Rosa Juwel c.s.

Eriobotrya japonica svs

Eriophorum vaginatum

Eriostemon australasius

Eriostemon spicatus

Erodium pelargoniiflorum Sweetheart

Erymophyllum ramosum ssp involucratum

Eryngium foetidum Mexican Coriander

Eryngium planum Blue Hobbit

Eryngium planum Silver Salentino

Eryngium yuccifolium

Erysimum Canaries

Erysimum cheiri Charity Mixed

Erysimum cheiri f1 Bounty Primrose

Erysimum cheiri f1 Bounty Yellow

Erysimum cheiri f1 Sunset Apricot

Erysimum cheiri f1 Sunset Mixture

Erysimum cheiri f1 Sunset Primrose

Erysimum cheiri f1 Sunset Purple

Erysimum cheiri f1 Sunset Red

Erysimum cheiri f1 Treasure Bronze

Erysimum cheiri f1 Treasure Mixed

Erysimum cheiri f1 Treasure Primrose

Erysimum cheiri f1 Treasure Yellow

Erysimum cheiri Fair Lady Mixed

Erysimum cheiri Persian Carpet Cloth of Gold

Erysimum cheiri Persian Carpet Ivory White

Erysimum cheiri Persian Carpet Vulcan velvety crim

Erysimum cheiri Primrose Dame

Erysimum cheiri Ruby Gem

Erysimum cheiri Scarlet Emperor

Erysimum cheiri Singles Mix

Erysimum cheiri Tom Thumb Mixed

Erysimum cheiri Vulcan

Erysimum cheiri Wallflower Mixture

Erysimum Harlequin Mixed

Erysimum Ivory White

Erysimum marshallii x orange

Erysimum marshallii x yellow

Erysimum perofskianum Gold Rush

Erysimum vars. Fine Mixed

Erysimum Wallflower Tall Mixed

Erysimum World Hybrids perennial wallflower mix

Erythrina abyssinica

Erythrina abyssinica prov. Mlola Tanzania

Erythrina amazonica

Erythrina arborescens

Erythrina burtii

Erythrina caffra

Erythrina corallodendrum

Erythrina crista-galli

Erythrina falcata

Erythrina fusca

Erythrina humeana

Erythrina latissima

Erythrina livingstoniana

Erythrina lysistemon

Erythrina poeppigiana

Erythrina rubrinervia

Erythrina sandwicensis

Erythrina smithiana

Erythrina stricta

Erythrina suberosa

Erythrina variegata L.

Erythrina vespertilio

Erythrina zeyheri

Eschscholzia californica Bridal Bouquet

Eschscholzia californica Bush Butter

Eschscholzia californica Bush Fire

Eschscholzia californica Bush Mixture o p

Eschscholzia californica Bush Pink

Eschscholzia californica Bush Rose

Eschscholzia californica coastal form

Eschscholzia californica Copper Pot

Eschscholzia californica cream fl.

Eschscholzia californica Dairy Maid mix

Eschscholzia californica Golden West

Eschscholzia californica Ivory Castle

Eschscholzia californica Peach Sorbet doubles

Eschscholzia californica Purple Gleam

Eschscholzia californica Rosa Romantica

Eschscholzia californica Swirl Cherry

Eschscholzia californica Swirl Copper

Eschscholzia californica Swirl Cream

Eschscholzia californica Swirl Gold

Eschscholzia californica Swirl Mixed

Eschscholzia californica Thai Silk Appleblossom Ch

Eschscholzia californica Thai Silk Apricot Chiffon

Eschscholzia californica Thai Silk Chiffon Mixture

Eschscholzia californica Thai Silk Milkmaid

Eschscholzia californica Thai Silk Mix formula

Eschscholzia californica Thai Silk Mix o p

Eschscholzia californica Thai Silk Pink Champagne

Eschscholzia californica Thai Silk Rose Chiffon

Eschscholzia californica Thai Silk Strawberry Fiel

Eschscholzia californica Worldcup

Eschscholzia californica XL Jelly Beans

Eschscholzia californica XL Yellow

Eschscholzia lobbii

Eschscholzia lobbii Sundew

Esterhuysenia alpina

Ethyrium spicatum

Etlingera elatior pink

Etlingera elatior Pink

Etlingera elatior red

Etlingera elatior white

Etlingera maingayii

Eucalyptus Boxwood

Eucalyptus cinerea b.s.

Eucalyptus cinerea c.s.

Eucalyptus cinerea coated seed

Eucalyptus cinerea hardy N Z

Eucalyptus cordata b.s.

Eucalyptus cordata c.s.

Eucalyptus cordata hardy NZ

Eucalyptus dolichorhyncha b.s.

Eucalyptus dolichorhyncha c.s.

Eucalyptus erythrocorys b.s.

Eucalyptus erythrocorys c.s.

Eucalyptus forrestiana b.s.

Eucalyptus forrestiana c.s.

Eucalyptus gamophylla

Eucalyptus gillenii

Eucalyptus globulus c.s.

Eucalyptus globulus Compacta

Eucalyptus globulus hardy N Z

Eucalyptus grossa

Eucalyptus gunnii b.s.

Eucalyptus gunnii c.s.

Eucalyptus gunnii c.s. New Zealand orchard

Eucalyptus gunnii extra blue hardy N Z

Eucalyptus gunnii hardy N Z

Eucalyptus gunnii Silverdrop (pots - containers cu

Eucalyptus kruseana

Eucalyptus Lemon Bush insect repellent

Eucalyptus moorei Nana

Eucalyptus nicholii

Eucalyptus nicholii hardy NZ

Eucalyptus orbifolia

Eucalyptus oxymitra

Eucalyptus pachyphylla

Eucalyptus perriniana b.s.

Eucalyptus perriniana c.s.

Eucalyptus perriniana hardy NZ

Eucalyptus preissiana

Eucalyptus pulverulenta b.s.

Eucalyptus pulverulenta Baby Blue c.s.

Eucalyptus pulverulenta Baby Blue Spiral prov. NZ

Eucalyptus pulverulenta c.s.

Eucalyptus pulverulenta hardy NZ

Eucalyptus rhodantha

Eucalyptus risdonii

Eucalyptus risdonii hardy NZ

Eucalyptus sepulcralis

Eucalyptus sessilis

Eucalyptus Silver Diamond

Eucalyptus Silver Dollar b.s.

Eucalyptus Silver Drop

Eucalyptus stoatei b.s.

Eucalyptus tetragona b.s.

Eucalyptus tetragona c.s.

Eucalyptus tetraptera b.s.

Eucalyptus torquata

Eucalyptus torquata x woodwardii Torwood

Eucalyptus websteriana b.s.

Eucodonia spp. and var. mix

Eucomis autumnalis

Eucomis bicolor

Eucomis comosa

Eucomis hybrids select shorter pot forms

Eucomis pallidiflora

Eugenia uniflora svs

Eupatorium purpureum

Euphorbia caput-medusae

Euphorbia cereiformis

Euphorbia clandestina

Euphorbia enopla cit app. II

Euphorbia graminea f1 Glitz

Euphorbia grandicornis

Euphorbia handiensis

Euphorbia ingens

Euphorbia lignosa

Euphorbia tirucalli

Euphorbia verrucosa

Euphorbia viguieri

Euryops virgineus

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Advantage Cherry Sorbet do

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Advantage Green double cut

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Advantage Pink double pill

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Advantage Purple double pi

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Advantage Yellow double pi

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Carmen Blue pills

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Carmen Blue Rim pills

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Carmen Deep Pink pills

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Carmen Ivory pills

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Carmen Lilac pills

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Carmen Rose pills

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Corelli Apricot III double

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Corelli Blue III double cu

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Corelli Light Pink III dou

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Corelli Rose III double cu

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Corelli White II double cu

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Corelli Yellow III double

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Croma Blue Picotee III dou

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Croma Green I double cutfl

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Croma Lavender Imp IV doub

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Croma Lavender IV double c

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Croma Silky White III doub

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Croma White III double cut

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Croma Yellow III double cu

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Echo Mixed pellets

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Echo Series formula mix

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Falda Light Apricot II sin

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Falda Salmon II single cut

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Falda Yellow II single cut

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Laguna formula mix pellets

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Rosie Lavender Blue pills

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Rosie Lilac pills

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Rosie Pink pills

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Rosie Rose Picotee pills

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Rosie White pills pot plan

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Super Magic Apricot I-II d

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Super Magic Capri Blue Pic

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Super Magic Champagne I-II

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Super Magic Deep Blue pill

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Super Magic Green I-II pil

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Super Magic Lilac pills

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Super Magic Pure White I-I

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Super Magic Rose pills

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Super Magic White I-II pil

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Super Magic Yellow I-II pi

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Vulcan Blue Picotee II cut

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Vulcan Deep Violet II cutf

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Vulcan Pink Picotee II cut

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Vulcan Purple Picotee II c

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Vulcan White II cutflower

Eustoma grandiflorum f1 Vulcan White Imp II cutflo

Eutaxia microphylla v microphylla

Euterpe edulis vsvs

Euterpe oleracea

Fascicularia bicolor svs

Fatsia japonica

Faucaria boscheana

Faucaria britteniae

Faucaria felina

Faucaria subintegra

Faucaria tigrina

Faucaria tuberculosa

Felicia aethiopica

Felicia echinata blue

Felicia filifolia Cape form

Felicia fruticosa

Felicia heterophylla The Blues

Felicia heterophylla The Rose

Fern spp hardy mix

Ferraria variabilis

Fessia hohenackeri

Festuca cinerea

Festuca glauca

Festuca glauca Blue Select

Festuca glauca Elijah Blue

Ficus auriculata svs

Ficus benghalensis

Ficus benjamina

Ficus benjamina v. nuda

Ficus cordata

Ficus coronata

Ficus ingens

Ficus lutea

Ficus macrophylla

Ficus obliqua

Ficus palmeri

Ficus platypoda

Ficus polita

Ficus pumila

Ficus religiosa svs

Ficus rubiginosa

Ficus sycamorus

Ficus thonningii

Ficus virens

Firmiana simplex

Flindersia australis

Flindersia schottiana

Flindersia xanthoxyla

Fouquieria burragei white form

Fouquieria diguetii

Fouquieria formosa

Fouquieria macdougalii

Fouquieria splendens

Fragaria ananassa x f1 Rainbow Treasure

Fragaria vesca Alexandria

Fragaria vesca Alexandria Golden leaf

Fragaria vesca Alexandria organic seed

Fragaria vesca Attila

Fragaria vesca Baron Solemacher

Fragaria vesca Fresca

Fragaria vesca Loran

Fragaria vesca Mignonette

Fragaria vesca organic seed

Fragaria vesca Regina

Fragaria vesca Roman

Fragaria vesca Ruegen verbesserte

Fragaria vesca runnerless form

Fragaria vesca Tarpan

Fragaria vesca v. vesca

Fragaria vesca White Soul - Delight

Fragaria vesca wild form

Fragaria vesca Wonder Red alpine

Fragaria vesca Wonder Yellow alpine

Fragaria virginiana

Fragaria x ananassa f1 Delician

Fragaria x ananassa f1 Elan

Fragaria x ananassa f1 Grandian

Fragaria x ananassa f1 Loran

Fragaria x ananassa f1 Roman

Fragaria x ananassa Temptation nearly runnerless

Fragaria x ananassa Toscana

Fragrant Flowers Perennial Mixed

Francoa appendiculata

Francoa sonchifolia

Francoa sonchifolia Rogersons Form

Frankenia rotundifolius

Frankenia serpyllifolia

Freesia alba

Freesia caryophyllacea

Freesia corymbosa

Freesia fucata

Freesia hybrida Multicolour Mixture

Freesia hybrida Royal Champion Blue Shades

Freesia hybrida Royal Crown Mixed tetraploid

Freesia laxa

Freesia laxa Alba

Freesia refracta

Freesia speciosa

Freesia viridis

Fremontodendron californicum

Frithia pulchra

Fritillaria meleagris hort. (proteg. UK)

Fritillaria meleagris v unicolor sv alba

Fritillaria persica

Fuchsia boliviana Red

Fuchsia boliviana White

Fuchsia excorticata

Fuchsia f2 Foxtrot Mixture formula

Fuchsia Fete Floral

Fuchsia magellanica

Fuchsia procumbens

Fuchsia spp. hardy ornamental mix

Furcraea guatemalensis

Furcraea guerrerensis

Furcraea longaeva

Furcraea quicheensis

Furcraea undulata

Gaillardia aristata Amber Wheels r.s.

Gaillardia aristata Arizona Apricot

Gaillardia aristata Arizona Red Shades

Gaillardia aristata Arizona Sun

Gaillardia aristata Granada r.s.

Gaillardia aristata Kobold - Goblin

Gaillardia f1 Mesa Bicolor red - yellow

Gaillardia f1 Mesa Mixed

Gaillardia f1 Mesa Peach

Gaillardia f1 Mesa Red

Gaillardia f1 Mesa Yellow

Gaillardia pulchella Sundance Bicolor red - yellow

Galaxia versicolor

Galium verum

Galphimia glauca

Galphimia gracilis

Galtonia viridiflora

Game cover Helianthus annuus Dwarf Sunflower Mix

Gardenia cornuta

Gardenia jasminoides

Gardenia thunbergia

Gardenia volkensii

Gardenia volkensii ssp spathulifolia

Gasteria brachyphylla

Gasteria croucheri

Gasteria disticha

Gasteria obliqua

Gasteria spp. mix

Gaultheria depressa white

Gaultheria procumbens Redwood

Gaultheria procumbens Verry Berry

Gaura lindheimeri Cool Breeze

Gaura lindheimeri Sparkle White

Gaura lindheimeri Summer Breeze

Gaura lindheimeri The Bride

Gazania hybrida Sunshine Mixture bs

Gazania hybrida Sunshine Mixture rs

Gazania krebsiana orange

Gazania krebsiana yellow form

Gazania Orange Peacock rs

Gazania pectinata

Gazania rigens Dwarf Mixed r.s.

Gazania rigens f1 Big Kiss Red

Gazania rigens f1 Big Kiss White Flame

Gazania rigens f1 Big Kiss Yellow

Gazania rigens f1 Big Kiss Yellow Flame

Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Bronze

Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Flame Mixed striped

Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Frosty Mixed silvery leaved

Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Golden Flame

Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Mahogany

Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Mixed

Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Orange

Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Orange Flame

Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Rose

Gazania rigens f1 Kiss White

Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Yellow

Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Yellow Flame

Gazania rigens f1 New Day Bronze Shades

Gazania rigens f1 New Day Clear Orange

Gazania rigens f1 New Day Mixed

Gazania rigens f1 New Day Red Shades

Gazania rigens f1 New Day Red Stripe

Gazania rigens f1 New Day Rose Stripe

Gazania rigens f1 New Day Tiger Stripes

Gazania rigens f1 New Day White

Gazania rigens f1 New Day Yellow

Gazania rigens Mixed c.s.

Gazania rigens Promesa clear orange r.s.

Gazania rigens Sunshine Hybrids Mix r.s.

Gazania rigens Sunshine Hybrids Mixed b.s.

Gazania rigens Talent Mixed

Gazania rigens Talent Orange

Gazania rigens Talent Red Shades

Gazania rigens Talent Rose Shades

Gazania rigens Talent White

Gazania rigens Talent Yellow

Geijera parviflora

Geissorhiza aspera

Geissorhiza bracteata

Geissorhiza confusa

Geissorhiza darlingensis

Geissorhiza heterostyla

Geissorhiza imbricata

Geissorhiza inaequalis

Geissorhiza inflexa

Geissorhiza leipoldtii

Geissorhiza louisabolusiae

Geissorhiza monanthos

Geissorhiza radians

Geissorhiza ramosa

Geissorhiza splendidissima

Geissorhiza tulbaghensis

Geleznowia verrucosa

Gentiana septemfida fa lagodechiana Bella Alpinell

Gentiana septemfida fa lagodechiana select

Geonoma macrostachys

Geonoma schottiana

Geranium bohemicum Orchid Blue scarified

Geranium f1 Bulls Eye Cherry

Geranium f1 Bulls Eye Light Pink

Geranium f1 Bulls Eye Mixed

Geranium f1 Bulls Eye Red

Geranium f1 Bulls Eye Salmon

Geranium f1 Bulls Eye Scarlet

Geranium f1 Horizon Appleblossom

Geranium f1 Horizon Coral Spice

Geranium f1 Horizon Deep Red

Geranium f1 Horizon Deep Salmon

Geranium f1 Horizon Deep Scarlet

Geranium f1 Horizon Lavender

Geranium f1 Horizon Light Salmon

Geranium f1 Horizon Mixed

Geranium f1 Horizon Neon Rose

Geranium f1 Horizon Orange

Geranium f1 Horizon Picotee Red

Geranium f1 Horizon Red

Geranium f1 Horizon Rose

Geranium f1 Horizon Scarlet

Geranium f1 Horizon Star

Geranium f1 Horizon Violet

Geranium f1 Horizon White

Geranium f1 Inspire Appleblossom

Geranium f1 Inspire Mixed

Geranium f1 Inspire Rose

Geranium f1 Inspire Salmon

Geranium f1 Inspire Scarlet

Geranium f1 Inspire White

Geranium f1 Maverick Appleblossom

Geranium f1 Maverick Coral

Geranium f1 Maverick Mixed

Geranium f1 Maverick Orange

Geranium f1 Maverick Pink

Geranium f1 Maverick Quicksilver pale pink bicolou

Geranium f1 Maverick Red

Geranium f1 Maverick Rose

Geranium f1 Maverick Salmon

Geranium f1 Maverick Scarlet

Geranium f1 Maverick Scarlet Picotee

Geranium f1 Maverick Star pink rose eye

Geranium f1 Maverick Violet

Geranium f1 Maverick Violet Picotee

Geranium f1 Maverick White

Geranium f1 Moulin Rouge

Geranium f1 Multibloom Mixed

Geranium f1 Nano Mixed nat. dwarf

Geranium f1 Pinto White to Rose

Geranium f1 Quantum Mixed stellate type

Geranium f1 Ripple Raspberry

Geranium f1 Tornado Bi-colour Duet ivy trailing

Geranium f1 Tornado Carmine ivy trailing

Geranium f1 Tornado Fuchsia ivy trailing

Geranium f1 Tornado Lilac ivy trailer

Geranium f1 Tornado Mix ivy trailer

Geranium f1 Tornado Pink ivy trailer

Geranium f1 Tornado Red ivy trailer

Geranium f1 Tornado Rose ivy trailer

Geranium f1 Tornado White ivy trailer

Geranium f2 Cabaret Mixed

Geranium f2 Paintbox Mixed

Geranium f2 Spirit Orange

Geranium f2 Spirit Pink

Geranium f2 Spirit Red

Geranium f2 Spirit Rose

Geranium f2 Spirit Salmon

Geranium f2 Spirit Star

Geranium f2 Spirit White

Geranium f2 Summer Showers Burgundy ivy cascade

Geranium f2 Summer Showers Fuchsia ivy cascade

Geranium f2 Summer Showers Mixed ivy cascade

Geranium f2 Summer Showers White Blush ivy cascade

Geranium f2 Summertime Mixed fast trailer

Geranium maculatum

Geranium maderense

Geranium maderense Guernsey White

Geranium palmatum

Geranium pratense Dark - Midnight Reiter strain

Geranium pratense Splish-Splash scarified

Geranium yoshinoi

Gerbera f1 Durora Mixed double dwarf

Gerbera f1 Revolution Mixed o p

Gerbera jamesonii Californian Giants Mix

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Apricot

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Deep Orange

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Deep Pink

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Deep Rose

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Golden Yellow

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Lemon

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Mini Deep Rose

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Mini Golden Orange

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Mini Lime Yellow

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Mini Mixture

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Mini Orange

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Mini Red

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Mini Rose - White tippe

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Mini Scarlet

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Mini Yellow

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Mixture - Formula

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Orange Scarlet

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Peach

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Premium Mixture

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Prince Red

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Prince Red Bicolour

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Red

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Red Bicolour

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Salmon Rose

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Scarlet

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Semi-double Deep Rose

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Semi-double Vanilla

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Semi-double Watermelon

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Soft Pink

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal White

Gerbera jamesonii f1 Royal Yellow

Gerbera jamesonii f2 Dazzle Mixed

Gerbera jamesonii hybrid mix

Gerbera jamesonii mix

Gesneria spp. and hybrids mix

Geum chiloense formula mixture

Geum chiloense Lady Stratheden

Geum chiloense Mrs Bradshaw

Geum chiloense Red Dragon

Geum chiloense Sunbeam doubles mix

Geum chiloense Sunrise golden double

Geum coccineum Koi

Gevuina avellana

Gibbaeum heathii

Gibbaeum petrense

Gibbaeum velutinum pink form

Gladiolus abbreviatus

Gladiolus alatus

Gladiolus carinatus large yellow form

Gladiolus carinatus purple lip

Gladiolus carinatus small light yellow fl.

Gladiolus carmineus

Gladiolus carneus

Gladiolus carneus colourful strongly marked form

Gladiolus carneus tall pale pink form (callistus)

Gladiolus carneus v. albidus yellow spot

Gladiolus carneus white form

Gladiolus ceresianus aff.

Gladiolus dalenii

Gladiolus elliottii

Gladiolus flanaganii

Gladiolus floribundus

Gladiolus gracilis

Gladiolus griseus

Gladiolus gueinzii

Gladiolus hirsutus

Gladiolus inflexus

Gladiolus liliaceus

Gladiolus longicollis

Gladiolus maculatus

Gladiolus permeabilis

Gladiolus quadrangularis

Gladiolus recurvus

Gladiolus saundersii

Gladiolus scullyi

Gladiolus stellatus

Gladiolus teretifolius

Gladiolus trichonemifolius

Gladiolus tristis

Gladiolus tristis darker fl.

Gladiolus undulatus

Gladiolus venustus

Gladiolus violaceo-lineatus

Gladiolus virescens

Gladiolus watsonoides Mt. Kenya

Gleditsia triacanthos

Gleditsia triacanthos v inermis

Gliricidia sepium

Glischrocaryon aureum

Glischrocaryon behrii

Globba clarkei bulbils

Globba marantina

Globba schomburgkii

Globba winitii

Gloriosa modesta

Gloriosa Orange Glory

Gloriosa superba

Gloriosa superba Lutea

Gloriosa superba Rothschildiana

Glottiphyllum cruciatum

Glottiphyllum depressum

Glottiphyllum fergusoniae

Glottiphyllum haagei

Glottiphyllum herrei

Glottiphyllum nelii

Gloxinia perennis f1 Avanti formula mix

Gloxinia perennis f1 Empress Mixed pellets

Glycyrrhiza glabra c.s.

Glycyrrhiza glabra organic seed

Gmelina leichardtii

Gomphocarpus physocarpus

Gompholobium aristatum

Gompholobium capitatum

Gompholobium knightianum

Gompholobium latifolium

Gompholobium preissii

Gompholobium scabrum

Gompholobium tomentosum

Gompholobium venustum

Gomphrena globosa Dwarf Buddy purple compact

Gomphrena globosa Dwarf Cissy white rs

Gomphrena globosa Dwarf Dolly lilac-rose rs

Gomphrena globosa Dwarf Mixture rs

Goniolimon collinum Sea Spray

Goodenia caerulea

Goodenia scaevolina

Goodenia scapigera

Goodenia tenella

Goodia lotifolia

Gorteria personata

Gossypium herbaceum

Gossypium hirsutum

Greigia sphacelata

Grevillea banksii Alba

Grevillea banksii v forsteri

Grevillea berryana

Grevillea bipinnatifida

Grevillea deflexa

Grevillea didymobotrya

Grevillea dielsiana

Grevillea dryandri

Grevillea nudiflora

Grevillea occidentalis

Grevillea pilulifera

Grevillea pulchella

Grevillea quercifolia

Grevillea robusta

Grevillea synapheae

Grevillea thelemanniana

Grewia occidentalis

Guichenotia ledifolia

Guichenotia macrantha

Guichenotia macrantha Alba

Gunnera prorepens

Gunniopsis quadrifida

Gynostemma pentaphyllum

Gypsophila cerastioides Pixie Splash

Gypsophila muralis Garden Bride cream-pink

Gypsophila muralis Gypsy Deep Rose

Gypsophila muralis Gypsy Pink

Gypsophila muralis Gypsy White

Gypsophila repens Filou Rose

Gypsophila repens Filou White

Habranthus citrinus v texensis

Habranthus martinezii

Habranthus robustus

Habranthus robustus Russel Manning

Habranthus tubispathus

Haemodorum laxum

Haemodorum paniculatum

Haemodorum simplex

Haemodorum simulans

Haemodorum spicatum

Hakea smilacifolia

Halimium atriplicifolium

Halleria lucida

Hallianthus planus

Halosarcia doleiformis

Halosarcia pergranulata b.s.

Hamelia patens

Handroanthus chrysanthus

Handroanthus chrysanthus ssp. meridionalis

Handroanthus serratifolia

Hardenbergia violacea

Hardenbergia violacea Alba shrub form

Hardenbergia violacea Rosea

Hardenbergia violacea upright shrub form

Hardy bulbs small plant seed mix

Harpephyllum caffrum

Harpullia pendula

Hedychium coccineum

Hedychium coronarium

Hedychium deceptum (name unresolved)

Hedychium densiflorum

Hedychium densiflorum Assam Orange

Hedychium ellipticum

Hedychium gardnerianum

Hedychium gracile

Hedychium spicatum

Hedychium stenopetalum

Hedychium thyrsiforme

Hedysarum coronarium c.s.

Heimia salicifolia

Helenium amarum Goldfield

Helenium aromaticum

Helianthemum apenninum

Helianthemum nummularium Mutabile mix

Helianthemum nummularium New Hybrids Mix

Helianthemum nummularium ssp. grandiflorum

Helianthus annuus Bambino dwarf

Helianthus annuus Big Smile dwarf

Helianthus annuus Dwarf Fantasy mixed

Helianthus annuus dwarf form

Helianthus annuus f1 Little Dorrit graded seed

Helianthus annuus f1 Microsun dwarf pot

Helianthus annuus f1 Solid Gold

Helianthus annuus f1 Sonny semi-dwarf

Helianthus annuus f1 Sunny Smile

Helianthus annuus Incredible dwarf large fl.

Helianthus annuus Irish Eyes dwarf

Helianthus annuus Junior dwarf pot pollen-free

Helianthus annuus Munchkin pollenfree pot

Helianthus annuus Music Box Mix cream-mahogany

Helianthus annuus Pacino Cola pot

Helianthus annuus Pacino Gold pot

Helianthus annuus Pacino Lemon pot

Helianthus annuus Ruby Eclipse pollenless

Helianthus annuus Sungold Dwarf - Teddy Bear doubl

Helianthus annuus Sunspot dwarf single large fl.

Helianthus annuus Suntastic Yellow Black Centre po

Helianthus annuus Suntastic Yellow Red Bicolour po

Helianthus annuus Teddy Bear

Helianthus annuus Topolino dwarf

Helichrysum bracteatum Tom Thumb Mixture o p

Helichrysum cordatum

Helichrysum microphyllum Silver Mist pellets

Helichrysum moeserianum

Helichrysum tinctum

Helicodiceros muscivorus

Heliconia champneiana Maya Gold

Heliconia champneiana Splash

Heliconia griggsiana

Heliconia harlingii

Heliconia impudica

Heliconia latispatha

Heliconia latispatha Orange Gyro

Heliconia librata

Heliconia mariae

Heliconia nigripraefixa

Heliconia platystachys Sexy Orange

Heliconia riopalenquensis

Heliconia sclerotricha

Heliconia spathocircinata

Heliophila coronopifolia Blue Bird

Heliopsis helianthoides

Heliotropium arborescens

Heliotropium arborescens dwarf form

Heliotropium arborescens Marine dwarf

Heliotropium arborescens Mini-marine extra dwarf

Helipterum tenellum

Helleborus hybridus Newest Hybrids

Helleborus niger hort.

Helleborus spp. and vars. mix

Hemiandra linearis

Hemiandra pungens

Hemiandra pungens prostrate form

Hemionitis arifolia

Hermannia flammea

Hermannia hyssopifolia

Herniaria glabra

Herrea elongata

Hesperaloe campanulata

Hesperaloe funifera

Hesperaloe parviflora

Hesperaloe parviflora Rubra

Hesperantha bachmannii

Hesperantha baurii

Hesperantha coccinea

Hesperantha coccinea mix

Hesperantha cucullata

Hesperantha falcata white form

Hesperantha hantamensis

Hesperantha luticola

Hesperantha Mixed Colours

Hesperantha pauciflora

Hesperantha radiata ssp caricina

Hesperantha radiata ssp radiata

Hesperantha vaginata

Heterolepis aliena

Heteropappus meyendorffii Blue Knol

Heterospathe elata

Heuchera americana Emperors Cloak

Heuchera americana Malachite pellets

Heuchera americana Metallica mix

Heuchera americana Palace Purple

Heuchera americana Palce Purple pellets

Heuchera Marvellous Marble

Heuchera micrantha Palace Purple

Heuchera micrantha Palace Purple pellets

Heuchera sanguinea Coral Petite (tm)

Hevea brasiliensis vsvs

Hibbertia acerosa

Hibbertia aurea

Hibbertia glomerata

Hibbertia gracilipes aff.

Hibbertia helianthemoides

Hibbertia huegelii

Hibbertia lasiopus

Hibbertia obtusifolia

Hibbertia ovata

Hibbertia perfoliata

Hibbertia rhadinopoda

Hibbertia scandens

Hibbertia serrata

Hibbertia spicata ssp spicata

Hibiscus acetosella

Hibiscus acetosella Red Shield

Hibiscus cannabinus

Hibiscus f1 Disco Belle Mixed

Hibiscus f1 Disco Belle Pink

Hibiscus f1 Disco Belle Rosy Red

Hibiscus f1 Southern Belle Mixed

Hibiscus Galaxy Mixture

Hibiscus lasiocarpos

Hibiscus militaris

Hibiscus mutabilis c.s.

Hibiscus mutabilis Double Pink

Hibiscus ovalifolius

Hibiscus pedunculatus

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L.

Hibiscus sabdariffa

Hibiscus sabdariffa Green Senegalese

Hibiscus sabdariffa Purple Cocktail

Hibiscus sabdariffa Red Cocktail

Hibiscus spp. mixed

Hibiscus storckii

Hibiscus sturtii

Hibiscus tiliaceus

Hibiscus trionum

Hibiscus trionum Simply Love

Hippeastrum sprekelia x

Holmskioldia sanguinea

Holothrix burchellii svs

Holothrix pilosa

Holothrix villosa

Holubia saccata

Hoodia gordulata (name unresolved)

Hoodia pilifera ssp pilifera

Hordeum vulgare Variegata

Hordeum vulgare Variegata Polly

Hornstedtia tomentosa

Hosta sieboldiana v elegans

Hosta ventricosa

Hovea acutifolia

Hovea chorizemifolia

Hovea elliptica

Hovea elliptica Alba

Hovea lanceolata

Hovea linearis

Hovea longifolia

Hovea montana

Hovea pungens

Hovea ramulosa

Hovea trisperma

Howea belmoreana

Hunnemannia fumariifolia Sunlite

Hyalosperma cotula

Hyalosperma glutinosum

Hyalosperma simplex

Hybanthus calycinus

Hybanthus floribundus

Hydriastele rheophytica

Hylocereus undatus red fruited

Hymenanthera dentata

Hymenosporum flavum

Hyophorbe verschaffeltii

Hypericum androsaemum

Hypericum androsaemum Albury Purple

Hypericum cerastioides Silvana

Hypericum polyphyllum Grandiflorum

Hyphaene coriacea

Hypocalymma angustifolium

Hypocalymma ericifolium

Hypocalymma robustum

Hypocalymma scariosum

Hypocalyptus sophoroides

Hypoestes aristata

Hypoestes phyllostachya Confetti Mixed

Hypoestes phyllostachya White Splash Improved

Hypoxis angustifolia

Hypoxis galpinii

Hypoxis hemerocallidea

Hypoxis villosa

Hyssopus officinalis Sprite Blue

Hyssopus officinalis ssp. aristatus

Hystrix patula

Iberis amara Mount Hood

Iberis sempervirens Snowflake

Iberis sempervirens Tahoe

Iberis umbellata Candy Cane Lilac

Iberis umbellata Candy Cane White

Iberis umbellata Confetti mix

Iberis umbellata Fairy Mixed dwarf

Iberis umbellata Fire Ice

Iberis umbellata Flash Mixture

Iberis umbellata Flash Purple

Iberis umbellata Flash Red

Iberis umbellata Flash Rose

Iberis umbellata mix

Iberis umbellata Pretty mix

Iberis umbellata Rose Cardinal

Iberis umbellata Sweet Candy mix

Ibervillea lindheimeri

Idria columnaris Kellogg

Ilex paraguariensis

Impatiens balfourii

Impatiens balsamina Camellia Double Mix o p

Impatiens balsamina Camellia Peppermint Stick

Impatiens balsamina Dwarf Double Mixed

Impatiens balsamina Tom Thumb Mix o p

Impatiens balsamina Top Flowering Bush Mix

Impatiens balsamina Topknot Mixed doubles

Impatiens capensis

Impatiens capensis Autumn Canaries

Impatiens f1 Accent Star Mixed

Impatiens f1 Athena Mixed rosebud type

Impatiens f1 Divine Blue Pearl

Impatiens f1 Divine Hot Mixture

Impatiens f1 Divine Mix

Impatiens f1 Divine Mixed formula

Impatiens f1 Divine Mystic Mixed

Impatiens f1 Divine Orange

Impatiens f1 Divine Scarlet Red

Impatiens f1 Divine Violet

Impatiens f1 Divine White

Impatiens f1 New Divine Orange bronze leaf

Impatiens f1 Super Elfin Series Mixed

Impatiens f1 Xtreme Mixed

Impatiens f2 Colour Parade Mixed

Impatiens f2 Safari Mixed

Impatiens kerriae

Impatiens Lollipop Carmine

Impatiens Lollipop Cherry Red

Impatiens Lollipop Mixed

Impatiens Lollipop Orange

Impatiens Lollipop Peach Salmon

Impatiens Lollipop Pink

Impatiens Lollipop Rose

Impatiens Lollipop Violet

Impatiens Lollipop White

Impatiens pallida

Impatiens walleriana Baby Carmine

Impatiens walleriana Baby Dwarf Carmine

Impatiens walleriana Baby Dwarf Mixed

Impatiens walleriana Baby Dwarf Orange

Impatiens walleriana Baby Dwarf Pink

Impatiens walleriana Baby Dwarf Scarlet

Impatiens walleriana Baby Dwarf White

Impatiens walleriana Baby Mixed

Impatiens walleriana Baby Orange

Impatiens walleriana Baby Pink

Impatiens walleriana Baby Scarlet

Impatiens walleriana Baby White

Impatiens walleriana f1 hybs mixed

Impatiens walleriana f2 hybrids mixed

Incarvillea delavayi

Incarvillea delavayi Alba - Snowtop

Incarvillea sinensis Cheron Pink

Incarvillea sinensis Cheron White

Incarvillea zhongdianensis

Indigofera australis

Indigofera brevidens

Indigofera cytisoides

Indigofera linifolia

Indigofera monophylla

Indigofera stricta

Iochroma edule Sweetheart

Iochroma fuchsioides

Ionopsidium acaule

Ipomoea alba

Ipomoea carnea

Ipomoea fistulosa white (sp. name unresolved)

Ipomoea hederifolia Sunspots

Ipomoea hirsuta Mini Sky-Blue sp. name unresolved

Ipomoea imperialis x Sunrise Serenade

Ipomoea lobata

Ipomoea lobata Citronella

Ipomoea lobata Exotic Love

Ipomoea lobata Jungle Queen

Ipomoea multifida

Ipomoea multifida x Cardinal Climber

Ipomoea nil

Ipomoea nil Candy Pink

Ipomoea nil Early Call Chocolate

Ipomoea nil Early Call Dwarf Mixed

Ipomoea nil Kikyo-Zaki mixed

Ipomoea nil Milky Way

Ipomoea nil mixed

Ipomoea nil Morning Call mixed

Ipomoea nil Purple Haze - Black

Ipomoea nil Scarlett O Hara

Ipomoea nil Split Second

Ipomoea nil White with Pink Blush

Ipomoea nil Windmill Chocolate

Ipomoea nil Windmill Lavender Blue

Ipomoea nil Windmill Light Pink

Ipomoea nil Windmill Mixed

Ipomoea nil Windmill Rose Red

Ipomoea nil Windmill Violet Blue

Ipomoea nil Zeeland Hybrids mix o p

Ipomoea ochracea

Ipomoea purpurea

Ipomoea purpurea Blue Star

Ipomoea purpurea Bohemian Shades mix

Ipomoea purpurea Carnevale di Venezia

Ipomoea purpurea Celestial Mixed

Ipomoea purpurea Crimson Rambler

Ipomoea purpurea Decapo Light Blue

Ipomoea purpurea Grandpa Otts

Ipomoea purpurea Kniolas Purple-black

Ipomoea purpurea Lazy Luxe Mix

Ipomoea purpurea mixed o p

Ipomoea purpurea mixed o p organic seed

Ipomoea purpurea Persian Star

Ipomoea purpurea pink double

Ipomoea purpurea Shadow Dance Mix

Ipomoea purpurea Split Personality

Ipomoea purpurea Star of Yelta

Ipomoea purpurea Venice Blue

Ipomoea purpurea Venice Pink

Ipomoea quamoclit

Ipomoea quamoclit Cardinalis

Ipomoea quamoclit Feather Red

Ipomoea quamoclit Feather Rose

Ipomoea quamoclit Feather White

Ipomoea quamoclit Feathers Mixed

Ipomoea sepacuitensis

Ipomoea setosa

Ipomoea sp. unident. small yellow woodrose

Ipomoea tricolor

Ipomoea tricolor Benichidory

Ipomoea tricolor Blue Jay

Ipomoea tricolor Blue Star

Ipomoea tricolor Candy Pink

Ipomoea tricolor Early Call Mix

Ipomoea tricolor Flying Saucers

Ipomoea tricolor Heavenly Blue Clarks Early

Ipomoea tricolor Imperial Mix formula

Ipomoea tricolor mix formula

Ipomoea tricolor Pearly Gates

Ipomoea tricolor Peppermint Mixed

Ipomoea tricolour Crimson Rambler

Ipomopsis rubra

Iresine Purple Lady

Iris virginica

Isolepis cernua

Isolepis cernua Fibre Optics pills

Isolepis cernua Live Wire multi-pellets

Isoplexis canariensis

Isoplexis isabelliana

Isopogon alcicornis

Isopogon anemonifolius

Isopogon cuneatus b.s.

Isopogon dubius b.s.

Isopogon formosus b.s.

Isopogon formosus c.s.

Isotoma axillaris

Isotoma axillaris Pink Stars

Isotoma axillaris Rose Stars

Isotoma axillaris White Stars

Isotoma f1 Avant Garde Blue

Isotoma f1 Avant Garde Blue pellets

Isotoma f1 Avant Garde Dark Pink

Isotoma f1 Avant Garde Dark Pink pellets

Isotoma f1 Avant Garde Pink

Isotoma f1 Avant Garde Pink pellets

Isotoma f1 Avant Garde Violet

Isotoma f1 Avant Garde Violet pellets

Isotoma f1 Avant Garde White

Isotoma f1 Avant Garde White pellets

Isotoma f1 Pot Indigo

Isotoma f1 Pot Indigo pellets

Isotoma hypocrateriformis

Isotoma Megastar Blue

Isotoma Megastar Pink

Isotoma petraea

Isotoma scapigera

Isotropis atropurpurea

Isotropis cuneifolia

Ixia abbreviata

Ixia contorta

Ixia curta

Ixia curvata

Ixia divaricata

Ixia dubia

Ixia flexuosa

Ixia gloriosa

Ixia Hybrids select mix

Ixia latifolia

Ixia longituba

Ixia maculata

Ixia marginifolia

Ixia meterlekampiae

Ixia micrandra

Ixia namaquana

Ixia odorata

Ixia orientalis

Ixia orientalis white form

Ixia polystachya

Ixia purpurea-rosea

Ixia rapunculoides

Ixia rouxii

Ixia scillaris

Ixia thomasiae

Ixia viridiflora v minor (v. name unresolved)

Ixora coccinea

Jacaranda mimosifolia

Jacaranda mimosifolia prov. Morogoro Tanzania

Jacksonia alata

Jacksonia floribunda

Jacksonia sternbergiana

Jagera pseudorhus

Jatropha augustii

Jatropha curcas

Jatropha multifida

Jatropha podagrica

Johnsonia lupulina

Jovellana punctata

Jubaea chilensis

Juncus effusus fa. spiralis

Juncus effusus fa. spiralis pellets

Juncus filiformis Spiralis

Juncus filiformis Spiralis pills

Juncus inflexus Afro

Juncus pallidus

Juncus pincei

Juncus sp. nov. Hedgehog Grass

Juniperus deppeana - pachyphloea

Juttadinteria albata

Juttadinteria simpsoni

Kaempferia roscoeana

Kalanchoe alticola

Kalanchoe beharensis

Kalanchoe brachyloba

Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi

Kalanchoe grandiflora

Kalanchoe longiflora

Kalanchoe orgyalis

Kalanchoe pinnata

Kalanchoe prittwitzii

Kalanchoe rotundifolia

Kalanchoe sexangularis

Kalanchoe tetraphylla

Kalanchoe tomentosa

Kalmia latifolia

Kennedia beckxiana

Kennedia carinata

Kennedia coccinea

Kennedia coccinea Jarrah Forest form

Kennedia eximia

Kennedia microphylla

Kennedia nigricans

Kennedia procumbens

Kennedia prorepens

Kennedia prostrata

Kennedia prostrata Jarrah Forest form

Kennedia rubicunda

Kennedia spp. mix

Kennedia stirlingii

Keraudrenia integrifolia

Kigelia africana

Kirengeshoma palmata

Kitaibelia vitifolia

Kleinia fulgens

Kleinia grantii

Kleinia neriifolia

Knautia macedonica Mars Midget

Kniphofia caulescens

Kniphofia citrina

Kniphofia hirsuta

Kniphofia hybrida x New Hybrids mix

Koeleria glauca b.s.

Koeleria glauca c.s.

Kohleria spicata

Kunzea capitata

Kunzea parvifolia

Labichea punctata

Lablab purpureus

Lablab purpureus red leaves purple fl.

Lablab purpureus Ruby Moon

Lachenalia alba

Lachenalia arbuthnotiae

Lachenalia attenuata

Lachenalia bulbifera

Lachenalia callista

Lachenalia capensis

Lachenalia carnosa

Lachenalia comptonii

Lachenalia congesta

Lachenalia contaminata

Lachenalia corymbosa

Lachenalia elegans v. suaveolens

Lachenalia fistulosa

Lachenalia flava

Lachenalia gillettii

Lachenalia inconspicua

Lachenalia juncifolia

Lachenalia latimerae

Lachenalia leipoldtii

Lachenalia liliflora

Lachenalia longibracteata

Lachenalia lutea

Lachenalia marginata

Lachenalia mathewsii

Lachenalia mediana

Lachenalia multifolia

Lachenalia mutabilis

Lachenalia obscura

Lachenalia orchioides

Lachenalia orchioides v. orchioides

Lachenalia pallida

Lachenalia patula

Lachenalia polyphylla

Lachenalia purpureocaerulea

Lachenalia pusilla

Lachenalia pustulata

Lachenalia quadricolor

Lachenalia reflexa

Lachenalia rosea

Lachenalia rosea pink - white form

Lachenalia rubida

Lachenalia sp. unident. - Polyxena Kamiesberg Bulb

Lachenalia splendida

Lachenalia stayneri

Lachenalia suaveolens

Lachenalia thomasiae

Lachenalia trichophylla

Lachenalia unicolor

Lachenalia variegata

Lachenalia ventricosa

Lachenalia violacea

Lachenalia viridiflora

Lachenalia wrightii

Lachenalia zeyheri

Lachnostachys eriobotrya

Lactuca perennis

Lactuca sativa a couper Bionda a foglia liscia

Lactuca sativa a couper Bionda ricciolina

Lactuca sativa a couper Biscia rossa

Lactuca sativa a couper Foglia di quercia

Lagenifera huegelii

Lagerstroemia archeriana (name unresolved)

Lagerstroemia floribunda

Lagerstroemia indica

Lagerstroemia indica Little Chief Mixture formula

Lagerstroemia indica Little Chief Pink

Lagerstroemia indica Little Chief Purple

Lagerstroemia indica Little Chief Red

Lagurus ovatus Nanus Bunny Tails c.s.

Lagurus ovatus r.s.

Lamarckia aurea c.s.

Lambertia multiflora

Lambertia propinqua

Lampranthus dulcis

Lampranthus spectabilis

Lampranthus spp. mix

Lamprocapnos spectabilis

Lantana camara

Lantana camara hybrids mix

Lapageria rosea

Lapageria rosea Hugletts Blush

Lapeirousia anceps

Lapeirousia divaricata

Lapeirousia jacquinii

Lapeirousia plicata

Lapeirousia pyramidalis ssp pyramidalis

Lapeirousia sandersonii

Lapidaria margaretae

Lardizabala biternata

Lasiopetalum cardiophyllum

Latania loddigesii

Latania verschaffeltii

Lathyrus belinensis

Lathyrus clymenum

Lathyrus clymenum Chelsea

Lathyrus nervosus

Lathyrus odoratus Bijou Mixed bedding pot

Lathyrus odoratus Cupid Black pot basket

Lathyrus odoratus Cupid Blue pot basket

Lathyrus odoratus Cupid Cherry pot basket

Lathyrus odoratus Cupid Lavender pot basket

Lathyrus odoratus Cupid Mixed pot basket

Lathyrus odoratus Cupid Pink pot basket

Lathyrus odoratus Cupid Purple pot basket

Lathyrus odoratus Cupid Rose pot basket

Lathyrus odoratus Cupid Violet pot basket

Lathyrus odoratus Cupid White pot basket

Lathyrus odoratus Explorer Mix dwarf

Lathyrus odoratus Fantasia Mixed dwarf bush

Lathyrus odoratus Little Sweetheart Mix dwarf

Lathyrus odoratus Night - Day mix

Lathyrus odoratus Patio mix semi-dwarf

Lathyrus odoratus Villa Roma scarlet

Laurus nobilis b.s. (d.b.) svs

Laurus nobilis c.s. svs

Lavandula angustifolia Ellagance Pink

Lavandula angustifolia Ellagance Purple

Lavandula angustifolia Ellagance Sky

Lavandula angustifolia Ellagance Snow

Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote Blue

Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote Superior select

Lavandula angustifolia Lady

Lavandula angustifolia Lavance Purple

Lavandula angustifolia Mini Blue Lavender

Lavandula angustifolia Muffets Children dwarf comp

Lavandula angustifolia Munstead

Lavandula angustifolia Munstead organic seed

Lavandula angustifolia Pink Perfume

Lavandula angustifolia Provence Blue

Lavandula angustifolia Rosea

Lavandula angustifolia ssp pyrenaica

Lavandula angustifolia Vicenza Blue

Lavandula cvs dwarf mixed

Lavandula dentata

Lavandula multifida

Lavandula multifida Spanish Eyes

Lavandula pedunculata

Lavandula stoechas

Lavandula stoechas Bandera Purple

Lavandula stoechas Castiliano Violet

Lavandula stoechas Purple Ribbon

Lavandula stoechas Sancho Panza

Lavatera arborea

Lavatera arborea Variegata

Lavatera trimestris Dwarf Beauty Pink

Lavatera trimestris Dwarf Patio White

Lavatera trimestris Patio Pink Dwarf

Lavatera trimestris Patio White Dwarf

Lavatera trimestris Pink Blush dwarf

Lavatera trimestris Twins Cool White

Lavatera trimestris Twins Hot Pink

Lawrencella davenportii

Lawsonia inermis

Laxmannia gracilis

Lebeckia sericea

Lechenaultia biloba

Lechenaultia floribunda

Lechenaultia formosa

Lechenaultia linarioides

Lechenaultia macrantha

Leea coccinea

Leea coccinea v. rubra

Leea guineensis

Leea indica

Leibnitzia nivea

Leonotis leonurus

Leonotis leonurus Apricot Staircase

Leonotis leonurus white form

Leonotis nepetifolia

Leonotis nepetifolia Shrimp Cocktail

Leonotis nepetifolia Staircase

Leontochir ovallei

Leontopodium alpinum

Leonurus cardiaca Crispa Grobbebol

Leonurus glaucescens

Lepidium sativum Persian Cress

Lepidozamia hopei cit

Lepidozamia peroffskyana

Leptorhynchos squamatus

Leptosema chambersii

Leptospermum epacridoideum

Leptospermum luehmannii

Leptospermum nitidum

Leptospermum novae-angliae

Leptospermum rupestre

Leptospermum trinervium

Lessertia montana

Leucadendron argenteum

Leucanthemum superbum f1 Shasta Daisy Dwarf Snow L

Leucanthemum vulgare White Breeze

Leucochrysum stipitatum

Leucojum aestivum

Leucopogon australis

Leucopogon capitellatus

Leucopogon nutans

Leucopogon ovalifolius

Leucopogon strictus

Leucopogon verticillatus

Levisticum officinale for micro lovage

Levisticum officinale Lovage

Lewisia cotyledon

Lewisia cotyledon Alba

Lewisia cotyledon Bridal Bouquet dwarf mix

Lewisia cotyledon Elise mix

Lewisia cotyledon Elise Ruby Red

Lewisia cotyledon Elise White

Lewisia cotyledon hybrids mixed

Lewisia cotyledon pink-orange

Lewisia cotyledon Praline Mix semi-double

Lewisia cotyledon Rainbow Hybs mix

Lewisia cotyledon Soranda Hybrids

Lewisia cotyledon Sunset Strain mix

Lewisia cotyledon yellow

Lewisia longipetala x Little Mango

Lewisia longipetala x Little Peach

Lewisia longipetala x Little Plum

Lewisia longipetala x Little Raspberry

Lewisia longipetala x Little Tutti Frutti mix

Lewisia tweedyi Alba

Lewisia tweedyi Lovedream

Leycesteria formosa

Leycesteria formosa Gold Leaf

Liatris aspera

Liatris ligulistylis

Liatris pycnostachya

Liatris spicata Kobold - Goblin

Licuala bintulensis

Licuala grandis

Licuala ramsayi

Licuala spinosa

Ligustrum quihoui

Lilium Asiatic Hybrids mix select

Lilium henryi

Lilium henryi Citrinum

Lilium lancifolium

Lilium philippinense

Lilium regale

Lilium spp. and cvs. select mix

Limnanthes douglasii

Limnanthes douglasii Scrambled Egg Mix

Limnanthes douglasii ssp nivea Meringue

Limnanthes douglasii ssp rosea

Limnanthes douglasii ssp sulphurea

Limonium sinuatum Forever Blue c.s.

Limonium sinuatum Forever Gold c.s.

Limonium sinuatum Forever Mixed formula c.s.

Limonium sinuatum Forever Rose c.s.

Limonium sinuatum Forever Silver c.s.

Limonium sp. unident. Blue Diamond

Linaria aeruginea Neon Lights

Linaria maroccana Fairy Bouquet Mixed dwarf

Linaria maroccana Pretty in Pink mix

Linospadix microcaryus

Linospadix monostachya

Linum dolomiticum

Linum Gemmels Hybrid

Linum grandiflorum Blue Dress

Linum grandiflorum Charmer Salmon new colour

Linum perenne

Linum perenne Himmelszelt sky-blue

Liparia splendens

Lippia dulcis

Livistona australis

Livistona chinensis

Livistona decora

Livistona humilis

Livistona jenkinsiana

Livistona mariae

Livistona muelleri

Livistona rotundifolia

Livistona saribus

Loasa acanthifolia

Loasa tricolor

Lobelia cardinalis

Lobelia chamaepitys

Lobelia erinus Aqua Blue

Lobelia erinus Aqua Blue White eye

Lobelia erinus Aqua Lavender

Lobelia erinus Aqua Sky Blue

Lobelia erinus Aqua White

Lobelia erinus Compacta Azurro

Lobelia erinus Compacta Cambridge Blue

Lobelia erinus Pendula Cascade Blue

Lobelia erinus Pendula Cascade Lilac

Lobelia erinus Pendula Cascade Mix o.p.

Lobelia erinus Pendula Cascade Purple - White

Lobelia erinus Pendula Cascade Red

Lobelia erinus Pendula Cascade Ruby

Lobelia erinus Pendula Cascade White

Lobelia erinus Pendula Early Regatta Blue Splash

Lobelia erinus Pendula Early Regatta Lilac

Lobelia erinus Pendula Early Regatta Lilac Splash

Lobelia erinus Pendula Early Regatta Marine Blue

Lobelia erinus Pendula Early Regatta Midnight Blue

Lobelia erinus Pendula Early Regatta Mixed formula

Lobelia erinus Pendula Early Regatta Rose

Lobelia erinus Pendula Early Regatta Sapphire

Lobelia erinus Pendula Early Regatta Sky Blue

Lobelia erinus Pendula Early Regatta White

Lobelia erinus Pendula Fountain Blue

Lobelia erinus Pendula Fountain Crimson

Lobelia erinus Pendula Fountain Lilac

Lobelia erinus Pendula Fountain Mixed

Lobelia erinus Pendula Fountain Mixed pellets

Lobelia erinus Pendula Fountain Rose

Lobelia erinus Pendula Fountain White

Lobelia erinus Pendula Monsoon

Lobelia erinus Pendula Sapphire

Lobelia gregoriana

Lobelia pinifolia

Lobelia siphilitica

Lobelia speciosa f1 Starship Deep Rose pellets

Lobelia speciosa f1 Starship Scarlet pellets

Lobelia speciosa x f1 Compliment Mixed

Lobelia tenuior

Lobelia tenuior Blue Wings

Lobelia tupa

Lobelia valida

Lobelia valida Delft Blue

Lobularia maritima

Lobularia maritima Wandering Mixed trailing o.p.

Lobularia maritima Wonderland Cotton Candy mix

Logania serpyllifolia

Loiseleuria procumbens

Lomandra drummondii

Lomandra insularis

Lomandra longifolia

Lomandra longifolia Blue

Lomandra nigricans

Lomandra preissii

Lomandra spartea

Lophostemon confertus

Luculia gratissima

Luculia gratissima Rosea

Luffa cylindrica

Lupinus arboreus

Lupinus arboreus blue form

Lupinus arboreus mix

Lupinus arboreus seed from mauve fld. var.

Lupinus arboreus Snow Queen

Lupinus arboreus white flowered form

Lupinus chamissonis Silver Fleece

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Gallery Blue

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Gallery Mixed

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Gallery Pink

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Gallery Red

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Gallery Rose - White Bicolou

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Gallery White

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Gallery Yellow

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Mini-Gallery (R) Blue

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Mini-Gallery (R) Blue - Whit

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Mini-Gallery (R) Pink

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Mini-Gallery (R) Pink - Whit

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Mini-Gallery (R) Red

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Mini-Gallery (R) White

Lupinus Dwarf Russell Mini-Gallery (R) Yellow

Lupinus elegans Pink Fairy

Lupinus hartwegii Avalune red - white bicolour

Lupinus Lulu Dwarf Russell Formula Mixed

Lupinus nootkatensis

Lupinus perennis Russell Mixed

Lupinus polyphyllus Festival mixed

Lupinus polyphyllus Lulu Mixed o.p. dwarf Russell

Lupinus polyphyllus Lupini Blue shades

Lupinus polyphyllus Lupini Mixed o.p.

Lupinus polyphyllus Lupini Pink shades

Lupinus polyphyllus Lupini Red shades

Lupinus polyphyllus Lupini White

Lupinus polyphyllus Lupini Yellow shades

Lupinus polyphyllus Tutti-Frutti mixed

Lupinus polyphyllus Tutti-Frutti mixed coated seed

Lupinus texensis

Luzula nivea

Luzula nivea Lucius

Luzula Starmaker

Luzuriaga radicans

Lychnis arkwrightii x Orange Dwarf

Lychnis arkwrightii x Vesuvius

Lychnis haageana Lumina Mix

Lychnis haageana Lumina Orange

Lychnis haageana Lumina Salmon

Lychnis haageana x Molten Lava

Lychnis haageana x new hybrids

Lycium barbarum d.b.

Lycium barbarum Shanghai Express d.b.

Lycium chinense c.s.

Lycopersicon esculentum Ace 55 VF

Lycopersicon esculentum Ailsa Craig

Lycopersicon esculentum Amateur

Lycopersicon esculentum Ananas

Lycopersicon esculentum Balconi Red

Lycopersicon esculentum Balconi Yellow

Lycopersicon esculentum Banana Legs

Lycopersicon esculentum Beefsteak

Lycopersicon esculentum Beefsteak White

Lycopersicon esculentum Berry Brown

Lycopersicon esculentum Berry Red cherry

Lycopersicon esculentum Black Cherry

Lycopersicon esculentum Black from Tula

Lycopersicon esculentum Black Krim

Lycopersicon esculentum Black Russian

Lycopersicon esculentum Brandywine Red

Lycopersicon esculentum Brandywine Yellow

Lycopersicon esculentum Cal - J

Lycopersicon esculentum Cereza Amarilla

Lycopersicon esculentum Cerise larger cherry sized

Lycopersicon esculentum Cerise organic seed

Lycopersicon esculentum Cherry Falls

Lycopersicon esculentum Costoluto Florentino

Lycopersicon esculentum Craigella

Lycopersicon esculentum Cream Sausage

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Akron

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Apero

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Apricot Dream

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Balconi Red cherry

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Balconi Yellow cherry

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Beefmaster giant

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Big Rio 2000

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Bocati

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Bombero

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Borsalina cuor di bue t

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Carson pick in trusses

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Console

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Dolly

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Estrella - Shirley

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Fandango amateur

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Fandango pro. sel.

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Ferline

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Flamingo

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Gold Star

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Hobby

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Massaro

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Megabyte

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Miroo pick ripe trusses

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Modus

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Orange Santa

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Pepe ciliegia type

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Pepolino

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Premio

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Premio pro.

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Raspberry Ruffles

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Ravello

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Rosella

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Sandor

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Santonio

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Supersweet 100

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Sweet 100

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Terenzo

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Tomatoberry

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Totem dwarf

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Tumbler

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Yellow Grapes

Lycopersicon esculentum First in the Field

Lycopersicon esculentum Floradade

Lycopersicon esculentum Garden Pearl cherry cascad

Lycopersicon esculentum Garnet

Lycopersicon esculentum German Red Strawberry

Lycopersicon esculentum Gigante Liscio new selecti

Lycopersicon esculentum Goldrush Currant

Lycopersicon esculentum Gooseberry green cherry

Lycopersicon esculentum Gourmandise Red

Lycopersicon esculentum Gourmandise Yellow

Lycopersicon esculentum Green Sausage

Lycopersicon esculentum Green Zebra

Lycopersicon esculentum Homestead

Lycopersicon esculentum Honey Bubbles

Lycopersicon esculentum Ildi small yellow profuse

Lycopersicon esculentum Indian Moon

Lycopersicon esculentum Indigo Rose

Lycopersicon esculentum Japanese Black Trifele

Lycopersicon esculentum Koralik

Lycopersicon esculentum Lemon Tree - Plum Lemon

Lycopersicon esculentum Liguria

Lycopersicon esculentum Little Sun

Lycopersicon esculentum Maja bush - balcony

Lycopersicon esculentum Maskotka

Lycopersicon esculentum Matina organic seed

Lycopersicon esculentum Micro Cherry

Lycopersicon esculentum Micro Tom

Lycopersicon esculentum Microcherry

Lycopersicon esculentum Miel de la Mexique cherry

Lycopersicon esculentum Minibel ornamental - edibl

Lycopersicon esculentum Noire de Crimee

Lycopersicon esculentum Orange Ray

Lycopersicon esculentum Oxheart Orange

Lycopersicon esculentum Pantano Romanesco new sele

Lycopersicon esculentum Patio Plum

Lycopersicon esculentum Pear Red

Lycopersicon esculentum Pear Yellow

Lycopersicon esculentum Pear Yellow organic seed

Lycopersicon esculentum Peardrops

Lycopersicon esculentum Pink Thai Egg

Lycopersicon esculentum Principe Borghese

Lycopersicon esculentum Purple Russian

Lycopersicon esculentum Red Alert bush

Lycopersicon esculentum Red Brandywine

Lycopersicon esculentum Red Cherry larger fruit

Lycopersicon esculentum Red Cherry smaller fruited

Lycopersicon esculentum Red Cherry smaller fruited

Lycopersicon esculentum St. Pierre

Lycopersicon esculentum Stupice

Lycopersicon esculentum Supersteak bifteck

Lycopersicon esculentum Sweet n Neat Cherrie Kisse

Lycopersicon esculentum Sweet n Neat Lemon Sherber

Lycopersicon esculentum Sweetie cherry

Lycopersicon esculentum Tiny Tim

Lycopersicon esculentum Tiny Tommy miniature

Lycopersicon esculentum Tumbling Jester cherry tra

Lycopersicon esculentum Tumbling Tom Red patio pot

Lycopersicon esculentum Tumbling Tom Yellow patio

Lycopersicon esculentum Yellow Pear

Lycopersicon esculentum Yellow Perfection organic

Lycopersicon esculentum Zebra Red Improved

Lycopersicon esculentum Zlatava

Lysimachia atropurpurea

Lysimachia atropurpurea Beaujolais

Lysinema ciliatum

Macadamia integrifolia

Macadamia tetraphylla

Macarthuria australis

Macgregoria racemigera

Macropidia fuliginosa

Macropiper excelsum

Macrozamia communis cit

Macrozamia machinii

Macrozamia montana cit

Macrozamia moorei cit

Macrozamia platyrhachis cit

Macrozamia riedlei cit

Macrozamia spiralis cit

Macrozamia stenomera

Macrozamia stenomera Blue

Macrozamia viridis

Magnolia floribunda

Maireana astrotricha b.s.

Maireana atkinsiana

Maireana carnosa

Maireana georgei

Maireana melanocoma

Maireana pentatropis

Maireana platycarpa

Maireana tomentosa

Maireana trichoptera

Maireana triptera b.s.

Maireana villosa

Mallotus philippensis

Malpighia glabra

Malva alcea v fastigiata

Malva moschata Alba

Malva moschata fa rosea Pink Perfection

Malvaviscus arboreus

Mammillaria spp. mix

Manfreda scabra

Manilkara zapota

Mansoa alliacea

Massonia depressa

Massonia longipes

Massonia pustulata

Matricaria Ball Golden

Matricaria Ball Snow - Snowball

Matthiola fruticulosa Alba

Matthiola incana Beauty of Nice mix

Matthiola incana Cinderella Antique cream-mauve se

Matthiola incana Cinderella Appleblossom selectabl

Matthiola incana Cinderella Blue selectable double

Matthiola incana Cinderella Champagne selectable d

Matthiola incana Cinderella Hot Pink selectable do

Matthiola incana Cinderella Lavender selectable do

Matthiola incana Cinderella Mix formula selectable

Matthiola incana Cinderella Pink selectable double

Matthiola incana Cinderella Purple selectable doub

Matthiola incana Cinderella Red selectable double

Matthiola incana Cinderella White selectable doubl

Matthiola incana Cinderella Yellow selectable doub

Matthiola incana Dwarf Ten Week Stock Blue

Matthiola incana Dwarf Ten Week Stock Brilliant Ro

Matthiola incana Dwarf Ten Week Stock Crimson

Matthiola incana Dwarf Ten Week Stock Mixed

Matthiola incana Dwarf Ten Week Stock Violet

Matthiola incana Dwarf Ten Week Stock White

Matthiola incana Dwarf Ten Week Yellow

Matthiola incana East Lothian Crimson winter stock

Matthiola incana East Lothian Lavender winter stoc

Matthiola incana East Lothian Mix o p winter stock

Matthiola incana East Lothian Pink winter stock

Matthiola incana East Lothian White winter stock

Matthiola incana Harmony Mixed selectable double

Matthiola incana Perfection Double Mix

Matthiola incana Pillow Talk

Maurandella antirrhiniflora purple

Maurandella antirrhiniflora red form

Maurandya barclaiana

Maurandya erubescens

Maurandya erubescens Magic Dragon

Maurandya scandens Joan Loraine violet blue

Maurandya scandens mixture formula

Maurandya scandens Mystic Purple

Maurandya scandens Mystic Rose

Maurandya scandens Sky Blue

Maurandya scandens Snowwhite - Summer Snow

Maurandya wislizensis Red Dragon

Mauranthemum paludosum

Mauranthemum paludosum Snowland dwarf

Maytenus bachmannii

Medinilla speciosa

Melaleuca alternifolia

Melaleuca alternifolia select high oil strain

Melaleuca conothamnoides

Melaleuca elleryana (name unresolved)

Melaleuca elliptica

Melaleuca ericifolia nana

Melaleuca filifolia

Melaleuca incana

Melaleuca pulchella

Melaleuca spathulata

Melaleuca striata

Melaleuca suberosa

Melaleuca thymifolia

Melaleuca trichophylla

Melaleuca violacea

Melaleuca wilsonii

Melampodium paludosum

Melampodium paludosum Melanie

Melasphaerula ramosa

Melastoma malabathricum L.

Melia azedarach

Melianthus comosus

Melianthus major

Melicoccus bijugatus

Melicope elleryana svs

Melicope ternata

Melicytus obovatus

Melinis nerviglumis Savannah Grass

Melissa officinalis Citronella

Melissa officinalis Lemonella

Melissa officinalis ssp. altissima organic seed

Melothria pendula

Merremia tuberosa

Merremia umbellata

Merwilla plumbea short form

Meryta sinclairii

Mesembryanthemum barklyi

Mesembryanthemum digitatum

Mestoklema macrorhizum

Metrosideros excelsa

Metrosideros excelsa Aurea

Micranthus alopecuroides

Micranthus plantagineus

Microcachrys tetragona

Microlepia speluncae

Microlepia strigosa

Microloma sagittatum

Mikania araucana

Milium effusum Aureum

Mimosa pudica less sensitive form

Mimosa pudica Pink Sparkles

Mimosa pudica sensitive form

Mimosa pudica Touchy Tina treated seeds

Mimulus cardinalis

Mimulus f1 Andean Nymph

Mimulus f1 Magic Ivory pellets

Mimulus f1 Magic Mixed formula

Mimulus f1 Magic Mixed formula pellets

Mimulus f1 Magic Orange pellets

Mimulus f1 Magic Red pellets

Mimulus f1 Magic White Flame pellets

Mimulus f1 Magic White with Blotch pellets

Mimulus f1 Magic Wine pellets

Mimulus f1 Magic Yellow Blotch pellets

Mimulus f1 Magic Yellow Flame pellets

Mimulus f1 Magic Yellow pellets

Mimulus f1 Maximus Mixed pellets

Mimulus f1 Mystic Mix pellets

Mimulus f2 Twinkle Mixed formula

Mimulus guttatus

Mimulus hybridus x Grandiflorus Mixture - Tigrinus

Mimulus hybridus x Queens Prize Mixed

Mimulus hybridus x Red Emperor

Mimulus luteus

Mimulus minimus

Mimulus pictus

Minuria cunninghamiana

Minuria denticulata

Miqueliopuntia miquelii

Mirabilis jalapa Broken Colours Mix

Mirabilis jalapa Custard and Cream

Mirabilis jalapa Limelight rose

Mirabilis jalapa Marbles Mixed

Mirabilis jalapa Marbles white - red mix

Mirabilis jalapa Marbles white - yellow mix

Mirabilis jalapa Marbles yellow - red mix

Mirabilis jalapa Mauve-Violet

Mirabilis jalapa mix o.p.

Mirabilis jalapa mix organic seed

Mirabilis jalapa Red

Mirabilis jalapa Red Glow

Mirabilis jalapa Rose

Mirabilis jalapa Striped Mix

Mirabilis jalapa Tea Time Mixture

Mirabilis jalapa Tea Time Red

Mirabilis jalapa Tea Time Rose

Mirabilis jalapa Tea Time White

Mirabilis jalapa Tea Time Yellow

Mirabilis jalapa White - Alba

Mirabilis jalapa Yellow

Mitraria coccinea

Mitriostigma axillare

Molineria capitulata

Molineria latifolia

Monarda bradburiana

Monarda citriodora x Bergamo

Monarda didyma Panorama mix

Monarda didyma Panorama Red Shades

Monarda fistulosa

Monodora myristica

Monopsis lutea

Monopsis unidentata

Monstera deliciosa

Monstera friedrichsthalii

Moraea angusta

Moraea anomala

Moraea bituminosa

Moraea britteniae

Moraea bulbillifera

Moraea ciliata

Moraea citrina

Moraea collina

Moraea cookii

Moraea elegans

Moraea gawleri

Moraea huttonii

Moraea inclinata

Moraea inconspicua

Moraea lewisiae

Moraea neglecta

Moraea ochroleuca

Moraea pallida

Moraea papilionacea

Moraea papilionaceae red form

Moraea polyanthos darker form

Moraea polystachya

Moraea serpentina

Moraea setifolia

Moraea spathulata

Moraea tricuspidata

Moraea tripetala

Moraea tulbaghensis

Moraea unguiculata

Moraea vegeta

Moraea virgata

Morella brevifolia

Morinda citrifolia

Moringa oleifera

Moringa stenopetala

Mucuna sempervirens

Muehlenbeckia astonii (name unresolved)

Mundulea sericea grey lvd. form

Murraya koenigii db svs

Murraya paniculata svs

Musa acuminata

Musa acuminata Dwarf Banana

Musa acuminata Sumatrana

Musa acuminata v tomentosa

Musa arfakiana

Musa balbisiana

Musa balbisiana Atia Black

Musa balbisiana Gigantia

Musa balbisiana Sikkim

Musa bauensis

Musa cheesmanii

Musa chunii (name unresolved)

Musa griersonii

Musa itinerans

Musa itinerans Burmese Blue

Musa itinerans Indian form

Musa itinerans Kavalanensis

Musa itinerans v. formosane

Musa johnsii

Musa lasiocarpa

Musa laterita

Musa lolodensis

Musa mannii

Musa nagensium

Musa ornata

Musa ornata Pink

Musa ornata Purple

Musa paradisiaca x

Musa sikkimensis

Musa sikkimensis Red Flash - Tiger

Musa sikkimensis x paradisiaca

Musa thomsonii

Musa velutina Nana pink fr.

Musa velutina pink fr.

Musa violacea purple pink

Musa yunnanensis

Muscari armeniacum Gul

Mutisia ilicifolia

Myosotis alpestris Ball Blue dwarf

Myosotis alpestris Ball Indigo

Myosotis alpestris carmine rose

Myosotis alpestris standard blue

Myosotis alpestris standard indigo

Myosotis alpestris standard mixed

Myosotis alpestris standard rose

Myosotis alpestris standard white

Myosotis alpestris ultramarine

Myosotis oblongata Blue Bird sp name unresolved

Myosotis sylvatica Standard White

Myosotis sylvatica Sylva - Bluesylva

Myosotis sylvatica Sylva - Mixed

Myosotis sylvatica Sylva - Rosylva

Myosotis sylvatica Sylva - Snowsylva

Myriocephalus guerinae

Myroxylon balsamum

Myrsine africana svs

Myrtus communis

Myrtus communis Compacta

Mystroxylon aethiopicum

Nageia nagi

Nandina domestica

Nauclea orientalis

Nebelia fragarioides

Nemesia cheiranthus Masquerade

Nemesia denticulata

Nemesia strumosa Blaze of Glory mixture c.s.

Nemesia strumosa Blue Gem c.s.

Nemesia strumosa Blue Gem Superior

Nemesia strumosa Butterscotch c.s.

Nemesia strumosa carmine cs

Nemesia strumosa Carnival Mixture c.s.

Nemesia strumosa Carnival Mixture r.s.

Nemesia strumosa Danish Flag

Nemesia strumosa f1 Nebula Mixed

Nemesia strumosa Fire King cs

Nemesia strumosa Galaxy Mixed bicolour c.s.

Nemesia strumosa Galaxy Mixed bicolours r.s.

Nemesia strumosa K L M

Nemesia strumosa National Ensign red and white

Nemesia strumosa Poetry Blue pellets

Nemesia strumosa Poetry Deep Pink pellets

Nemesia strumosa Poetry Lavender Pink pellets

Nemesia strumosa Poetry White pellets

Nemesia strumosa Prince of Orange c.s.

Nemesia strumosa Red Icing mixed

Nemesia strumosa Seventh Heaven Lavender bicolour

Nemesia strumosa Sundrops Mixture

Nemesia strumosa Triumph Choice Mix c.s.

Nemesia strumosa Triumph Choice Mix r.s.

Nemesia strumosa White Knight cs

Nemesia versicolor Blue Bird cs

Nemophila discoidalis Penny Black (sp. name unreso

Nemophila Freckles

Nemophila maculata

Nemophila menziesii blue

Nemophila menziesii Frosty Blue

Nemophila menziesii v atomaria Snowstorm

Nemophila menziesii White Confetti

Nepeta nervosa

Nepeta nervosa Blue Carpet

Nepeta nervosa Blue Moon

Nepeta racemosa

Nepeta racemosa Alba

Nepeta racemosa Felix

Nepeta racemosa organic seeds

Nepeta racemosa Select deeper blue

Nepeta subsessilis

Nepeta subsessilis Blue Dreams

Nepeta subsessilis Grand View

Nepeta subsessilis Pink Dreams

Nephrolepis cordata

Neptunia dimorphantha

Nerium oleander hort.

Neurachne alopecuroides

Newcastelia cephalantha

Newcastelia hexarrhena

Nicandra physalodes

Nicandra physalodes Splash of Cream

Nicandra physalodes Variegata

Nicandra physalodes Violacea

Nicotiana alata Sweet Scented White

Nicotiana glauca

Nicotiana sanderae f1 Avalon Appleblossom

Nicotiana sanderae f1 Avalon Lime

Nicotiana sanderae f1 Avalon Lime - Purple bicolou

Nicotiana sanderae f1 Avalon Mixed dwarf

Nicotiana sanderae f1 Avalon Mixed pellets

Nicotiana sanderae f1 Avalon Red

Nicotiana sanderae f1 Avalon White

Nicotiana sanderae f1 Perfume Antique Lime pellets

Nicotiana sanderae f1 Perfume Blue pellets

Nicotiana sanderae f1 Perfume Bright Rose pellets

Nicotiana sanderae f1 Perfume Deep Purple pellets

Nicotiana sanderae f1 Perfume Formula Mixed pellet

Nicotiana sanderae f1 Perfume Lime pellets

Nicotiana sanderae f1 Perfume Mixed

Nicotiana sanderae f1 Perfume Red pellets

Nicotiana sanderae f1 Perfume White pellets

Nicotiana sanderae f1 Saratoga Lime pellets

Nicotiana sanderae f1 Saratoga Mixed pellets

Nicotiana sanderae f1 Saratoga Purple Bi-colour pe

Nicotiana sanderae f1 Saratoga Red pellets

Nicotiana sanderae f1 Saratoga Rose pellets

Nicotiana sanderae f1 Saratoga White pellets

Nicotiana sanderae f2 Roulette Mixed dwarf

Nicotiana sanderae f2 Tinkerbells Mixture dwarf

Nicotiana sanderae x Whisper Mixed

Nicotiana sylvestris

Nicotiana sylvestris Only the Lonely

Nierembergia hippomanica Purple Robe

Nierembergia hippomanica White Robe

Nigella damascena Blue Midget

Nigella damascena Shorty Blue compact

Nivenia corymbosa

Nolana humifusa

Nolana paradoxa Blue Bird

Nolana paradoxa Little Bells

Nolana paradoxa Purple Bird

Nolana paradoxa Snow Bird (White Bird)

Nolina durangensis

Nolina excelsa (name unresolved)

Nolina hibernica La Siberica

Nolina longifolia

Nolina matapensis

Nolina microcarpa

Nolina nelsonii

Nolina texana

Normanbya normanbyi

Nothofagus cunninghamii

Nothofagus gunnii

Nuxia congesta

Nuytsia floribunda

Nyctanthes arbor-tristis svs

Nymphaea nouchali v caerulea svs

Ochagavia carnea

Ochna kirkii

Ocimum americanum African Basil

Ocimum americanum African Spice Basil

Ocimum americanum Lemon Basil

Ocimum americanum Lemon Basil - Kemangie

Ocimum americanum Lemon Basil for micro lemon basi

Ocimum americanum Lemon Basil organic seed

Ocimum americanum Lemonette

Ocimum americanum Lime Basil

Ocimum americanum Lime Basil organic seed

Ocimum americanum Mrs Burns Lime - Lemon Basil

Ocimum americanum organic seed

Ocimum americanum Thai Lemon Basil

Ocimum basilicum Amethyst

Ocimum basilicum Ararat

Ocimum basilicum Aristotle

Ocimum basilicum Aromatto organic

Ocimum basilicum Ashalim super sweet organic

Ocimum basilicum Aton organic seed

Ocimum basilicum British Basil

Ocimum basilicum Bush fine leaved

Ocimum basilicum Bush fine leaved organic seeds

Ocimum basilicum Cardinal organic

Ocimum basilicum Chen super sweet organic

Ocimum basilicum Christmas

Ocimum basilicum Cinnamon Basil

Ocimum basilicum Cinnamon Basil organic seed

Ocimum basilicum Corsican Basil organic seed

Ocimum basilicum Dolce Fresca Basil

Ocimum basilicum Emerito

Ocimum basilicum Envigor (tm)

Ocimum basilicum f1 Adi organic seed

Ocimum basilicum f1 Genovese Adi pot basil

Ocimum basilicum f1 Genovese Aroma 2

Ocimum basilicum f1 Genovese Aroma 2 organic seed

Ocimum basilicum f1 Nufar

Ocimum basilicum f1 Nufar organic seed

Ocimum basilicum f1 Salvo

Ocimum basilicum Fine Leaved - Fino Verde

Ocimum basilicum Fino Verde organic seed

Ocimum basilicum Floral Spires Lavender

Ocimum basilicum Gecofure

Ocimum basilicum Genua Star ft

Ocimum basilicum Globette

Ocimum basilicum Green Globe Basil

Ocimum basilicum Gustosa

Ocimum basilicum Jolina Basil organic seed

Ocimum basilicum Large Leaved Sweet

Ocimum basilicum Lettuce Leaved

Ocimum basilicum Lettuce Leaved Red

Ocimum basilicum Maggie

Ocimum basilicum Magical Michael ornamental - herb

Ocimum basilicum Mammoth

Ocimum basilicum Marseillais

Ocimum basilicum Mayo - Yoeme Basil Mexico - Zimt

Ocimum basilicum Medinette

Ocimum basilicum Minette v. compact and fine leave

Ocimum basilicum Minutum organic seed

Ocimum basilicum Monica

Ocimum basilicum Napolitano

Ocimum basilicum Osmin - Red Boza

Ocimum basilicum Persian Basil

Ocimum basilicum Persian Basil organic seed

Ocimum basilicum Petra organic

Ocimum basilicum Pistou

Ocimum basilicum Provence

Ocimum basilicum Purple Delight

Ocimum basilicum Purpureum - Dark Opal

Ocimum basilicum Purpureum - Dark Opal organic see

Ocimum basilicum Purpureum Red Dark Opal

Ocimum basilicum Queen of Sheba

Ocimum basilicum Red for micro basil red

Ocimum basilicum Red Genovese

Ocimum basilicum Red Rubin

Ocimum basilicum Red Rubin organic seed

Ocimum basilicum Romanesco organic seeds

Ocimum basilicum Rosie organic seed

Ocimum basilicum Ruffles Purple

Ocimum basilicum Shiraz dark red

Ocimum basilicum Spice Boys Mixture named vars.

Ocimum basilicum Spicy Globe

Ocimum basilicum Subja Indian Basil

Ocimum basilicum Sweet Genovese

Ocimum basilicum Sweet Genovese Compatto

Ocimum basilicum Sweet Genovese for micro basil sw

Ocimum basilicum Thai Basil

Ocimum basilicum Thai Basil for micro thai basil

Ocimum basilicum Thai Basil Horapha Rau Que

Ocimum basilicum Thai Basil organic seed

Ocimum basilicum Thai Basil Queenette

Ocimum basilicum Thai Magic

Ocimum basilicum Thai Sweet organic seed

Ocimum basilicum Toscano

Ocimum basilicum x

Ocimum basilicum Yiotis dwarf dense plant

Ocimum basilicum Zanzibar

Ocimum campechianum

Ocimum carnosum Madeiran Basil

Ocimum gratissimum

Ocimum gratissimum Vana Tulsi tree basil

Ocimum minimum

Ocimum minimum Bascuro Greek dark

Ocimum minimum Greek Basil

Ocimum minimum Greek Basil organic

Ocimum minimum organic seed

Ocimum sp. unident. New Guinea

Ocimum tenuiflorum Holy Basil purple and green lvs

Ocimum tenuiflorum Holy Red Basil Krishna Tulsi

Ocimum x africanum Lour.

Ocvimum basilicum f1 Nufar organic

Odontophorus nanus

Oenothera kunthiana

Oenothera tetragona Blood Orange

Oenothera versicolor Sunset Boulevard

Oldenburgia grandis svs

Olea europaea

Oophytum nanum

Ophiopogon intermedius

Ophiopogon planiscapus Nigrescens

Oplismenus hirtellus

Opuntia ficus-indica

Opuntia karwinskiana

Orbea variegata

Origanum Kirigami

Origanum majorana

Origanum majorana for micro marjoram

Origanum majorana Tetrata

Origanum onites

Origanum onites organic seed

Origanum vulgare ssp. hirtum Greek Oregano

Ornithogalum candicans

Ornithogalum dubium yellow form

Ornithogalum graminifolium

Ornithogalum hispidum

Ornithogalum juncifolium

Ornithogalum nutans

Ornithogalum pruinosum

Ornithogalum thyrsoides

Orphium frutescens

Orthrosanthus laxus

Orthrosanthus multiflorus

Orthrosanthus polystachyus

Orychophragmus violaceus

Oryza sativa Black Madras

Oryzopsis hymenoides

Oryzopsis hymenoides Rimrock

Osbeckia stellata

Osteospermum Asti Mixed

Osteospermum ecklonis

Osteospermum ecklonis Ballade Mixed

Osteospermum ecklonis mixed

Osteospermum ecklonis Passion Mixed pot bedding

Osteospermum ecklonis Passion Pink Shades

Osteospermum ecklonis Passion Rose

Osteospermum ecklonis Passion White pot bedding

Osteospermum hybs mix

Osteospermum Passion Mixed

Oxalis valdiviensis

Oxypetalum coeruleum Heavenborn cut-flower

Oxypetalum coeruleum Heavenly Blue

Oxyspora paniculata

Ozothamnus hookeri bs

Ozothamnus lepidophyllus

Pachypodium densiflorum

Pachypodium eburneum

Pachypodium geayi

Pachypodium horombense

Pachypodium lamerei

Pachypodium rutenbergianum Meridionale

Pancratium canariense

Pancratium maritimum proteg.

Pandanus furcatus

Pandanus tectorius

Pandanus utilis

Pandorea jasminoides

Pandorea jasminoides Alba

Pandorea jasminoides Rosea

Pandorea pandorana

Panicum elegans Frosted Explosion

Panicum virgatum

Papaver glaucum

Papaver miyabeanum Pacino

Papaver miyabeanum Sulphur Yellow

Papaver Moondance dwarf compact

Papaver nudicaule Artists Glory Mix

Papaver nudicaule Ballerina Mixture

Papaver nudicaule f1 Champagne Bubbles Citrus Mix

Papaver nudicaule f1 Champagne Bubbles Mix

Papaver nudicaule f1 Champagne Bubbles Orange

Papaver nudicaule f1 Champagne Bubbles Pink

Papaver nudicaule f1 Champagne Bubbles Scarlet

Papaver nudicaule f1 Champagne Bubbles White

Papaver nudicaule f1 Champagne Bubbles Yellow

Papaver nudicaule mix o.p.

Papaver nudicaule Mongolia

Papaver nudicaule Pastel Shades mix semi dwarf

Papaver nudicaule Red Sails

Papaver nudicaule Wonderland Mix

Papaver nudicaule Wonderland Orange

Papaver nudicaule Wonderland Pink

Papaver nudicaule Wonderland White

Papaver nudicaule Wonderland Yellow

Parahebe perfoliata

Pardancanda norrisii x mix

Parrotia persica

Parsonsia heterophylla

Parthenium integrifolium

Pasithea caerulea

Passiflora adenopoda

Passiflora alata

Passiflora ambigua

Passiflora amethystina

Passiflora auriculata

Passiflora bryonioides

Passiflora caerulea c.s.

Passiflora caerulea Constance Elliott

Passiflora caerulea mixed forms

Passiflora capsularis

Passiflora cinnabarina

Passiflora colinvauxii

Passiflora cuneata

Passiflora edulis

Passiflora edulis fa. flavicarpa

Passiflora edulis Golden Giant

Passiflora edulis mixed vars

Passiflora edulis Orange Giant

Passiflora edulis Purple Giant

Passiflora edulis Red Giant

Passiflora foetida v. gossypifolia

Passiflora giberti

Passiflora gracilis

Passiflora herbertiana

Passiflora incarnata

Passiflora ligularis

Passiflora loefgrenii

Passiflora maliformis

Passiflora miniata

Passiflora mollissima

Passiflora morifolia

Passiflora pinnatistipula

Passiflora platyloba

Passiflora Purple Giant

Passiflora quadrangularis

Passiflora rubra

Passiflora sexflora

Passiflora suberosa

Passiflora subpeltata

Passiflora tenuifila

Passiflora trifasciata

Passiflora tripartita

Passiflora vespertilio

Passiflora vitifolia

Patersonia fragilis

Patersonia lanata

Patersonia occidentalis

Patersonia occidentalis Alba

Patersonia pygmaea

Patersonia rudis

Patersonia sericea

Patersonia umbrosa

Patersonia umbrosa v. xanthina

Pauridia aquatica

Pauridia capensis white fl.

Pauridia capensis yellow fld. form

Pauridia serrata

Pavonia hastata

Pavonia missionum

Pedilanthus macrocarpus

Pelargonium appendiculatum

Pelargonium capitatum

Pelargonium capitatum Attar of Roses

Pelargonium citronellum

Pelargonium echinatum

Pelargonium hort. f1 Black Velvet Coral

Pelargonium hort. f1 Black Velvet Formula Mix

Pelargonium hort. f1 Black Velvet Pink

Pelargonium hort. f1 Black Velvet Rose

Pelargonium hort. f1 Black Velvet Salmon

Pelargonium hort. f1 Black Velvet Scarlet

Pelargonium hort. f1 Horizon Red

Pelargonium hort. f1 Vogue Formula Mixture

Pelargonium hort. f1 Vogue Orange

Pelargonium hort. f1 Vogue Pure White

Pelargonium hort. f1 Vogue Red

Pelargonium hort. f1 Vogue Rose

Pelargonium hort. f1 Vogue Salmon

Pelargonium hort. f1 Vogue Scarlet

Pelargonium hort. f1 Vogue Violet

Pelargonium hort. f2 Cabaret Mixed

Pelargonium hort. f2 Choice Mixed Colours

Pelargonium hort. f2 Paintbox Mixed improved

Pelargonium incrassatum

Pelargonium odoratissimum

Pelargonium peltatum

Pelargonium peltatum f1 Summer Showers mix

Pelargonium quinquelobatum

Pelargonium triste

Pelargonium zonale f1 Apollo White

Pelargonium zonale f1 Border Appleblossom

Pelargonium zonale f1 Border Red

Pelargonium zonale f1 Border Violet

Pelargonium zonale f1 Bright Eyes

Pelargonium zonale f1 Cherie Salmon Rose

Pelargonium zonale f1 Deep Rose

Pelargonium zonale f1 Lavender

Pelargonium zonale f1 Magic Beauty Mixed

Pelargonium zonale f1 Magic Pink

Pelargonium zonale f1 Magic Red

Pelargonium zonale f1 Magic Rose

Pelargonium zonale f1 Magic Salmon

Pelargonium zonale f1 Mustang Cherry Red

Pelargonium zonale f1 Red

Pelargonium zonale f1 Rose

Pelargonium zonale f1 Sprinter Scarlet

Pelargonium zonale f1 Violet

Pelargonium zonale f2 Colorama mix

Pelargonium zonale f2 Colorama Rose

Pelargonium zonale f2 Colorama Scarlet

Pelargonium zonale f2 Colorama White

Pelargonium zonale f2 Mixture o p

Pelargonium zonale f2 Rose

Pelargonium zonale f2 Scarlet

Pelargonium zonale f2 White

Pellaea falcata

Pellaea rotundifolia

Pennisetum glaucum Purple Majesty

Pennisetum incomptum

Pennisetum setaceum Beauty of Marrakech

Penstemon barbatus Cambridge Mixture

Penstemon barbatus Petite Bouquet mix

Penstemon barbatus Praecox Nanus - Rondo mix

Penstemon barbatus Twizzle Coral Pink

Penstemon barbatus Twizzle Purple

Penstemon barbatus Twizzle Scarlet

Penstemon grandiflorus

Penstemon hartwegii Giant Mix

Penstemon hartwegii Scarlet Queen

Penstemon hartwegii Sensation Mixed

Penstemon hartwegii Tubular Bells Red

Penstemon heterophyllus

Penstemon heterophyllus Blue Springs

Penstemon Mexicali x Carillo Purple

Penstemon Mexicali x Carillo Red

Penstemon Mexicali x mix

Penstemon Mexicali x Sunburst Amethyst

Penstemon Mexicali x Sunburst Colours Mix

Penstemon Mexicali x Sunburst Ruby

Pentapeltis peltigera

Pentas lanceolata New Look Mixed pellets

Pentas lanceolata New Look Pink pellets

Pentas lanceolata New Look Red pellets

Pentas lanceolata New Look Rose pellets

Pentas lanceolata New Look Violet pellets

Pentas lanceolata New Look White pellets

Pentas lanceolata Northern Lights Lavender hardier

Peperomia pellucida

Peperomia rotundifolia v pilosior

Pericallis Erfurt dwarf mixed

Pericallis f1 Jester Mixed

Pericallis hybrida Hansa Mixed

Pericallis hybrida Tall Mixture

Pericallis Jester Mixed

Pericallis Spring Glory mix

Pericallis Star Wars mix

Perilla frutescens Bi-coloured Hojiso

Perilla frutescens Bicoloured for micro perilla bi

Perilla frutescens Briton bicoloured Shiso

Perilla frutescens v crispa for micro perilla shis

Perilla frutescens v crispa Shiso Green

Perilla frutescens v crispa Shiso Red

Perilla frutescens v crispa Shiso Red organic seed

Periploca graeca

Periploca laevigata

Perovskia atriplicifolia Taiga

Persea americana

Persea borbonia

Persicaria capitata

Persicaria capitata Victory-Magic-Afghan Carpet

Persoonia trinervis

Petrea volubilis

Petrophile biloba

Petrophile incurvata

Petrophile linearis

Petrophile squamata

Petrophile teretifolia

Petrorhagia saxifraga

Petroselinum crispum Afrodite

Petroselinum crispum dark green curled 5411

Petroselinum crispum Darki - Thujade curled

Petroselinum crispum Laura

Petroselinum crispum Lisette select pot

Petroselinum crispum Riccio verde scuro 2 fine cur

Petunia f1 African Sunset trailing pellets

Petunia f1 Burgundy

Petunia f1 Cascade Mixed pendula

Petunia f1 Cascade Petunia f1 Cascade Double Pink

Petunia f1 Daddy Mixed veined

Petunia f1 Daddy Mixed veined pellets

Petunia f1 Dark Blue

Petunia f1 Dreams Mixed

Petunia f1 Duo Double Blue pellets

Petunia f1 Duo Double Burgundy pellets

Petunia f1 Duo Double Lavender pellets

Petunia f1 Duo Double Mixed

Petunia f1 Duo Double Red - White pellets

Petunia f1 Duo Double Rose - White pellets

Petunia f1 Duo Double Rose pellets

Petunia f1 Duo Double Salmon pellets

Petunia f1 Duo Double Satin Pink pellets

Petunia f1 Eagle Mixed

Petunia f1 Easy Wave Berry Velour trailing pellets

Petunia f1 Easy Wave Blue trailing pellets

Petunia f1 Easy Wave Burgundy Star trailing pellet

Petunia f1 Easy Wave Burgundy Velour trailing pell

Petunia f1 Easy Wave Coral Reef trailing pellets

Petunia f1 Easy Wave Mixed trailing pellets

Petunia f1 Easy Wave Neon Rose trailing pellets

Petunia f1 Easy Wave Pink trailing pellets

Petunia f1 Easy Wave Plum Vein trailing pellets

Petunia f1 Easy Wave Red trailing pellets

Petunia f1 Easy Wave Red Velour trailing pellets

Petunia f1 Easy Wave Rosy Dawn trailing pellets

Petunia f1 Easy Wave Violet trailing pellets

Petunia f1 Easy Wave White trailing pellets

Petunia f1 Easy Wave Yellow trailing pellets

Petunia f1 Explorer Blue pellets

Petunia f1 Explorer Pink pellets

Petunia f1 Explorer Purple pellets

Petunia f1 Explorer Scarlet pellets

Petunia f1 Flambe Salmon

Petunia f1 Frillytunia Burgundy

Petunia f1 Frillytunia Rose

Petunia f1 Glacier

Petunia f1 Glorious Double Mixed

Petunia f1 Glorious Double Mixed pellets

Petunia f1 Harlequin Burgundy

Petunia f1 Harlequin Cherry Rose

Petunia f1 Hula Hoop Blue picotee

Petunia f1 Hula Hoop Mixed picotees

Petunia f1 Hula Hoop Mixed picotees pellets

Petunia f1 Hula Hoop Purple Velvet picotee

Petunia f1 Hula Hoop Red picotee

Petunia f1 Hula Hoop Rose picotee

Petunia f1 Lady Blue cascade pellets

Petunia f1 Lady Purple cascade pellets

Petunia f1 Limbo Blue v. dwarf pellets

Petunia f1 Limbo Blue Vein pellets

Petunia f1 Limbo Burgundy Picotee pellets

Petunia f1 Limbo Burgundy v. dwarf pellets

Petunia f1 Limbo Deep Purple v. dwarf pellets

Petunia f1 Limbo Mid Blue pellets

Petunia f1 Limbo Mixed v. dwarf

Petunia f1 Limbo Mixed v. dwarf pellets

Petunia f1 Limbo Orchid Veined pellets

Petunia f1 Limbo Pink

Petunia f1 Limbo Pink Morn v. dwarf pellets

Petunia f1 Limbo Plum v. dwarf pellets

Petunia f1 Limbo Purple v. dwarf pellets

Petunia f1 Limbo Red Picotee pellets

Petunia f1 Limbo Red v. dwarf pellets

Petunia f1 Limbo Red Vein v. dwarf pellets

Petunia f1 Limbo Rose Morn v. dwarf pellets

Petunia f1 Limbo Rose Picotee pellets

Petunia f1 Limbo Rose v. dwarf pellets

Petunia f1 Limbo Rose Vein v. dwarf pellets

Petunia f1 Limbo Salmon Morn v. dwarf pellets

Petunia f1 Limbo Salmon v. dwarf pellets

Petunia f1 Limbo Sky Blue pellets

Petunia f1 Limbo Sweet Pink pellets

Petunia f1 Limbo Violet v. dwarf pellets

Petunia f1 Limbo White v. dwarf pellets

Petunia f1 Opera Supreme Blue pills trailing

Petunia f1 Opera Supreme Coral pills trailing

Petunia f1 Opera Supreme Lavender pills trailing

Petunia f1 Opera Supreme Light Blue

Petunia f1 Opera Supreme Lilac Ice pills trailing

Petunia f1 Opera Supreme Pink Morn pills trailing

Petunia f1 Opera Supreme Purple pills trailing

Petunia f1 Opera Supreme Raspberry Ice Imp. pills

Petunia f1 Opera Supreme Red

Petunia f1 Opera Supreme White pills trailing

Petunia f1 Pirouette Double Purple

Petunia f1 Pirouette Double Red

Petunia f1 Pirouette Double Rose

Petunia f1 Prism Sunshine

Petunia f1 Prism Sunshine pellets

Petunia f1 Red Cloud

Petunia f1 Salmon Velvet

Petunia f1 Shock Wave Yellow pellets

Petunia f1 Sky Blue

Petunia f1 Sophistica Antique pellets

Petunia f1 Sophistica Blackberry pellets

Petunia f1 Sophistica Lime - Rose bicolour pellets

Petunia f1 Sophistica Lime Green pellets

Petunia f1 Spangles Light Blue cascade pellets

Petunia f1 Spangles Pink Morn cascade pellets

Petunia f1 Spangles Raspberry Vein cascade pellets

Petunia f1 Spangles Red cascade pellets

Petunia f1 Star Blue

Petunia f1 Star Red

Petunia f1 Success Blue pellets

Petunia f1 Success Burgundy pellets

Petunia f1 Success Coral pellets

Petunia f1 Success Pink Chiffon pellets

Petunia f1 Success Pink pellets

Petunia f1 Success Pink Star

Petunia f1 Success Pink Vein pellets

Petunia f1 Success Purple pellets

Petunia f1 Success Red pellets

Petunia f1 Success Rose pellets

Petunia f1 Success Salmon pellets

Petunia f1 Success Violet pellets

Petunia f1 Success White pellets

Petunia f1 Success Yellow Chiffon

Petunia f1 Supercascade Mixed

Petunia f1 Supercascade Mixed pellets

Petunia f1 Tickled Pink pellets

Petunia f1 Trilogy Blue pills

Petunia f1 Trilogy Deep Purple pills

Petunia f1 Trilogy Lavender Pink pills

Petunia f1 Trilogy Purple pills

Petunia f1 Trilogy Red pills

Petunia f1 Trilogy Rose pills

Petunia f1 Trilogy Scarlet pills

Petunia f1 Trilogy White pills

Petunia f1 Tritunia Blue Star pellets

Petunia f1 Tritunia Crimson Star pellets

Petunia f1 Tritunia Red Star pellets

Petunia f1 Tritunia Rose Star pellets

Petunia f1 Tritunia Star Mixed pellets

Petunia f1 Ultra Blue pellets

Petunia f1 Ultra Blue Star pellets

Petunia f1 Ultra Burgundy pellets

Petunia f1 Ultra Crimson Star pellets

Petunia f1 Ultra Mixed

Petunia f1 Ultra Mixed pellets

Petunia f1 Ultra Pink pellets

Petunia f1 Ultra Plum pellets

Petunia f1 Ultra Red pellets

Petunia f1 Ultra Red Star pellets

Petunia f1 Ultra Rose pellets

Petunia f1 Ultra Rose Star pellets

Petunia f1 Ultra Salmon Morn pellets

Petunia f1 Ultra Sky Blue pellets

Petunia f1 Ultra Star Mixed pellets

Petunia f1 Ultra Violet pellets

Petunia f1 Ultra White pellets

Petunia f1 Velvet Purple pellets

Petunia f1 Velvet Rose Vein pellets

Petunia f1 Velvet Salmon Shades pellets

Petunia f1 Wave Blue cascade pellets

Petunia f1 Wave Lavender cascade pellets

Petunia f1 Wave Pearly cascade pellets

Petunia f1 Wave Pink cascade pellets

Petunia f1 Wave Purple cascade pellets

Petunia f1 Wave Rose cascade pellets

Petunia grandiflora f1 Best of All Mixed

Petunia grandiflora f1 Packstar Mixed

Petunia grandiflora Grandi Blue pellets

Petunia grandiflora Grandi Burgundy pellets

Petunia grandiflora Grandi Mixed

Petunia grandiflora Grandi Pink pellets

Petunia grandiflora Grandi Red pellets

Petunia grandiflora Grandi Rose

Petunia grandiflora Grandi Salmon pellets

Petunia grandiflora Grandi White pellets

Petunia hybrida Californian Giants mixed

Petunia hybrida f1 All-double Dwarf Mixed

Petunia hybrida f1 mixed

Petunia hybrida f1 Picotee Mixed formula

Petunia hybrida f1 Tickled Blush

Petunia hybrida f1 Tickled Pink

Petunia hybrida f1 Tickled Rose

Petunia hybrida f1 Tickled White

Petunia hybrida Nana Compacta Alderman

Petunia hybrida Nana Compacta Celestial Rose

Petunia hybrida Nana Compacta Mix o p

Petunia hybrida Pendula Balcony Mix

Petunia hybrida pendula mixed

Petunia hybrida Sparklers

Petunia hybrida Sparklers pellets

Petunia hybrida tall mixed

Petunia integrifolia

Petunia milliflora f1 Fantasy Mixed

Petunia milliflora f1 Picobella Blue pellets

Petunia milliflora f1 Picobella Carmine pellets

Petunia milliflora f1 Picobella Light Lavender pel

Petunia milliflora f1 Picobella Mixed pellets

Petunia milliflora f1 Picobella Red pellets

Petunia milliflora f1 Picobella Rose Morn pellets

Petunia milliflora f1 Picobella Rose pellets

Petunia milliflora f1 Picobella Rose Star pellets

Petunia milliflora f1 Picobella Salmon pellets

Petunia milliflora f1 Picobella White pellets

Petunia Mixed Hybrids

Petunia multiflora f1 Blue Veined pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Bonanza Mixed double

Petunia multiflora f1 Candy Picotee Mixed

Petunia multiflora f1 Double Duo Blue

Petunia multiflora f1 Double Duo Burgundy pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Double Duo Lavender pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Double Duo Mixed

Petunia multiflora f1 Double Duo Mixed pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Double Duo Red and White

Petunia multiflora f1 Double Duo Rose and White pe

Petunia multiflora f1 Double Duo Rose pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Double Duo Salmon pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Double Duo Satin Pink pellet

Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Blue compact pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Burgundy pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Deep Purple pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Mid Blue pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Mixed compact

Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Mixed pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Peach pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Pink Morn pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Pink pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Plum

Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Purple pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Red Morn pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Red pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Rose pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Rose Vein pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Salmon pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Sky Blue pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Sweet Pink pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Violet pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo White pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Merlin Blue dwarf

Petunia multiflora f1 Merlin Blue Morn

Petunia multiflora f1 Merlin Cherry Rose

Petunia multiflora f1 Merlin Mixed dwarf

Petunia multiflora f1 Merlin Morn Mixed

Petunia multiflora f1 Merlin Pink

Petunia multiflora f1 Merlin Red

Petunia multiflora f1 Merlin Rose

Petunia multiflora f1 Merlin Salmon

Petunia multiflora f1 Merlin White

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Blue pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Blue Star pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Burgundy Star pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Buttercream pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Carmine pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Chic pink and rose pe

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Lavender Glow pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Lavender pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Light Blue pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Lilac pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Mid Blue pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Mixed

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Mixed pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Pink pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Plum Crystal pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Purple pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Red Morn pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Red pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Red Picotee pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Reflections Mixed

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Reflections Mixed pel

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Rose Morn pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Rose pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Salmon Morn pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Salmon pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Spring salmon pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Sugar orchid pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Summer salmon red pel

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Velvet burgundy pelle

Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage White pellets

Petunia multiflora f1 Strawberry Sundae

Petunia multiflora f2 Colorama Mixed

Petunia multiflora f2 Crown Mixed

Petunia multiflora f2 Picotee Mixed

Petunia multiflora f2 Star Mixed

Petunia multiflora f2 Veined Mix

Petunia Nana Compacta f2 Mix o p

Petunia Nana Compacta Fire Chief

Petunia Nana Compacta mixed o p

Petunia Nana Compacta Rose of Heaven

Petunia Nana Compacta Snowball

Petunia Nana Compacta Stars Mixed

Petunia Niagara Falls purple

Petunia pendula f1 Cascade Mixed

Petunia pendula mixed

Petunia Trumpet Rainbow Mix

Petunia Victoria Falls pink

Peucedanum ostruthium

Phacelia campanularia

Phaenocoma prolifera

Phaenosperma globosa

Phaseolus coccineus Hestia dwarf runner bean

Phaseolus coccineus Jackpot Queen of Hearts bush

Phaseolus coccineus Jackpot Solitaire bush

Phaseolus coccineus Jackpot Sweepstake bush

Phaseolus coccineus Pickwick bush runner bean

Phaseolus vulgaris Dior French climbing bean

Phaseolus vulgaris Pickwick runner bean dwarf

Phedimus selskianus

Phedimus selskianus Goldilocks

Philodendron bipinnatifidum

Philodendron bipinnatifidum Selloum

Philodendron hastatum

Phlebodium aureum v. areolatum (polypod )

Phlomis italica

Phlox cuspidata Mix bicolours

Phlox cuspidata Twinkle Dwarf Star mix

Phlox drummondii Beauty Coral Reef pastel mix

Phlox drummondii Beauty Lavender

Phlox drummondii Beauty Mixed o.p.

Phlox drummondii Beauty Moody Blues

Phlox drummondii Beauty Pink

Phlox drummondii Beauty Pomegranate

Phlox drummondii Beauty Rosie Dawn

Phlox drummondii Beauty Scarlet

Phlox drummondii Beauty Unique Mix

Phlox drummondii Cecily Mixture nana compacta

Phlox drummondii Double Chanal pink

Phlox drummondii Dwarf Beauty Blue

Phlox drummondii Dwarf Beauty Crimson

Phlox drummondii Dwarf Beauty Mixed formula

Phlox drummondii Dwarf Beauty Salmon

Phlox drummondii Dwarf Beauty Violet

Phlox drummondii Dwarf Beauty White

Phlox drummondii Dwarf Beauty Yellow

Phlox drummondii f1 Grammy Pink and White

Phlox drummondii f2 Ethnie Pastel Mixed single

Phlox drummondii Grandiflora Tapestry Mixture

Phlox drummondii Moody Blues dwarf mix

Phlox drummondii Petticoat (R) stellate mix

Phlox drummondii Phlox of Sheep

Phlox drummondii Pomegranate dwarf

Phlox drummondii Promise Mixture semi-double

Phlox drummondii Promise Peach semi-double

Phlox drummondii Rosie Dawn dwarf

Phlox drummondii Twinkle Star dwarf mixed

Phlox f1 21st Century Magenta Mixed

Phlox paniculata

Phlox paniculata New Hybrids

Phoenix acaulis

Phoenix canariensis

Phoenix loureiroi

Phoenix loureiroi v. pedunculata

Phoenix reclinata

Phoenix roebelenii

Phoenix rupicola

Pholistoma auritum

Phormium cookianum Purpureum

Phrynium pubinerve

Phuopsis stylosa

Phygelius aequalis

Phygelius aequalis Yellow Trumpet

Phygelius capensis

Phyla scabberima

Phylica oleaefolia

Phylica pubescens

Phyllanthus calycinus

Phyllanthus calycinus Jarrah Forest form

Phymatosorus diversifolius

Physalis alkekengi v franchetii Gigantea organic s

Physalis alkekengi v franchetii Gnome - Zwerg

Physalis alkekengi v. franchetii Gigantea

Physopsis chrysophylla (Newcastelia chrysophylla)

Physostegia virginiana

Phytolacca dioica

Pieris japonica

Pimelea brevistyla

Pimelea calcicola

Pimelea ferruginea

Pimelea floribunda

Pimelea holroydii

Pimelea imbricata

Pimelea lehmanniana

Pimelea leucantha

Pimelea physodes

Pimelea rosea

Pimelea spectabilis

Pimelea suaveolens

Pimenta dioica

Pimpinella anisum

Pimpinella anisum for micro anise

Pimpinella anisum organic seed

Pinanga auriculata

Pinanga crassipes

Pinus mugo ssp. mugo

Pinus mugo v. pumilio

Pinus pinea vsvs

Piper grande

Piper imperiale

Piper nigrum

Piper peltatum

Pistacia chinensis c.s.

Pistacia lentiscus c.s.

Pistacia lentiscus d.b.

Pisum sativum Half Pint

Pisum sativum Tom Thumb

Pitcairnia diffusa

Pitcairnia trianae

Pithecellobium flexicaule

Pittosporum bicolor

Pittosporum Garnettii

Pittosporum revolutum

Pittosporum rhombifolium

Pittosporum tobira

Planchonella costata

Plantago maritima

Platycerium superbum

Platycodon f1 Astra Blue Double dwarf pot

Platycodon f1 Astra Blue dwarf pot

Platycodon f1 Astra Lavender semi-double dwarf pot

Platycodon f1 Astra Pink dwarf pot

Platycodon f1 Astra Pink semi-double dwarf pot

Platycodon f1 Astra White dwarf pot

Platycodon f1 Astra White semi-double dwarf pot

Platycodon f1 Early Sentimental Blue dwarf

Platycodon grandiflorus

Platycodon grandiflorus Apoyama Fairy Snow

Platycodon grandiflorus Fuji Blue

Platycodon grandiflorus Fuji Mix

Platycodon grandiflorus Fuji Pink

Platycodon grandiflorus Fuji White

Platycodon grandiflorus Hakone Blue

Platycodon grandiflorus Hakone White

Platycodon grandiflorus Mariesii

Platycodon grandiflorus organic seed

Platycodon grandiflorus Zwerg dwarf

Platylobium obtusangulum

Plecostachys serphyllifolia Silver Mist pellets

Plectranthus ambiguus

Plectranthus argentatus

Plectranthus ecklonii

Plectranthus fruticosus

Plectranthus oertendahlii

Plectranthus saccatus

Plectranthus scutellarioides Black Dragon

Plectranthus scutellarioides Chocolate Mint pellet

Plectranthus scutellarioides Dark Chocolate pellet

Plectranthus scutellarioides Fairway dwarf mix

Plectranthus scutellarioides Festive Dance

Plectranthus scutellarioides Giant Exhibition mixt

Plectranthus scutellarioides Kong Empire Mixed pel

Plectranthus scutellarioides Kong Mosaic pellets

Plectranthus scutellarioides Rainbow Masterblend

Plectranthus scutellarioides Wizard Coral Sunrise

Plectranthus scutellarioides Wizard Golden

Plectranthus scutellarioides Wizard Jade

Plectranthus scutellarioides Wizard Mixed

Plectranthus scutellarioides Wizard Mosaic

Plectranthus scutellarioides Wizard Rose

Plectranthus scutellarioides Wizard Scarlet

Plectranthus scutellarioides Wizard Sunset

Plectranthus scutellarioides Wizard Velvet Red

Plectranthus scutellaroides Pinto Mix

Plectranthus Silver Shield pellets

Plectranthus spp. mixed

Plectranthus verticillatus

Plectranthus zuluensis

Pleiostachya pruinosa

Plumbago auriculata Escapade Blue compact

Plumeria alba

Plumeria obtusa Singapore White

Plumeria obtusa v. sericifolia

Plumeria rubra

Plumeria rubra Celadine

Poa glauca Blue Hills

Podalyria burchellii

Podalyria calyptrata

Podalyria myrtillifolia

Podalyria sericea

Podocarpus drouynianus

Podocarpus elatus d.b. vsvs

Podocarpus gaussenii

Podocarpus henkelii vsvs

Podocarpus latifolius prov. Kidabaga Tanzania vsvs

Podocarpus macrophyllus hybrids

Podocarpus macrophyllus larger leaf vsvs

Podocarpus macrophyllus Maki southern strain vsvs

Podocarpus macrophyllus smaller (med.) leaf vsvs

Podocarpus nivalis vsvs

Podocarpus salignus vsvs

Podocarpus totara vsvs

Podocarpus usambarensis prov. Magamba Tanzania vsv

Podolepis gracilis Rosea

Podotheca chrysantha

Podotheca gnaphalioides

Podranea brycei

Podranea ricasoliana

Polemonium boreale Heavenly Habit

Polemonium carneum

Polemonium foliosissimum

Polemonium pauciflorum

Polemonium pulcherrimum

Polemonium reptans

Pollia japonica

Polyalthia longifolia vsvs

Polycalymma stuartii (Myriocepalus stuartii)

Polygala lancifolia A. St.-Hil. - Moq.

Polygala myrtifolia

Polyscias elegans

Polyscias fulva

Polyscias murrayi

Poncirus trifoliata Flying Dragon svs

Poncirus trifoliata svs

Poncirus trifoliata Williams svs

Portulaca grandiflora f1 Happy Hour Mixed multi-pe

Portulaca grandiflora f1 Sundial Mixed

Posoqueria latifolia

Prepodesma orpenii

Primula auricula

Primula auricula Alpine Hybrids Mixed

Primula auricula Alpine Show Mix hand poll.

Primula auricula Alpine Show Select Mix op

Primula auricula Border Mix Red Pink Violet

Primula auricula Border Mix Yellow Cream Brown

Primula auricula Doubles Mix

Primula auricula Doubles Mix Red Pink Violet

Primula auricula Doubles Mix Yellow Cream Brown

Primula auricula hybrids mixed

Primula auricula Mix edged - fancy forms

Primula auricula mixed

Primula auricula Viennese Waltz exhibition mix

Primula bulleyana

Primula bulleyana Simons Marmalade

Primula candelabra ssp. mixed

Primula capitata Noverna deep blue

Primula capitata Salvana (TM)

Primula chungensis

Primula cockburniana

Primula cockburniana yellow fld. Kevock Sunshine

Primula cortusoides Primadiente Rose (R)

Primula Cowichan Amethyst

Primula Cowichan Blue

Primula Cowichan Garnet

Primula Cowichan Mixed

Primula Cowichan Venetian

Primula Cowichan Yellow

Primula denticulata mixed colours

Primula denticulata Rubra

Primula elatior Colossea Mixed polyanthus

Primula elatior Crescendo (R) Bellarosa polyanthus

Primula elatior Crescendo (R) Blue Shades polyanth

Primula elatior Crescendo (R) Bright Red polyanthu

Primula elatior Crescendo (R) Golden polyanthus

Primula elatior Crescendo (R) Mixture polyanthus

Primula elatior Crescendo (R) Orange

Primula elatior Crescendo (R) Pink - Rose Shades

Primula elatior Crescendo (R) White polyanthus

Primula elatior Crescendo (R) Wine Red polyanthus

Primula elatior Crescendo Yellow polyanthus

Primula elatior Exhibition Giant Mixture

Primula elatior f1 Berg Mixture polyanthus

Primula elatior f1 Fantasia mixed polyanthus

Primula elatior Gold Lace

Primula elatior Jessica

Primula elatior Pacific Mixed polyanthus

Primula elatior Piano Mixed polyanthus

Primula elatior Polyanthus Mixed

Primula elatior Supernova Mixed polyanthus

Primula elatior Victoriana Gold Laced Black

Primula elatior Victoriana Gold Laced Red

Primula elatior Victoriana Laced Primroses mix

Primula elatior Victoriana Silver Laced Purple

Primula Gold Laced Reds

Primula japonica Alba (sp. name unresolved)

Primula japonica Appleblossom

Primula japonica Carminea (sp. name unresolved)

Primula japonica Deluxe Mix (sp. name unresolved)

Primula japonica Millers Crimson (sp. name unresol

Primula juliae

Primula kewensis x

Primula Lavender Waltz

Primula malacoides

Primula malacoides Beauty Deep Pink

Primula malacoides Beauty Lilac

Primula malacoides Beauty Mix

Primula malacoides Beauty Pink

Primula malacoides Beauty Rose

Primula malacoides Beauty Salmon

Primula malacoides Beauty White

Primula malacoides f1 Prima Mixed

Primula malacoides Juliet Mixed semi-double

Primula malacoides Mixed select

Primula maximowiczii

Primula modesta

Primula New Pinks

Primula obconica f1 Libre Mixed

Primula orbicularis

Primula Paso Doble Blue

Primula Pink Salsa

Primula polyantha Chartreuse

Primula polyantha Daybreak

Primula polyantha Desert Sunset

Primula polyantha f1 Hose in Hose Blue Shades

Primula polyantha Flamingo

Primula polyantha Flower Arrangers Mix

Primula polyantha Gilded Ginger

Primula polyantha Gold Laced (Beeches)

Primula polyantha Gold Laced Group

Primula polyantha Gold Laced Hose in Hose

Primula polyantha Gold Laced Red

Primula polyantha Grand Canyon

Primula polyantha Harbour Lights

Primula polyantha Harvest Yellow

Primula polyantha Indian Reds

Primula polyantha Juliana Blues

Primula polyantha Juliana Fireflies

Primula polyantha Juliana Footlight Parade Mixed

Primula polyantha Juliana Pixies Mix

Primula polyantha Juliana Vera Maud

Primula polyantha Little Egypt

Primula polyantha Marine Blues

Primula polyantha Midnight

Primula polyantha New Pinks

Primula polyantha Paris 90

Primula polyantha Ramona

Primula polyantha Reverie

Primula polyantha Silver Dollar Mix

Primula polyantha Silver Laced

Primula polyantha Sorbet

Primula polyantha Spiced Shades

Primula polyantha Tango

Primula polyantha Victorian Fuchsia

Primula polyantha Victorian Mauve

Primula polyantha Victorian Mix

Primula polyantha Victorian Old Rose

Primula polyantha Victorian Striped

Primula polyantha Victorian Valentine

Primula polyantha Victorian Violet

Primula polyantha Victorians Muted

Primula polyantha Winter White

Primula pruhoniciana x f1 Bergfruhling (R) Mixture

Primula pubescens x Kaleidoscope mix

Primula pubescens x mixed Auricula

Primula pulverulenta Bartley Pink

Primula pulverulenta c.s.

Primula Red Rumba

Primula rosea

Primula rosea Gigas

Primula rosea Grandiflora

Primula saxatilis

Primula secundiflora

Primula sieboldii

Primula sieboldii bicolour entire

Primula sieboldii bicolour fringed

Primula sieboldii blue entire

Primula sieboldii blue fringed

Primula sieboldii mix

Primula sieboldii rose entire

Primula sieboldii rose fringed

Primula sieboldii white entire

Primula sieboldii white fringed

Primula spp. the 3 English native species

Primula Surprise Packet

Primula veris

Primula veris Macrocalyx

Primula veris Sunset Shades

Primula vialii

Primula Victorian Fuchsias

Primula Victorian Mauve

Primula Victorian Mixed

Primula Victorian Muted Mix

Primula Victorian Old Rose

Primula vulgaris Barnhaven Gold

Primula vulgaris Blues mix

Primula vulgaris Butterscotch Mix

Primula vulgaris Candy Pinks

Primula vulgaris Casquet mix

Primula vulgaris Celebration Mixed

Primula vulgaris Danessa Mixed

Primula vulgaris Devon cream-white

Primula vulgaris doubles mix red rose violet - blu

Primula vulgaris doubles mix yellows creams whites

Primula vulgaris Doubles Mixed

Primula vulgaris f1 Arctic Mixed

Primula vulgaris f1 Daniella Mixed

Primula vulgaris f1 Danova Choice Mixed

Primula vulgaris f1 Danova Mixed

Primula vulgaris f1 Mega Appleblossom large

Primula vulgaris f1 Mega Blue Shades large fls.

Primula vulgaris f1 Mega Lime large fls.

Primula vulgaris f1 Mega Mixture large flowers

Primula vulgaris f1 Mega Rose large fls.

Primula vulgaris f1 Mega White with Yellow Eye lar

Primula vulgaris f1 Mega Yellow with Eye large fls

Primula vulgaris f1 Pixie Mixed small flowers

Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Carmine with Edge

Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Deep Blue

Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Deep Rose with Edge

Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Golden Yellow

Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Lavender Shades

Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Light Pink with Red Ring

Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Mid Blue

Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Mixed

Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Peach

Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Pink

Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Red-Yellow Bicolour

Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Rose

Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Rose Flame

Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Scarlet

Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Scarlet with Edge

Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Terracotta

Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Violet Picotee

Primula vulgaris f1 Viva White with Orange Eye

Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Yellow

Primula vulgaris f1 Wanda Blue Shades

Primula vulgaris f1 Wanda Deep Pink

Primula vulgaris f1 Wanda Lilac

Primula vulgaris f1 Wanda Mixed

Primula vulgaris f1 Wanda Pink Red Eye

Primula vulgaris f1 Wanda Pink-Salmon

Primula vulgaris f1 Wanda Raspberry Red

Primula vulgaris f1 Wanda Velvet-red

Primula vulgaris f1 Wanda White

Primula vulgaris f1 Wanda Yellow

Primula vulgaris First Kiss Mixed

Primula vulgaris Gala Mixed

Primula vulgaris Harbinger

Primula vulgaris Hose-in-hose

Primula vulgaris Jack-in-Green Gold Laced

Primula vulgaris Jack-in-the-Green mixed

Primula vulgaris Lady Agatha

Primula vulgaris Last Dance Mixed

Primula vulgaris Lord Alfred

Primula vulgaris Meteor Mix bi-colours

Primula vulgaris Osiered Amber

Primula vulgaris Paloma Lilac Shades semi - double

Primula vulgaris Paloma Lime semi - double

Primula vulgaris Paloma Mixed semi - double mid se

Primula vulgaris Paloma Pink semi - double

Primula vulgaris Paloma Rose Shades semi - double

Primula vulgaris Paloma White semi - double

Primula vulgaris Paloma Wine Red semi - double

Primula vulgaris Paloma Yellow semi - double

Primula vulgaris Potsdam Giants mix

Primula vulgaris Primera Mixed

Primula vulgaris Rosanna Mixed doubles

Primula vulgaris Springtime Mixture

Primula vulgaris Tartan Reds

Primula vulgaris Traditional Mix

Primula vulgaris Traditional Yellows

Primula vulgaris Woodland Walk

Primula Yellow Twist

Pritchardia pacifica

Pritzelago alpina

Prochnianthes mexicana

Prostanthera lasianthos

Prostanthera nivea

Prostanthera rotundifolia

Prumnopitys ferruginea

Prunella grandiflora Bella Blue

Prunella grandiflora Bella Deep Pink

Prunella grandiflora Freelander Mixed

Pseudogynoxys chenopodioides

Pseudolarix amabilis

Pseudopanax arboreus

Pseudopanax crassifolius

Pseudopanax ferox

Pseudopanax lessonii

Pseudophoenix sargentii

Pseudowintera colorata

Psidium cattleianum

Psidium guajava

Psidium guajava Colombian Red

Psidium guajava Red Fleshed

Psoralea aphylla

Psychotria capensis

Ptelea trifoliata

Pteris ensiformis Evergreen

Pteris quadriaurita Tricolor

Pteronia incana

Pteronia oppositifolia

Ptilotus exaltatus Joey

Ptilotus manglesii

Ptilotus obovatus b.s.

Ptilotus obovatus c.s.

Ptychosperma elegans

Ptychosperma macarthurii

Punica granatum

Punica granatum Nana

Punica granatum Nana Orange Master dwarf

Puya alpestris

Puya berteroana

Puya chilensis

Puya coerulea

Puya mirabilis

Puya raimondii

Pycnanthemum pilosum

Pycnosorus globosus coated seed

Radermachera sinica

Ramonda myconi

Ramonda myconi Alba

Ramonda myconi Rosea

Ranunculus asiaticus f1 Bloomingdale Rose

Ranunculus asiaticus f1 Bloomingdale White

Ranunculus asiaticus Magic Mixed pellets

Raphionacme burkei

Ratibida pinnata

Rauvolfia caffra

Ravenala madagascariensis

Ravenala sp. Ambanja

Rebutia spp. mix

Regelia inops

Rehmannia piasezki Rufus

Rehmannia piasezkii

Remusatia vivipara

Renealmia aromatica

Reseda alba

Reseda odorata

Reseda odorata Ameliorata

Reseda odorata Grandiflora

Reseda odorata Machet

Rhaphiolepis indica

Rhaphiolepis intermedia

Rhaphiolepis umbellata

Rhapidophyllum hystrix

Rhapis excelsa

Rhapis humilis svs

Rhodanthe chlorocephala ssp rosea pink and white

Rhodanthe floribunda

Rhodiola rosea

Rhodochiton atrosanguineum

Rhododendron atlanticum

Rhododendron hirsutum hort.

Rhodohypoxis baurii Coral Stars mix red to white

Rhodohypoxis hybrids mixed

Rhodomyrtus tomentosa

Rhodophiala bifida v spathacea svs

Rhodophiala splendens svs

Rhoicissus digitata

Rhoicissus tomentosa

Rhopalostylis sapida

Rhopalostylis sapida East Cape

Rhopalostylis sp. Oceana

Richea dracophylla

Ricinus communis

Ricinus communis Giant Blue

Ricinus communis Giant Red

Ricinus communis Gibsonii

Ricinus communis Sanguineus

Ricinus communis Zanzi Palm

Ricinus communis Zanzibarensis

Rivina humilis

Rodgersia aesculifolia

Roella ciliata

Romanzoffia californica

Romneya coulteri

Romulea amoena

Romulea citrina

Romulea eximia

Romulea flava white form

Romulea hirta

Romulea komsbergensis

Romulea leipoldtii

Romulea luteoflora

Romulea minutiflora

Romulea montana

Romulea monticola

Romulea namaquensis ssp bolusii

Romulea rosea

Romulea sabulosa

Romulea schlechteri

Romulea sladenii

Romulea subfistulosa

Romulea tabularis

Romulea tetragona

Romulea tortuosa

Romulea triflora

Rosa chinensis Tokyo Rose mix

Rosa chinensis v. minima Angel Wings

Rosa chinensis v. minima Fairy Rose - Angel Rose

Roscoea alpina

Roscoea auriculata

Rosenbergiodendron formosum

Rosmarinus officinalis

Rosmarinus officinalis organic seeds

Rosmarinus officinalis Rosita

Rothmannia capensis

Rothmannia globosa

Roystonea regia Florida

Rudbeckia fulgida v fulgida

Rudbeckia hirta Becky Cinnamon Bicolor

Rudbeckia hirta Becky Mixed dwarf

Rudbeckia hirta Becky Orange

Rudbeckia hirta Becky Yellow

Rudbeckia hirta Cappuccino

Rudbeckia hirta Cherry Brandy

Rudbeckia hirta f1 Tiger Eye Gold

Rudbeckia hirta Goldilocks

Rudbeckia hirta Maya double dwarf

Rudbeckia hirta Orange Fudge

Rudbeckia hirta Rustic Dwarf Mix

Rudbeckia hirta Sonora

Rudbeckia hirta Toto Gold

Rudbeckia hirta Toto Lemon

Rudbeckia hirta Toto Mixed

Rudbeckia hirta Toto Rustic

Rudbeckia triloba

Ruellia humilis

Ruellia strepens

Ruellia tuberosa

Rumex sanguineus Red Halley

Rumex sanguineus Ruby Streak

Rumohra adiantiformis

Rumohra variegata

Ruschia marianae

Sabal causiarum

Sabal mexicana

Sabal minor

Sabal minor Cherokee

Sabal minor Lisa

Sabal palmetto

Sagina subulata

Salad Mix Lettuce Mesclun

Saladini Oriental Mix

Salpiglossis sinuata f1 Royale Chocolate

Salpiglossis sinuata f1 Royale Mixed

Salpiglossis sinuata f2 Bolero Mixture

Salpiglossis sinuata Little Friends Mixture

Salpiglossis sinuata Superb(issima) Mixed

Salsola soda

Salvia argentea

Salvia coccinea

Salvia coccinea Brenthurst

Salvia coccinea Hummingbird Coral Nymph dwarf

Salvia coccinea Hummingbird Forest Fire

Salvia coccinea Hummingbird Lady in Red

Salvia coccinea Hummingbird Sage Mixture

Salvia coccinea Hummingbird Snow Nymph

Salvia coccinea Summer Jewel Lavender

Salvia coccinea Summer Jewel Pink

Salvia coccinea Summer Jewel Red

Salvia coccinea Summer Jewel White

Salvia coccinea x Adora Blue

Salvia coccinea x Blue-Violet Princess-Queen

Salvia farinacea Cirrus (companion to Strata)

Salvia farinacea Evolution deep violet

Salvia farinacea Evolution white form (companion t

Salvia farinacea Fairy Queen

Salvia farinacea Reference blue bicolour

Salvia farinacea Rhea

Salvia farinacea Strata (companion to Cirrus)

Salvia farinacea Victoria Blue (companion to Evolu

Salvia farinacea Victoria White

Salvia jurisicii

Salvia lyrata

Salvia lyrata Purple Volcano

Salvia nemorosa Merleau Blue

Salvia nemorosa Merleau Rose

Salvia nemorosa Merleau White

Salvia New Dimension Blue

Salvia officinalis

Salvia officinalis Albiflora

Salvia officinalis for micro sage

Salvia officinalis organic seeds

Salvia officinalis ssp lavandulifolia

Salvia patens

Salvia patens Cambridge Blue

Salvia patens Oxford Blue

Salvia patens Patio Deep Blue

Salvia patens Patio Sky Blue

Salvia roemeriana Hot Trumpets - Arriba

Salvia roemeriana Red Dwarf

Salvia splendens Blaze of Fire

Salvia splendens Carabiniere dwarf

Salvia splendens Cleopatra mixed

Salvia splendens Early Bonfire

Salvia splendens Fizz Strawberry

Salvia splendens Lumina

Salvia splendens Maestro Mix early

Salvia splendens Piccolo Scarlet dwarf

Salvia splendens pink fld. form Brazil

Salvia splendens Sahara Red

Salvia splendens Salsa Burgundy

Salvia splendens Salsa Mixed formula

Salvia splendens Salsa Purple

Salvia splendens Salsa Rose

Salvia splendens Salsa Scarlet

Salvia splendens Salsa Scarlet Bi-colour

Salvia splendens Salvation

Salvia splendens Sancho Mixed

Salvia splendens Sancho Purple

Salvia splendens Sancho Red

Salvia splendens Sancho Salmon

Salvia splendens Sancho White

Salvia splendens Sancho White Splash

Salvia splendens Sangria

Salvia splendens Scarlet O Hara

Salvia splendens Sizzler Mixed dwarf ayr

Salvia splendens St Johns Fire

Salvia splendens Vanguard dwarf early

Salvia splendens Vista Red

Salvia subrotunda

Salvia taraxacifolia

Salvia verticillata

Salvia verticillata Alba

Salvia viridis Marble Arch Mix

Salvia viridis Streaker Blue dwarf

Salvia viridis Streaker formula mixed dwarf

Salvia viridis Streaker Rose dwarf

Salvia viridis Streaker White dwarf

Sandersonia aurantiaca

Sanguisorba minor Burnet

Sanguisorba minor wild herb

Sansevieria hyacinthoides

Sansevieria metallica

Santolina chamaecyparissus

Santolina etrusca

Santolina pinnata

Santolina rosmarinifolia

Santolina villosa Mill.

Santolina villosa organic seed

Sanvitalia procumbens

Sanvitalia procumbens Mandarin Orange

Sanvitalia procumbens Orange Sprite

Sanvitalia speciosa Baby Suns

Sanvitalia speciosa Million Suns

Sarcostemma viminale

Satureja hortensis Summer Savory

Satureja hortensis Summer Savory Aromata

Satureja hortensis Summer Savory Midget

Sauromatum venosum

Scabiosa africana

Scabiosa caucasica Ritz Blue

Scabiosa columbaria Misty Butterflies

Scabiosa graminifolia Powder Pink

Scabiosa japonica v alpina

Scabiosa japonica v alpina Ritz Blue

Scabiosa japonica v alpina Ritz Rose

Scabiosa ochroleuca Pixie Yellow - Moondance

Schefflera actinophylla

Schefflera arboricola

Schefflera arboricola Pittmans Pride

Schefflera digitata

Schefflera elegantissima

Schefflera pueckleri

Schefflera venulosa

Schima wallichii

Schinus molle

Schinus terebinthifolius

Schizachyrium scoparium

Schizaea pectinata

Schizanthus Angels Wings mix

Schizanthus Dr Badgers Hybrids Mix

Schizanthus pinnatus Tinkerbell Mixed

Schizanthus Star Parade

Schizanthus x wisetonensis, Dr. Badgers Mix

Schizocarphus nervosus

Schizolobium parahyba

Schlumbergera truncata

Schoenia cassiniana Rose Beauty

Schoenia cassiniana Tanners Pride white

Schoenia cassiniana Tanners Rose

Schoenia filifolia ssp subulifolia

Schotia brachypetala

Schotia latifolia

Sciadopitys verticillata

Scilla kraussii

Scilla siberica Alba

Scutellaria baicalensis

Scutellaria baicalensis BLBP 02

Scutellaria baicalensis organic seeds

Scutellaria baicalensis Oriental Blue

Scutellaria orientalis

Searsia burchellii

Searsia ciliata

Searsia discolor

Sedum floriferum

Sedum kamtschaticum

Sedum pulchellum

Sedum rubens Lizard

Sedum rupestre

Sedum rupestre organic seed

Sedum Spirit

Sedum spurium Voodoo

Sedum telephium Purpureum

Sedum telephium Surrender Red

Sedum ussuriense

Sedum ussuriense multi-pellets

Semiaquilegia ecalcarata

Sempervivum arachnoideum

Sempervivum spp. and vars. mix

Senecio cineraria Cirrus

Senecio cineraria Diamond

Senecio cineraria Silver Dust

Senecio polyodon

Senna alata

Senna corymbosa

Senna didymobotrya

Senna hebecarpa

Senna marilandica

Serenoa repens

Serenoa repens Silver (blue)

Serruria pedunculata

Sesbania punicea

Setaria macrostachya Will Scarlet

Sida rhombifolia

Sideritis scardica

Sideritis syriaca

Sideritis syriaca organic seed

Silene armeria Electra purple-pink

Silene coeli-rosa Nana Angel Blue

Silene coeli-rosa Nana Angel Mixed

Silene coeli-rosa Nana Angel Rose

Silene coeli-rosa Nana Angel White

Silene coeli-rosa Nana Patio Mixture

Silene colorata Pink Pirouette

Silene colorata Pink Star dwarf

Silene coronaria Alba

Silene flos-cuculi Nana

Silene flos-jovis Nana Peggy

Silene laciniata Starburst

Silene pendula Celina

Silene pendula Compacta Peach Blossom

Silene pendula Dwarf Pink

Silene pendula Triumph double pink

Silene regia

Silene Shocking Pink

Silene suecica dup 2

Silene suecica Lely Deep Rose

Silene suecica Snow Flurry

Silene uniflora

Silene uniflora Compacta

Silene uniflora Robin Whitebreast - Weisskehlchen

Silene vulgaris

Silphium laciniatum

Silphium terebinthinaceum

Sinningia canescens

Sinningia f1 Empress Blue Picotee pills

Sinningia f1 Empress Lavender Bicolor pills

Sinningia f1 Empress Mixed pills

Sinningia f1 Empress Pink Bicolor pills

Sinningia f1 Empress Purple pills

Sinningia f1 Empress Purple Spotted pills

Sinningia f1 Empress Purple Spotted Throat pills

Sinningia f1 Empress Red Picotee pills

Sinningia f1 Empress Red pills

Sinningia f1 Empress Red Spotted pills

Sinningia f1 Empress White pills

Sinningia f1 Empress Wine Red pills

Sinningia florianopolis (name unresolved)

Sinningia insularis

Sinningia sellovii orange to pink

Sinningia speciosa f1 Avanti Mixed formula

Sisyrinchium angustifolium v. album

Sisyrinchium bellum

Sisyrinchium californicum

Sisyrinchium palmifolium

Sisyrinchium striatum

Skimmia japonica ssp japonica

Solanum aethiopicum N Goyo

Solanum atropurpureum

Solanum burbankii x Wonderberry

Solanum cheesmaniae Galapagos

Solanum giganteum

Solanum linnaeanum

Solanum macrocarpon f1 Emerald Isle

Solanum macrocarpon Red Egg

Solanum mammosum

Solanum marginatum

Solanum melongena f1 Baby Rosanna - Ophelia

Solanum melongena f1 Ivory

Solanum melongena f1 Kaberi

Solanum melongena f1 Ophelia

Solanum melongena Golden Eggs

Solanum melongena Jewel Amethyst dwarf eggplant

Solanum melongena Jewel Ivory dwarf eggplant

Solanum melongena Jewel Jade dwarf eggplant

Solanum melongena Jewel Jet dwarf eggplant

Solanum melongena Red Egg

Solanum melongena Slim Jim

Solanum melongena Violetta di New York

Solanum melongena White Egg

Solanum muricatum

Solanum muricatum Pepino Dulce

Solanum pseudocapsicum

Solanum pseudocapsicum Joker

Solanum pseudocapsicum New Patterson

Solanum pseudocapsicum Thurino Light

Solanum pseudocapsicum Tucana ornamental pot

Solanum pyracanthum

Solanum quitoense

Solanum sisymbrifolium

Solanum sp. unident. House Tomato perennial

Solanum villosum Golden Pearls

Solaum lycopersicum Craigella

Solenostemon Giant Exhibition Formula Mix

Solenostemon Giant Exhibition Limelight

Solenostemon Giant Exhibition Magma

Solenostemon Giant Exhibition Marble

Solenostemon Giant Exhibition Palisandra

Solenostemon Giant Exhibition Rustic Red

Solenostemon Premium Sun Lime Delight pellets

Solidago canadensis Golden Baby

Solidago canadensis Little Miss Sunshine

Solidago canadensis Yellow Springs

Solidago speciosa

Sollya heterophylla

Sollya heterophylla pink form

Sophora davidii

Sophora longicarinata

Sophora microphylla

Sophora microphylla v. longicarinata

Sophora prostrata

Sophora secundiflora

Sophora tetraptera

Sorghastrum nutans

Sorghum carneum v nigrum

Sparaxis auriculata

Sparaxis fragrans

Sparaxis tricolor Colour Mill

Sparaxis villosa

Sparmannia africana

Sparmannia ricinocarpa

Spartina pectinata

Sphaeropteris cooperi

Sporobolus heterolepis

Stachys natalensis

Stachys officinalis dwarf form

Stachytarpheta cayennensis

Stangeria eriopus bs (uncleaned) cit

Stangeria eriopus cs cit

Stapelia gettliffei

Stapelia gigantea

Stapelia leendertziae

Stapelia spp. mix

Stephanotis floribunda

Sterculia africana

Sterculia quinqueloba

Stevia rebaudiana b.s.

Stevia rebaudiana c.s.

Stevia rebaudiana Candy

Stevia rebaudiana organic seed

Stevia rebaudiana Sweetie Star

Stipa tenuifolia Steud

Stipa tenuissima Pony Tails c.s.

Stipa tenuissima v. oreophila

Stipa trichotoma Palomino not to Oz, NZ, US

Strelitzia juncea

Strelitzia nicolai

Strelitzia reginae

Strelitzia reginae Mandelas Gold

Strelitzia reginae yellow flg. form

Strelitzia scarifica name unresolved

Streptanthus farnsworthianus

Streptanthus glandulosus v secundus

Streptanthus insignis

Streptocarpus actinoflorus (name unresolved)

Streptocarpus cyaneus ssp cyaneus

Streptocarpus Dragon Mixed

Streptocarpus f1 Dibleys Dragons Mixed

Streptocarpus f1 Dibleys Pink Bouquet

Streptocarpus formosus

Streptocarpus gardenii

Streptocarpus haygarthii

Streptocarpus hybridus

Streptocarpus hybridus Wiesmoor Hybrids

Streptocarpus hybridus Wiesmoor Hybrids pills

Streptocarpus liliputanus (name unresolved)

Streptocarpus rexii

Strophanthus petersianus

Strophanthus speciosus

Strumaria speciosa

Strychnos pungens

Strychnos spinosa

Stureja hortensis

Stylochaeton puberulus

Styphnolobium japonicum

Sutera cordata Blutopia Blue multi-pellets

Sutera cordata Snowtopia White multi-pellets

Sutherlandia microphylla

Sutherlandia montana

Swainsona formosa

Swainsona galegifolia

Swietenia mahagoni

Swinglea glutinosa

Syagrus romanzoffiana Dumpy Form

Syagrus ruschiana

Symphyotrichum oolentangiense

Symphyotrichum shortii

Syngonium podophyllum Emerald Gem

Synsepalum dulcificum

Syzygium aromaticum

Syzygium malaccense

Syzygium paniculatum

Syzygium samarangense

Tabebuia aurea svs

Tabebuia heterophylla

Tabebuia impetiginosa

Tabebuia impetiginosa Red

Tabebuia rosea Pink

Tabernaemontana divaricata

Tabernaemontana elegans

Tacca chantrieri Bat Plant near black fl.

Tacca chantrieri Green Isle

Tacca chantrieri mauve form

Tacca chantrieri white form

Tacca integrifolia

Tacca integrifolia white form

Tacca nivea

Tagetes erecta All Double Lemon

Tagetes erecta All Double Orange

Tagetes erecta Calando Mixed dwarf double

Tagetes erecta Crackerjack Mixed

Tagetes erecta Cupid Mixed

Tagetes erecta Dune Mixed de-tailed

Tagetes erecta Eskimo

Tagetes erecta f1 Antigua Gold double ayr

Tagetes erecta f1 Antigua Mixed double ayr

Tagetes erecta f1 Antigua Orange double ayr

Tagetes erecta f1 Antigua Primrose double ayr

Tagetes erecta f1 Antigua Yellow double ayr

Tagetes erecta f1 Discovery Mixed dwarf

Tagetes erecta f1 Discovery Orange dwarf

Tagetes erecta f1 Discovery Yellow dwarf

Tagetes erecta f1 Inca II Gold early compact

Tagetes erecta f1 Inca II Mixed

Tagetes erecta f1 Inca II Orange

Tagetes erecta f1 Inca II Primrose

Tagetes erecta f1 Inca II Yellow

Tagetes erecta f1 Ladies Mixed carnation type

Tagetes erecta f1 Marvel Gold double

Tagetes erecta f1 Marvel Mixed

Tagetes erecta f1 Marvel Orange

Tagetes erecta f1 Marvel Yellow

Tagetes erecta f1 Perfection Orange

Tagetes erecta f1 Perfection Yellow

Tagetes erecta f1 Vanilla de-tailed seed

Tagetes erecta f1 Zenith Deep Orange

Tagetes erecta f1 Zenith Golden Yellow

Tagetes erecta f1 Zenith Lemon Yellow

Tagetes erecta f1 Zenith Mixed

Tagetes erecta f1 Zenith Orange

Tagetes erecta f1 Zenith Red

Tagetes erecta f1 Zenith Yellow

Tagetes erecta Golden Age dwarf odourless

Tagetes erecta Hedger Lemon dwarf double

Tagetes erecta Maximix dwarf double mix

Tagetes erecta Snowdrift dwarf double white

Tagetes erecta Snowstorm dwarf

Tagetes erecta Spinning Gold chrysanthemum fld.

Tagetes erecta Spinning Lemon chrysanthemum fld.

Tagetes erecta Spinning Orange chrysanthemum fld.

Tagetes erecta Spinning Wheels chrysanthemum fld.

Tagetes erecta Sunspot Mixed early dwarf

Tagetes erecta, tall double

Tagetes lucida

Tagetes lucida for micro tarragon Mexican

Tagetes lucida organic seed

Tagetes minuta for micro mexican marigold

Tagetes patula - erecta for biological disinfectio

Tagetes patula Alumia Vanilla

Tagetes patula Amber Glow de-tailed pot

Tagetes patula Amber Glow pot

Tagetes patula Bambino pot

Tagetes patula Bambino pot de-tailed seed

Tagetes patula Bonanza Bee de-tailed seed

Tagetes patula Bonanza Deep Orange de-tailed seed

Tagetes patula Bonanza Flame

Tagetes patula Bonanza Gold

Tagetes patula Bonanza Harmony

Tagetes patula Bonanza Mixed de-tailed seed

Tagetes patula Bonanza Orange de-tailed seed

Tagetes patula Bonanza Yellow de-tailed seed

Tagetes patula Boy Blue

Tagetes patula Boy Golden

Tagetes patula Boy Harmony orange maroon collar

Tagetes patula Boy Orange

Tagetes patula Boy Series Mixed (Boy O Boy)

Tagetes patula Boy Yellow

Tagetes patula Brocade Bolero bicolor double

Tagetes patula Brocade Bonita Mixed double

Tagetes patula Brocade Mixed double crested

Tagetes patula Brocade Spanish red and gold

Tagetes patula Carmen rusty-red yellow centre

Tagetes patula Carnation fld. Mix doubles

Tagetes patula Carnation fld. Orange double

Tagetes patula Carnation fld. Red double

Tagetes patula Carnation fld. Scarlet double

Tagetes patula Carnation fld. Yellow double

Tagetes patula Chasca golden crested

Tagetes patula Colossus pot de-tailed

Tagetes patula Disco Granada

Tagetes patula Durango Bee double anemone fld.

Tagetes patula Durango Bolero double de-tailed see

Tagetes patula Durango Flame double de-tailed seed

Tagetes patula Durango Gold double de-tailed seed

Tagetes patula Durango Mixed double anemone fld.

Tagetes patula Durango Orange double de-tailed see

Tagetes patula Durango Red double de-tailed seed

Tagetes patula Durango Tangerine double de-tailed

Tagetes patula Durango Yellow double anemone fld.

Tagetes patula dwarf single mixed

Tagetes patula Gate Golden

Tagetes patula Gate Series Mixed

Tagetes patula Gate Yellow

Tagetes patula Giant Bicolor nana

Tagetes patula Ground Control best nematicide

Tagetes patula Hero Bee yellow mahogany edge

Tagetes patula Hero Flame

Tagetes patula Hero Gold

Tagetes patula Hero Harmony maroon and orange

Tagetes patula Hero Mixed

Tagetes patula Hero Orange

Tagetes patula Hero Orange Bee orange mahogany edg

Tagetes patula Hero Spry gold and mahogany

Tagetes patula Hero Yellow

Tagetes patula Honey Moon

Tagetes patula Jolly Jester tall single

Tagetes patula La Bamba

Tagetes patula La Bamba de-tailed seed

Tagetes patula Legion of Honour single dwarf

Tagetes patula Lemon Drop double nana

Tagetes patula Lilliput Orange Flame

Tagetes patula Marietta Dainty single

Tagetes patula Marietta Naughty

Tagetes patula Marietta Red bicolour

Tagetes patula Mr Majestic Double pot

Tagetes patula Mr Majestic Double pot de-tailed

Tagetes patula Mr Majestic pot

Tagetes patula Mr Majestic pot de-tailed

Tagetes patula Nana Mixed dwarf single

Tagetes patula Nemo Mix

Tagetes patula Orange dwarf single

Tagetes patula Orange Flame

Tagetes patula Petite Gold crested

Tagetes patula Petite Harmony orange and brown

Tagetes patula Petite Mixed double nana

Tagetes patula Petite Orange

Tagetes patula Petite Spry yellow and red

Tagetes patula Petite Yellow crested nana

Tagetes patula Pots of Gold mix

Tagetes patula Queen Sophia

Tagetes patula Red Cherry very early dwarf double

Tagetes patula Red Golden petals dwarf single

Tagetes patula Red Sun

Tagetes patula Red Yellow petals dwarf single

Tagetes patula Royal Crested Honeycomb golden - br

Tagetes patula Royal Crested Mixed

Tagetes patula Safari Bolero gold and mahogany dou

Tagetes patula Safari Mixed early large doubles

Tagetes patula Safari Orange early double

Tagetes patula Safari Red early double

Tagetes patula Safari Scarlet double early

Tagetes patula Safari Tangerine double early

Tagetes patula Safari Yellow double early

Tagetes patula Safari Yellow Fire double early

Tagetes patula Scarlet Sophia

Tagetes patula Silvia golden dwarf single

Tagetes patula Solan pot

Tagetes patula Solan pot de-tailed

Tagetes patula Sparky Mixed

Tagetes patula Sunglow Mix pot

Tagetes patula Sunglow Mix pot de-tailed

Tagetes patula Sunshine pot

Tagetes patula Sunshine pot de-tailed

Tagetes patula Tangerine

Tagetes patula Tiger Eyes dwarf double

Tagetes patula x erecta Chameleon

Tagetes patula Yellow dwarf single

Tagetes sp. unident. Linnaeus Burning Embers

Tagetes tenuifolia Gem Golden - Gnom

Tagetes tenuifolia Gem Lemon

Tagetes tenuifolia Gem Mixed

Tagetes tenuifolia Gem Orange - Tangerine

Tagetes tenuifolia Gem Red

Tagetes tenuifolia Lemon Star

Tagetes tenuifolia Signet Lemon

Tagetes tenuifolia Starfire Golden Gem

Tagetes tenuifolia Starfire Lemon Gem

Tagetes tenuifolia Starfire Mixed

Tagetes tenuifolia Starfire Tangerine Gem

Tagetes tenuifolia x erecta Tessy Gold

Taiwania cryptomerioides

Talinum okanoganense

Talinum paniculatum

Talinum paniculatum Limon

Tamarindus indica

Tamarindus indica prov. Kwalukonge Tanzania

Tanacetum niveum

Tanacetum parthenium Carlos double white ayr

Tanacetum parthenium Santana ayr

Tanacetum parthenium Santana Yellow ayr

Tanacetum parthenium Selma Star

Tanacetum parthenium Snowball

Tanacetum parthenium Tetra White Wonder

Tanacetum parthenium White Stars

Taxus cuspidata spreadong form typ.

Tecoma capensis orange

Tecoma capensis red form

Tecoma capensis yellow form

Tecoma smithii

Tecoma stans

Telopea speciosissima

Telopea truncata (sp. name unresolved)

Tephrosia grandiflora

Tephrosia virginiana

Terminalia catappa

Tetraclinis articulata

Tetradenia riparia

Tetradium daniellii

Teucrium chamaedrys

Teucrium polium

Teucrium scorodonia

Thalictrum petaloideum

Thamnochortus cinereus

Thamnochortus insignis

Thelesperma burridgeanum

Thelesperma burridgeanum Brunette

Thelesperma burridgeanum Philippine

Thelesperma filifolium

Theobroma cacao vsvs

Thereianthus bracteolatus

Thereianthus spicatus

Thrinax radiata

Thunbergia alata

Thunbergia alata African Sunset Mixed

Thunbergia alata Alba

Thunbergia alata Alba Oculata

Thunbergia alata Amber Eyes

Thunbergia alata Aurantiaca

Thunbergia alata Aurantiaca Oculata

Thunbergia alata Aurea

Thunbergia alata Aurea Oculata

Thunbergia alata Blushing Susie

Thunbergia alata Golden Eyes

Thunbergia alata mixed o. p.

Thunbergia alata Orange Wonder

Thunbergia alata Spanish Eyes

Thunbergia alata Sunrise Orange

Thunbergia alata Sunrise White

Thunbergia alata Sunrise Yellow

Thunbergia coccinea

Thunbergia fragrans

Thunbergia grandiflora

Thunbergia grandiflora Alba

Thunbergia natalensis

Thymophylla tenuiloba

Thymus capitatus

Thymus mastichina

Thymus orospedanus

Thymus pulegioides

Thymus pulegioides organic seed

Thymus vulgaris for micro thyme English Winter

Thymus vulgaris French Summer - Provence Thyme org

Thymus vulgaris Thyme - English-German Winter

Thymus vulgaris Thyme-English-German Winter organi

Thymus vulgaris Thyme-French Summer - de Provence

Thymus zygis

Thysanotus multiflorus

Tiarella wherryi

Tibouchina grossa

Tibouchina urvilleana

Tigridia lilacea x (name unresolved)

Tigridia vanhouttei

Tillandsia streptophylla

Tinantia erecta

Tinantia erecta Soho

Titanopsis calcarea

Titanopsis fulleri

Titanopsis primosii

Tithonia rotundifolia

Tithonia rotundifolia Fiesta del Sol

Tithonia rotundifolia Goldfinger

Tithonia rotundifolia Torch

Tithonia rotundifolia Yellow Torch

Tolmiea menziesii

Toona ciliata c.s.

Torenia fournieri Kauai Mixed pellets

Trachelium caeruleum

Trachelium caeruleum Album

Trachelium caeruleum Black Knight

Trachelium caeruleum f1 Passion in Violet pellets

Trachelium caeruleum Lake Michigan Violet

Trachelospermum jasminoides

Trachyandra divaricata

Trachyandra falcata

Trachyandra hirsuta

Trachyandra hirsutiflora

Trachyandra muricata

Trachycarpus fortunei

Trachycarpus fortunei Darjeeling

Trachycarpus fortunei Naini Tal

Trachymene caerulea

Trachymene caerulea Alba

Trachymene caerulea Lacy Mix

Trachymene caerulea Lacy White

Trachymene caerulea Madonna Lavender Blue

Trachymene caerulea Madonna Mixed

Trachymene caerulea Madonna Pink

Trachymene caerulea Madonna White

Trachymene caerulea Rosea - Madonna Rose

Tradescantia occidentalis

Tradescantia ohiensis

Tradescantia spathacea

Tremulina tremula

Trevesia palmata

Trichodiadema mirabile

Tricyrtis hirta

Trifolium dubium

Trifolium repens Microclover Pirouette

Trifolium repens Minus

Triglochin maritima

Trillium rivale svs

Triphasia trifolia

Tripteris vaillantii

Tristagma Blue Mix

Tristaniopsis laurina

Trithrinax acanthocoma

Tritonia crocata

Tritonia deusta

Tritonia disticha

Tritonia laxifolia

Tritonia pallida

Tritonia parvula

Tritonia squalida

Trollius asiaticus

Trollius europaeus fa. compactus Lemon Supreme

Tropaeolum azureum climbing perennial nasturtium

Tropaeolum majus Blue Pepe for micro nasturtium bl

Tropaeolum majus Blue Pepe salad nasturtium

Tropaeolum majus Canary

Tropaeolum majus Crimson Emperor

Tropaeolum majus Double Delight Cream

Tropaeolum majus Firebird

Tropaeolum majus Gleam Apricot double

Tropaeolum majus Gleam Golden double

Tropaeolum majus Gleam Moon semi-double

Tropaeolum majus Gleam Orange semi-double

Tropaeolum majus Gleam Salmon semi-double

Tropaeolum majus Gleam Scarlet semi-double

Tropaeolum majus Hawaiian Mix

Tropaeolum majus Indian Chief double

Tropaeolum majus Jewel of Africa tall mix varieg.

Tropaeolum majus Mambo Mix red - white

Tropaeolum majus Milkmaid trailing single

Tropaeolum majus Orchid Cream

Tropaeolum majus Purple Emperor

Tropaeolum majus Salmon Mousse

Tropaeolum majus Single Orange

Tropaeolum majus Single Red

Tropaeolum majus Single Yellow

Tropaeolum majus standard single mix

Tropaeolum majus Strawberry Cream

Tropaeolum majus Strawberry Ice

Tropaeolum majus Sunset Pink

Tropaeolum majus Tall Climbing Single Flowered Mix

Tropaeolum majus Variegated Queen Mixed trailing

Tropaeolum majus Zanzibar mix

Tropaeolum minus

Tropaeolum minus ax find 2311

Tropaeolum minus Banana Cream

Tropaeolum minus Black Velvet

Tropaeolum minus Bloody Mary

Tropaeolum minus Bolero Mix spurless series

Tropaeolum minus Cherry Rose top flg.

Tropaeolum minus Empress of India

Tropaeolum minus Golden Globe - Golden Jewel

Tropaeolum minus Jewel Cherry Rose

Tropaeolum minus Jewel Dwarf Semi Double Mixed

Tropaeolum minus Jewel Golden

Tropaeolum minus Jewel Mahogany

Tropaeolum minus Jewel Mix dwarf formula

Tropaeolum minus Jewel Mix dwarf o p

Tropaeolum minus Jewel Mix organic seed

Tropaeolum minus Jewel Peach Melba reselected

Tropaeolum minus Jewel Primrose

Tropaeolum minus Jewel Scarlet

Tropaeolum minus Ladybird

Tropaeolum minus Ladybird Cream Purple Spotted

Tropaeolum minus Ladybird Mix

Tropaeolum minus Ladybird Rose

Tropaeolum minus organic seed

Tropaeolum minus Paso Doble Mix topflowering

Tropaeolum minus Peach Melba

Tropaeolum minus Princess of India

Tropaeolum minus Rumba Mix brill. colours dark fol

Tropaeolum minus Salmon Baby

Tropaeolum minus Tip-Top Alaska Deep Orange varieg

Tropaeolum minus Tip-Top Alaska Gold variegated

Tropaeolum minus Tip-Top Alaska Mixed variegated

Tropaeolum minus Tip-Top Alaska Red Shades

Tropaeolum minus Tip-Top Alaska Rose variegated

Tropaeolum minus Tip-Top Alaska Salmon variegated

Tropaeolum minus Tip-Top Alaska Scarlet variegated

Tropaeolum minus Tip-Top Apricot

Tropaeolum minus Tip-Top Gold

Tropaeolum minus Tip-Top Lemon Yellow

Tropaeolum minus Tip-Top Mahogany single

Tropaeolum minus Tip-Top Mix formula

Tropaeolum minus Tip-Top Mix o p

Tropaeolum minus Tip-Top Scarlet

Tropaeolum minus Tom Thumb King Theodore

Tropaeolum minus Tom Thumb Lemon

Tropaeolum minus Tom Thumb mix dark leaved

Tropaeolum minus Tom Thumb Mix organic seed

Tropaeolum minus Tom Thumb Mixture o.p.

Tropaeolum minus Tom Thumb Scarlet

Tropaeolum minus Vesuvius dwarf non-trailing-climb

Tropaeolum minus Whirlybird Cream

Tropaeolum minus Whirlybird Deep Red

Tropaeolum minus Whirlybird Gold

Tropaeolum minus Whirlybird Mahogany Red

Tropaeolum minus Whirlybird Mixed formula

Tropaeolum minus Whirlybird Mixed o p

Tropaeolum minus Whirlybird Rose

Tropaeolum minus Whirlybird Scarlet

Tropaeolum minus Whirlybird Tangerine

Tropaeolum peltophorum Tall Single Mixed

Tropaeolum peltophorum Tall Single Mixed organic

Tropaeolum peregrinum Canary Creeper

Tropaeolum polyphyllum

Tropaeolum tricolorum (unresolved name)

Tulbaghia acutiloba

Tulbaghia alliacea

Tulbaghia capensis

Tulbaghia ludwigiana

Tulbaghia simmleri

Tulbaghia violacea

Tulipa chrysantha

Tulipa sprengeri (15)

Tulipa tarda (15)

Tulipa turkestanica (15)

Turnera ulmifolia

Turraea obtusifolia

Tylecodon pygmaeus

Tylecodon reticulatus

Tylecodon wallichii

Ugni molinae

Ullucus tuberosus

Uncinia egmontiana

Uncinia rubra

Urginea depressa

Ursinia anethoides

Ursinia anthemoides

Ursinia nana

Ursinia sericea

Vaccinium angustifolium

Vaccinium corymbosum

Vaccinium macrocarpon c.s.

Vaccinium myrtilloides

Vangueria madagascariensis

Veitchia arecina

Veitchia merrillii

Veltheimia bracteata pink

Verbascum phoeniceum Antique Rose

Verbascum phoeniceum Flush of White - White Bride

Verbena Apricot Beauty

Verbena bonariensis

Verbena bonariensis organic seed

Verbena canadensis Toronto silver-pink

Verbena Florist Ideal Mixed

Verbena hybrida Florist Mixed

Verbena hybrida Mammoth Mixed

Verbena hybrida Nana Compacta mixed

Verbena hybrida Nana Compacta white

Verbena Imagination

Verbena Obsession Cascade Pink Shades

Verbena Obsession Cascade Purple with eye

Verbena Obsession Cascade Red with eye

Verbena Obsession Cascade Scarlet

Verbena Obsession Cascade Violet Twister

Verbena Obsession Twister Purple

Verbena Obsession Twister Red

Verbena Peaches - Cream Mix

Verbena Quartz Blue

Verbena Quartz Burgundy

Verbena Quartz Burgundy with Eye

Verbena Quartz Merlot Mixed

Verbena Quartz Mixed

Verbena Quartz Red White eye

Verbena Quartz Scarlet

Verbena Quartz Silver

Verbena Quartz Waterfall Mixed

Verbena Quartz White

Verbena rigida

Verbena rigida Polaris

Verbena rigida Santos

Verbena Scentsation Mix

Verbena Serenity Mixed

Verbena Serenity Pink

Verbena Sparkle Mixed very dwarf

Verbena speciosa purple

Verbena tenuisecta Desert Jewels Mixed

Verbena tenuisecta Lady Vervaine mixed

Verbena tenuisecta purple

Verbena Tuscany Mixed

Verbena Tuscany Pastel Shades Mix

Vernonia fasciculata

Vernonia natalensis

Veronica austriaca ssp. teucrium

Veronica austriaca ssp. teucrium Royal Blue

Veronica gentianoides Little Blues

Veronica grandis

Veronica sachalinensis Blue Pyramid

Veronica spicata

Veronica spicata Alba

Veronica spicata Blue Bouquet pelleted seed

Veronica spicata Erika (Roseum - Rosenrot - Pink G

Veronica spicata Nana Blue Carpet

Veronica spicata ssp. incana Silbersee

Veronicastrum virginicum

Verticordia chrysantha

Verticordia densiflora

Verticordia huegelii v huegelii

Verticordia monadelpha

Verticordia nitens

Verticordia pennigera

Verticordia plumosa

Verticordia roei ssp roei

Verticordia serrata

Viburnum tinus

Vicia faba Robin Hood dwarf broad bean

Vigna unguiculata ssp. sesquipedalis dwarf form

Vinca f1 Vitesse Mixed

Vinca Pacifica Mixed

Viola Aalsmeer Giant king-sized mixture

Viola Aalsmeer Giants mixed

Viola All Spice Mix

Viola Amsterdam Giants Mixed

Viola bertolonii

Viola biflora

Viola Blueberry Cream

Viola Bunny Ears

Viola Clear Crystal black

Viola cornuta Arkwrights Ruby - Rubin

Viola cornuta Back to Black

Viola cornuta Blue Perfection

Viola cornuta Brush Strokes multicolour striped pa

Viola cornuta Chicky Chicks hyb mix

Viola cornuta f1 Aero Mix

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Apricot Lip

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Blue Picotee

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Cream

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Cream Yellow Lip

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Deep Blue Blotch

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Deep Purple Beacon

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power formula mixture

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Gold Purple Wing

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Golden Blues

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Jolly Face

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Lavender Blue

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Lavender Pink

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Lilac Rose White cen

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Orange

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Orange Red Wing

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Persian Pink

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Pink Lemon Lip

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Pure White

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Purple Face

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Purple Rose White Fa

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Purple Tiger Eye

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Red

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Rose Wing

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Sky Blue Blotch

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Soft Pink

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power True Blue

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power White Purple Wing

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Yellow Blotch 10

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Yellow Blotch Red Wi

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Yellow Purple Wing

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Yellow Surprise

Viola cornuta f1 Floral Power Yellow with Blotch

Viola cornuta f1 Four Seasons Blue

Viola cornuta f1 Four Seasons Blue with Yellow

Viola cornuta f1 Four Seasons formula mixture

Viola cornuta f1 Four Seasons Gold

Viola cornuta f1 Four Seasons Indigo Wing Blue

Viola cornuta f1 Four Seasons Lilac Rose

Viola cornuta f1 Four Seasons Plum Yellow Face

Viola cornuta f1 Four Seasons Purple Wing Yellow

Viola cornuta f1 Four Seasons Rose Face

Viola cornuta f1 Four Seasons Velvet

Viola cornuta f1 Four Seasons White

Viola cornuta f1 Four Seasons White Yellow Eye

Viola cornuta f1 Four Seasons Yellow

Viola cornuta f1 Grandissimo Berry Pie

Viola cornuta f1 Grandissimo Clear Orange

Viola cornuta f1 Grandissimo Clear Purple

Viola cornuta f1 Grandissimo Clear Yellow

Viola cornuta f1 Grandissimo Icy Blue

Viola cornuta f1 Grandissimo Lemon Splash

Viola cornuta f1 Grandissimo Purple Glow

Viola cornuta f1 Grandissimo Rose with Blotch

Viola cornuta f1 Grandissimo Yellow Jump Up

Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet Antique Shades

Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet Beaconsfield

Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet Black Delight

Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet Carmine Rose

Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet Delft Blue

Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet Fire

Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet Honeybee

Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet Ice Blue

Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet Lavender Pink

Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet Lemon Blueberry Swirl

Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet Lemon Chiffon

Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet Lemon Ice Blotch

Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet Lilac Ice

Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet Midnight Glow

Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet Mixed

Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet Morpho

Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet Orange

Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet Orange Jump-Up

Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet Phantom

Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet Pink Halo

Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet Pink Wing

Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet Raspberry

Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet White

Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet White Jump-Up

Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet White turning Blue

Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet Yellow

Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet Yellow Frost

Viola cornuta f1 Venus Mixed

Viola cornuta Historic Florist Pansies Mixed

Viola cornuta Johnny Jump-Up

Viola cornuta Karpatenfruhling

Viola cornuta Minor

Viola cornuta Painted Black

Viola cornuta Perfection White

Viola cornuta Perfection Yellow

Viola cornuta Plums - Peaches

Viola cornuta Prince Henry - King Henry

Viola cornuta Prince John

Viola cornuta Sweeties small bicolour mix

Viola cornuta Ulla

Viola cornuta Velour Mixed

Viola corsica Bastian Blue

Viola Early Giants Mixed

Viola elatior hort.

Viola elatior hort. stratified seed

Viola f1 4 Seasons Formula Mixture pendula

Viola f1 Angel Tiger Eye

Viola f1 Baby Bingo Lavender Blue

Viola f1 Bedder Purple - Orange

Viola f1 Can-Can Mixed

Viola f1 Cats Light Blue

Viola f1 Cats Mixed

Viola f1 Cats Orange

Viola f1 Cats Red and Gold

Viola f1 Cats Violet and White

Viola f1 Cats White

Viola f1 Cats Yellow

Viola f1 Dynamite Formula Mix

Viola f1 Dynamite Strawberry

Viola f1 Floral Power Blue Blotch Bronze Lip

Viola f1 Floral Power Cream

Viola f1 Floral Power Cream Purple Wing

Viola f1 Floral Power Cream Yellow Lip

Viola f1 Floral Power Deep Blue Blotch

Viola f1 Floral Power Deep Purple Beacon

Viola f1 Floral Power Formula Mixture

Viola f1 Floral Power Orange Red Wing

Viola f1 Floral Power Pure White

Viola f1 Floral Power Purple Rose White Face

Viola f1 Floral Power Purple Tiger Eye

Viola f1 Floral Power Red

Viola f1 Floral Power Rose Wing

Viola f1 Floral Power Sky Blue Blotch

Viola f1 Floral Power Soft Pink

Viola f1 Floral Power True Blue

Viola f1 Floral Power White Purple Wing

Viola f1 Floral Power Yellow Blotch

Viola f1 Floral Power Yellow Blotch Red Wing

Viola f1 Floral Power Yellow Purple Wing

Viola f1 Four Seasons Blue

Viola f1 Four Seasons Blue with Yellow

Viola f1 Four Seasons Formula Mix

Viola f1 Four Seasons Plum Yellow Face

Viola f1 Four Seasons Rose Face

Viola f1 Four Seasons Velvet

Viola f1 Four Seasons White

Viola f1 Four Seasons Yellow

Viola f1 Freefall Cream

Viola f1 Freefall Deep Violet

Viola f1 Freefall Golden Yellow

Viola f1 Freefall Lavender

Viola f1 Freefall Marina

Viola f1 Freefall Mixed cascade

Viola f1 Freefall Purple - White cascade

Viola f1 Freefall Purple Wing cascade

Viola f1 Frizzle Sizzle Mixed

Viola f1 Gem Antique Apricot

Viola f1 Gem Antique Pink

Viola f1 Gem Beacon

Viola f1 Gem Clear Ocean

Viola f1 Gem Frosty Blue

Viola f1 Gem Rose with Blotch

Viola f1 Gem Yellow

Viola f1 Gemini Purple and White

Viola f1 Inspire Blue Angel

Viola f1 Inspire Blue Velvet

Viola f1 Inspire Blue with Blotch

Viola f1 Inspire Carmine with Blotch

Viola f1 Inspire Deep Blue with Blotch

Viola f1 Inspire Deep Orange

Viola f1 Inspire Golden Yellow

Viola f1 Inspire Lavender Pink

Viola f1 Inspire Lemon

Viola f1 Inspire Lemon with Blotch

Viola f1 Inspire Lemon with Red Blotch

Viola f1 Inspire Lilac Shades

Viola f1 Inspire Lilac with Blotch

Viola f1 Inspire Mixed

Viola f1 Inspire Peach Shades

Viola f1 Inspire Purple

Viola f1 Inspire Purple and Orange

Viola f1 Inspire Purple and White

Viola f1 Inspire Red with Blotch

Viola f1 Inspire Ruby

Viola f1 Inspire Scarlet

Viola f1 Inspire Silver Blue

Viola f1 Inspire Terracotta

Viola f1 Inspire True Blue

Viola f1 Inspire Violet and Yellow

Viola f1 Inspire White

Viola f1 Inspire White with Blotch

Viola f1 Inspire White with Red Blotch

Viola f1 Inspire Yellow with Blotch

Viola f1 Inspire Yellow with Red Wing

Viola f1 Iona Frosty Lemon

Viola f1 Iona Gold with Blotch

Viola f1 Iona Purple with Blotch

Viola f1 Iona White

Viola f1 Iona White with Blotch

Viola f1 Karma Blue Butterfly

Viola f1 Magnifico

Viola f1 Maxim Supreme Mix

Viola f1 Mix of large flowered varieties

Viola f1 Nature Formula Mix

Viola f1 Nature Frosty Blue

Viola f1 Nature Frosty Rose

Viola f1 Nature Ocean

Viola f1 Nature Orange

Viola f1 Nature Rose Pink

Viola f1 Nature White

Viola f1 Nature Yellow

Viola f1 Nature Yellow with Blotch

Viola f1 Panola Mixed

Viola f1 Pax Blue - White

Viola f1 Pax Blue with Blotch

Viola f1 Pax Light Blue

Viola f1 Pax Mixed o.p.

Viola f1 Pax Orange

Viola f1 Pax Pink

Viola f1 Pax Red Wing

Viola f1 Pax Red with Blotch

Viola f1 Pax Scarlet

Viola f1 Pax True Blue

Viola f1 Pax White

Viola f1 Pax White with Blotch

Viola f1 Pax Yellow

Viola f1 Pax Yellow with Blotch

Viola f1 Penny Azure Dawn

Viola f1 Penny Azure Twilight

Viola f1 Penny Azure Wing

Viola f1 Penny Beaconsfield purple and blue

Viola f1 Penny Blue

Viola f1 Penny Blue - Yellow Centre

Viola f1 Penny Deep Blue

Viola f1 Penny Deep Marina

Viola f1 Penny Denim Jump Up

Viola f1 Penny Lane Mixed

Viola f1 Penny Lavender Shades

Viola f1 Penny Marina

Viola f1 Penny Marlies

Viola f1 Penny Mickey

Viola f1 Penny Orange

Viola f1 Penny Orange Jump Up

Viola f1 Penny Peach Jump Up

Viola f1 Penny Primrose Bicolour

Viola f1 Penny Primrose Picotee

Viola f1 Penny Red - Yellow Face

Viola f1 Penny Red Blotch

Viola f1 Penny Red Wing

Viola f1 Penny Rose Blotch

Viola f1 Penny Tangerine

Viola f1 Penny Violet

Viola f1 Penny Violet Beacon

Viola f1 Penny Violet Blue

Viola f1 Penny Violet Flare

Viola f1 Penny White

Viola f1 Penny White Blotch

Viola f1 Penny White Jump Up

Viola f1 Penny Yellow

Viola f1 Penny Yellow Blotch

Viola f1 Power Mixed

Viola f1 Radiance Mixed

Viola f1 Summer Embers multiflora

Viola f1 Super Majestic Colossal Giants Mix

Viola f1 Supreme Ultima Orange

Viola f1 Supreme Ultima White

Viola f1 Tiger Eye

Viola f1 Tumbola Blue and Yellow

Viola f1 Tumbola Bronze Purple

Viola f1 Tumbola Golden Yellow

Viola f1 Tumbola White

Viola f1 Ultima Morpho pastel blue and yellow

Viola f1 Ultima Silhouettes Mixed

Viola f1 Venus Mixed

Viola f1 Waterfall

Viola f2 Jema mix

Viola f2 Joker Light Blue

Viola f2 Joker Mahogany Gold

Viola f2 Joker Mixed

Viola f2 Joker Poker Face violet and orange

Viola f2 Joker Red Gold

Viola f2 Joker Violet Gold

Viola f2 Jolly Joker orange and purple

Viola f2 Metro mix

Viola f2 Padparadja deep orange

Viola f2 Tequila Sunrise mix

Viola Fire Shades mix

Viola Forerunner Giant Mixed o p

Viola Freefall f1 Cream cascade

Viola Freefall f1 Deep Violet cascade dupl.

Viola Freefall f1 Golden Yellow cascade

Viola Freefall f1 Golden Yellow cascade dupl.

Viola Freefall f1 Lavender cascade

Viola Freefall f1 Marina cascade

Viola Freefall f1 Marina cascade dupl.

Viola Freefall f1 Mixed cascade

Viola Freefall f1 Purple - White cascade

Viola Freefall f1 Purple Wing cascade

Viola Frou-Frou Blue

Viola Frou-Frou mix

Viola labradorica Purpurea

Viola Large Flowered Mixture

Viola mandshurica

Viola mandshurica Fuji Dawn variegated

Viola Metro Mix hybrids

Viola odorata

Viola odorata Alba - Reine des Neiges

Viola odorata fa. rubra

Viola odorata Royal Wedding

Viola odorata v. sulfurea (name unresolved)

Viola odorata wild form

Viola Rose Shades

Viola sororia

Viola sororia Albiflora

Viola sororia Freckles

Viola sororia Freckles Dark

Viola sororia Rubra

Viola sororia Sorority Sisters Mix

Viola Supremo Early Mixed giant fld.

Viola Swiss Giant Alpenglow deep red

Viola Swiss Giant Berna deep blue velvet

Viola Swiss Giant Celestial sky blue

Viola Swiss Giant Claret

Viola Swiss Giant Coal Black - Panther

Viola Swiss Giant Coronation Gold

Viola Swiss Giant Fire Beacon bronze shades

Viola Swiss Giant Laura rose-lilac

Viola Swiss Giant Lucerna wine red shades

Viola Swiss Giant Mont Blanc

Viola Swiss Giant Orange Sun

Viola Swiss Giant Red Wing

Viola Swiss Giant Rheingold

Viola Swiss Giant Silverbride

Viola Swiss Giant Super Beaconsfield 2 tone

Viola Swiss Giant Ullswater

Viola Swiss Giant White Lady

Viola Swiss Giants Mix o. p.

Viola Swiss Giants Yellow-Brown bicolour

Viola Tigereye

Viola Trimardeau mixed

Viola Velour Blue Blotch

Viola Velour Cream Splash

Viola Velour Dark Blue with Blotch

Viola Velour Lilac Bronze

Viola Velour Mixed

Viola Velour Purple and White

Viola Velour Sky Blue

Viola Velour White

Viola Velour Yellow

Viola Vierlander

Viola Wedgewood

Viola Weseler dark blue

Viola Weseler mixed early

Viola Weseler red shades

Viola Weseler yellow with eye

Viola Winter Flowering Pansy Mix

Viola wittrockiana f1 Ultima Supreme Mix

Viola wittrockiana Spring Parade Black Devil

Viola wittrockiana Spring Parade Romeo and Juliet

Viola wittrockiana Summer Berries - Summer Parade

Viola wittrockiana x Brunig

Viola wittrockiana x Butterfly Mixed

Viola wittrockiana x Clear Crystal Mixture

Viola wittrockiana x f1 Perfect Blue Night

Viola wittrockiana x f1 Perfect Blue Ocean

Viola wittrockiana x f1 Perfect Blue with Blotch

Viola wittrockiana x f1 Perfect Burgundy

Viola wittrockiana x f1 Perfect Carmine with Blotc

Viola wittrockiana x f1 Perfect Dark Blue with Blo

Viola wittrockiana x f1 Perfect Deep Orange

Viola wittrockiana x f1 Perfect Golden Sun

Viola wittrockiana x f1 Perfect Golden with Blotch

Viola wittrockiana x f1 Perfect Lavender Ice

Viola wittrockiana x f1 Perfect Lemon with Blotch

Viola wittrockiana x f1 Perfect Lion Golden

Viola wittrockiana x f1 Perfect Lion Lemon

Viola wittrockiana x f1 Perfect Lion White

Viola wittrockiana x f1 Perfect Orange with Blotch

Viola wittrockiana x f1 Perfect Orchid Rose

Viola wittrockiana x f1 Perfect Pink Rainbow

Viola wittrockiana x f1 Perfect Purple with Blotch

Viola wittrockiana x f1 Perfect Raspberry Cream

Viola wittrockiana x f1 Perfect Red with Blotch

Viola wittrockiana x f1 Perfect Rose Lace

Viola wittrockiana x f1 Perfect Summer Fire

Viola wittrockiana x f1 Perfect White with Blotch

Viola wittrockiana x f1 Perfect Yellow with Blotch

Viola wittrockiana x Floral Days Cool Summer Breez

Viola wittrockiana x Floral Days Morning Dew

Viola wittrockiana x Floral Days Purple Yellow Fac

Viola wittrockiana x Floral Days Raspberry

Viola wittrockiana x Pansy Extra Large Flowered Mi

Viola wittrockiana x Pansy Large Flowered Mix

Viola wittrockiana x Summer Paradise Stormy Skies

Viola wittrockiana x Swiss Giants Mixed o p

Virgilia divaricata

Virgilia oroboides

Vitex agnus-castus hort. c.s.

Vitex keniensis

Voacanga africana

Wahlenbergia albomarginata

Wahlenbergia undulata

Wahlenbergia undulata Melton Bluebird

Wallichia oblongifolia

Wangenheimia lima Vulcan

Watsonia aletroides

Watsonia angusta

Watsonia aphrodite

Watsonia coccinea

Watsonia confusa

Watsonia densiflora

Watsonia distans

Watsonia gladioloides Orange Dwarf

Watsonia knysnana

Watsonia laccata

Watsonia latifolia

Watsonia spp. and hybs. mixed

Watsonia zeyheri

Whiteheadia bifolia

Widdringtonia nodiflora

Wisteria floribunda

Wisteria sinensis

Withania somnifera

Wodyetia bifurcata

Wurmbea marginata

Wurmbea punctata

Wurmbea recurva

Wurmbea stricta

Xanthorrhoea australis

Xanthorrhoea drummondii

Xanthorrhoea glauca

Xanthorrhoea gracilis

Xanthorrhoea latifolia

Xanthorrhoea quadrangulata

Xanthorrhoea resinosa

Xanthorrhoea semiplana

Xanthorrhoea thorntonii

Xanthosia huegelii

Xanthosia rotundifolia

Xenoscapa fistulosa

Xerophyta viscosa

Yucca baccata

Yucca brevifolia

Yucca campestris

Yucca elephantipes

Yucca filamentosa

Yucca flaccida

Yucca glauca

Yucca harrimaniae

Yucca rostrata

Yucca valida

Zaluzianskya capensis

Zaluzianskya capensis Midnight Candy

Zamia fischeri cit

Zamia floridana

Zamia furfuracea cit

Zamia loddigesii svs cit

Zamia maritima (name unresolved)

Zamia neurophyllidia

Zamia prasina

Zamia pumila cit

Zamia vazquezii

Zantedeschia aethiopica

Zantedeschia aethiopica cream - white

Zantedeschia aethiopica Green Goddess

Zantedeschia aethiopica Marshmallow pink

Zantedeschia aethiopica Santa

Zantedeschia albomaculata

Zantedeschia elliottiana

Zantedeschia Green Bay

Zantedeschia Mrs Roosevelt cream

Zantedeschia pentlandii

Zantedeschia rehmannii

Zea mays Japonica variegated

Zehneria scabra

Zephyranthes carinata

Zephyranthes spp and hyb mix

Zingiber chrysanthum

Zingiber clarkei

Zingiber longipedunculatum

Zinnia angustifolia f1 Crystal Orange

Zinnia angustifolia f1 Crystal White

Zinnia angustifolia f1 Crystal Yellow

Zinnia angustifolia Starbright Mixed

Zinnia Cactus flowered mix

Zinnia elegans Art Deco Mix

Zinnia elegans Benarys Giant Golden Yellow

Zinnia elegans Benarys Giant Lime

Zinnia elegans Benarys Giant Mix

Zinnia elegans Benarys Giant Scarlet

Zinnia elegans Benarys Giant White

Zinnia elegans Benarys Giant Wine

Zinnia elegans Burpeeana mix

Zinnia elegans California Giants Mix semi-double o

Zinnia elegans Candy Mix

Zinnia elegans Citrus Cocktail

Zinnia elegans Cupid Mixture

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Bright Red

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Crimson

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Dark Red

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Isabellina cream yellow

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Lilac Dream

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Luminosa bright pink

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Meteor blood red

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. mix formula

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. mix o.p.

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Orange King

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Pink

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Polar Bear

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Purple Prince

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Red

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Rose

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Royal Purple violet pur

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Salmon

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Salmon Queen salmon ros

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Violet Queen

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. White

Zinnia elegans Dahlia fld. Yellow

Zinnia elegans Edwardian Mix

Zinnia elegans f1 Dreamland Coral

Zinnia elegans f1 Dreamland Ivory

Zinnia elegans f1 Dreamland Mixed

Zinnia elegans f1 Dreamland Pink

Zinnia elegans f1 Dreamland Red

Zinnia elegans f1 Dreamland Rose

Zinnia elegans f1 Dreamland Scarlet

Zinnia elegans f1 Dreamland Yellow

Zinnia elegans f1 Sunshine Mix

Zinnia elegans Inca

Zinnia elegans Lilliput Orange

Zinnia elegans Lilliput Red

Zinnia elegans Lilliput Violet

Zinnia elegans Lilliput White

Zinnia elegans Lilliput Yellow

Zinnia elegans Macarenia bicolour

Zinnia elegans Pinca

Zinnia elegans Pop Art

Zinnia elegans Profusion Apricot

Zinnia elegans Profusion Cherry

Zinnia elegans Profusion Coral Pink

Zinnia elegans Profusion Double Hot Cherry

Zinnia elegans Profusion Double-Fire

Zinnia elegans Profusion Fire

Zinnia elegans Profusion Mix

Zinnia elegans Profusion Orange

Zinnia elegans Profusion White

Zinnia elegans Pulcino Mix dwarf o p

Zinnia elegans Pulcino Orange

Zinnia elegans Pulcino Scarlet

Zinnia elegans Pulcino Yellow

Zinnia elegans Pumila Mix

Zinnia elegans Purple Prince

Zinnia elegans Queen Lime

Zinnia elegans Queen Red Lime

Zinnia elegans Scabious flowered Cresto! orange

Zinnia elegans Scabious flowered Cresto! red

Zinnia elegans Scabious flowered Cresto! yellow

Zinnia elegans Senora

Zinnia elegans Thumbelina Mixed extra dwarf o p

Zinnia elegans Tudor

Zinnia f1 Short Stuff Mixed

Zinnia f1 Swizzle Cherry and Ivory

Zinnia f1 Swizzle Scarlet and Yellow

Zinnia grandiflora

Zinnia haageana Persian Carpet Mix

Zinnia hybrida x Bedder Lilac Rose dwarf single

Zinnia hybrida x Bedder Red Orange dwarf single

Zinnia hybrida x Molino Cherry

Zinnia hybrida x Molino Cherry Vanilla

Zinnia hybrida x Molino Gold Dust

Zinnia hybrida x Molino Mixture formula

Zinnia hybrida x Molino Orange

Zinnia hybrida x Molino White

Zinnia marilandica Brilliant Cherry

Zinnia marilandica Brilliant Fire

Zinnia marilandica Brilliant Mixed

Zinnia marilandica Brilliant Salmon Rose

Zinnia marilandica Brilliant Strawberry

Zinnia marilandica Brilliant Yellow

Zinnia marilandica Brilliant Zahara Sunset

Zinnia Queen Lime with Blotch

Zinnia Red Orange

Zizia aurea

Botanical name
Common Name

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