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Currently available Saxifragaceae: Species for which we have prices.
Saxifragaceae Photos

Click here for the complete Saxifragaceae including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

Botanical name
Common Name

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Clicking on a species name opens a new web-page with information for that species.
Species' web-pages have price buttons for adding seeds to your shopping-cart.
Some species have photographs and germination instructions.

Astilbe arendsii x Bella red to rose

Astilbe arendsii x Bunter Zauber

Astilbe arendsii x Grande mix

Astilbe arendsii x Showstar Group

Astilbe chinensis

Astilbe chinensis v pumila

Astilbe chinensis v taquetii hyb lilac shades

Astilbe chinensis White Cloud

Astilbe japonica hybrids mix

Astilbe rivularis v myriantha

Astilbe thunbergii hybrid mix

Bergenia cordifolia

Bergenia cordifolia New Winter Flowering Hybs.

Bergenia cordifolia Red Beauty - Redstart

Bergenia crassifolia

Bergenia emeiensis

Bergenia purpurascens

Carpodetus serratus

Ceratopetalum gummiferum

Chrysosplenium alternifolium

Darmera peltata

Deutzia scabra Plena

Escallonia resinosa

Francoa appendiculata

Francoa sonchifolia

Francoa sonchifolia Pink Giant

Francoa sonchifolia Rogersons Form

Heuchera americana Dales Strain

Heuchera americana Malachite pellets

Heuchera americana Melting Fire pellets

Heuchera americana Metallica mix

Heuchera cylindrica

Heuchera cylindrica Greenfinch

Heuchera maxima

Heuchera micrantha

Heuchera Newest Hybrids

Heuchera pulchella

Heuchera richardsonii

Heuchera sanguinea Bressingham Hybrids

Heuchera sanguinea Coral Petite (tm)

Heuchera sanguinea Leuchtkafer - Firefly

Heuchera sanguinea Vivid

Heuchera sanguinea White Cloud

Heuchera villosa v macrorrhiza

Itea virginica b.s.

Mitella breweri

Parnassia palustris

Peltoboykinia tellimoides

Peltoboykinia watanabei

Polyosma le-ratii (name unresolved)

Ribes alpinum

Ribes cereum

Ribes fasciculatum v chinense

Ribes uva-crispa

Rodgersia aesculifolia

Rodgersia aesculifolia v henrici hybrids

Rodgersia New Hybrids

Rodgersia pinnata (neme unresolved)

Rodgersia sambucifolia

Saxifraga aizoides

Saxifraga arendsii x Blutenteppich

Saxifraga arendsii x Floral Carpet

Saxifraga arendsii x Rockery Hybrids Mossy Mix

Saxifraga arendsii x Tapis de Neige

Saxifraga aspera

Saxifraga aurantiaca

Saxifraga biflora

Saxifraga cotyledon Pyramidalis

Saxifraga cuneifolia

Saxifraga exarata

Saxifraga granulata

Saxifraga hostii

Saxifraga longifolia

Saxifraga manschuriensis

Saxifraga marginata

Saxifraga Mossy Group Rockery Mix

Saxifraga oppositifolia

Saxifraga oppositifolia ssp oppositifolia v latina

Saxifraga paniculata

Saxifraga paniculata Brevifolia

Saxifraga pensylvanica

Saxifraga rotundifolia

Saxifraga sempervivum

Saxifraga spp. and vars. rock garden mix

Saxifraga stellaris

Saxifraga umbrosa Clarence Elliott

Tellima grandiflora

Tellima grandiflora Rubra Group

Tiarella polyphylla Filigran

Tiarella wherryi

Tolmiea menziesii

Botanical name
Common Name

Search Saxifragaceae by Hardiness Zone
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