Protéacées Australiennes et Africaines, list-prix téléchargeable. (Format .txt)

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Protéacées Australiennes et Africaines (18)
Currently available Protéacées Australiennes et Africaines: Species for which we have prices.

Click here for the complete Protéacées Australiennes et Africaines including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

Protéacées Australiennes et Africaines Photos

Clicking on a species name opens a new web-page with information for that species.
Species' web-pages have price buttons for adding seeds to your shopping-cart.
Some species have photographs and germination instructions.

Athertonia diversifolia
Aulax umbellata
Banksia aemula
Banksia ashbyi
Banksia ashbyi dwarf form
Banksia attenuata
Banksia audax
Banksia baueri
Banksia baxteri
Banksia benthamiana
Banksia blechnifolia
Banksia brownii
Banksia burdettii
Banksia caleyi
Banksia candolleana
Banksia canei
Banksia coccinea
Banksia conferta v conferta
Banksia dryandroides
Banksia elderiana
Banksia ericifolia ssp ericifolia
Banksia gardneri ssp gardneri
Banksia grandis
Banksia hookeriana
Banksia ilicifolia
Banksia incana
Banksia integrifolia
Banksia laevigata v fuscolutea
Banksia laevigata v laevigata
Banksia lanata
Banksia laricina
Banksia lehmanniana Meisner
Banksia leptophylla
Banksia lindleyana
Banksia littoralis
Banksia lullfitzii
Banksia marginata
Banksia media
Banksia media dwarf form
Banksia meisneri
Banksia menziesii
Banksia menziesii dwarf form
Banksia nutans ssp cernuella
Banksia nutans ssp nutans
Banksia oblongifolia
Banksia occidentalis
Banksia ornata
Banksia paludosa
Banksia petiolaris
Banksia pilostylis
Banksia praemorsa red or yellow
Banksia prionotes
Banksia pulchella
Banksia quercifolia
Banksia repens
Banksia robur
Banksia scabrella
Banksia sceptrum
Banksia seminuda
Banksia serrata
Banksia speciosa
Banksia sphaerocarpa v sphaerocarpa
Banksia spinulosa v collina
Banksia spinulosa v spinulosa
Banksia telmatiaea
Banksia verticillata
Banksia victoriae
Banksia violaceae
Buckinghamia celsissima
Conospermum acerosum
Conospermum caeruleum
Conospermum capitatum
Conospermum croniniae
Conospermum flexuosum
Conospermum floribundum
Conospermum huegelii
Conospermum incurvum
Conospermum stoechadis
Conospermum triplinervium
Dryandra armata
Dryandra ashbyi
Dryandra baxteri
Dryandra calophylla
Dryandra carlinoides
Dryandra cirsioides
Dryandra conferta
Dryandra cuneata
Dryandra drummondii ssp drummondii
Dryandra formosa
Dryandra fraseri
Dryandra hewardiana
Dryandra kippistiana
Dryandra mucronulata
Dryandra nivea
Dryandra nobilis
Dryandra polycephala
Dryandra praemorsa ssp praemorsa
Dryandra proteoides
Dryandra pteridifolia
Dryandra pulchella
Dryandra quercifolia
Dryandra seneciifolia
Dryandra serra
Dryandra sessilis
Dryandra speciosa
Dryandra squarrosa ssp squarrosa
Dryandra stuposa
Dryandra subpinnatifida
Dryandra tenuifolia
Embothrium coccineum
Grevillea baileyana
Grevillea banksii Alba
Grevillea banksii v forsteri
Grevillea berryana
Grevillea bipinnatifida
Grevillea candelabroides
Grevillea crithmifolia
Grevillea crithmifolia prostrate form
Grevillea deflexa
Grevillea didymobotrya
Grevillea dielsiana
Grevillea dryandri
Grevillea eriobotrya
Grevillea eriostachya
Grevillea excelsior
Grevillea glabrata
Grevillea glauca
Grevillea heliosperma
Grevillea hookeriana
Grevillea juncifolia
Grevillea leucopteris
Grevillea monticola
Grevillea nudiflora
Grevillea occidentalis
Grevillea paniculata
Grevillea pilulifera
Grevillea plurijuga
Grevillea polybotrya
Grevillea pteridifolia
Grevillea pterosperma prov. WA
Grevillea pulchella
Grevillea pyramidalis
Grevillea quercifolia
Grevillea robusta
Grevillea Sandra Gordon (seed from)
Grevillea sarissa
Grevillea sessilis
Grevillea stenobotrya
Grevillea striata
Grevillea synapheae
Grevillea thelemanniana
Grevillea vestita
Grevillea whiteana Coochin Hills
Grevillea wickhamii
Grevillea wilsonii
Hakea adnata
Hakea ambigua
Hakea amplexicaulis
Hakea arborescens
Hakea arida (name unresolved)
Hakea brooksiana
Hakea bucculenta
Hakea ceratophylla
Hakea chordophylla
Hakea cinerea
Hakea commutata
Hakea conchifolia
Hakea coriacea
Hakea corymbosa
Hakea costata
Hakea crassifolia (name unresolved)
Hakea cucullata
Hakea cyclocarpa
Hakea dactyloides
Hakea elliptica
Hakea eriantha
Hakea erinacea
Hakea eyreana
Hakea florida
Hakea florulenta
Hakea francisiana
Hakea gibbosa
Hakea invaginata
Hakea laurina
Hakea leucoptera
Hakea linearis
Hakea lissocarpha
Hakea marginata
Hakea minyma
Hakea multilineata
Hakea neurophylla
Hakea nitida
Hakea nodosa
Hakea obliqua ssp obliqua
Hakea obliqua ssp parviflora
Hakea orthorrhyncha
Hakea pandanicarpa ssp pandanicarpa
Hakea petiolaris
Hakea planifolia name unresolved
Hakea platysperma
Hakea plurinervia
Hakea preissii
Hakea prostrata more upright inland form
Hakea recurva
Hakea rostrata
Hakea ruscifolia
Hakea salicifolia
Hakea scoparia
Hakea sericea
Hakea sericea pink flg. form
Hakea smilacifolia
Hakea stenocarpa
Hakea strumosa
Hakea suaveolens
Hakea suberea
Hakea sulcata
Hakea teretifolia
Hakea trifurcata
Hakea undulata
Hakea varia
Hakea verrucosa
Isopogon alcicornis
Isopogon anemonifolius
Isopogon anethifolius b.s.
Isopogon attenuatus b.s.
Isopogon cuneatus b.s.
Isopogon divergens b.s.
Isopogon dubius b.s.
Isopogon formosus b.s.
Isopogon formosus c.s.
Isopogon polycephalus c.s.
Isopogon scabriusculus b.s.
Isopogon sphaerocephalus b.s.
Isopogon trilobus b.s.
Knightia excelsa
Lambertia formosa
Lambertia multiflora
Lambertia propinqua
Leucadendron album
Leucadendron argenteum
Leucadendron comosum
Leucadendron coniferum
Leucadendron discolor
Leucadendron eucalyptifolium
Leucadendron floridum
Leucadendron galpinii
Leucadendron gandogeri
Leucadendron glaberrimum
Leucadendron laureolum
Leucadendron linifolium
Leucadendron microcephalum
Leucadendron rubrum
Leucadendron salicifolium
Leucadendron salignum
Leucadendron strobilinum
Leucadendron tinctum
Leucadendron uliginosum ssp uliginosum
Leucadendron xanthoconus
Leucospermum catherinae
Leucospermum cordifolium orange
Leucospermum cuneiforme
Leucospermum formosum
Leucospermum glabrum
Leucospermum vestitum
Macadamia integrifolia
Macadamia tetraphylla
Paranomus reflexus
Persoonia angustiflora
Persoonia comata
Persoonia cornifolia
Persoonia elliptica
Persoonia levis
Persoonia linearis
Persoonia longifolia
Persoonia saccata
Persoonia trinervis
Persoonia virgata
Petrophile biloba
Petrophile brevifolia
Petrophile diversifolia
Petrophile incurvata
Petrophile linearis
Petrophile macrostachya
Petrophile pulchella
Petrophile serruriae
Petrophile sessilis
Petrophile shuttleworthiana
Petrophile squamata
Petrophile striata
Petrophile teretifolia
Protea acuminata
Protea burchellii
Protea compacta
Protea coronata
Protea cynaroides summer flg.
Protea eximia
Protea grandiceps
Protea laurifolia
Protea longifolia
Protea lorifolia
Protea magnifica
Protea mundii
Protea neriifolia
Protea obtusifolia
Protea repens red fl.
Protea repens white form
Protea scolymocephala
Protea speciosa
Protea subvestita
Protea welwitschii
Serruria pedunculata
Stenocarpus sinuatus
Stirlingia latifolia
Stirlingia simplex
Synaphea acutiloba
Synaphea petiolaris
Synaphea polymorpha
Telopea speciosissima
Telopea truncata (sp. name unresolved)
Xylomelum angustifolium
Xylomelum occidentale
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