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Agavaceae (204)
Currently available Agavaceae: Species for which we have prices.

Click here for the complete Agavaceae including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

Agavaceae Photos

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Agave aktites
Agave albescens
Agave americana
Agave andreae
Agave angustiarum
Agave angustifolia
Agave asperrima
Agave asperrima ssp. maderensis
Agave asperrima ssp. potosiensis
Agave asperrims ssp. zarcensis
Agave attenuata
Agave attenuata ssp. dentata
Agave aurea
Agave aurea v. capensis (name unresolved)
Agave avellanidens
Agave azurea (name unresolved)
Agave bovicornuta
Agave brevispina
Agave cerulata
Agave chazaroi
Agave chiapensis
Agave chrysantha
Agave colorata
Agave datylio
Agave deserti
Agave deserti v. pringlei
Agave deserti v. simplex
Agave difformis
Agave durangensis
Agave ellemeetiana
Agave felgeri
Agave filifera
Agave funkiana
Agave garciae-mendozae
Agave geminiflora
Agave gentryi
Agave gentryi La Escondida
Agave ghiesbreghtii Purpusorum
Agave gomezpompae (name unresolved)
Agave guadalajarana
Agave havardiana
Agave horrida
Agave horrida ssp. perotensis
Agave impressa
Agave karwinskii
Agave kavandivi (name unresolved)
Agave kerchovei
Agave kristenii (name unresolved)
Agave lechuguilla
Agave macroacantha
Agave marmorata
Agave mckelveyana
Agave mitis v. albidior
Agave montana
Agave moranii
Agave multifilifera
Agave nayaritensis
Agave nussaviorum
Agave obscura
Agave obscura Xalapa
Agave ocahui
Agave ocahui v. longifolia
Agave ornithobroma
Agave ortgiesiana
Agave ovatifolia
Agave palmeri dwarf form
Agave parryi ssp. neomexicana
Agave parryi ssp. parryi
Agave parryi v. couesii
Agave parvidentata Volc. Santa Ana El Salvador
Agave parviflora Ruby Az. cit (not to USA)
Agave peacockii
Agave pendula
Agave petrophila
Agave potatorum
Agave rhodacantha
Agave rhodacantha Dwarf
Agave rutteniae
Agave rzedowskiana
Agave salmiana
Agave salmiana ssp. crassispina
Agave schidigera
Agave schidigera White Stripe
Agave schottii
Agave seemanniana
Agave shawii ssp. goldmaniana
Agave shrevei ssp. magna (ssp. unresolved)
Agave shrevei ssp. matapensis (ssp. unresolved)
Agave sobria
Agave sobria ssp. frailensis (ssp. unresolved)
Agave sobria ssp. roseana
Agave striata
Agave striata ssp. falcata
Agave striata ssp. falcata Blue
Agave stricta
Agave stringens
Agave subsimplex
Agave temacapulinensis (name unresolved)
Agave tenuifolia
Agave tenuifolia Blue
Agave tequilana
Agave triangularis
Agave triangularis Subintegra
Agave underwoodii
Agave utahensis
Agave utahensis ssp. kaibabensis
Agave valenciana
Agave vasquezgarciae
Agave victoriae-reginae
Agave victoriae-reginae Huasteca Canyon
Agave vilmoriniana
Agave vivipara
Agave vizcainoensis
Agave warelliana
Agave winteriana x
Agave xylonacantha
Agave xylonacantha Blue
Aloe vaombe High Plateau
Anemanthele lessoniana
Anemarrhena asphodeloides
Anthericum liliago
Anthericum ramosum
Anthericum saundersiae
Argyroderma framesii ssp. hallii
Beschorneria albiflora
Beschorneria yuccoides
Camassia leichtlinii
Camassia leichtlinii Alba
Camassia leichtlinii ssp. suksdorfii Caerulea Grou
Camassia quamash
Camassia scilloides
Cheiridopsis roodiae
Chlorogalum pomeridianum
Cornutia caerulea Jacq. (Moldenke)
Dasylirion acrotrichum
Dasylirion berlandieri
Dasylirion cedrosanum
Dasylirion durangense
Dasylirion gentryi
Dasylirion glaucophyllum
Dasylirion lucidum
Dasylirion miquihuanense
Dasylirion parryanum
Dasylirion serratifolium
Dasylirion texanum
Dasylirion wheeleri
Furcraea guatemalensis
Furcraea guerrerensis
Furcraea longaeva
Furcraea quicheensis
Furcraea undulata
Herrea elongata
Hesperaloe campanulata
Hesperaloe funifera
Hesperaloe parviflora
Hesperaloe parviflora Rubra
Hesperoyucca whipplei
Hosta New Hybrids
Hosta nigrescens
Hosta spp. mixed
Hosta ventricosa
Manfreda scabra
Paradisea liliastrum
Paradisea liliastrum Major
Paradisea lusitanica
Prochnianthes mexicana
Prochnyanthes mexicana
Sansevieria hyacinthoides
Yucca aloifolia
Yucca angustissima
Yucca arkansana
Yucca baccata
Yucca baileyi
Yucca brevifolia
Yucca campestris
Yucca carnerosana
Yucca cernua
Yucca coahuilensis
Yucca constricta
Yucca declinata
Yucca elata
Yucca elata v. verdiensis
Yucca elephantipes
Yucca filamentosa
Yucca filifera
Yucca flaccida
Yucca glauca
Yucca glauca ssp. albertana
Yucca harrimaniae
Yucca lacandonica
Yucca mixtecana
Yucca neomexicana
Yucca reverchonii
Yucca rigida
Yucca rostrata
Yucca schidigera
Yucca thompsoniana
Yucca torreyi
Yucca valida
Yucca whipplei ssp whipplei
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