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Campanulaceae (286)
Currently available Campanulaceae: Species for which we have prices.

Click here for the complete Campanulaceae including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

Campanulaceae Photos

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Some species have photographs and germination instructions.

Adenophora bulleyana
Adenophora liliifolia
Adenophora pereskiifolia
Adenophora stricta
Adenophora takedae
Adenophora triphylla v hakusanensis
Campanula alliariifolia
Campanula alpestris
Campanula alpina
Campanula americana
Campanula barbata
Campanula barbata Alba
Campanula bellidifolia
Campanula carpatica
Campanula carpatica Alba
Campanula carpatica Blue and White Mix
Campanula carpatica Clips White
Campanula carpatica f1 Uniform Blue
Campanula carpatica f1 Uniform White
Campanula carpatica Pearl Deep Blue pellets
Campanula carpatica Pearl White pellets
Campanula cenisia
Campanula cochlearifolia
Campanula cochleariifolia Alba
Campanula cochleariifolia Bavaria Blue
Campanula cochleariifolia Bavaria White
Campanula collina
Campanula excisa
Campanula fenestrellata
Campanula garganica
Campanula glomerata
Campanula glomerata Acaulis
Campanula glomerata Alba
Campanula glomerata Bellefleur Blue (R)
Campanula glomerata Bellefleur White (R)
Campanula glomerata Dahurica superba - Odessa
Campanula hofmannii
Campanula incurva
Campanula lactiflora
Campanula lactiflora New Hybrids
Campanula lactiflora Prichards Variety
Campanula latifolia Alba
Campanula latifolia Brantwood
Campanula latifolia Faichem Lilac
Campanula latifolia v macrantha
Campanula latifolia v macrantha Alba
Campanula makaschvilii
Campanula medium
Campanula medium Calycanthema Mix o.p.
Campanula medium Flore Pleno Mix o.p.
Campanula medium Flore Pleno Pink
Campanula medium Flore Pleno Violet-blue
Campanula medium Flore Pleno White
Campanula medium Single Mixed o.p.
Campanula medium Single Rose
Campanula medium Single White
Campanula ochroleuca
Campanula patula
Campanula patula ssp abietina
Campanula pendula
Campanula persicifolia
Campanula persicifolia Alba
Campanula persicifolia Bells Blue
Campanula persicifolia Grandiflora
Campanula persicifolia Grandiflora Alba
Campanula persicifolia mixed blue and white
Campanula persicifolia Telham Beauty
Campanula persicifolia v planiflora
Campanula persicifolia wild form
Campanula portenschlagiana
Campanula portenschlagiana Blue Magic (R)
Campanula poscharskyana
Campanula punctata
Campanula punctata Bellringers
Campanula punctata fa rubriflora
Campanula punctata Ring of Bells
Campanula punctata Takesimana
Campanula punctata Takesimana Alba
Campanula pyramidalis
Campanula pyramidalis mix
Campanula rapunculoides
Campanula rapunculus
Campanula rapunculus organic seed
Campanula rhomboidalis
Campanula rigidipila
Campanula rotundifolia
Campanula rotundifolia Thumbell Blue (tm)
Campanula rotundifolia White Gem
Campanula sarmatica
Campanula saxifraga
Campanula saxifraga ssp aucheri
Campanula scheuchzeri
Campanula sibirica
Campanula speciosa
Campanula spicata
Campanula spp. mix border and cutting
Campanula thyrsoides
Campanula tommasiniana
Campanula trachelium
Campanula trachelium Album
Campanula versicolor
Campanula waldsteiniana
Campanula wanneri
Campanula zanzegura
Canarina canariensis
Centropogon cornutus
Clintonia borealis
Codonopsis clematidea
Codonopsis convolvulacea
Codonopsis ovata
Codonopsis pilosula
Codonopsis pilosula organic seed
Codonopsis plancellata sp. unresolved
Codonopsis viridis
Cyphia bulbosa
Cyphia phyteuma
Edraianthus graminifolius
Edraianthus graminifolius Albus
Edraianthus pumilio
Edraianthus tenuifolius
Hippobroma longiflora
Isotoma axillaris
Isotoma petraea
Isotoma scapigera
Jasione laevis
Jasione laevis Blaulicht
Jasione montana
Legousia speculum-veneris
Legousia speculum-veneris Alba
Lobelia angulata
Lobelia bequartii
Lobelia Blue Cardinal
Lobelia cardinalis
Lobelia cardinalis Queen Victoria
Lobelia cardinalis Queen Victoria pellets
Lobelia chamaepitys
Lobelia comosa
Lobelia erinus Compacta Cambridge Blue
Lobelia erinus Compacta Crystal Palace
Lobelia erinus Compacta Emperor William
Lobelia erinus Compacta Lilac
Lobelia erinus Compacta Mrs Clibran
Lobelia erinus Compacta Rosamund
Lobelia erinus Compacta String of Pearls Mix
Lobelia erinus Compacta White Lady
Lobelia erinus Pendula Cascade Blue
Lobelia erinus Pendula Cascade Lilac
Lobelia erinus Pendula Cascade Mix o.p.
Lobelia erinus Pendula Cascade Purple - White
Lobelia erinus Pendula Cascade Red
Lobelia erinus Pendula Cascade Ruby
Lobelia erinus Pendula Cascade White
Lobelia erinus Pendula Fountain Blue
Lobelia erinus Pendula Fountain Crimson
Lobelia erinus Pendula Sapphire
Lobelia gibberoa
Lobelia gregoriana
Lobelia inflata
Lobelia inflata organic seed
Lobelia linearis
Lobelia pinifolia
Lobelia rhombifolia
Lobelia sessilifolia
Lobelia siphilitica
Lobelia siphilitica Alba
Lobelia siphilitica Blue Select
Lobelia siphilitica mixed blue - white
Lobelia speciosa f1 Starship Deep Rose pellets
Lobelia speciosa f1 Starship Scarlet pellets
Lobelia speciosa x f1 Compliment Mixed
Lobelia speciosa x f1 Fan Blue pellets
Lobelia speciosa x f1 Fan Burgundy pellets
Lobelia speciosa x f1 Fan Salmon pellets
Lobelia speciosa x f1 Fan Scarlet pellets
Lobelia speciosa x Vedraiensis
Lobelia spicata
Lobelia stuhlmannii
Lobelia telekii
Lobelia tenuior Blue Wings
Lobelia tomentosa
Lobelia tupa
Lobelia valida
Lobelia wollastonii
Michauxia campanuloides
Monopsis lutea
Monopsis simplex
Monopsis unidentata
Physoplexis comosa
Phyteuma betonicifolium
Phyteuma hemisphaericum
Phyteuma nigrum
Phyteuma orbiculare
Phyteuma scheuchzeri
Phyteuma spicatum
Phyteuma spicatum Caeruleum
Platycodon f1 Astra Blue Double dwarf pot
Platycodon f1 Astra Blue dwarf pot
Platycodon f1 Astra Lavender semi-double dwarf pot
Platycodon f1 Astra Pink dwarf pot
Platycodon f1 Astra Pink semi-double dwarf pot
Platycodon f1 Astra White dwarf pot
Platycodon f1 Astra White semi-double dwarf pot
Platycodon grandiflorus
Platycodon grandiflorus Albus
Platycodon grandiflorus Apoyama (Group)
Platycodon grandiflorus Apoyama Fairy Snow
Platycodon grandiflorus Blaue Glocke
Platycodon grandiflorus Florist Blue
Platycodon grandiflorus Florist Mixed
Platycodon grandiflorus Florist Pink
Platycodon grandiflorus Florist White
Platycodon grandiflorus Fuji Blue
Platycodon grandiflorus Fuji Pink
Platycodon grandiflorus Fuji White
Platycodon grandiflorus Hakone Blue
Platycodon grandiflorus Hakone White
Platycodon grandiflorus Mariesii
Platycodon grandiflorus Mixed Hybrids
Platycodon grandiflorus organic seed
Platycodon grandiflorus rose
Platycodon grandiflorus Zwerg dwarf
Prismatocarpus crispus
Prismatocarpus diffusus
Prismatocarpus fruticosus
Prismatocarpus pedunculatus
Roella ciliata
Roella incurva
Roella triflora
Sphenoclea zeylanica
Trachelium caeruleum
Wahlenbergia akaroa
Wahlenbergia albomarginata
Wahlenbergia androsacea
Wahlenbergia capensis
Wahlenbergia cernua
Wahlenbergia undulata
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