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Musaceae (509)
Currently available Musaceae: Species for which we have prices.

Click here for the complete Musaceae including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

Musaceae Photos

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Ensete glaucum
Ensete lasiocarpum
Ensete lecongkietii (name unresolved as yet)
Ensete ventricosum svs
Musa acuminata
Musa acuminata Dwarf Banana
Musa acuminata Sumatrana
Musa acuminata v tomentosa
Musa arfakiana
Musa balbisiana
Musa balbisiana Atia Black
Musa balbisiana Gigantia
Musa balbisiana Sikkim
Musa bauensis
Musa cheesmanii
Musa chunii (name unresolved)
Musa griersonii
Musa itinerans
Musa itinerans Burmese Blue
Musa itinerans Indian form
Musa itinerans Kavalanensis
Musa itinerans v. formosane
Musa johnsii
Musa lasiocarpa
Musa laterita
Musa lolodensis
Musa mannii
Musa nagensium
Musa ornata
Musa ornata Pink
Musa ornata Purple
Musa paradisiaca x
Musa sikkimensis
Musa sikkimensis Red Flash - Tiger
Musa sikkimensis x paradisiaca
Musa textilis
Musa thomsonii
Musa velutina Nana pink fr.
Musa velutina pink fr.
Musa violacea purple pink
Musa yunnanensis
Ravenala madagascariensis
Ravenala sp. Ambanja
Tridax parviflora b.s.
Tridax parviflora c.s.
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