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Zingiberaceae (693)
Currently available Zingiberaceae: Species for which we have prices.

Click here for the complete Zingiberaceae including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

Zingiberaceae Photos

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Aframomum angustifolium
Alpinia arctiflora
Alpinia caerulea
Alpinia caerulea Red Back
Alpinia malaccensis
Alpinia mutica
Alpinia nigra
Alpinia nutans
Alpinia oxymitra
Alpinia sp. Borneo
Alpinia sp. Samar mix
Alpinia sp. Sayal
Alpinia sp. Silver
Alpinia sp. Vietnam mix
Alpinia zerumbet
Amomum compactum
Amomum maximum
Amomum spiceum
Amomum subulatum
Amomum uliginosum
Amomum verum
Amomum villosum v. xanthioides
Caulokaempferia sikkimensis
Cautleya gracilis
Cautleya gracilis v. robusta
Cautleya spicata
Cheilocostus speciosus
Costus dubius
Costus erythrocoryne
Costus guianensis
Costus lima
Costus ricus
Costus scaber
Costus woodsonii
Curcuma sessilis
Dimerocostus strobilaceus
Elettaria cardamomum db
Etlingera elatior pink
Etlingera elatior red
Etlingera elatior white
Etlingera maingayii
Globba clarkei bulbils
Globba multiflora
Globba schomburgkii
Globba winitii
Hedychium aurantiacum
Hedychium coccineum
Hedychium coronarium
Hedychium deceptum (name unresolved)
Hedychium densiflorum
Hedychium elatum
Hedychium ellipticum
Hedychium gardnerianum
Hedychium gracile
Hedychium spicatum
Hedychium stenopetalum
Hedychium thyrsiforme
Hornstedtia scottiana
Hornstedtia tomentosa
Kaempferia roscoeana
Renealmia alpinia
Renealmia aromatica
Renealmia oligosperma
Renealmia thyrsoides
Roscoea alpina
Roscoea auriculata
Roscoea cautleyoides
Roscoea purpurea
Zingiber chrysanthum
Zingiber citriodorum Chiang Mai Princess
Zingiber clarkei
Zingiber longipedunculatum
Zingiber rubens
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