Information for Flacourtia indica

Approximately 20.00 seeds per gram
seed-counts are only a guide, not to be used for accurate calculations.

Flacourtia indica - 100  seeds for 26 Euros
Flacourtia indica - 1000  seeds for 90 Euros

B and T World Seeds' reference number: 1149
USDA average, annual, minimum temperature Zone:10
Type of plant - deciduous tree
Flower: GREEN-WHITE, small, in spring
Fruit: RED-BLACK berry, 2.5cm., edible
Foliage: ell., to 9x6cm... beaut. autumn colours RED, PURPLE...sow in spring
Height in meters: 4-15
Flacourtia indica seeds may be subject to seasonal availability

Synonyms (alternative names) for Flacourtia indica: Flacourtia ramontchi,  Flacourtia ramontchii,  Flacourtia sepiaria,  Gmelina indica, 

Common names for Flacourtia indica: Ameixa de Madagascar,  Batoko Plum,  Batoko Plum,  Ciruela Gobernadora,  Governor's Plum,  Governor's Plum,  Indian Plum,  Madagascar Plum,  Madagaskar Erik Agaci,  Marromse,  Prunier de madagascar,  Ramontchi, 

Flacourtia indica is included in the following B and T World Seeds flowering plant categories:
30:   Exotic and Other Fruit and Nut Tree and Shrub List
33:   Zambian Native and Introduced Plants
36:   Herb Seed List Culinary Medicinal Dye and Aromatic
37:   South African Native and Introduced Plants
63:   Madagascan Native and Introduced Plants
177:   Shrubs and Trees For Autumn Colour
182:   Reunion Island Native and Introduced Plants
191:   Tropical Shrubs and Trees
391:  Flacourtiaceae
604:  Salicaceae

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