Information for Lobelia pinifolia

Approximately 2730.00 seeds per gram
seed-counts are only a guide, not to be used for accurate calculations.

Lobelia pinifolia - 1  packet for 7 Euros

B and T World Seeds' reference number: 24559
USDA average, annual, minimum temperature Zone:8
Type of plant - perennial
Flower: lt. BLUE (pale PINK) narrow spikes, ayr in RSA
Fruit: (sow in autumn)
Foliage: filiform, to 2.5cm. lvs., rounded perenn.
Height in meters: 0.50

Common names for Lobelia pinifolia: (folk:resinous root used as stimulant), 

Lobelia pinifolia is included in the following B and T World Seeds flowering plant categories:
31:   House and Container Plant Seed List
36:   Herb Seed List Culinary Medicinal Dye and Aromatic
37:   South African Native and Introduced Plants
43:   Herbaceous Border Plant Seed List
131:   Toxic Plants
185:   Plant Species whose germination is improved by Smoke
286:  Campanulaceae
471:  Lobeliaceae

Germination guide
Lobelia pinifolia seeds will usually germinate in 15-20 days, even under good conditions germination may be erratic. Normally will only germinate with light so surface sow. Sow Lobelia pinifolia seeds on the surface of a Well drained seed sowing mix at about 22C.

Stratification (cold treatment or vernalization) Some seeds need to be overwintered before they will germinate. Some seeds need just a couple of weeks, others 3 months. Seeds can be stratified in dampened peat or sand, in a plastic box or bag at 4C or 5C in a refrigerator. The seeds should not be frozen or in a wet medium. Very small seeds can be sown on the surface of their growing medium, in pots sealed in plastic bags, and kept in the 'fridge. Many vernalized seeds need light to germinate when they are sown in the "Spring".

Place seed of perennial types in fridge for 3 months.

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