Information for Peganum harmala

Approximately 250.00 seeds per gram
seed-counts are only a guide, not to be used for accurate calculations.

Peganum harmala - 1  packet for 6 Euros
Peganum harmala - 10  gram for 8 Euros
Peganum harmala - 1  gram for 8 Euros
Peganum harmala - 25  gram for 12 Euros
Peganum harmala - 100  gram for 27 Euros
Peganum harmala - 250  gram for 60 Euros
Peganum harmala - 500  gram for 113 Euros
Peganum harmala - 1000  gram for 217 Euros
Peganum harmala - 2000  gram for 316 Euros
Peganum harmala - 4000  gram for 488 Euros
Peganum harmala - 8000  gram for 789 Euros

B and T World Seeds' reference number: 32453
USDA average, annual, minimum temperature Zone:8
Type of plant - perennial
Flower: WHITE, 1-2 cm. dia.
Fruit: sph. caps. 6-10 mm. dia., TOXIC
Foliage: to 8x4 cm., deeply pinnatifid, sprawling plant, dry sandy, sun, TOXIC
Height in meters: 1
Parts of Peganum harmala are considered toxic.

Common names for Peganum harmala: (Ayurv.: minute dose, remedy for depression !),  (dye from seeds "Turkish Red" of Persian Carpets),  (tox: harman indole alkaloids & QAs),  (tox: seed smoke intoxicant, flying hallucination),  (tox: WHO Ib),  African Rue,  Alharma,  Armel,  Gamarza,  Harmal,  Harmal Shrub,  Harmalkraute,  Harmel,  Harmelraute,  Harmine,  Hurmal,  Isband,  Ispand,  Ozallaik,  Rahshca,  Rue sauvage,  Steppenraute,  Syrian Rue,  Turkische Steppenraute,  Urumqui,  Wild Rue, 

Peganum harmala is included in the following B and T World Seeds flowering plant categories:
1:   Stock list
34:   Oriental Herb and Vegetable Seed List
36:   Herb Seed List Culinary Medicinal Dye and Aromatic
43:   Herbaceous Border Plant Seed List
57:   Arid and Dry Condition Plant Seed List
71:   Middle East, Arabian Native and Introduced Plants
78:   South Eastern European Native and Introduced Plants
90:   Cereals, Legumes, and other Food and Oilseed Plants
108:   North West Asian Native Plant Seeds
163:   Entheogens Sacred and Psychotropic Species
169:   Sandy Soil Plant Seed List
695:  Zygophyllaceae
699:   Ayurvedic Medicinal Herbs
892:  Nitrariaceae
946:   Diabetes, Plants for treating diabetes

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