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Dicentra spp mix dwarf USA

Elements of Structural and Systematic Botany

B and T World Seeds' Botanical Glossary

B and T World Seeds' reference number: 450485

The average, annual, minimum temperature zone where Dicentra spp mix dwarf USA is cold hardy
USDA Zone:4 -30° to -20°F   (-34.5° to -29°C)
Type of plant - perennial
Flower or inflorescence: PINK - WHITE MIX
Height, in meters: 0.4
Height, in feet: 1.32
Dicentra spp mix dwarf USA sales history

Common names for Dicentra spp mix dwarf USA:

Bleeding Heart,  Dutchmans Breeches,  Squirrel Corn, 

Dicentra spp mix dwarf USA is included in the following
B and T World Seeds flowering plant categories.

6:   Bulbous and Rhizomatous Plant Seed List
31:   House and Container Plant Seed List
43:   Herbaceous Border Plant Seed List
87:   Natives of Central U.S.A.
131:   Toxic Plants
Some of the deadliest known poisons are found in plants. Some major food plants, eaten by millions of people every day, have toxic parts.
395:  Fumariaceae
543:  Papaveraceae
720:   Fire Resistant Plants
Different classes of resistance: some grow back, some don't burn, a few have highly inflammable leaves that leave the rest of the plant intact, some trees don't have lower branches.

Happier and Healthier Plants, Naturally

plant-fungus communities, for improved nutrition, and disease and drought resistance.

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