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Common names for plants
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This common name look-up lists about 25,000 common names for plants from a number of different languages.
Seeds for most of the plants listed can be purchased from B & T World Seeds.
Many more names can be found using the Common Name search form just above.

Aak to Azure Sage
Ba Ji to Byzantine
Ca-A-E to Chocolate Vine
Choctawhatchee to Czosnek
Da Fu Pi to Ezo yama hagi
Faber's Fir to Gyro Damson
Hardy Fuchsia to Izeze
Ja'Dah to L'Homme
La Nuit to Maria Pastora
Maria Azami to Mzanbaru
New Zealand Edelweiss to Ozark Witch Hazel
P'Ei to Pyrethrum
Qabagh to Rzezuszka
Sa Gord to Smallflower Alumroot
Smartweed to Szechwan Pepper,f.hot
Ta Ch'Ing to Uzun Logusaotu
Vaaltolbos to Wild Allamanda
Wild Almond to Zyuyaku

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