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.txt price lists

Data file structure for tab separated .txt seed price lists
    suitable for importing to spreadsheets or databases.
	Field Name	Max.Size
	Species		50 chars
	Sref		6	(B&T Species reference number)
	Price		50	(Price codes in Euros)
	Lists		50	(B & T sub-lists in which this Species appears)**
	**The Lists field is only included in the Master-List and Stock List

Here are a couple of sample records:

	Actinostrobus pyramidalis	17876	1p3 5g19 25g23 1Kg446	20,65,132,154,165,168,178,190,191

	The numbers at the end of each record
	(in this case 20,65,132,154,165,168,178,190,191)
	are for the B & T sub-lists in which this species appears:
Save the seed Sub-list catalogue Index seed so you can refer to it later.
	Agathis australis svs	13095	25s13 200s49 500s81	8,20,23,52,60,192
The Price Code Array field

Contains a space-separated list of the quantities in which a species is offered.
The number at the end of each Price Code is the price in € (Euros) for that quantity.

€10 Euros = about US $13
Click here for recent exchange rates
Price code examples
	Code	Price for Quantity
	1,000s5	€5 for 1000 seeds
	1p2	€2 for a packet
	5p6	€6 for 5 Packets
	100g12	€12 for 100 grams of seeds
	5b3	€3 for 5 bulbs (or rhizomes or corms)
Quantity Codes
Please note that we don't know how many seeds a packet will contain. Known quantities are listed as s (seeds) or g (grams).
	Code	Quantity
	p	packet
	s	number of seeds approx
	g	weight of seeds in grams
	b	Bulb

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