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Terms of Trade and General Information
Our customers are world-wide and live in all climates, so we cannot always advise on the suitability of particular species.
The sub-lists and USDA climate zone a species is allocated to will be a guide, unless you have knowledge of the plant in question we strongly advise checking horticultural references for the species and for your temperature range and conditions.
Some of our USDA climate zone ratings were added many years ago, more recent experience has shown that some plants are much hardier than previously recorded. We have updated ratings for some bulbous plants and herbaceous perennials.

European climate zone map

Families and Habit - sub-lists
Country or region of origin - sub-lists
Economic, Ethnobotanical, and Useful - sub-lists

  • Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) database. https://bicon.agriculture.gov.au/BiconWeb4.0
  • USA - Federal noxious weed list. https://www.aphis.usda.gov/plant_health/plant_pest_info/weeds/downloads/weedlist.pdf
  • USA - seed import requirements for small quantities of seeds. And application for permit to import plants or plant products (including larger quantities of seeds). https://www.aphis.usda.gov/permits/eauth_epermits.shtml "epermits".

  • Phytosanitary Certificate
    If a phytosanitary certificate is required, please click here.
    Phytosanitary certificates can only be issued where they are required.

    Phytosanitary Certificates

    If a phytosanitary certificate is required, please click here.
    Phytosanitary Certificates specify that the listed seeds are free from certain diseases. That, if necessary, they have been treated chemically or physically against specific diseases or pests (only applies to a narrow range of seeds, from and to certain countries). And that there is not any contamination (weed seeds, fungus, dirt, anything that might harbour pests or diseases).
    If you do not know whether your seeds need certification, please check with your Ministry of Agriculture.

    Seed Viability

    To provide seed in the best possible condition, we arrange for collection in the country of origin at peak maturity, the date of which will vary from year to year. Seed is airmailed to us, and reaches you with the best germination potential - especially important with short-viability exotic seeds. Thus we need to take advance orders, and seeds will be forwarded to you as soon as we receive them. Thousands of seeds, mainly with longer viability, are available from stock.


    Click here for an explanation of our price-codes (10g8,100s5,1p5 etc.)
    The Search and Shop cart, uses plain English (10 grams 8 Euros, 100 seeds 5 Euros, 1 packet 5 Euros etc.)

    (Rough) Guide to Metric and Imperial weights
    (lb & oz)
    (lb & oz)
    7 grams1/4 oz28 grams1 oz
    110 grams4 oz110 grams1/4 lb
    220 grams8 oz220 grams1/2 lb
    440 grams16 oz440 grams1 lb
    1000 grams2 lb 4 oz1 kilogram2 lb 4 oz
    5000 grams11 lb 4 oz5 kilogram11 lb 4 oz

    Seed Packet Quantities

    The 'Packet' content quantity varies with species and over time, depending on cost and rarity. We cannot predict how many seeds a packet will contain. Where packet quantity is known, the quantity is listed in grams or by seed-count.

    Minimum Order and Shipping Costs

    No Minimum order value
    For all orders please add shipping cost
    B & T World Seeds' Search and Shop cart calculates the shipping costs.
    In exceptional circumstances we will advise.

    Search and Shop Cart: Checkout

    Bank Cards
    We accept payment by Visa and Mastercard.
    For security, our bank needs the 3 digit security code printed on the backs of cards.
    Bank cards are only debited when your order is shipped.

    Proforma Invoice
    The printable Proforma Invoice can be mailed with cheques and money orders, used as reference for making bank transfers, or given to your purchasing department. The Proforma Invoice is a price quotation for the seeds listed at the time it is created.
    Cheques, bank drafts and money orders should be made out in Euros.
    Cheques must have the name of a French 'corresponding' bank on the face.
    Orders can be paid by bank transfer, quoting the order reference number on the Proforma Invoice.

    More information about payments.

    Conditions of Sale

    available for preorder
    These seeds are not in stock at our sales office, and we need to ask for them to be sent by our collectors or growers, most seeds are waiting to be shipped to us as soon as our request is confirmed.
    Non stock seeds may be seasonal, short viability, of limited demand or rare.
    Seasonal: some seeds are only available in season, these often need to be ordered in advance, to reserve seeds of limited availability, to have seeds collected that may otherwise not be collected, or to reserve seeds that would otherwise have other uses.
    On species' information pages there is a seasonal availability link, the seasonal availability page gives dates when we have shipped seeds in the past.
    Short Viability: usually also seasonal, short viability seeds have to be dispatched while they are fresh.
    Limited Demand: a majority of the seeds we offer have never been ordered, we usually do not stock seeds unless they can be stored, and are frequently ordered.
    Rare: often seasonal, rare seeds need to be reserved and are usually sold on a first come first served basis.

    Should your order for non-stock items be placed after the seed season, supplies may have sold out, and there could be a delay. We shall then carry out your order, unless otherwise instructed. In the event of further unavailability due to crop failure or other unavoidable cause we will advise so that you may re-order or have any advance payment refunded.

    B & T World Seeds' Stock List

    Information in our lists is provided for general guidance only, and we believe that the seeds are correctly named and free from disease etc. We depend upon knowledgeable collectors in source countries, but seeds, being mainly from natural sources, variation due to 'open pollination' is possible. Following custom in the trade, we give no warranty, express or implied, as to the viability or description of the seed, nor can we be responsible for the resulting plant crop or its possible misuse. Should you have any complaints please let us know.

  • International Seed Trade rules (FIS). http://www.worldseed.org/isf/home.html

  • Endangered Species: CITES

  • Many endangered species are under international protection. This extends to control of seeds in a very few instances. We deal only with authorised sources for such material, and we will advise you should any extra price be incurred for certification of seeds or plants. Species covered under legislation will be marked 'CIT' in the lists. http://www.unep.ch/cites.htm

  • Master Catalogue information

    B & T World Seeds Master List contains all the items from our subsidiary lists, in alphabetic order of genus, - and gives price codes for quantities as available. This Master List is considered to be the largest trade seed list in the World, and is used extensively by botanical institutions, government departments, universities and research laboratories in many countries, as well as by commercial and private horticulturalists.

  • Exchange rate converter. http://www.ratesfx.com/rates/rate-converter.html
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