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	B & T World Seeds accept payment by Visa and Mastercard, 
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	B & T World Seeds
	34210 Aigues Vives

	fax: ++ 33 (0)4 68 91 30 39
	tel: ++ 33 (0)4 68 91 29 63

	Cheques, bank drafts and money orders should be made out to:
	B & T World Seeds

	European "Euros" only
	Cheques must have the name of a French
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	Credit Agricole du Languedoc, Olonzac, 34210 FRANCE
	IBAN: FR76 1350 6100 0062 1411 2000 022
	Account: B and T World Seeds

	Please ensure that no bank charges are deducted from the amount received in our bank.

	If you transfer funds direct to our account - please tell us,
	otherwise we cannot relate funds to orders.

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