Price Codes

	Price Codes (eg. 1p8 100s41 25g11 1b89)

Price codes are quantities in which a species is offered

The number following each Price Code
is the price in € (Euros) for that quantity

€1.00 Euro = about US $1.37


quantity unit price  
1,000s200	=	1,000 seeds 200 euros
1p8		=	1 packet 8 euros
5p6		=	5 packets 6 euros
100g12		=	100 grams 12 euros

1 ounce = 28.35 grams

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	Unit Codes

Please note that we don't know how
many seeds a "p" (packet) will contain,
or the weight !

Code	Unit
p	packet
s	number of seeds approx
g	weight of seeds in grams
b	bulb (root, rhizome, corm, tuber) - eMail

Common Name:
Botanical name: