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Seedy ROMô

A simple-to-install database system, which displays an individual page of B & T World Seeds' information for each of the ~40,000 items in B & T World Seeds' Catalogues. This includes details (if available) such as colour, size and form of flowers, fruit, and foliage, and the minimum average annual temperature range.

Prices are displayed in the currency you choose. (No complicated Price-codes :-)

Items can be added to and removed from the shopping list which provides a running total, including postage costs, and which can be sent to B & T World Seeds' as an order.

Users have full access to edit and add to the information already provided, new species can be inserted, and additional notes can be kept in each species' Comments (MEMO) field.

All items are also classified by B & T World Seeds' sublists - over 700 catagories including: Botanical Families (e.g. List 382 Erythroxylaceae), Country of origin (e.g. List 129 Tibetan Natives and Introductions), plants suitable for various environments (e.g. List 190 Trees and Shrubs For Mediterranean Climates), plants with specific uses (e.g. List 36 Herb Seed List - Culinary, Medicinal, Dye, and Aromatic). You can also create your own subLists.

Data can be printed, or exported in a range of formats including: *.DB, *.DBF, and *.TXT.

The Browser is offered in Windows 95/98/NT format, in English or French language versions, and installs onto the user's hard-disk (requires 34 MB free disc space).

Click on the thumbnail below to see seedy1.jpg a (low resolution, sorry) screen-shot of the browser screen.

Click to see screenshot of browser screen

Optional - Seedy support group
Updates, addons, bugfixes etc., discuss possible improvements and share information.

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