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"Abies alba f. pendula" - Abies alba
"Abies alba f. pyramidalis" - Abies alba
"Abies albertiana" - Tsuga heterophylla
"Abies arizonica" - Abies lasiocarpa ssp. arizonica
"Abies balsamea f. nana" - Abies balsamea
"Abies bicolor" - Picea bicolor
"Abies bornmuellerana" - Abies nordmanniana ssp. equi-trojani
"Abies brachyphylla" - Abies homolepis
"Abies brachytyla" - Picea brachytyla
"Abies canadensis" - Picea glauca typ. prov. Lake States
"Abies canadensis var. gracilis" - Tsuga canadensis
"Abies chinensis" - Tsuga chinensis
"Abies concolor f. violacea" - Abies concolor
"Abies concolor f. wattezii" - Abies concolor
"Abies concolor v lowiana" - Abies concolor Lowiana Group
"Abies delavayi var. fabri" - Abies fabri
"Abies delavayi var. forrestii" - Abies forrestii
"Abies delavayii v. georgii" - Abies forrestii v georgei
"Abies diversifolia" - Tsuga diversifolia
"Abies equitrojani" - Abies nordmanniana ssp. equi-trojani
"Abies ernestii" - Abies recurvata v. ernestii
"Abies excelsa var. columnaris" - Picea abies
"Abies excelsa var. finedonensi" - Picea abies
"Abies excelsa var. gregoryana" - Picea abies
"Abies excelsa var. inversa" - Picea abies
"Abies excelsa var. pygmaea" - Picea abies
"Abies excelsa var. virgata" - Picea abies
"Abies fargesii v fanjingshanen" - Abies fanjingshanensis
"Abies faxoniana" - Abies fargesii
"Abies georgei" - Abies forrestii v georgei
"Abies glehnii" - Picea glehnii
"Abies griffithiana" - Larix griffithiana
"Abies guatemalensis var. jalis" - Abies guatemalensis cit
"Abies heterophylla" - Tsuga heterophylla
"Abies hookeriana" - Tsuga mertensiana
"Abies larix" - Larix decidua
"Abies leptolepis" - Larix kaempferi
"Abies likiangensis" - Picea likiangensis
"Abies macrocarpa" - Pseudotsuga macrocarpa
"Abies mariana" - Picea mariana
"Abies mariesii var. kawakamii" - Abies kawakamii
"Abies mayriana" - Abies mayrii
"Abies mertensiana" - Tsuga mertensiana
"Abies nobilis" - Abies procera prov. Washington
"Abies nobilis" - Abies procera
"Abies nobilis var. prostrata" - Abies procera
"Abies nobilis var. robusta" - Abies procera
"Abies nobilis var. robustifoli" - Abies procera
"Abies nordmanniana ssp bornm." - Abies nordmanniana ssp. equi-trojani
"Abies pattoniana" - Tsuga mertensiana
"Abies pectinata" - Abies alba
"Abies pectinata var. nebrodens" - Abies nebrodensis
"Abies polita" - Picea polita
"Abies procera f. prostrata" - Abies procera
"Abies recurvata v ernestii" - Abies durangensis
"Abies sibirica var. nephrolepi" - Abies nephrolepis
"Abies spectabilis" - Abies densa
"Abies spinulosa" - Picea spinulosa
"Abies torano" - Picea polita
"Abies venusta" - Abies bracteata
"Abies webbiana" - Abies spectabilis
"Abies webbiana v pindrow" - Abies pindrow
"Abies yunnanensis" - Tsuga dumosa
"Picea abies f. argenteo-spica" - Picea abies
"Picea abies f. columnaris" - Picea abies
"Picea abies f. finedonensis" - Picea abies
"Picea abies f. gregoryana" - Picea abies
"Picea abies f. inversa" - Picea abies
"Picea abies f. pygmaea" - Picea abies
"Picea abies f. pyramidata" - Picea abies
"Picea abies f. veitchii" - Picea abies
"Picea abies f. viminalis" - Picea abies
"Picea abies f. virgata" - Picea abies
"Pinus abies" - Picea obovata
"Pinus abies var. acutissima" - Picea rubens
"Pinus abies var. orientalis" - Picea orientalis

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