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"Adiantum chusanum" - Odontosoria chinensis
"Adiantum cuneatum" - Adiantum raddianum
"Adiantum cuneatum 'Elegans'" - Adiantum raddianum Elegans
"Adiantum cuneatum 'Fragr..'" - Adiantum raddianum Fragrantissimum
"Adiantum guianense" - Lindsaea guianensis
"Adiantum hexagonum" - Anopteris hexagona
"Adiantum pauperculum" - Adiantopsis paupercula
"Adiantum pedatum subsp. aleuti" - Adiantum aleuticum
"Adiantum pedatum var. aleuticu" - Adiantum aleuticum
"Adiantum philippense" - Adiantum lunulatum
"Adiantum pubescens" - Adiantum hispidulum
"Adiantum radd.'Microphyllum'" - Adiantum raddianum Micropinnulum
"Adiantum radiatum" - Adiantopsis radiata
"Adiantum repens" - Davallia repens
"Adiantum strictum" - Lindsaea stricta
"Adiantum truncatum" - Acacia truncata

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