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"Agropyron abolinii" - Elymus abolinii
"Agropyron agroelymoides" - Elymus scabriglumis
"Agropyron alatavicum" - Elytrigia alatavica
"Agropyron antarcticum" - Elymus magellanicus
"Agropyron antiquus" - Elymus antiquus
"Agropyron araucanum" - Elymus araucanus
"Agropyron arizonicum" - Elymus arizonicus
"Agropyron attenuatum var. arau" - Elymus araucanus
"Agropyron bakeri" - Elymus bakeri
"Agropyron barbicallum" - Elymus barbicallus
"Agropyron batalinii" - Elymus batalinii
"Agropyron bessarabicum" - Elytrigia bessarabica
"Agropyron bonaepartis" - Eremopyrum bonaepartis
"Agropyron bonaepartis var. pil" - Eremopyrum bonaepartis
"Agropyron borianum" - Elymus borianus
"Agropyron buschianum" - Elymus buschianus
"Agropyron canaliculatum" - Elymus canaliculatus
"Agropyron caninum" - Elymus caninus
"Agropyron chinense" - Leymus chinensis
"Agropyron cognatum" - Pseudoroegneria cognata
"Agropyron confusum" - Elymus confusus
"Agropyron cristatum subsp. des" - Agropyron desertorum
"Agropyron curvifolium" - Elytrigia curvifolia
"Agropyron dentatum" - Elymus dentatus
"Agropyron deweyi" - Agropyron cristatum
"Agropyron distans" - Eremopyrum distans
"Agropyron distichum" - Elytrigia disticha
"Agropyron divaricatum" - Pseudoroegneria divaricata
"Agropyron donianum" - Elymus donianus
"Agropyron drobovii" - Elymus drobovii
"Agropyron elongatum" - Elytrigia elongata
"Agropyron enysii" - Elymus enysii
"Agropyron ferganense" - Pseudoroegneria cognata
"Agropyron fuegianum" - Elymus magellanicus
"Agropyron glaucissimum" - Elymus glaucissimus
"Agropyron glaucum var. occiden" - Pascopyrum smithii
"Agropyron gmelinii" - Elymus gmelinii
"Agropyron gracillimum" - Pseudoroegneria gracillima
"Agropyron interruptum" - Elymus praeruptus
"Agropyron kirkii" - Elymus multiflorus
"Agropyron kosaninii" - Pseudoroegneria kosaninii
"Agropyron kuramense" - Elymus semicostatus
"Agropyron lasianthum" - Eremopyrum distans
"Agropyron leptourum" - Elymus transhyrcanus
"Agropyron libanoticum" - Pseudoroegneria libanotica
"Agropyron littorale" - Elytrigia pungens
"Agropyron lolioides" - Elytrigia lolioides
"Agropyron longearistatum" - Elymus longearistatus
"Agropyron macrourum" - Elymus macrourus
"Agropyron magellanicum" - Elymus magellanicus
"Agropyron mayebaranum" - Elymus mayebaranus
"Agropyron megallanicum" - Elymus magellanicus
"Agropyron melantherum" - Elymus melantherus
"Agropyron muricatum" - Agropyron cristatum
"Agropyron mutabile" - Elymus mutabilis
"Agropyron nutans" - Elymus pseudonutans
"Agropyron occidentale" - Pascopyrum smithii
"Agropyron orientale" - Eremopyrum orientale
"Agropyron orientale var. lanug" - Eremopyrum distans
"Agropyron orientale var. lasia" - Eremopyrum distans
"Agropyron orientale var. subla" - Eremopyrum bonaepartis
"Agropyron panormitanum" - Elymus panormitanus
"Agropyron patagonicum" - Elymus magellanicus
"Agropyron pectiniforme" - Agropyron cristatum
"Agropyron prostratum" - Eremopyrum triticeum
"Agropyron pubiflorum" - Elymus magellanicus
"Agropyron pungens" - Elytrigia pungens
"Agropyron pycnanthum" - Elytrigia pycnantha
"Agropyron ramosum" - Leymus ramosus
"Agropyron rechingeri" - Elytrigia rechingeri
"Agropyron remotiflorum" - Elymus magellanicus
"Agropyron repens" - Elymus repens
"Agropyron repens var. scabrigl" - Elymus scabriglumis
"Agropyron retrofractum" - Australopyrum retrofractum
"Agropyron rigidum" - Elytrigia elongata
"Agropyron scabriglume" - Elymus scabriglumis
"Agropyron scabrum" - Elymus scaber
"Agropyron scabrum var. tenue" - Elymus tenuis
"Agropyron schugnanicum" - Elymus schugnanicus
"Agropyron scirpeum" - Elytrigia scirpea
"Agropyron scirpeum var. flacci" - Elytrigia scirpea
"Agropyron scribneri" - Elymus scribneri
"Agropyron semicostatum" - Elymus semicostatus
"Agropyron sibiricum var. deser" - Agropyron desertorum
"Agropyron smithii" - Pascopyrum smithii
"Agropyron smithii var. molle" - Pascopyrum smithii
"Agropyron spicatum" - Elymus spicatus
"Agropyron spicatum var. molle" - Pascopyrum smithii
"Agropyron squarrosum" - Eremopyrum bonaepartis
"Agropyron stenostachyum" - Elymus stenostachyus
"Agropyron stipifolium" - Pseudoroegneria stipifolia
"Agropyron striatum" - Elymus semicostatus
"Agropyron subulatum" - Loliolum subulatum
"Agropyron tauri" - Pseudoroegneria tauri
"Agropyron thoroldianus" - Elymus thoroldianus
"Agropyron tibeticum" - Elymus tibeticus
"Agropyron tilcarensis" - Elymus tilcarensis
"Agropyron trachycaulum" - Elymus trachycaulos
"Agropyron transbaicalense" - Elymus transbaicalensis
"Agropyron triticeum" - Eremopyrum triticeum
"Agropyron tschimganica" - Elymus tschimganicus
"Agropyron turczaninovii" - Elymus gmelinii
"Agropyron ugamicum" - Elymus nevskii
"Agropyron vaillantianum" - Elymus vaillantianus
"Agropyron varnense" - Elytrigia varnensis
"Agropyron velutinum" - Australopyrum velutinum
"Agropyron villosum" - Dasypyrum villosum
"Agropyron yezoense" - Elymus nipponicus

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