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"Albizia basaltica" - Archidendropsis basaltica
"Albizia brownei" - Albizia zygia
"Albizia caribaea" - Albizia niopoides
"Albizia chinensis" - Albizia stipulata
"Albizia corbisieri" - Albizia ferruginea
"Albizia corymbosa" - Hydrochorea corymbosa
"Albizia distachya" - Paraserianthes lophantha
"Albizia falcata" - Falcataria moluccana
"Albizia falcataria" - Paraserianthes falcataria
"Albizia fastigiata" - Albizia adianthifolia
"Albizia guachapele" - Pseudosamanea guachapele
"Albizia henryi" - Albizia kalkora
"Albizia inopinata" - Samanea inopinata
"Albizia katangensis" - Albizia coriaria
"Albizia longipedata" - Pseudosamanea guachapele
"Albizia lophantha" - Paraserianthes lophantha
"Albizia lucida" - Albizia lucidior
"Albizia macrophylla" - Albizia kalkora
"Albizia malacocarpa" - Albizia carbonaria
"Albizia marginata" - Albizia chinensis
"Albizia moluccana" - Falcataria moluccana
"Albizia occidentalis" - Hesperalbizia occidentalis
"Albizia pedicellaris" - Balizia pedicellaris
"Albizia polyantha" - Albizia inundata
"Albizia richardiana" - Albizia niopoides
"Albizia sassa" - Albizia gummifera
"Albizia stipulata" - Albizia chinensis
"Albizia sumatrana" - Albizia carbonaria
"Albizia sutherlandii" - Acacia sutherlandii
"Albizia thorelii" - Albizia myriophylla
"Albizia toona" - Paraserianthes toona

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