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"Amaryllis advena" - Hippeastrum advenum
"Amaryllis atamasca" - Zephyranthes atamasca
"Amaryllis aurea" - Lycoris aurea
"Amaryllis belladona" - Hippeastrum puniceum
"Amaryllis bifolia" - Zephyranthes bifolia
"Amaryllis bulbispermum" - Crinum bulbispermum svs
"Amaryllis calyptrata" - Hippeastrum calyptratum
"Amaryllis candida" - Zephyranthes candida
"Amaryllis canterae" - Hippeastrum canterae
"Amaryllis carinata" - Zephyranthes carinata
"Amaryllis chilensis" - Hippeastrum chilense
"Amaryllis chionedyantha" - Hippeastrum chionedyanthum
"Amaryllis ciliaris" - Crossyne guttata vsvs
"Amaryllis clusiana" - Sternbergia clusiana svs
"Amaryllis disticha" - Boophone disticha eastern Cape form medium height
"Amaryllis equestris" - Hippeastrum puniceum
"Amaryllis flammea" - Zephyranthes flammea
"Amaryllis flexuosa" - Nerine flexuosa
"Amaryllis formosissima" - Sprekelia formosissima
"Amaryllis guttata" - Crossyne guttata vsvs
"Amaryllis humilis" - Nerine humilis
"Amaryllis hyacinthina" - Griffinia hyacinthina
"Amaryllis jagus" - Crinum jagus
"Amaryllis josephinae" - Brunsvigia josephinae
"Amaryllis laticoma" - Nerine laticoma
"Amaryllis longifolia" - Crinum longifolium
"Amaryllis nelsonii" - Hippeastrum nelsonii
"Amaryllis pratensis" - Hippeastrum pratense
"Amaryllis procera" - Hippeastrum procerum
"Amaryllis psittacina" - Hippeastrum psittacinum
"Amaryllis punicea" - Hippeastrum puniceum
"Amaryllis radiata" - Lycoris radiata
"Amaryllis reginae" - Hippeastrum reginae
"Amaryllis robusta" - Hippeastrum aulicum
"Amaryllis rosea" - Brunsvigia rosea
"Amaryllis rutila" - Hippeastrum rutilum
"Amaryllis sarniensis" - Lycoris radiata
"Amaryllis sarniensis" - Nerine sarniensis
"Amaryllis solandriflora" - Hippeastrum solandriflorum
"Amaryllis striata" - Hippeastrum striatum
"Amaryllis tubiflora" - Pyrolirion aureum
"Amaryllis undulata" - Nerine undulata
"Amaryllis vernalis" - Sternbergia vernalis svs
"Amaryllis x Brunsvigia 'parker" - Amarygia parkeri x Alba
"Amaryllis x Crinum" - Amarcrinum x memoria-corsii
"Amaryllis x nerine tubergenii" - Amarine x tubergenii
"Amaryllis zeylanicum" - Crinum zeylanicum
"Nerine bowd. x Amaryllis bella" - Amarine x zwanenburg

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