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"Amomum amarum" - Alpinia oxyphylla
"Amomum aromaticum" - Amomum subulatum
"Amomum cardamomum" - Amomum compactum
"Amomum cardamomum" - Elettaria cardamomum
"Amomum dealbatum" - Amomum maximum
"Amomum globosum" - Alpinia globosa
"Amomum harmandii" - Etlingera harmandii
"Amomum hemisphaericum" - Etlingera hemisphaerica
"Amomum kepulaga" - Amomum compactum
"Amomum korarima" - Aframomum korarima
"Amomum krervanh" - Amomum verum
"Amomum littorale" - Etlingera littoralis
"Amomum maingayii" - Etlingera maingayii
"Amomum megalocheilos" - Etlingera littoralis
"Amomum melegueta" - Aframomum melegueta
"Amomum montanum" - Zingiber montanum
"Amomum scottiana" - Hornstedtia scottiana
"Amomum zedoaria" - Curcuma zedoaria
"Amomum zingiber" - Zingiber officinale
"Cinnamomum aromaticum" - Cinnamomum cassia svs
"Cinnamomum chinense" - Cinnamomum burmanni
"Cinnamomum massoy" - Cryptocarya massoy
"Cinnamomum micranthum" - Machilus micranthum
"Cinnamomum obtusifolium" - Cinnamomum zeylanicum
"Cinnamomum pedunculatum" - Cinnamomum japonicum
"Cinnamomum verum" - Cinnamomum zeylanicum
"Laurus cinnamomum" - Cinnamomum zeylanicum
"Protamomum maxillarioides" - Orchidantha maxillarioides

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