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"Amygdalus amygdalo-persica" - Prunus hybrid
"Amygdalus andersonii" - Prunus andersonii
"Amygdalus arabica" - Prunus arabica
"Amygdalus argentea" - Prunus argentea
"Amygdalus armeniaca" - Prunus armeniaca
"Amygdalus brahuica" - Prunus brahuica
"Amygdalus bucharica" - Prunus bucharica
"Amygdalus communis" - Prunus dulcis
"Amygdalus communis v amara" - Prunus dulcis v. amara
"Amygdalus communis var. dulcis" - Prunus dulcis
"Amygdalus communis var. tangut" - Prunus tangutica
"Amygdalus dehiscens" - Prunus tangutica
"Amygdalus dulcis" - Prunus dulcis
"Amygdalus fenzliana" - Prunus fenzliana
"Amygdalus ferganensis" - Prunus ferganensis
"Amygdalus georgica" - Prunus tenella
"Amygdalus gessleriana" - Prunus tenella
"Amygdalus glandulosa" - Prunus texana
"Amygdalus haussknechtii" - Prunus haussknechtii
"Amygdalus havardii" - Prunus havardii
"Amygdalus horrida" - Prunus lycioides
"Amygdalus incana" - Prunus incana
"Amygdalus kansuensis" - Prunus kansuensis
"Amygdalus kuramica" - Prunus kuramica
"Amygdalus ledebouriana" - Prunus tenella
"Amygdalus lycioides" - Prunus lycioides
"Amygdalus microphylla" - Prunus microphylla
"Amygdalus mira" - Prunus mira
"Amygdalus mongolica" - Prunus mongolica
"Amygdalus nana" - Prunus tenella
"Amygdalus orientalis" - Prunus argentea
"Amygdalus pedunculata" - Prunus pedunculata
"Amygdalus persica" - Prunus persica
"Amygdalus persica var. camelli" - Prunus persica
"Amygdalus persica var. densa" - Prunus persica
"Amygdalus petunnikowii" - Prunus petunnikowii (Litv.) Rehder
"Amygdalus petzoldii" - Prunus triloba
"Amygdalus pilosa" - Prunus pedunculata
"Amygdalus scoparia" - Prunus scoparia
"Amygdalus spinosissima" - Prunus spinosissima
"Amygdalus tangutica" - Prunus tangutica
"Amygdalus texana" - Prunus texana
"Amygdalus trichamygdalus" - Prunus trichamygdalus
"Amygdalus triloba" - Prunus triloba
"Amygdalus turcomanica" - Prunus turcomanica
"Amygdalus webbii" - Prunus webbii
"Prunus amygdalus" - Prunus dulcis
"Prunus amygdalus v amara" - Prunus dulcis v. amara

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