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"Andropogon" - Sorghum halepense
"Andropogon acicularis" - Chrysopogon aciculatus
"Andropogon aciculatus" - Chrysopogon aciculatus
"Andropogon afer" - Ischaemum afrum
"Andropogon affinis" - Dichanthium sericeum b.s.
"Andropogon alopecuroides" - Saccharum alopecuroides
"Andropogon altus" - Bothriochloa alta
"Andropogon amaurus" - Polytrias indica
"Andropogon annulatus" - Dichanthium annulatum
"Andropogon anthistirioides" - Hyparrhenia anthistirioides
"Andropogon aristatus" - Dichanthium aristatum
"Andropogon arundinaceus" - Sorghum arundinaceum
"Andropogon aucheri" - Chrysopogon aucheri
"Andropogon aureus" - Eulalia aurea
"Andropogon australis" - Sorghum plumosum
"Andropogon australis subsp. le" - Sorghum leiocladum
"Andropogon avenaceus" - Sorghastrum nutans
"Andropogon barbatus" - Chloris barbata
"Andropogon barbatus" - Chloris dandyana
"Andropogon barbinodis" - Bothriochloa barbinodis
"Andropogon barbinodis var. per" - Bothriochloa barbinodis
"Andropogon barteri" - Hyparrhenia barteri
"Andropogon binatus" - Eulaliopsis binata
"Andropogon bipennatus" - Sorghastrum bipennatum
"Andropogon bladhii" - Bothriochloa bladhii
"Andropogon bombycinus" - Cymbopogon bombycinus
"Andropogon brachyatherus" - Ischaemum afrum
"Andropogon bracteatus" - Hyparrhenia bracteata
"Andropogon buchananii" - Hyparrhenia poecilotricha
"Andropogon caesius" - Cymbopogon caesius
"Andropogon capensis" - Eustachys paspaloides
"Andropogon caricosus" - Dichanthium caricosum
"Andropogon caucasicus" - Bothriochloa bladhii
"Andropogon ceresiiformis" - Monocymbium ceresiiforme
"Andropogon chloridiformis" - Dimeria chloridiformis
"Andropogon cirratus" - Schizachyrium cirratum
"Andropogon citratus" - Cymbopogon citratus b.s.
"Andropogon condensatus" - Schizachyrium condensatum
"Andropogon condylotrichus" - Euclasta condylotricha
"Andropogon confinis" - Hyparrhenia confinis
"Andropogon contortus" - Heteropogon contortus hort.
"Andropogon cotulifer" - Spodiopogon cotulifer
"Andropogon crassipes" - Ischaemum aristatum
"Andropogon cymbarius" - Hyparrhenia cymbaria
"Andropogon diplandrus" - Hyparrhenia diplandra
"Andropogon diversiflorus" - Polytrias indica
"Andropogon dregeanus" - Hyparrhenia dregeana
"Andropogon dulcis" - Eleocharis dulcis
"Andropogon edwardsianus" - Bothriochloa edwardsiana
"Andropogon elliottii" - Andropogon gyrans
"Andropogon emersus" - Bothriochloa barbinodis
"Andropogon erianthoides" - Bothriochloa erianthoides
"Andropogon ewartianus" - Bothriochloa ewartiana
"Andropogon exaristatus" - Bothriochloa exaristata
"Andropogon excavatus" - Cymbopogon caesius
"Andropogon filipendulus" - Hyparrhenia filipendula
"Andropogon finitimus" - Hyparrhenia finitima
"Andropogon flexuosus" - Cymbopogon flexuosus
"Andropogon foveolatus" - Dichanthium foveolatum
"Andropogon furcatus" - Andropogon gerardii
"Andropogon giganteus" - Cymbopogon giganteus
"Andropogon goeringii" - Cymbopogon goeringii
"Andropogon hackelii" - Chrysopogon hackelii
"Andropogon hassleri" - Bothriochloa hassleri
"Andropogon hirtiflorus" - Schizachyrium sanguineum
"Andropogon hirtus" - Hyparrhenia hirta
"Andropogon hispidus" - Arundinella hispida
"Andropogon insculptus" - Bothriochloa insculpta
"Andropogon insularis" - Digitaria insularis
"Andropogon intermedius" - Bothriochloa bladhii
"Andropogon intermedius var. ca" - Bothriochloa bladhii
"Andropogon ischaemum" - Bothriochloa ischaemum
"Andropogon jwarancusa" - Cymbopogon jwarancusa
"Andropogon kelleri" - Schizachyrium kelleri
"Andropogon lanceolatus" - Arthraxon lanceolatus
"Andropogon latifolius" - Ischaemum latifolium
"Andropogon macer" - Bothriochloa macra pellets
"Andropogon melanocarpus" - Heteropogon melanocarpus
"Andropogon micranthus" - Capillipedium parviflorum
"Andropogon microstachyus" - Schizachyrium microstachyum
"Andropogon minarum" - Sorghastrum minarum
"Andropogon monticola" - Andropogon monticola
"Andropogon monticola" - Chrysopogon fulvus
"Andropogon montufari" - Trachypogon montufari
"Andropogon muricatus" - Chrysopogon zizanoides
"Andropogon nardus" - Cymbopogon nardus
"Andropogon nardus var. colorat" - Cymbopogon coloratus
"Andropogon nardus var. flexuos" - Cymbopogon flexuosus
"Andropogon nervatus" - Cymbopogon nervatus
"Andropogon nervosus" - Sehima nervosa
"Andropogon nigritanus" - Chrysopogon nigritanus
"Andropogon nodosus" - Dichanthium aristatum
"Andropogon nodulibarbis" - Chrysopogon nodulibarbis
"Andropogon nutans" - Sorghastrum nutans
"Andropogon nutans var. avenace" - Sorghastrum nutans
"Andropogon obliquiberbis" - Schizachyrium fragile
"Andropogon odoratus" - Bothriochloa odorata
"Andropogon oliganthus" - Dichanthium oliganthum
"Andropogon papillipes" - Hyparrhenia papillipes
"Andropogon pendulus" - Cymbopogon pendulus
"Andropogon perforatus" - Bothriochloa barbinodis
"Andropogon pertusus" - Bothriochloa pertusa
"Andropogon pertusus var. decip" - Bothriochloa decipiens
"Andropogon pertusus var. inscu" - Bothriochloa insculpta
"Andropogon pertusus var. veget" - Bothriochloa bladhii
"Andropogon pilosus" - Ischaemum afrum
"Andropogon pleiarthron" - Hyparrhenia poecilotricha
"Andropogon plumosus" - Trachypogon spicatus
"Andropogon poecilotricha" - Hyparrhenia poecilotricha
"Andropogon polydactylos" - Chloris dandyana
"Andropogon polyneuros" - Cymbopogon polyneuros
"Andropogon pratensis" - Andropogon amethystinus
"Andropogon prionodes" - Arthraxon prionodes
"Andropogon procerus" - Cymbopogon procerus
"Andropogon propinquus" - Sorghum propinquum
"Andropogon prostratus" - Iseilema prostratum
"Andropogon pubescens" - Hyparrhenia hirta
"Andropogon purpureosericeus" - Sorghum purpureosericeum
"Andropogon quadrivalvis" - Themeda quadrivalvis
"Andropogon radicans" - Bothriochloa radicans
"Andropogon ravennae" - Saccharum ravennae
"Andropogon refractus" - Cymbopogon refractus
"Andropogon rhizomatus" - Schizachyrium rhizomatum
"Andropogon rottboellioides" - Mnesithea rottboellioides
"Andropogon rufus" - Hyparrhenia rufa
"Andropogon ruprechtii" - Hyperthelia dissoluta
"Andropogon salzmannii" - Schizachyrium imberbe
"Andropogon schoenanthus" - Cymbopogon citratus b.s.
"Andropogon scoparius" - Schizachyrium scoparium
"Andropogon sericeus" - Dichanthium sericeum b.s.
"Andropogon serratus" - Sorghum nitidum
"Andropogon setosus" - Sorghastrum setosum
"Andropogon sorghum" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon sorghum subsp. voge" - Sorghum arundinaceum
"Andropogon sorghum subvar. rub" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon sorghum var. agrico" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon sorghum var. arduin" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon sorghum var. caudat" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon sorghum var. compac" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon sorghum var. effusu" - Sorghum arundinaceum
"Andropogon sorghum var. ehrenb" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon sorghum var. elegan" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon sorghum var. hians" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon sorghum var. miliif" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon sorghum var. splend" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon sorghum var. subglo" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon sorghum var. techni" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon sorghum var. virgat" - Sorghum arundinaceum
"Andropogon spathiflorus" - Andropogon virgatus
"Andropogon speciosus" - Phacelurus speciosus
"Andropogon springfieldii" - Bothriochloa springfieldii
"Andropogon stapfii" - Sorghum arundinaceum
"Andropogon stipoides" - Sorghastrum stipoides
"Andropogon strictus" - Saccharum strictum
"Andropogon subglabrescens" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon tener" - Schizachyrium tenerum
"Andropogon tremulus" - Chrysopogon serrulatus
"Andropogon trichopus" - Sorghastrum stipoides
"Andropogon trinii" - Chrysopogon serrulatus
"Andropogon trispicatus" - Eulalia trispicata
"Andropogon triticeus" - Heteropogon triticeus
"Andropogon tropicus var. timor" - Sorghum timorense
"Andropogon verticillatus" - Chrysopogon verticillatus
"Andropogon verticilliflorus" - Sorghum arundinaceum
"Andropogon villosus" - Eulalia villosa
"Andropogon wrightii" - Bothriochloa wrightii
"Andropogon zeylanicus" - Chrysopogon nodulibarbis
"Andropogon zizanioides" - Chrysopogon zizanoides

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