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"Anemone alba" - Pulsatilla alba bs
"Anemone alba" - Anemone sylvestris hort.
"Anemone albana" - Pulsatilla albana bs
"Anemone apenninia Alba" - Anemone apennina v albiflora
"Anemone blanda 'Ingramii'" - Anemone blanda Atrocaerulea
"Anemone cernua var. koreana" - Anemone cernua
"Anemone fasciculata" - Anemone narcissiflora
"Anemone fasciculata" - Anemone narcissiflora v caucasica
"Anemone globosa" - Anemone multifida
"Anemone hepatica" - Hepatica nobilis
"Anemone hupehensis v toment." - Anemone tomentosa
"Anemone intermedia x" - Anemone lipsiensis x
"Anemone japonica" - Anemone hupehensis v japonica
"Anemone japonica" - Anemone hupehensis
"Anemone japonica var. tomentos" - Anemone tomentosa
"Anemone leveillei" - Anemone rivularis
"Anemone magellanica" - Anemone multifida
"Anemone magellanica hort." - Anemone palmata hort. c.s.
"Anemone montana" - Pulsatilla montana bs
"Anemone multifida" - Anemone magellanica
"Anemone multifida 'Rubra'" - Anemone multifida Rubra
"Anemone multifida Rosea" - Anemone multifida rose form
"Anemone narcissiflora biarmien" - Anemone biarmiensis
"Anemone nemorosa Vestal" - Anemone nemorosa Alba Plena - Vestal
"Anemone nuttalliana" - Anemone patens b.s.
"Anemone occidentalis" - Pulsatilla occidentalis bs
"Anemone pensylvanica" - Anemone canadensis
"Anemone pulsatilla" - Anemone pulsatilla b.s.
"Anemone ranunculoides x nemoro" - Anemone lipsiensis x
"Anemone seemanii x" - Anemone lipsiensis x
"Anemone sp." - Knowltonia sp. unident.
"Anemone stellata" - Anemone hortensis
"Anemone vernalis" - Anemone vernalis v pyrenaica
"Anemone vernalis" - Pulsatilla vernalis bs

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