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"Anthemis ageratifolia" - Achillea ageratifolia
"Anthemis americana" - Chrysanthellum americanum
"Anthemis arabicus" - Cladanthus arabicus
"Anthemis arabicus C C" - Cladanthus arabicus Criss-cross
"Anthemis cotulata" - Anthemis cotula
"Anthemis cretica ssp carpatica" - Anthemis carpatica
"Anthemis frutescens" - Argyranthemum frutescens
"Anthemis fruticosa" - Relhania fruticosa
"Anthemis fuscata" - Chamaemelum fuscatum
"Anthemis garcinii" - Anvillea garcinii
"Anthemis montana L." - Anthemis cretica ssp cretica
"Anthemis nobilis" - Chamaemelum nobile Treneague non flowering
"Anthemis nobilis" - Chamaemelum nobile
"Anthemis pyrethrum" - Anacyclus pyrethrum
"Anthemis rigensis" - Anthemis triumfettii
"Anthemis rigescens" - Anthemis triumfettii
"Anthemis tinctoria" - Cota tinctoria
"Anthemis tinctoria W V" - Cota tinctoria Wargrave Variety
"Anthemis tinctoria Alba" - Cota tinctoria Alba
"Anthemis tinctoria E C B" - Cota tinctoria E C Buxton
"Anthemis tinctoria K" - Cota tinctoria Kelwayi
"Anthemis tinctoria S H" - Cota tinctoria Sauce Hollandaise
"Anthemis tinctoria var. discoi" - Anthemis triumfettii
"Anthemis tinctoria var. triumf" - Anthemis triumfettii
"Anthemis tinctoria, org." - Cota tinctoria organic seed

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