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"Abronia arenaria" - Abronia latifolia
"Amsonia arenaria" - Amsonia tomentosa v. stenophylla
"Arenaria arctica" - Minuartia arctica
"Arenaria biebersteinii" - Arenaria procera ssp glabra
"Arenaria caespitosa" - Sagina subulata
"Arenaria caespitosa Aurea" - Sagina subulata Aurea
"Arenaria capillacea" - Arenaria grandiflora
"Arenaria capillaris" - Eremogone capillaris
"Arenaria cumberlandensis" - Minuartia cumberlandensis
"Arenaria depauperata" - Spergularia depauperata
"Arenaria diandra" - Spergularia diandra
"Arenaria erinacea" - Arenaria aggregata
"Arenaria fendleri" - Eremogone fendleri
"Arenaria graminifolia" - Arenaria procera ssp glabra
"Arenaria gypsophiloides" - Eremogone gypsophiloides
"Arenaria hybrida" - Minuartia hybrida
"Arenaria juncea" - Eremogone juncea
"Arenaria kashmirica" - Minuartia kashmirica
"Arenaria laricifolia" - Minuartia laricifolia
"Arenaria lichnidea" - Arenaria lychnidea
"Arenaria linifolia" - Minuartia capillacea
"Arenaria macrophylla" - Moehringia macrophylla
"Arenaria maritima" - Spergularia media
"Arenaria media" - Spergularia media
"Arenaria Muscosa" - Moehringia muscosa
"Arenaria nuttallii" - Minuartia nuttallii
"Arenaria obtusa" - Minuartia obtusiloba
"Arenaria obtusiloba" - Minuartia obtusiloba
"Arenaria peploides" - Honkenya peploides
"Arenaria recurva" - Minuartia recurva
"Arenaria rubra" - Spergularia rubra
"Arenaria rubra var. marina" - Spergularia marina
"Arenaria sericea" - Gypsophila sericea
"Arenaria verna" - Minuartia verna
"Artemisia arenaria" - Artemisia tschernieviana
"Bradburya arenaria" - Centrosema arenarium
"Cocos arenaria" - Allagoptera arenaria
"Festuca arenaria" - Festuca juncifolia
"Gypsophila arenaria" - Gypsophila fastigiata
"Indigofera arenaria" - Indigofera disjuncta
"Opuntia arenaria IOS 01632" - Opuntia polyacantha ssp. arenaria
"Schizophyllum arenaria" - Tetramolopium arenarium
"Statice arenaria" - Armeria arenaria
"Viola arenaria Rosea" - Viola rupestris Rosea

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