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"Adelaster albivenis" - Fittonia albivenis
"Alyssum Easter Bonnet Mix" - Lobularia maritima Easter Bonnet mixed
"Alyssum Easter Bonnet Pink" - Lobularia maritima Easter Bonnet Deep Pink
"Alyssum Easter Bonnet Violet" - Lobularia maritima Easter Bonnet Violet
"Aster" - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae Purple Dome
"Aster acris" - Aster sedifolius
"Aster acuminatus" - Oclemena acuminata
"Aster adfinis" - Felicia dubia aff.
"Aster adnatus" - Symphyotrichum adnatum
"Aster ageratoides Turcz." - Aster trinervius ssp. ageratoides v microcephalus
"Aster ageratoides subsp. yakus" - Aster yakushimensis
"Aster ageratoides subsp. yoshi" - Aster yoshinaganus
"Aster alpinus Dunkle Schone" - Aster alpinus Dark Beauty deep blue
"Aster alpinus Rose Beauty" - Aster alpinus Rose - Pinkie
"Aster altaicus" - Heteropappus altaicus b.s.
"Aster amelloides" - Aster amellus
"Aster amellus X Aster thomsoni" - Aster frikartii x
"Aster anomalus" - Symphyotrichum anomalum
"Aster anticostensis" - Symphyotrichum anticostense
"Aster ascendens" - Symphyotrichum ascendens
"Aster avitus" - Eurybia avita
"Aster azureus" - Symphyotrichum oolentangiense
"Aster baldwinii" - Symphyotrichum undulatum
"Aster bellidiastrum" - Aster andicola
"Aster bellidioides" - Erigeron bellidioides
"Aster bellus" - Chaetopappa ericoides
"Aster bernardinus" - Symphyotrichum defoliatum
"Aster bigelovii" - Dieteria bigelovii
"Aster bigelovii" - Machaeranthera bigelovii
"Aster boltoniae" - Psilactis asteroides
"Aster borealis" - Symphyotrichum boreale
"Aster bracei" - Symphyotrichum bracei
"Aster brachyactis" - Symphyotrichum ciliatum
"Aster bracteolatus" - Symphyotrichum bracteolatum
"Aster brevilingulatus" - Psilactis brevilingulata
"Aster breweri" - Eucephalus breweri
"Aster brickellioides" - Eucephalus brickellioides
"Aster brickellioides var. glab" - Eucephalus glabratus
"Aster bullatus" - Symphyotrichum bullatum
"Aster burgessii" - Symphyotrichum burgessii
"Aster cabrerae" - Symphyotrichum graminifolium
"Aster calvatus" - Noticastrum calvatum
"Aster campestris" - Symphyotrichum campestre
"Aster canescens" - Machaeranthera canescens
"Aster carnerosanus" - Symphyotrichum carnerosanum
"Aster carolinianus" - Ampelaster carolinianus
"Aster chapmanii" - Eurybia chapmanii
"Aster chilensis" - Symphyotrichum chilense
"Aster chilensis subsp. ascende" - Symphyotrichum ascendens
"Aster chilensis subsp. chilens" - Symphyotrichum chilense
"Aster chilensis subsp. hallii" - Symphyotrichum hallii
"Aster chlorolepis" - Eurybia chlorolepis
"Aster ciliolatus" - Symphyotrichum ciliolatum
"Aster claytonii" - Eurybia divaricata
"Aster coloradoense" - Xanthisma coloradoense
"Aster commixtus" - Eurybia mirabilis
"Aster commixtus" - Eurybia spectabilis
"Aster concolor" - Symphyotrichum concolor
"Aster conspicuus" - Eurybia conspicua
"Aster conyzae" - Inula conyzae
"Aster cordifolius" - Symphyotrichum cordifolium
"Aster coriaceus" - Celmisia coriacea
"Aster crenifolius" - Symphyotrichum crenifolium
"Aster crocatus" - Lycoseris crocata
"Aster curtisii" - Symphyotrichum retroflexum
"Aster cusickii" - Symphyotrichum cusickii
"Aster cusickii var. lyallii" - Symphyotrichum hendersonii
"Aster defoliatus" - Symphyotrichum defoliatum
"Aster delavayii" - Aster diplostephioides b.s.
"Aster depauperatus" - Symphyotrichum depauperatum
"Aster dimorphophyllus" - Doellingeria dimorphophylla
"Aster divaricatus" - Eurybia divaricata
"Aster drummondii" - Symphyotrichum drummondii
"Aster dumosus" - Symphyotrichum dumosum
"Aster eatonii" - Symphyotrichum bracteolatum
"Aster echinatus" - Felicia echinata blue
"Aster elatus" - Oreostemma elatum
"Aster elegans var. engelmannii" - Eucephalus engelmannii
"Aster elliottii" - Symphyotrichum elliottii
"Aster engelmannii" - Eucephalus engelmannii
"Aster engelmannii var. glauces" - Eucephalus glaucescens
"Aster engelmannii var. ledophy" - Eucephalus ledophyllus
"Aster engelmannii var. paucica" - Eucephalus paucicapitatus
"Aster ericoides bs" - Symphyotrichum ericoides b.s.
"Aster ericoides cs" - Symphyotrichum ericoides c.s.
"Aster ericoides var. parviceps" - Symphyotrichum parviceps
"Aster erigeroides" - Felicia erigeroides
"Aster erubescens" - Olearia erubescens
"Aster eryngiifolius" - Eurybia eryngiifolia
"Aster eulae" - Symphyotrichum eulae
"Aster exilis" - Symphyotrichum subulatum
"Aster exscapus" - Townsendia exscapa
"Aster fauriei" - Aster spathulifolius
"Aster fendleri" - Symphyotrichum fendleri
"Aster filifolius" - Felicia filifolia Cape form
"Aster firmus" - Symphyotrichum firmum
"Aster flaccidus subsp. tsarung" - Aster tsarungensis
"Aster flexilis" - Eurybia divaricata
"Aster foliaceus var. crenifoli" - Symphyotrichum crenifolium
"Aster foliaceus var. cusickii" - Symphyotrichum cusickii
"Aster foliaceus var. eatonii" - Symphyotrichum bracteolatum
"Aster foliaceus var. lyallii" - Symphyotrichum hendersonii
"Aster foliaceus var. subgemina" - Symphyotrichum subgeminatum
"Aster fontinalis" - Symphyotrichum fontinale
"Aster fragilis" - Symphyotrichum racemosum
"Aster frondosus" - Symphyotrichum frondosum
"Aster fruticosus" - Felicia fruticosa
"Aster furcatus" - Eurybia furcata
"Aster furfuraceus" - Olearia furfuracea
"Aster gentryi" - Psilactis gentryi
"Aster georgianus" - Symphyotrichum georgianum
"Aster glabrifolius" - Symphyotrichum glabrifolium
"Aster glaucescens" - Eucephalus glaucescens
"Aster glaucodes" - Eurybia glauca
"Aster glaucodes subsp. pulcher" - Eurybia pulchra
"Aster glaucus var. wasatchensi" - Eurybia wasatchensis
"Aster gormanii" - Eucephalus gormanii
"Aster gracilis" - Eurybia compacta
"Aster grandiflorus" - Symphyotrichum grandiflorum
"Aster greatae" - Symphyotrichum greatae
"Aster gypsophilus" - Symphyotrichum gypsophilum
"Aster hallii" - Symphyotrichum hallii
"Aster hemisphericus" - Eurybia hemispherica
"Aster hendersonii" - Symphyotrichum hendersonii
"Aster hintonii" - Symphyotrichum hintonii
"Aster hispidus" - Heteropappus hispidus
"Aster holophyllus" - Kalimeris integrifolia
"Aster holosericeus" - Celmisia holosericea
"Aster horridus" - Eurybia horrida
"Aster huegelii" - Olearia ciliata
"Aster incisus" - Kalimeris incisa
"Aster incisus var. yomena" - Aster yomena
"Aster infirmus" - Doellingeria infirma
"Aster integrifolius" - Eurybia integrifolia
"Aster jessicae" - Symphyotrichum jessicae
"Aster jonesiae" - Eurybia jonesiae
"Aster junciformis" - Symphyotrichum boreale
"Aster komonoensis" - Doellingeria komonoensis
"Aster laevis" - Symphyotrichum laeve
"Aster lanceolatus ssp simplex" - Symphyotrichum lanceolatum
"Aster lateriflorus" - Symphyotrichum lateriflorum
"Aster lateriflorus P" - Symphyotrichum lateriflorum Prince
"Aster lateriflorus v horizonta" - Symphyotrichum lateriflorum v horizontalis
"Aster laurentianus" - Symphyotrichum laurentianum
"Aster lautureanus" - Boltonia lautureana
"Aster laxiflorus var. borealis" - Symphyotrichum boreale
"Aster ledophyllus" - Eucephalus ledophyllus
"Aster leiodes" - Machaeranthera canescens
"Aster lemmonii" - Symphyotrichum potosinum
"Aster lentus" - Symphyotrichum lentum
"Aster leonis" - Symphyotrichum leone
"Aster likiangensis" - Aster asteroides
"Aster linariifolius" - Ionactis linariifolia
"Aster linariifolius" - Symphyotrichum linariifolium
"Aster lindleyanus" - Symphyotrichum ciliolatum
"Aster liratus" - Olearia lirata
"Aster longifolius" - Symphyotrichum longifolium
"Aster longipetiolatus" - Doellingeria longipetiolata
"Aster lowrieanus" - Symphyotrichum lowrieanum
"Aster lucayanus" - Symphyotrichum lucayanum
"Aster lucidulus" - Symphyotrichum firmum
"Aster macrophyllus" - Eurybia macrophylla
"Aster marchandii" - Doellingeria marchandii
"Aster maritimus" - Aster tripolium b.s.
"Aster martii" - Symphyotrichum martii
"Aster meritus" - Eurybia merita
"Aster minor" - Solidago parryi
"Aster miquelianus" - Doellingeria japonica
"Aster mirabilis" - Eurybia mirabilis
"Aster modestus" - Canadanthus modestus
"Aster mohrii" - Symphyotrichum undulatum
"Aster mollis" - Symphyotrichum molle
"Aster mongolicus" - Kalimeris mongolica
"Aster moranensis" - Symphyotrichum moranense
"Aster myrsinoides" - Olearia myrsinoides
"Aster n.-a. & n. belgii" - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae - belgii mixed
"Aster n.-a. P C" - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae Purple Cloud
"Aster n.-a. S R" - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae September Rubin
"Aster n.-b. NH" - Symphyotrichum novi-belgii New Hybrids
"Aster nemoralis" - Oclemena nemoralis
"Aster novae - belgiae rose" - Symphyotrichum novae-belgiae rose
"Aster novae - belgiae white" - Symphyotrichum novae-belgiae white
"Aster novae - belgiae new hybr" - Symphyotrichum novae-belgiae new hybrids mix
"Aster novae-angliae" - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae
"Aster novae-angliae pink" - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae pink form
"Aster novae-angliae red shade" - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae red shades
"Aster novae-angliae A A P" - Syphyotrichum novae-angliae Andenken an Alma Poets
"Aster novae-angliae D E" - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae Dr Eckener
"Aster novae-angliae H" - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae Herbstschnee
"Aster novae-angliae L" - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae Lucida
"Aster novae-angliae L E B" - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae Lye End Beauty
"Aster novae-angliae mix" - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae mixed
"Aster novae-angliae nat var pi" - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae nat var pink
"Aster novi-belgii" - Symphyotrichum novi-belgii
"Aster novi-belgii mix" - Symphyotrichum novi-belgii new mix
"Aster oblongifolius" - Symphyotrichum oblongifolium
"Aster ontarionis" - Symphyotrichum ontarione
"Aster oolentangiensis" - Symphyotrichum oolentangiense
"Aster oregonensis" - Sericocarpus oregonensis
"Aster palmeri" - Neonesomia palmeri
"Aster paludosus" - Eurybia paludosa
"Aster paludosus subsp. hemisph" - Eurybia hemispherica
"Aster paludosus subsp. paludos" - Eurybia paludosa
"Aster pannonicus" - Tripolium pannonicum
"Aster pappei" - Felicia amoena
"Aster parryi" - Xylorhiza glabriuscula
"Aster parviceps" - Symphyotrichum parviceps
"Aster patagonicus" - Symphyotrichum patagonicum
"Aster patens var. georgianus" - Symphyotrichum georgianum
"Aster patens var. phlogifolius" - Symphyotrichum phlogifolium
"Aster paternus" - Sericocarpus asteroides
"Aster pattersonii" - Machaeranthera bigelovii
"Aster paucicapitatus" - Eucephalus paucicapitatus
"Aster paucidentatus" - Olearia paucidentata
"Aster pauciflorus" - Almutaster pauciflorus
"Aster peirsonii" - Oreostemma peirsonii
"Aster peregrinus" - Erigeron peregrinus
"Aster perelegans" - Eucephalus elegans
"Aster peteroanus" - Symphyotrichum peteroanum
"Aster phlogifolius" - Symphyotrichum phlogifolium
"Aster phyllolepis" - Symphyotrichum pratense
"Aster pilosus" - Symphyotrichum pilosum
"Aster pilosus var. priceae" - Symphyotrichum priceae
"Aster porteri" - Symphyotrichum porteri
"Aster potosinus" - Symphyotrichum potosinum
"Aster praealtus" - Symphyotrichum praealtum
"Aster pratensis" - Symphyotrichum pratense
"Aster prenanthoides" - Symphyotrichum prenanthoides
"Aster priceae" - Symphyotrichum priceae
"Aster ptarmicoides" - Solidago ptarmicoides
"Aster punctatus" - Aster sedifolius
"Aster puniceus" - Symphyotrichus puniceum v puniceum
"Aster puniceus var. elliottii" - Symphyotrichum elliottii
"Aster puniceus var. firmus" - Symphyotrichum firmum
"Aster puniceus var. lucidulus" - Symphyotrichum firmum
"Aster pygmaeus" - Eurybia pygmaea
"Aster racemosus" - Symphyotrichum racemosum
"Aster radula" - Eurybia radula
"Aster radulinus" - Eurybia radulinus
"Aster regnellii" - Symphyotrichum regnellii
"Aster reticulatus" - Oclemena reticulata
"Aster retroflexus" - Symphyotrichum retroflexum
"Aster richardsonii" - Eurybia sibirica
"Aster rotundifolius" - Felicia amelloides
"Aster rugulosus" - Doellingeria rugulosa
"Aster sagittifolius" - Symphyotrichum sagittifolium
"Aster saxicastellii" - Eurybia saxicastellii
"Aster scaber" - Doellingeria scabra
"Aster schaffneri" - Symphyotrichum schaffneri
"Aster schreberi" - Eurybia schreberi
"Aster scopulorum" - Ionactis alpina
"Aster sericeus" - Symphyotrichum sericeum
"Aster sericeus var. microphyll" - Symphyotrichum pratense
"Aster sericocarpoides" - Doellingeria sericocarpoides
"Aster shortii" - Symphyotrichum shortii
"Aster sibiricus" - Eurybia sibirica
"Aster sibiricus var. subintege" - Eurybia sibirica
"Aster simmondsii" - Symphyotrichum simmondsii
"Aster simplex" - Symphyotrichum lanceolatum
"Aster sohayakiensis" - Doellingeria sohayakiensis
"Aster solidagineus" - Sericocarpus linifolius
"Aster spectabilis" - Eurybia spectabilis
"Aster spinosus" - Chloracantha spinosa
"Aster spinulosus" - Eurybia spinulosa
"Aster squamatus var. graminifo" - Symphyotrichum graminifolium
"Aster stenomeres" - Ionactis stenomeres
"Aster stuartii" - Olearia stuartii
"Aster subcaeruleus" - Aster tongolensis
"Aster subcaeruleus 'Wart.'" - Aster tongolensis Wartburg Star
"Aster subcoeruleus" - Aster tongolensis
"Aster subintegerrimus" - Eurybia sibirica
"Aster subspicatus" - Symphyotrichum subspicatum
"Aster surculosus" - Eurybia surculosa
"Aster tanacetifolia" - Machaeranthera tanacetifolia
"Aster tanacetifolius" - Machaeranthera tanacetifolia
"Aster tenuifolius" - Aster pilosus v demotus
"Aster texanus" - Symphyotrichum drummondii
"Aster tortifolius" - Sericocarpus tortifolius
"Aster tradescantii" - Symphyotrichum tradescantii
"Aster trilineatus" - Symphyotrichum trilineatum
"Aster trinervius var. viscidul" - Aster viscidulus
"Aster turbinellus" - Symphyotrichum turbinellum
"Aster uliginosus" - Felicia uliginosa
"Aster umbellatus" - Doellingeria umbellata
"Aster undulatus" - Symphyotrichum undulatum
"Aster urophyllus" - Symphyotrichum urophyllum
"Aster vialis" - Eucephalus vialis
"Aster vimineus" - Symphyotrichum racemosum
"Aster walteri" - Symphyotrichum walteri
"Aster wasatchensis" - Eurybia wasatchensis
"Aster welshii" - Symphyotrichum welshii
"Aster yukonensis" - Symphyotrichum yukonense
"Asteracantha longifolia" - Hygrophila auriculata
"Asterochiton pygmaeus" - Thomasia pygmaea
"Beccariophoenix 'Eastern'" - Beccariophoenix fenestralis (sp. name unresolved)
"Boltonia asteroides var. decur" - Boltonia decurrens
"C.buddleoides x cotoneaster" - Corokia virgata x
"Casuarina pinaster" - Allocasuarina pinaster
"Cineraria Nana Masterpiece Mix" - Pericallis Nana Masterpiece Mixed
"Conyza asteroides" - Sericocarpus asteroides
"Coryphantha asterias" - Coryphantha ottonis
"Cotoneaster adpressus v praeco" - Cotoneaster nanshan
"Cotoneaster adpressus var. pra" - Cotoneaster hybrid
"Cotoneaster affinis f. obtusus" - Cotoneaster bacillaris
"Cotoneaster affinis var. bacil" - Cotoneaster bacillaris
"Cotoneaster angustifolius" - Pyracantha angustifolia
"Cotoneaster applanata" - Cotoneaster dielsianus c.s.
"Cotoneaster applanatus" - Cotoneaster dielsianus c.s.
"Cotoneaster bacillaris var. ob" - Cotoneaster bacillaris
"Cotoneaster cooperi" - Cotoneaster bacillaris
"Cotoneaster coreana" - Symplocos sawafutagi
"Cotoneaster denticulatus" - Amelanchier denticulata
"Cotoneaster distichus var. ton" - Cotoneaster nitidus
"Cotoneaster fontanesii" - Cotoneaster racemiflorus
"Cotoneaster frigidus x salicif" - Cotoneaster watereri x Cornubia
"Cotoneaster humifusus" - Cotoneaster dammeri
"Cotoneaster hupehensis" - Cotoneaster silvestrii
"Cotoneaster hybridus var. pend" - Cotoneaster hybrid
"Cotoneaster koidzumii" - Pyracantha koidzumii
"Cotoneaster lindleyi" - Cotoneaster insignis
"Cotoneaster lucidus" - Cotoneaster acutifolius
"Cotoneaster megalocarpus" - Cotoneaster ignavus
"Cotoneaster melanocarpus" - Cotoneaster niger
"Cotoneaster microphyllus var. " - Cotoneaster rotundifolius
"Cotoneaster microphyllus var. " - Cotoneaster microphyllus
"Cotoneaster microphyllus var. " - Cotoneaster microphyllus
"Cotoneaster multiflorus var. c" - Cotoneaster calocarpus
"Cotoneaster multiflorus var. g" - Cotoneaster granatensis
"Cotoneaster nanshan" - Cotoneaster hybrid
"Cotoneaster nummularius var. s" - Cotoneaster soongoricus
"Cotoneaster obtusus" - Cotoneaster bacillaris
"Cotoneaster parneyi" - Cotoneaster lacteus
"Cotoneaster praecox" - Cotoneaster hybrid
"Cotoneaster prostratus" - Cotoneaster rotundifolius
"Cotoneaster pseudomultiflorus" - Cotoneaster ignavus
"Cotoneaster racemiflorus var. " - Cotoneaster nummularius
"Cotoneaster racemiflorus var. " - Cotoneaster soongoricus
"Cotoneaster racemiflorus var. " - Cotoneaster silvestrii
"Cotoneaster racemiflorus var. " - Cotoneaster nummularius
"Cotoneaster roylei" - Cotoneaster acuminatus
"Cotoneaster rugosus var. henry" - Cotoneaster henryanus
"Cotoneaster salicifolius var. " - Cotoneaster henryanus
"Cotoneaster soulieanus" - Cotoneaster nitidus
"Cotoneaster tomentosus" - Cotoneaster nebrodensis
"Cypripedium mastersianum" - Paphiopedilum mastersianum
"Dombeya mastersii" - Dombeya burgessiae
"Erigeron asteroides" - Astragalus nuttallii
"Gasteria antandroi" - Aloe antandroi
"Gasteria bicolor" - Gasteria obliqua
"Gasteria bicolor Liliputana" - Gasteria obliqua Liliputana
"Gasteria brachyphylla ssp. bra" - Gasteria brachyphylla
"Gasteria fuscopunctata" - Gasteria acinacifolia
"Gasteria loeriensis" - Gasteria obliqua
"Gasteria lutzii" - Gasteria acinacifolia
"Gasteria maculata" - Gasteria obliqua
"Gasteria natalensis" - Gasteria croucheri
"Gasteria poellnitziana" - Gasteria pulchra
"Gymnocalycium asterium" - Gymnocalycium stellatum asterium
"Heterochaeta asteroides" - Aster asteroides
"Lupinaster macrocephalus" - Trifolium macrocephalum
"M.gasterantha IOS 01171" - Mammillaria spinosissima Iguala Guerr.
"Matricaria asteroides" - Boltonia asteroides
"Olea oleaster" - Olea europaea
"Pentagonaster baxteri" - Kunzea baxteri
"Phebalium asteriscophorum" - Asterolasia astericophora
"Pyrus pyraster" - Pyrus communis
"Trifolium lupinaster var. albi" - Trifolium lupinaster
"Wardaster lanaginosus" - Aster lanuginosus

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