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"Avonia alb" - Anacampseros albissima e Springbok
"Avonia alb" - Anacampseros albissima Smorenskadu
"Avonia alb" - Anacampseros albissima Aus Namibia
"Avonia albissima" - Anacampseros albissima
"Avonia albissima A" - Anacampseros albissima Ariamsvlei white scaly
"Avonia albissima e Kuruman" - Anacampseros albissima e Kuruman
"Avonia albissima multiramosa" - Anacampseros albissima Multiramosa
"Avonia alstonii" - Anacampseros alstonii
"Avonia dinteri" - Anacampseros dinteri
"Avonia herreana K. Rv." - Anacampseros herreana Kuboos Rv
"Avonia mallei" - Anacampseros mallei
"Avonia papyracea" - Anacampseros papyracea Kinderle
"Avonia papyracea K" - Anacampseros papyracea Klipbok
"Avonia papyracea P" - Anacampseros papyracea Pofadder
"Avonia papyracea ssp n." - Anacampseros papyracea ssp. namaensis
"Avonia quinaria" - Anacampseros quinaria
"Avonia quinaria D" - Anacampseros quinaria Doringwater
"Avonia recurvata" - Anacampseros recurvata Umdaus
"Avonia ruschii" - Anacampseros ruschii
"Avonia ustulata" - Anacampseros ustulata
"Bactris pavoniana" - Acrocomia aculeata svs
"Ferraria pavonia" - Tigridia pavonia
"Gymnanthes pavoniana" - Sebastiania pavoniana
"Moraea pavonia var. villosa" - Moraea villosa
"Pavonia intermedia" - Pavonia gledhillii x
"Pavonia malvacea" - Pavonia sepium
"Pavonia schimperiana" - Pavonia spinifex
"Pavonia sempervirens" - Laurelia sempervirens
"Smilax pavoniana" - Smilax mollis

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