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"Begonia amoena" - Begonia dioica
"Begonia brevicaulis" - Begonia gulinqingensis
"Begonia Chernobyl Pink" - Begonia(semp varieg.) Murano Pink
"Begonia Chernobyl Red" - Begonia(semp varieg.) Murano Red
"Begonia colais" - Stereospermum colais
"Begonia crassirostris" - Begonia longifolia
"Begonia elatior f1 CC" - Begonia(fib) hiemalis f1 Charisma Coral
"Begonia elatior f1 CDR" - Begonia(fib) hiemalis f1 Charisma Deep Rose
"Begonia elatior f1 CP" - Begonia(fib) hiemalis f1 Charisma Pink pellets
"Begonia elatior f1 CS" - Begonia(fib) hiemalis f1 Charisma Scarlet pellets
"Begonia elatior f1 SO" - Begonia(fib) hiemalis f1 Charisma Salmon Orange pe
"Begonia evansiana" - Begonia(tub) grandis ssp evansiana
"Begonia fengii" - Begonia obsolescens
"Begonia floribunda" - Begonia sinofloribunda
"Begonia gesnerioides" - Begonia hekouensis
"Begonia gigantea" - Begonia nepalensis
"Begonia grandis ssp. evansiana" - Begonia grandis Dryand.
"Begonia haageana" - Begonia(fib.)scharffii
"Begonia handelii" - Begonia balansana
"Begonia imperialis x 'Bowkit'" - Begonia(pust.) Magic Lace
"Begonia incana" - Begonia(fib.)peltata
"Begonia incana" - Begonia(fib)peltata
"Begonia incana" - Begonia(fib) peltata
"Begonia inflata" - Begonia longifolia
"Begonia laciniata" - Begonia(tub) palmata
"Begonia laciniata var. formosa" - Begonia formosana
"Begonia limmingheiana" - Begonia(fib.)radicans
"Begonia limmingheiana" - Begonia(rhiz) radicans
"Begonia lubbersii hyb." - Begonia(fib) Lubbergei
"Begonia macdanielsii" - Begonia palmeri
"Begonia macrophylla" - Begonia obliqua
"Begonia maxima" - Begonia fusca
"Begonia metachroa" - Begonia involucrata
"Begonia mexiae" - Begonia stigmosa
"Begonia myriantha" - Begonia parviflora
"Begonia natalensis" - Begonia dregei
"Begonia nitida v odorata" - Begonia(fib.)odorata
"Begonia patula" - Begonia fischeri
"Begonia pingbienensis" - Begonia alveolata
"Begonia pseudisoptera" - Begonia wrayi
"Begonia quadrilocularis" - Begonia egregia
"Begonia rhodophylla" - Begonia guishanensis
"Begonia richardsiana" - Begonia dregei
"Begonia rubronervia" - Begonia hatacoa
"Begonia rubrovenia" - Begonia hatacoa
"Begonia sarcophylla" - Begonia sartorii
"Begonia semperflorens hyb." - Begonia(fib) Tea Rose
"Begonia sinobrevicaulis" - Begonia gulinqingensis
"Begonia solananthera hyb." - Begonia(fib) Potpourri
"Begonia tarokoensis" - Begonia formosana
"Begonia tetragona" - Begonia acetosella
"Begonia tricornis" - Begonia longifolia
"Begonia trisulcata" - Begonia longifolia
"Begonia tsaii" - Begonia setifolia
"Begonia unifolia" - Begonia monophylla
"Begonia vellozoana" - Begonia olsoniae
"Begonia xinyiensis" - Begonia balansana
"Begonia(fib.)macrocarpa" - Begonia(fib)bradei
"Symbegonia arfakensis" - Begonia arfakensis
"Symbegonia beccarii" - Begonia symbeccarii
"Symbegonia bracteosa" - Begonia symbracteosa
"Symbegonia fulvovillosa" - Begonia fulvovillosa
"Symbegonia geraniifolia" - Begonia symgeraniifolia
"Symbegonia hirta" - Begonia symhirta
"Symbegonia mooreana" - Begonia mooreana
"Symbegonia papuana" - Begonia sympapuana
"Symbegonia parvifolia" - Begonia symparvifolia
"Symbegonia pulchera" - Begonia pulchera
"Symbegonia sanguinea" - Begonia symsanguinea
"Symbegonia strigosa" - Begonia strigosa

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