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"Brodiaea candida" - Triteleia laxa
"Brodiaea congesta" - Dichelostemma congestum
"Brodiaea douglasii" - Triteleia grandiflora
"Brodiaea hyacinthina" - Triteleia brodiaea
"Brodiaea ida-maia" - Dichelostemma ida-maia
"Brodiaea ixioides" - Leucocoryne ixioides
"Brodiaea ixioides Starlight" - Triteleia ixioides Starlight
"Brodiaea lactea" - Triteleia hyacinthina
"Brodiaea lactea var. lilacina" - Triteleia lilacina
"Brodiaea laxa" - Triteleia laxa
"Brodiaea laxa Queen F." - Triteleia laxa Konigin Fabiola
"Brodiaea multiflora" - Dichelostemma multiflorum
"Brodiaea peduncularis" - Triteleia peduncularis
"Brodiaea pulchella" - Dichelostemma capitatum
"Brodiaea purdyii" - Brodiaea minor violet
"Brodiaea uniflora" - Tristagma uniflorum

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