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"Bryophyllum adelae" - Kalanchoe adelae
"Bryophyllum aliciae" - Kalanchoe pubescens
"Bryophyllum ambrense" - Kalanchoe uniflora
"Bryophyllum beauverdii" - Kalanchoe beauverdii
"Bryophyllum bouvetii" - Kalanchoe bouvetii
"Bryophyllum calycinum" - Kalanchoe pinnata
"Bryophyllum costantinii" - Kalanchoe beauverdii
"Bryophyllum crenatum" - Kalanchoe laxiflora
"Bryophyllum daigremontianum" - Kalanchoe daigremontiana
"Bryophyllum delagoense" - Kalanchoe delagonensis
"Bryophyllum gastonis-bonnieri" - Kalanchoe gastonis-bonnieri
"Bryophyllum juelii" - Kalanchoe beauverdii
"Bryophyllum lauzac-marchaliae" - Kalanchoe serrata
"Bryophyllum macrochlamys" - Kalanchoe macrochlamys
"Bryophyllum manginii" - Kalanchoe manginii
"Bryophyllum miniatum" - Kalanchoe miniata
"Bryophyllum pinnatum" - Kalanchoe pinnata
"Bryophyllum porphyrocalyx" - Kalanchoe porphyrocalyx
"Bryophyllum proliferum" - Kalanchoe prolifera
"Bryophyllum pubescens" - Kalanchoe pubescens
"Bryophyllum rolandi-bonapartei" - Kalanchoe rolandi-bonapartei
"Bryophyllum rosei" - Kalanchoe rosei
"Bryophyllum scandens" - Kalanchoe beauverdii
"Bryophyllum schizophyllum" - Kalanchoe schizophylla
"Bryophyllum streptanthum" - Kalanchoe streptantha
"Bryophyllum suarezense" - Kalanchoe suarezensis
"Bryophyllum sulphureum" - Kalanchoe porphyrocalyx
"Bryophyllum tsaratananense" - Kalanchoe rolandi-bonapartei
"Bryophyllum tubiflorum" - Kalanchoe delagonensis
"Bryophyllum uniflorum" - Kalanchoe uniflora
"Bryophyllum verticillatum" - Kalanchoe delagonensis

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