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"Cabi paraensis" - Callaeum antifebrile
"Centaurea scabiosa ssp alpestr" - Centaurea alpestris
"Centaurea scabiosa var. vertes" - Centaurea scabiosa
"Clematopsis scabiosifolia" - Clematis villosa
"Conyza scabiosifolia" - Conyza primulifolia
"Scabiosa alpina" - Cephalaria alpina
"Scabiosa argentea" - Lomelosia argentea
"Scabiosa argentea" - Scabiosa ucranica
"Scabiosa arvensis" - Knautia arvensis
"Scabiosa columbaria 'Alpina N." - Scabiosa columbaria Nana Pincushion Blue
"Scabiosa cretica Argentea" - Scabiosa cretica silvery leaved form
"Scabiosa fischeri" - Scabiosa comosa
"Scabiosa flava" - Cephalaria flava
"Scabiosa gigantea" - Cephalaria gigantea
"Scabiosa hookeri" - Pterocephalodes hookeri
"Scabiosa joppensis" - Cephalaria joppensis
"Scabiosa leucantha" - Cephalaria leucantha
"Scabiosa lyrophylla" - Knautia macedonica
"Scabiosa mansenensis" - Scabiosa tschiliensis
"Scabiosa orientalis" - Knautia orientalis
"Scabiosa papposa" - Pterocephalus plumosus
"Scabiosa rumelica" - Knautia macedonica
"Scabiosa rumellica" - Knautia macedonica
"Scabiosa sicula" - Scabiosa divaricata
"Scabiosa succisa" - Succisa pratensis
"Scabiosa syriaca" - Cephalaria syriaca hort.
"Scabiosa taurica" - Scabiosa argentea
"Scabiosa transsylvanica" - Cephalaria transsylvanica
"Scabiosa ucranica" - Lomelosia argentea

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