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"Calamintha acinos" - Acinos alpinus
"Calamintha acinos" - Acinos arvensis
"Calamintha alpina" - Acinos alpinus
"Calamintha ascendens err." - Calamintha menthifolia
"Calamintha canescens" - Conradina canescens
"Calamintha clinopodium" - Clinopodium vulgare
"Calamintha cretica" - Clinopodium creticum
"Calamintha grandiflora" - Clinopodium grandiflorum
"Calamintha grandiflora B.C." - Clinopodium grandiflorum Blaze Carpet
"Calamintha grandiflora V." - Clinopodium grandiflorum Variegata
"Calamintha ilicifolia" - Acanthomintha ilicifolia
"Calamintha menthifolia" - Acinos alpinus
"Calamintha nep. ssp gland. b" - Clinopodium nepeta ssp glandulosum b
"Calamintha nep. ssp. nep. W C" - Clinopodium nepeta ssp nepeta White Cloud
"Calamintha nepeta" - Clinopodium nepeta
"Calamintha nepeta org." - Clinopodium nepeta organic seeds
"Calamintha nepetoides" - Clinopodium nepeta ssp glandulosum
"Calamintha nepetoides" - Clinopodium nepeta
"Calamintha officinalis" - Acinos alpinus
"Calamintha officinalis" - Clinopodium nepeta
"Calamintha officinalis" - Clinopodium nepeta ssp glandulosum
"Calamintha officinalis err." - Calamintha menthifolia
"Calamintha sylvatica" - Calamintha menthifolia
"Calamintha sylvatica" - Clinopodium nepeta ssp glandulosum
"Calamintha sylvatica v. ascend" - Calamintha ascendens
"Calamintha umbrosa" - Clinopodium umbrosum
"Clinopodium calamintha" - Clinopodium nepeta
"Satureja calamintha" - Clinopodium grandiflorum
"Satureja calamintha" - Clinopodium nepeta

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