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"Acorus calamus Americanus" - Acorus americanus
"Acorus calamus Lour" - Acorus gramineus
"Acorus calamus var. americanus" - Acorus americanus
"Calamus blumei" - Calamus rhomboideus
"Calamus draco" - Daemonorops draco
"Calamus grandis" - Daemonorops grandis
"Calamus margaritae" - Daemonorops margaritae
"Calamus mollis" - Daemonorops mollis
"Calamus roxburghii" - Calamus rotang
"Calamus vanuatuensis" - Calamus vitiensis
"Calamus zalacca" - Salacca zalacca
"Dencrocalamus maximuslamina L" - Dendrocalamus maximuslamina svs
"Dendrocalamus barbatus v inter" - Dendrocalamus barbatus svs
"Dendrocalamus macroculmis" - Dendrocalamus aspera svs
"Neosinocalamus affinis" - Bambusa emeiensis svs
"Oreocalamus communis" - Chimonobambusa communis vsvs
"Oreocalamus opienensis" - Chimonobambusa opienensis vsvs
"Oreocalamus puberulus" - Chimonobambusa puberula vsvs
"Oreocalamus rigidulus" - Chimonobambusa rigidula vsvs
"Sinocalamus beecheyanus" - Bambusa beecheyana
"Sinocalamus beecheyanus var. p" - Bambusa beecheyana
"Sinocalamus latiflorus" - Dendrocalamus latiflorus svs
"Sinocalamus microphyllus" - Ampelocalamus microphyllus
"Sinocalamus oldhamii" - Bambusa oldhamii
"Thamnocalamus falconeri" - Himalayacalamus falconeri
"Thamnocalamus spathaceus" - Fargesia spathacea
"Thamnocalamus spathaceus" - Fargesia murielae

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