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"Carex acuta var. nigra" - Carex nigra
"Carex aenea" - Carex foenea
"Carex albula F C err." - Carex comans Frosted Curls
"Carex bellardii" - Kobresia myosuroides
"Carex compacta" - Carex vulpina
"Carex conica 'Variegata'" - Carex conica Snowline
"Carex cuprina" - Carex vulpina ssp otrupae
"Carex desertorum" - Carex pachystylis
"Carex eastwoodiana" - Carex tahoensis
"Carex filiformis" - Carex tomentosa
"Carex flaccosperma glaucodea" - Carex glaucodea
"Carex fraseri" - Cymophyllus fraserianus
"Carex fraseriana" - Cymophyllus fraserianus
"Carex fusanensis" - Carex gifuensis
"Carex glauca" - Carex flacca
"Carex gracilis" - Carex acuta
"Carex grayi" - Carex grayii dup err
"Carex juncea" - Carex ferruginea
"Carex karoi" - Carex delicata
"Carex kelloggii" - Carex lenticularis
"Carex lanuginosa" - Carex lasiocarpa v americana
"Carex lasiocarpa var. latifoli" - Carex pellita
"Carex limnophila" - Carex microptera
"Carex longibracteata" - Carex myosurus
"Carex maxima" - Carex pendula c.s.
"Carex myosuroides" - Kobresia myosuroides
"Carex oshimensis 'Evergold'" - Carex hachijoensis Evergold
"Carex ovalis" - Carex leporina
"Carex paludosa" - Carex acutiformis
"Carex paludosa var. kochiana" - Carex acutiformis
"Carex phaeocephala f. eastwood" - Carex tahoensis
"Carex praecox" - Carex caryophyllea
"Carex praticola var. subcoriac" - Carex praticola
"Carex randalpina" - Carex oenensis
"Carex raymondii" - Carex atratiformis
"Carex refracta" - Carex austroalpina
"Carex rostrata" - Carex utriculata
"Carex secta v tenuiculmis" - Carex tenuiculmis
"Carex serotina" - Carex viridula
"Carex simpliciuscula" - Kobresia simpliciuscula
"Carex stellata" - Carex schiedeana
"Carex stenophylla var. deserto" - Carex pachystylis
"Carex straminea var. brevior" - Carex brevior
"Carex tenuisecta" - Carex tenuiculmis
"Carex testacea P F" - Carex Prairie Fire
"Carex tolmiei" - Carex spectabilis
"Carex ultra" - Carex spissa
"Carex utriculata" - Carex rostrata
"Carex verna" - Carex caryophyllea
"Carex vulgaris" - Carex nigra

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