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"Allocarya hirta" - Plagiobothrys hirtus
"Carya alba" - Carya tomentosa
"Carya alba" - Carya ovata
"Carya australis" - Carya carolinae-septentrionalis
"Carya buckleyi" - Carya texana
"Carya buckleyi var. villosa" - Carya texana
"Carya glabra var. odorata" - Carya ovalis
"Carya ovata var. australis" - Carya carolinae-septentrionalis
"Carya ovata var. carolinae-sep" - Carya carolinae-septentrionalis
"Carya pecan" - Carya illinoinensis
"Carya sinensis" - Annamocarya sinensis
"Cryptocarya agathophylla" - Ravensara aromatica
"Cryptocarya alba" - Cryptocarya rubra
"Cryptocarya aromatica" - Cryptocarya massoy
"Cryptocarya bancroftii" - Beilschmiedia bancroftii
"Cryptocarya berteroana" - Beilschmiedia berteroana
"Cryptocarya obtusifolia" - Beilschmiedia obtusifolia
"Cryptocarya peumus" - Cryptocarya rubra
"Eucarya spicata" - Santalum spicatum
"Hedycarya dentata" - Hedycarya arborea
"Hedycarya scabra" - Hedycarya arborea
"Oreocarya celosioides" - Cryptantha celosioides
"Oreocarya cinerea" - Cryptantha cinerea
"Pterocarya caucasica" - Pterocarya fraxinifolia
"Pterocarya japonica" - Pterocarya stenoptera
"Pterocarya paliurus" - Cyclocarya paliurus
"Pterocarya pterocarpa" - Pterocarya fraxinifolia
"Pterocarya pterocarpa (Michx)K" - Pterocarya pterocarpa (Michx ) Kunth
"Pterocarya sinensis" - Pterocarya stenoptera
"Pterocarya sorbifolia" - Pterocarya rhoifolia
"Sclerocarya birrea" - Sclerocarya birrea ssp. caffra
"Sclerocarya caffra" - Sclerocarya birrea ssp. caffra
"Sphaerocarya edulis" - Pyrularia edulis

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