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"Cassia abbreviata" - Cassia afrofistula
"Cassia abbreviata ssp beareana" - Cassia afrofistula Beareana
"Cassia absus" - Chamaecrista absus
"Cassia acclinis" - Senna acclinis
"Cassia aciphylla" - Senna aciphylla
"Cassia aculeata" - Senna aculeata
"Cassia acutifolia" - Senna alexandrina
"Cassia alata" - Senna alata
"Cassia angulata" - Senna angulata
"Cassia angustifolia" - Senna alexandrina
"Cassia antillana" - Senna nitida
"Cassia appendiculata" - Senna appendiculata
"Cassia armata" - Senna armata
"Cassia artemisioides" - Senna artemisioides
"Cassia artemisoides v. filifol" - Senna artemisioides ssp filifolia
"Cassia aspleniifolia" - Chamaecrista aspleniifolia
"Cassia atomaria" - Senna atomaria
"Cassia auriculata" - Senna auriculata
"Cassia australis" - Senna odorata
"Cassia australis" - Senna australis
"Cassia australis var. revoluta" - Senna aciphylla
"Cassia bacillaris" - Senna bacillaris
"Cassia barclayana" - Senna barclayana
"Cassia bauhinioides" - Senna bauhinioides
"Cassia bauhinoides" - Senna bauhinoides
"Cassia bicapsularis" - Senna bicapsularis
"Cassia biensis" - Chamaecrista biensis
"Cassia biflora" - Senna pallida
"Cassia bonariensis" - Senna corymbosa
"Cassia brasiliana" - Cassia grandis
"Cassia cana" - Senna cana
"Cassia candenatensis" - Dalbergia candenatensis
"Cassia candolleana" - Senna candolleana
"Cassia capensis" - Chamaecrista capensis v capensis
"Cassia carnaval" - Senna spectabilis
"Cassia cathartica" - Chamaecrista cathartica
"Cassia chamaecrista" - Chamaecrista fasciculata
"Cassia chamaecrista var. robus" - Chamaecrista fasciculata
"Cassia chatelainiana" - Senna glutinosa ssp. chatelainiana
"Cassia circinnata" - Senna artemisioides ssp. circinnata
"Cassia coluteoides" - Senna pendula v. glabrata
"Cassia comosa" - Chamaecrista comosa
"Cassia coronilloides" - Senna coronilloides
"Cassia corymbosa" - Senna corymbosa
"Cassia Corymbosa J.B." - Senna corymbosa John Ball
"Cassia costata" - Senna costata
"Cassia covesii" - Senna covesii
"Cassia cultrifolia" - Chamaecrista diphylla
"Cassia deeringiana" - Chamaecrista deeringiana
"Cassia dentata" - Chamaecrista dentata
"Cassia didymobotrya" - Senna didymobotrya
"Cassia diphylla" - Chamaecrista diphylla
"Cassia durangensis" - Senna durangensis
"Cassia elegans" - Senna septemtrionalis
"Cassia emarginata" - Senna bicapsularis
"Cassia eremophila" - Senna artemisioides ssp filifolia
"Cassia eremophila" - Cassia nemophila
"Cassia excelsa" - Cassia fistula
"Cassia fasciculata" - Chamaecrista fasciculata
"Cassia fenarolii" - Chamaecrista fenarolii
"Cassia ferraria" - Senna glutinosa ssp. ferraria
"Cassia flexuosa" - Chamaecrista flexuosa
"Cassia floribunda x" - Senna floribunda
"Cassia florida" - Senna siamea
"Cassia fruticosa" - Senna fruticosa
"Cassia galegifolia" - Senna pallida
"Cassia garrettiana" - Senna garrettiana
"Cassia gaudichaudii" - Senna gaudichaudii
"Cassia glauca" - Senna surattensis
"Cassia glauca" - Senna sulfurea
"Cassia glauca or gaudichaudi" - Cassia Kalamona
"Cassia glutinosa" - Senna glutinosa ssp. glutinosa
"Cassia gracilior" - Chamaecrista gracilior
"Cassia hebecarpa" - Senna hebecarpa
"Cassia helmsii" - Senna artemisioides ssp helmsii
"Cassia hispidula" - Chamaecrista hispidula
"Cassia hochstetteri" - Chamaecrista dimidiata
"Cassia holosericea" - Senna holosericea
"Cassia hybrida" - Senna floribunda
"Cassia italica" - Senna italica
"Cassia katangensis" - Chamaecrista katangensis
"Cassia katangensis var. biensi" - Chamaecrista biensis
"Cassia kirkii var. quarrei" - Chamaecrista stricta
"Cassia kleinii" - Chamaecrista kleinii
"Cassia laeta" - Senna mollissima
"Cassia laevigata" - Senna septemtrionalis
"Cassia lanceolata" - Senna alexandrina
"Cassia latifolia" - Senna latifolia
"Cassia leandrii" - Senna leandrii
"Cassia leiantha" - Chamaecrista hispidula
"Cassia marginata" - Cassia roxburghii
"Cassia marilandica" - Senna marilandica
"Cassia marilandica" - Caesalpinia pulcherrima
"Cassia marilandica v medsgeri" - Senna marilandica v. medsgeri
"Cassia medsgeri" - Senna marilandica v. medsgeri
"Cassia mimosoides" - Chamaecrista mimosoides
"Cassia mimosoides var. dimidia" - Chamaecrista dimidiata
"Cassia mimosoides var. nomame" - Chamaecrista dimidiata
"Cassia mollissima" - Senna mollissima
"Cassia multiglandulosa" - Senna multiglandulosa
"Cassia multijuga" - Senna multijuga
"Cassia nemophila" - Senna artemisioides ssp filifolia
"Cassia nemophila v coriacea" - Senna artemisioides ssp. coriacea
"Cassia nemophila v platypoda" - Senna artemisioides ssp petiolaris
"Cassia nemophila v zygophylla" - Senna artemisioides ssp zygophylla
"Cassia nicaraguensis" - Senna nicaraguensis
"Cassia nictitans" - Chamaecrista nictitans
"Cassia nitida" - Senna nitida
"Cassia nodosa" - Cassia javanica
"Cassia nomame" - Chamaecrista dimidiata
"Cassia notabilis" - Senna notabilis
"Cassia obovata" - Senna italica
"Cassia obtusifolia" - Senna obtusifolia
"Cassia occidentalis" - Senna occidentalis
"Cassia odorata" - Senna odorata
"Cassia oligophylla" - Senna artemisioides ssp oligophylla
"Cassia pallida" - Senna pallida
"Cassia parva" - Chamaecrista parva
"Cassia petersiana" - Senna petersiana
"Cassia phyllodinea" - Senna phyllodinea
"Cassia pilifer" - Senna pilifera
"Cassia planisiliqua" - Senna occidentalis
"Cassia planitiicola" - Senna planitiicola
"Cassia pleurocarpa" - Senna pleurocarpa v. pleurocarpa
"Cassia pleurocarpa v angust." - Senna pleurocarpa v. angustifolia
"Cassia podocarpa" - Senna podocarpa
"Cassia polyphylla" - Senna polyphylla
"Cassia pruinosa" - Senna glutinosa ssp. pruinosa
"Cassia pumila" - Chamaecrista pumila
"Cassia purpurea" - Senna purpurea
"Cassia quarrei" - Chamaecrista stricta
"Cassia quinquangulata" - Senna quinquangulata
"Cassia racemosa" - Senna racemosa
"Cassia repens" - Chamaecrista repens
"Cassia reticulata" - Senna reticulata
"Cassia retusa" - Senna gaudichaudii
"Cassia revoluta" - Senna aciphylla
"Cassia robusta" - Chamaecrista robusta
"Cassia schultesii" - Senna odorata
"Cassia senna" - Senna alexandrina
"Cassia septemtrionalis" - Senna septemtrionalis
"Cassia sericea" - Senna uniflora
"Cassia serpens" - Chamaecrista serpens
"Cassia siamea" - Senna siamea
"Cassia singueana" - Senna singueana prov. Dakawa Tanzania
"Cassia sophera" - Senna sophera
"Cassia spectabilis" - Senna spectabilis
"Cassia stipulacea" - Senna stipulacea
"Cassia sturtii" - Senna artemisioides ssp sturtii
"Cassia suffruticosa" - Senna suffruticosa
"Cassia surattensis" - Senna surattensis
"Cassia tagera" - Chamaecrista kunthiana
"Cassia tetraphylla" - Chamaecrista hispidula
"Cassia timoriensis" - Senna timoriensis
"Cassia tomentosa" - Senna multiglandulosa
"Cassia tora" - Senna obtusifolia
"Cassia torosa" - Senna sophera
"Cassia undulata" - Senna undulata
"Cassia uniflora" - Senna uniflora
"Cassia venusta" - Senna venusta
"Cassia viarum" - Senna viarum
"Cassia viminea" - Senna viminea
"Cassia wislizeni" - Senna wislizeni
"Cassia wittei" - Chamaecrista wittei
"Cassia zambesica" - Chamaecrista zambesica
"Helichrysum cassianum (err)" - Schoenia cassiniana Rose Beauty
"Laurus cassia" - Neolitsea cassia

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