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"Castalia alba" - Nymphaea alba
"Castalia amazonum" - Nymphaea amazonum
"Castalia ampla" - Nymphaea ampla
"Castalia biradiata" - Nymphaea candida
"Castalia blanda" - Nymphaea glandulifera
"Castalia candida" - Nymphaea candida
"Castalia colchica" - Nymphaea candida
"Castalia edulis" - Nymphaea pubescens
"Castalia elegans" - Nymphaea elegans
"Castalia flava" - Nymphaea mexicana
"Castalia gibertii" - Nymphaea jamesoniana
"Castalia gigantea" - Nymphaea gigantea
"Castalia gracilis" - Nymphaea gracilis
"Castalia jamesoniana" - Nymphaea jamesoniana
"Castalia leibergii" - Nymphaea leibergii
"Castalia lotus" - Nymphaea lotus
"Castalia magnifica" - Nymphaea pubescens
"Castalia mexicana" - Nymphaea mexicana
"Castalia minoriflora" - Nymphaea alba
"Castalia mystica" - Nymphaea lotus
"Castalia pubescens" - Nymphaea pubescens
"Castalia pulchella" - Nymphaea pulchella
"Castalia rudgeana" - Nymphaea rudgeana
"Castalia sacra" - Nymphaea pubescens
"Castalia semiaperta" - Nymphaea candida
"Castalia speciosa" - Nymphaea alba
"Castalia tetragona var. leiber" - Nymphaea leibergii
"Castalia thermalis" - Nymphaea lotus

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