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"Celastrus acuminatus" - Maytenus acuminata
"Celastrus articulatus" - Celastrus orbiculatus
"Celastrus buxifolius" - Gymnosporia buxifolia
"Celastrus cassinoides" - Gymnosporia cassinoides
"Celastrus diversifolius" - Gymnosporia diversifolia
"Celastrus edulis" - Catha edulis
"Celastrus loeseneri" - Celastrus rosthornianus
"Celastrus macrocarpus" - Maytenus macrocarpa
"Celastrus maytenus" - Maytenus boaria
"Celastrus myrtifolius" - Prunus myrtifolia
"Celastrus pyracanthus" - Putterlickia pyracantha
"Celastrus quadrangulatus" - Maytenus quadrangulata
"Celastrus rhombifolius" - Iodina rhombifolia
"Celastrus senegalensis" - Gymnosporia senegalensis
"Celastrus spiciformis" - Celastrus vaniotii
"Celastrus undatus" - Maytenus undata
"Pterocelastrus marginatus" - Peripterygia marginata

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