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"Cerasus acuminata" - Prunus undulata
"Cerasus alaica" - Prunus alaica
"Cerasus avium" - Prunus avium
"Cerasus avium var. aspleniifol" - Prunus avium
"Cerasus capuli" - Prunus serotina ssp. capuli
"Cerasus cerasoides" - Prunus cerasoides svs
"Cerasus clarofolia" - Prunus clarofolia
"Cerasus conradinae" - Prunus conradinae
"Cerasus cornuta" - Prunus cornuta
"Cerasus dielsiana" - Prunus dielsiana
"Cerasus emarginata" - Prunus emarginata
"Cerasus erythrocarpa" - Prunus bifrons
"Cerasus fontanesiana" - Prunus mahaleb
"Cerasus fruticosa" - Prunus fruticosa
"Cerasus fruticosus" - Prunus fruticosa
"Cerasus glandulifolia" - Prunus glandulifolia
"Cerasus glandulosa" - Prunus glandulosa
"Cerasus humilis" - Prunus humilis
"Cerasus humilis" - Prunus prostrata
"Cerasus ilicifolia" - Prunus ilicifolia
"Cerasus jacquemontii" - Prunus jacquemontii
"Cerasus japonica" - Prunus japonica
"Cerasus laurocerasus" - Prunus laurocerasus
"Cerasus mahaleb" - Prunus mahaleb
"Cerasus maximowiczii" - Prunus maximowiczii
"Cerasus microcarpa" - Prunus microcarpa
"Cerasus napaulensis" - Prunus napaulensis
"Cerasus pensylvanica" - Prunus pensylvanica
"Cerasus pleiocerasus" - Prunus pleiocerasus
"Cerasus prostrata" - Prunus prostrata
"Cerasus prostrata var. concolo" - Prunus prostrata
"Cerasus pseudocerasus" - Prunus pseudocerasus
"Cerasus puddum" - Prunus cerasoides svs
"Cerasus sachalinensis" - Prunus sargentii
"Cerasus serrula" - Prunus serrula
"Cerasus serrulata" - Prunus serrulata
"Cerasus setulosa" - Prunus setulosa
"Cerasus spachiana" - Prunus subhirtella
"Cerasus stipulacea" - Prunus stipulacea
"Cerasus subhirtella" - Prunus subhirtella
"Cerasus tomentosa" - Prunus tomentosa
"Cerasus trichostoma" - Prunus trichostoma
"Cerasus turcomanica" - Prunus turcomanica
"Cerasus vulgaris" - Prunus cerasus Evans
"Laurocerasus acuminata" - Prunus undulata
"Laurocerasus caroliniana" - Prunus caroliniana c.s.
"Laurocerasus ilicifolia" - Prunus ilicifolia
"Laurocerasus jenkinsii" - Prunus jenkinsii
"Laurocerasus lusitanica" - Prunus lusitanica hort.
"Laurocerasus officinalis" - Prunus laurocerasus
"Laurocerasus ottinii" - Prunus laurocerasus
"Laurocerasus phaeosticta" - Prunus phaeosticta
"Laurocerasus spinulosa" - Prunus spinulosa
"Laurocerasus undulata" - Prunus undulata
"Laurocerasus vulgaris" - Prunus laurocerasus
"Laurocerasus zippeliana" - Prunus zippeliana
"Prunus cerasus ssp acida" - Prunus cerasus Evans
"Prunus cerasus var. avium" - Prunus avium
"Prunus cerasus var. pumila" - Prunus fruticosa
"Prunus chamaecerasus" - Prunus fruticosa
"Prunus pseudocerasus var. sach" - Prunus sargentii

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