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"Cineraria amelloides" - Felicia amelloides
"Cineraria brasiliensis" - Senecio brasiliensis
"Cineraria Brilliant Mixed" - Pericallis Brilliant Mixed
"Cineraria canadensis" - Erechtites hieracifolia
"Cineraria Cindy Mixed" - Pericallis Cindy Mixed
"Cineraria congesta" - Senecio congestus hort.
"Cineraria cruenta" - Pericallis cruenta
"Cineraria cruenta Daruma" - Pericallis Daruma
"Cineraria cruenta Feltham Star" - Pericallis Feltham Star
"Cineraria cruentus Jester Mix" - Pericallis f1 Jester Mixed
"Cineraria Cupid Mixed" - Pericallis Cupid Mixed miniature
"Cineraria Erfurt Mixed" - Pericallis Erfurt dwarf mixed
"Cineraria Giant Rainbow" - Pericallis Giant Rainbow
"Cineraria hybrida D B" - Pericallis hybrida Dreams Blue
"Cineraria incana" - Gynoxys incana
"Cineraria Jester Mixed" - Pericallis Jester Mixed
"Cineraria Jubilee Mixed" - Pericallis Jubilee Mixed
"Cineraria lucida" - Senecio lucidus
"Cineraria lyrata" - Cineraria lyratiformis
"Cineraria macrophylla" - Ligularia macrophylla
"Cineraria maritima" - Jacobaea maritima
"Cineraria maritima" - Senecio cineraria
"Cineraria maritima Candicans" - Senecio cineraria Candicans
"Cineraria maritima Cirrus" - Senecio cineraria Cirrus
"Cineraria maritima D." - Senecio cineraria Diamond
"Cineraria maritima o s" - Jacobaea maritima organic seed
"Cineraria maritima Silver Dust" - Senecio cineraria Silver Dust
"Cineraria Nana Masterpiece Mix" - Pericallis Nana Masterpiece Mixed
"Cineraria petasitis" - Roldana petasitis
"Cineraria populifolia" - Pericallis appendiculata
"Cineraria Royalty Mixed" - Pericallis Royalty Mixed
"Cineraria Sandor B W C" - Pericallis Sandor Blue White Centre
"Cineraria Sandor Brick Red" - Pericallis Sandor Brick Red
"Cineraria Sandor Burgundy Red" - Pericallis Sandor Burgundy Red
"Cineraria Sandor Carmine" - Pericallis Sandor Carmine
"Cineraria Sandor Clear Blue" - Pericallis Sandor Clear Blue
"Cineraria Sandor Dark Rose" - Pericallis Sandor Dark Rose
"Cineraria Sandor Mix, formula" - Pericallis Sandor Formula Mix
"Cineraria Sandor Salmon" - Pericallis Sandor Salmon
"Cineraria Sandor White" - Pericallis Sandor White
"Cineraria Sandor.." - Pericallis Sandor Wine Red White Centred
"Cineraria sibirica" - Ligularia sibirica hort.
"Cineraria Spring Glory mix" - Pericallis Spring Glory mix
"Cineraria Star Wars Mixed" - Pericallis Star Wars mix
"Cineraria Starlet Mini Mixed" - Pericallis Starlet Mini Mixed
"Cineraria Tall Mixture" - Pericallis hybrida Tall Mixture
"Cineraria Venus Mixed" - Pericallis Venus Mixed
"Mimosa cineraria" - Prosopis cineraria
"Senecio cineraria" - Jacobaea maritima

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