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"Acer cinnamomifolium" - Acer coriaceifolium d.w.
"Cassia circinnata" - Senna artemisioides ssp. circinnata
"Castanea concinna" - Castanopsis concinna
"Cinna glomerata v glaucopsis" - Andropogon glomeratus v. glaucopsis
"Cinnamodendron macranthum" - Pleodendron macranthum
"Cinnamomum aromaticum" - Cinnamomum cassia svs
"Cinnamomum chinense" - Cinnamomum burmanni
"Cinnamomum massoy" - Cryptocarya massoy
"Cinnamomum micranthum" - Machilus micranthum
"Cinnamomum obtusifolium" - Cinnamomum zeylanicum
"Cinnamomum pedunculatum" - Cinnamomum japonicum
"Cinnamomum verum" - Cinnamomum zeylanicum
"Dianthus cinnabarinus" - Dianthus biflorus
"Gleichenia circinnata" - Gleichenia microphylla
"L. cinnabarina x purpurata" - Laelia Latona
"Laelia cinnabarina x purpurata" - Laelia Latona
"Laurus cinnamomum" - Cinnamomum zeylanicum
"Lobivia cinnabarina" - Echinopsis cinnabarina b
"Lobivia cinnabarina v d." - Echinopsis cinnabarina draxleriana
"Lobivia cinnabarina v g." - Echinopsis cinnabarina grandiflora
"Lobivia cinnabarina v walters." - Echinopsis cinnabarina walterspeilii
"Mimosa concinna" - Acacia concinna
"Mocinna heterophylla" - Jarilla heterophylla
"Osmunda cinnamomea var. fokien" - Osmunda asiatica
"Persea cinnamomifolia" - Cinnamodendron cinnamomifolium
"Racosperma cincinnatum" - Acacia cincinnata
"Rosa cinnamomea" - Rosa majalis
"Rosa cinnamomea" - Rosa pendulina
"Rosa cinnamomea var. malyi" - Rosa pendulina
"Solidago concinna" - Solidago missouriensis
"Tillandsia circinnata" - Tillandsia paucifolia

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