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"Balsamocitrus gabonensis" - Afraegle gabonensis
"Balsamocitrus paniculata" - Afraegle paniculata
"Citrus angulata" - Merope angulata
"Citrus articulata" - Citropsis articulata
"Citrus aurantiifolia" - Citrus limetta
"Citrus aurantiifolia var. lati" - Citrus latifolia
"Citrus aurantium bergamia" - Citrus bergamia
"Citrus aurantium ssp amara" - Citrus aurantium Amara
"Citrus aurantium ssp amara" - Citrus amara
"Citrus aurantium ssp bergamia" - Citrus bergamia
"Citrus aurantium subsp. bergam" - Citrus bergamia
"Citrus aurantium subsp. sapona" - Citrus macroptera
"Citrus aurantium v amara" - Citrus aurantium Amara
"Citrus aurantium var. bergamia" - Citrus bergamia
"Citrus aurantium var. grandis" - Citrus maxima svs
"Citrus aurantium var. myrtifol" - Citrus myrtifolia
"Citrus aurantium var. sinensis" - Citrus sinensis
"Citrus aurantium var. tachiban" - Citrus tachibana
"Citrus australasica" - Microcitrus australasica svs
"Citrus australis" - Microcitrus australis
"Citrus buxifolia" - Severinia buxifolia
"Citrus celebica var. southwick" - Citrus southwickii
"Citrus chinensis" - Citrus sinensis
"Citrus cornuta" - Monanthocitrus cornuta
"Citrus crenatifolia var. lycop" - Citrus lycopersiciformis
"Citrus decumana" - Citrus maxima svs
"Citrus decumana var. panuban" - Citrus panuban
"Citrus deliciosa" - Citrus reticulata
"Citrus dolichophylla" - Wenzelia dolichophylla
"Citrus erythrocarpa" - Glycosmis erythrocarpa
"Citrus excelsa var. davaoensis" - Citrus davaoensis
"Citrus garrawayae" - Microcitrus garrowayae
"Citrus glauca" - Eremocitrus glauca
"Citrus grandis" - Citrus maxima svs
"Citrus hystrix var. balincolon" - Citrus balincolong
"Citrus hystrix var. boholensis" - Citrus boholensis
"Citrus ichangensis subsp. lati" - Citrus latipes
"Citrus inodora" - Microcitrus inodora
"Citrus limon 'Ponderosa'" - Citrus limon x Ponderosa
"Citrus limon x reticulata" - Citrus limonia x Rangpur Lime
"Citrus limonellus var. amblyca" - Citrus amblycarpa
"Citrus limonum" - Citrus limon
"Citrus macracantha" - Citrus sinensis
"Citrus macroptera var. annamen" - Citrus combara
"Citrus macroptera var. kerrii" - Citrus kerrii
"Citrus madurensis" - Fortunella japonica Round Kumquat
"Citrus madurensis" - Citrofortunella microcarpa vsvs
"Citrus malaccensis" - Burkillanthus malaccensis
"Citrus medica" - Citrus limon
"Citrus medica var. alata" - Citrus alata
"Citrus medica var. limon" - Citrus limon
"Citrus medica var. nana" - Citrus nana
"Citrus medica var. odorata" - Citrus odorata
"Citrus megaloxycarpa var. penn" - Citrus pennivesiculata
"Citrus micrantha var. microcar" - Citrus westeri
"Citrus microcarpa" - Citrofortunella microcarpa vsvs
"Citrus mitis" - Citrofortunella microcarpa vsvs
"Citrus neocaledonica" - Oxanthera neocaledonica
"Citrus nobilis" - Citrus reticulata
"Citrus nobilis var. genshokan" - Citrus genshokan
"Citrus nobilis var. papillaris" - Citrus papillaris
"Citrus nobilis var. ponki" - Citrus ponki
"Citrus nobilis var. sunki" - Citrus sunki
"Citrus nobilis var. unshiu" - Citrus unshiu
"Citrus paniculata" - Afraegle paniculata
"Citrus papuana" - Citrus macroptera
"Citrus paradisi x reticulata '" - Citrus tangelo x Seminole
"Citrus paradisi x reticulata '" - Citrus tangelo x Ugli
"Citrus polyandra" - Clymenia polyandra
"Citrus reticulata var. austera" - Citrus sunki
"Citrus reticulata x saluenensi" - Camellia Inspiration
"Citrus reticulata x williamsii" - Camellia Leonard Messel
"Citrus saluenensis x reticulat" - Camellia Salutation
"Citrus scandens" - Paramignya scandens
"Citrus sikkimensis" - Citrus aurantium Sikkim svs
"Citrus sinensis 'Bahia'" - Citrus sinensis Washington
"Citrus sinensis 'Dalmau'" - Citrus sinensis Navelate
"Citrus sinensis x Poncirus tri" - Citrus sinensis x Citrange Troyer svs
"Citrus sinensis x Poncirus tri" - Citrus sinensis x Citrange Carrizo svs
"Citrus sinensis x Poncirus tri" - Citroncirus webberi x Carrizo
"Citrus torosa" - Citrus hystrix svs
"Citrus trifoliata" - Poncirus trifoliata svs
"Citrus undulata" - Oxanthera undulata
"Citrus warburgiana" - Microcitrus warburgiana
"Citrus webberi var. montana" - Citrus montana
"Citrus williamsii x x reticula" - Camellia Innovation
"Citrus wintersii" - Microcitrus papuana
"Echinocitrus brassii" - Triphasia brassii
"Gonocitrus angulatus" - Merope angulata

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