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"Corypha australis" - Livistona australis
"Corypha dulcis" - Brahea dulcis
"Corypha elata" - Corypha utan
"Corypha gebanga" - Corypha utan
"Corypha minor" - Sabal minor
"Corypha miraguama" - Coccothrinax miraguama
"Corypha nana" - Cryosophila nana
"Corypha palmetto" - Sabal palmetto
"Corypha rotundifolia" - Livistona rotundifolia
"Corypha saribus" - Livistona saribus
"Corypha tectorum" - Copernicia tectorum
"Corypha thebaica" - Hyphaene thebaica
"Corypha umbraculifera" - Sabal blackburniana
"Coryphantha andreae" - Coryphantha pycnacantha
"Coryphantha asperispina" - Escobaria missouriensis asperispina
"Coryphantha asterias" - Coryphantha ottonis
"Coryphantha bergeriana" - Coryphantha glanduligera
"Coryphantha calipensis" - Coryphantha pallida ssp. calipensis
"Coryphantha cubensis" - Escobaria cubensis
"Coryphantha elephantidens" - Coryphantha elephantidens sulcolanata
"Coryphantha garessii" - Coryphantha elephantidens
"Coryphantha gladiispina" - Coryphantha delaetiana fa. gladiispina
"Coryphantha gladiispina" - Coryphantha delaetiana
"Coryphantha greenwoodii" - Coryphantha elephantidens ssp. greenwoodii
"Coryphantha henricksonii" - Escobaria chihuahuaensis ssp. henricksonii
"Coryphantha laui" - Coryphantha pseudoechinus ssp laui
"Coryphantha macromeris v runyo" - Coryphantha runyonii Starr Co. Tx.
"Coryphantha macromeris v runyo" - Coryphantha macromeris ssp. runyonii
"Coryphantha minima" - Escobaria minima
"Coryphantha miss.." - Escobaria missouriensis
"Coryphantha odorata" - Cumarinia odorata
"Coryphantha palmeri" - Coryphantha delicata
"Coryphantha palmeri A NL" - Coryphantha compacta ne Aramberri NL
"Coryphantha palmeri A NL" - Coryphantha compacta Ascencion NL
"Coryphantha palmeri H SLP" - Coryphantha compacta Huizache SLP
"Coryphantha palmeri R A" - Coryphantha compacta Ramos Arispe
"Coryphantha palmeri R A C" - Coryphantha compacta Ramos Arispe Coah.
"Coryphantha palmeri S S" - Coryphantha compacta SLP SLP
"Coryphantha palmeri S V T" - Coryphantha compacta San Vicente Tam.
"Coryphantha pectinata" - Coryphantha echinus Pecos Co. Tx.
"Coryphantha potosina" - Coryphantha potosiana
"Coryphantha pseudoradians B O" - Coryphantha pallida Buenavista Oax.
"Coryphantha pusilliflora" - Coryphantha pseudoechinus ssp. pseudoechinus Sra d
"Coryphantha radians" - Coryphantha cornifera
"Coryphantha radians" - Coryphantha cornifera radians
"Coryphantha radians" - Coryphantha cornifera El Puente Hgo.
"Coryphantha recunduspina" - Coryphantha pallida
"Coryphantha robbinsorum" - Escobaria robbinsorum
"Coryphantha robustispina subsp" - Coryphantha robustispina
"Coryphantha roederiana" - Coryphantha sulcata Ojo Caliente Coah.
"Coryphantha salm-dyckiana" - Coryphantha delaetiana
"Coryphantha scheeri" - Coryphantha robustispina
"Coryphantha scheeri v valida" - Coryphantha poselgeriana
"Coryphantha scheeri var. robus" - Coryphantha robustispina
"Coryphantha schwarziana" - Coryphantha cornifera
"Coryphantha schwarziana" - Coryphantha cornifera b
"Coryphantha scolymoides" - Coryphantha cornifera
"Coryphantha sneedii" - Escobaria sneedii cit
"Coryphantha sulcata v nickel." - Coryphantha nickelsae typ. Cuesta la Muralla Coah.
"Coryphantha sulcolanata" - Coryphantha sulcolanata
"Coryphantha sulcolanata" - Coryphantha elephantidens
"Coryphantha vivipara" - Escobaria vivipara
"Coryphantha vivipara" - Escobaria vivipara Guadelupe Mts. NM
"Coryphantha vivipara G C" - Escobaria vivipara Grand Canyon
"Coryphanthus palmeri" - Coryphantha compacta
"Rhododendron coryphaeum" - Rhododendron praestans

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