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"C.buddleoides x cotoneaster" - Corokia virgata x
"Cotoneaster adpressus v praeco" - Cotoneaster nanshan
"Cotoneaster adpressus var. pra" - Cotoneaster hybrid
"Cotoneaster affinis f. obtusus" - Cotoneaster bacillaris
"Cotoneaster affinis var. bacil" - Cotoneaster bacillaris
"Cotoneaster angustifolius" - Pyracantha angustifolia
"Cotoneaster applanata" - Cotoneaster dielsianus c.s.
"Cotoneaster applanatus" - Cotoneaster dielsianus c.s.
"Cotoneaster bacillaris var. ob" - Cotoneaster bacillaris
"Cotoneaster cooperi" - Cotoneaster bacillaris
"Cotoneaster coreana" - Symplocos sawafutagi
"Cotoneaster denticulatus" - Amelanchier denticulata
"Cotoneaster distichus var. ton" - Cotoneaster nitidus
"Cotoneaster fontanesii" - Cotoneaster racemiflorus
"Cotoneaster frigidus x salicif" - Cotoneaster watereri x Cornubia
"Cotoneaster humifusus" - Cotoneaster dammeri
"Cotoneaster hupehensis" - Cotoneaster silvestrii
"Cotoneaster hybridus var. pend" - Cotoneaster hybrid
"Cotoneaster koidzumii" - Pyracantha koidzumii
"Cotoneaster lindleyi" - Cotoneaster insignis
"Cotoneaster lucidus" - Cotoneaster acutifolius
"Cotoneaster megalocarpus" - Cotoneaster ignavus
"Cotoneaster melanocarpus" - Cotoneaster niger
"Cotoneaster microphyllus var. " - Cotoneaster rotundifolius
"Cotoneaster microphyllus var. " - Cotoneaster microphyllus
"Cotoneaster microphyllus var. " - Cotoneaster microphyllus
"Cotoneaster multiflorus var. c" - Cotoneaster calocarpus
"Cotoneaster multiflorus var. g" - Cotoneaster granatensis
"Cotoneaster nanshan" - Cotoneaster hybrid
"Cotoneaster nummularius var. s" - Cotoneaster soongoricus
"Cotoneaster obtusus" - Cotoneaster bacillaris
"Cotoneaster parneyi" - Cotoneaster lacteus
"Cotoneaster praecox" - Cotoneaster hybrid
"Cotoneaster prostratus" - Cotoneaster rotundifolius
"Cotoneaster pseudomultiflorus" - Cotoneaster ignavus
"Cotoneaster racemiflorus var. " - Cotoneaster soongoricus
"Cotoneaster racemiflorus var. " - Cotoneaster nummularius
"Cotoneaster racemiflorus var. " - Cotoneaster nummularius
"Cotoneaster racemiflorus var. " - Cotoneaster silvestrii
"Cotoneaster roylei" - Cotoneaster acuminatus
"Cotoneaster rugosus var. henry" - Cotoneaster henryanus
"Cotoneaster salicifolius var. " - Cotoneaster henryanus
"Cotoneaster soulieanus" - Cotoneaster nitidus
"Cotoneaster tomentosus" - Cotoneaster nebrodensis

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