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"Cycas baguaneensis" - Cycas panzhihuaensis cit
"Cycas caffer" - Encephalartos caffer cit
"Cycas chamberlainii" - Cycas riuminiana
"Cycas circinalis var. curranii" - Cycas cupida
"Cycas circinalis var. javana" - Cycas javana
"Cycas micholitzii var. simplic" - Cycas simplicipinna cit
"Cycas papuana (err.)" - Cycas kennedyana cit
"Cycas pectinata var. elongata" - Cycas elongata
"Cycas riedlei" - Macrozamia riedlei cit
"Cycas rumphii subsp. zeylanica" - Cycas zeylanica
"Cycas taiwaniana" - Cycas taitungensis cit

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