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"Cyphomandra abutiloides" - Solanum abutiloides
"Cyphomandra acuminata" - Solanum roseum
"Cyphomandra benensis" - Solanum exiguum
"Cyphomandra Betacea" - Cyphomandra crassicaulis virus-free red
"Cyphomandra betacea large fr." - Cyphomandra crassicaulis large fruited
"Cyphomandra betacea red fr." - Cyphomandra crassicaulis red fruited
"Cyphomandra betacea white egg" - Cyphomandra crassicaulis White Egg
"Cyphomandra costaricensis" - Solanum circinatum
"Cyphomandra crassifolia" - Solanum betaceum Cav.
"Cyphomandra diploconos" - Solanum diploconos
"Cyphomandra fragrans" - Solanum diploconos
"Cyphomandra hartwegii" - Solanum circinatum
"Cyphomandra hartwegii subsp. h" - Solanum circinatum
"Cyphomandra hartwegii subsp. r" - Solanum circinatum
"Cyphomandra obliqua" - Solanum obliquum
"Cyphomandra oblongifolia" - Solanum proteanthum
"Cyphomandra pendula" - Solanum pendulum
"Cyphomandra pilosa" - Solanum calidum
"Cyphomandra sciadostylis" - Solanum sciadostylis
"Cyphomandra sibundoyensis" - Solanum sibundoyensis
"Cyphomandra tenuisetosa" - Solanum tenuisetosum
"Cyphomandra uniloba" - Solanum unilobum

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